Are major sports(NBA,NFL,MLB) all scripted?

King James...

The NBA finals started this week. The Golden State Warriors are playing returning champs Cleveland Cavaliers. So I thought this post would be fitting. This is an old picture(above) of NBA star Lebron James.  I think it’s from 2003.  He’s holding up the number 4.  Some speculate that he’s saying he’s going to win four championships during his career.  But how could this be? How could he know this? Are sports rigged?  People have speculated for years that all the major sports are scripted.  Many say that over the years many fans have become bored with many games so they need to be exciting to create interest.  I have heard many people say that all the sports owners are Freemasons.  They all belong to a brotherhood that decide months(even years) in advance who will the Super Bowl,World Series and NBA championship.  This is hard for most people to believe because there are so many people involved in team sports.  I grew up playing basketball,football and baseball. I think sports can build your competitive nature and teach you about good sportsmanship.

This is a video by RFG Chosen One.  RFG is really good at numerology and symbolism.  He gives a great breakdown on why he thinks Lebron James will win his fourth NBA championship.  He claims it’s part of a King James ritual. And that the powers that be use numerology in these rituals.  Check out the video and see what you think.  It’s pretty good.

This is a video by YouTube user Zachary Hubbard. In this video he talks about the rigging of Super Bowl 51.  He says that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is not very athletic at all.  And that the Patriots amazing comeback against the Atlanta Falcons was all scripted to make Brady look like the greatest quarterback in history.  I would agree with him.  I’ve never thought Brady was that good.  He’s always been overrated in my opinion. Hubbard believes that Zionist Jews own and control the outcomes of all major sporting events.  He says they use the numbering system of gematria. According to Wikipedia the definition is as follows:

“Gematria originated as an Assyro-Babylonian-Greek system of alphanumeric code/cipher later adopted into Jewish culture that assigns numerical value to a word/name/phrase in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other or bear some relation to the number itself as it may apply to Nature, a person’s age, the calendar year, or the like.

Similar systems, some of which were derived from or inspired by Hebrew gematria, have been used in other languages and cultures, i.e. Greek isopsephy, Arabic abjad numerals, and English gematria.”

Hubbard says that if you study gematria you can look at the scores of the games and see that they’re scripted. It’s a way of decoding the script.  And know people will not believe this.  It’s hard to believe it because we want to believe in “fair play” and honest competition.  Also the question becomes…who’s in on it? How many athletes know it’s rigged?  Is it just the superstar athletes and not the minor players? What about the referees?  We have to keep in mind that the NFL,MLB and NBA bring in billions of dollars every year.  That is a LOT of money!  The owners of these teams own the players and the league employs the umpires and referees as well.  So it is really hard to stage the outcomes when you own and control everything?

This is a great video by YouTube user LOD vs The Internet.  He says that the World Series was rigged for the Chicago Cubs to win last year.  He says the number 108 was part of the ritual.  The Cubs hadn’t won a World Series in 108 years. In sacred numerology 1+0+8=9.  Nine is very important number in numerology.  It’s the number of completion and considered a divine number.  Check out his video,he makes some great points.  I will have to do a post about numerology in the future.  I don’t think most people realize how much numbers and symbols are used in the media.

Lebron Boule...jpg

Check out this pic(above) of Lebron James if you still don’t think athletes are controlled. Look at the tattoo on his chest.  That tattoo on his chest is the symbol for the Boule. It’s an African American Greek-lettered organization known Sigma Pi Phi.  It’s kind of like a black version of Skull and Bones. Notable members are Vernon Jordan,Ron Brown and W.E.D Dubios.  I did a post about the Boule in the past.  You can check it out if you haven’t already. It’ll give you a better understanding of what they are about.


So why would Lebron have that logo tattooed on his chest?  James never went to college. He went straight from high school to the NBA.  So it’s obvious to me he must’ve joined an elite class of black people.  But they are controlled by more powerful Europeans that gave them their positions in America.  So they get to decide how far up these black people can go.  This is not to say that great athletes like Michael Jordan,Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson weren’t very skilled.  Their talents are God-given and all their own.  But it would seem to me that these white folks in these secret societies want to control black bodies.  They want to decide when and where they win championships. Do you think that sports are rigged?  Reality shows have “soft scripts”. Films have scripts. So why not sports? How deep is the matrix? Just a little food for thought.  Let me know your thoughts.

27 thoughts on “Are major sports(NBA,NFL,MLB) all scripted?

  1. I watched that RFG video the other day Lol. Yeah sports are scripted. No doubt about it. Most of the food the majority of us eat (the artificial crap) ain’t real, is it too hard to conceive that maybe sports isn’t real either? I guess so cause we still falling for the ookie doke.

    • Yeah it’s a hard pill to swallow. I know most guys grew up playing some sports. There was an certain innocence to it back then. Kind of purity to the game. But when you’re talking about major league sports….that’s a whole different ball game! These powerful owners control the games from every angle. So who you got in the NBA finals? You think RFG is right? The Warriors look very impressive with Kevin Durant. The odds seem stacked against Lebron this time. If Lebron wins this time it would really be impressive. And his record in the finals would be 4-4. Also what do you think of that Boule tattoo on Lebron? Isn’t that insane?!lol

      • Common sense says Golden State. But you know that won’t matter considering whose running the show…yeah that tatto he has is not random at all. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t his decision either 😏😏😏

      • Yeah the tattoo is a dead give away. It kind of reminds me of when they use to brand black people during slavery. Like with a branding iron on a cow. A way of saying you are owned by this group. But that’s ridiculous! Slavery is over….right??

  2. I have always had my suspicion on the NFL games being rigged . A couple of years ago the NBA was called out because of some of the referees were rigging the game to help the other team win.

    • I have been suspicious for years. I always thought that it was strange that many NBA finals went to game 7. But it makes sense in a way. The longer the series goes the more money can be made at the arenas where they play. I don’t think most sports fans realize how they’re being manipulated. Most of the public is so dumbed down they don’t question anything.

  3. Well Kushite, being from Cleveland, I like LeBron, I do know that he does more for the black community than most athletes.If he is somewhat controlled,they will bring him down if they can. I used to be a avid sports fan,but they have turned the NBA into a league of Super teams. GOD BLESS

    • Well you knw how they do us. They use you for as long as you serve their purpose. If Lebron wins this series he does it as a representation of the real King James. The European man who was the king of Scotland and England back in 1567. That’s why last year he won the championship during game 7 on June 19. Which is King James birthday. Which is the reason they gave Lebron that nickname in the first place. This sports stuff is deeper than most people will ever know.

  4. Lebron last 8 appearances in the NBA Finals
    2007= San Antonio Spurs 4–0 Cleveland Cavaliers
    2011= Dallas Mavericks 4–2 Miami Heat
    2012= Miami Heat 4–1 Oklahoma City Thunder
    2013= Miami Heat 4–3 San Antonio Spurs
    2014= San Antonio Spurs 4–1 Miami Heat
    2015= Golden State Warriors 4–2 Cleveland Cavaliers
    2016= Cleveland Cavaliers 4-3 over Golden State
    2017= Will Lebron get his fourth ring??? He was born at 4:04 in the morning. So his record could be 4-4 in Final appearances. Now wouldn’t that be something?lol

    • He will probably win 5 NBA titles…He is getting better. I think he wins next year and the year after that but after 34 I think he starts to decline physially. I cant believe this dude got a boule tattoo..smh

    • Is sports rigged….i can say…I was raised up in football since the age of 8. Played college and high school at the top levels you can play them. I know plenty of guys who are in the NFL currently personally because we were teammates in high school or college. It is a secret society and games and teams are stacked…On the pee wee level their is betting on elementary games and teams are typically stacked to majority White Areas….they limit mostly Black areas. In the high school level if you study the FOOTBALL you will see the same 3 all white schools with black position players win state…the Whites are now in Senegal and Kenya recruiting Black women to give their high school the edge in sports because of money…College is a fraternity as well the games are scripted and coaches will coach to lose so a certain coach can get his title….The thing you got to understand about sports its heavily related to Scots/Irish Fratieries and Scottish Orders in the USA…..I did not past the personality test to become a NFL player and refused to be a coach. I could have been a division 1 token black coach and one of my former teammates who had all kinds failed drug tested and gun charges is coaching at a major schools and is actually in a lawsuit vs a well known coaching family…..

      • Wow! Thanks for that great inside sports information. I’m sure some people may not be aware of how the sports culture really operates. Thanks for sharing that story.

      • Most males are scared to play sports in the USA. Especially football. Football runs lots of guys off because they can’t handle the physical punishment. Most people can’t handle being laughed at so imagine playing a sport where you are a target even before you make it pro..People want to destroy you. In college if people think you are at a party and its a shooting, they will claim you did it. If anything goes wrong anywhere people will blame you…Being an athlete is vicious.

      • Yeah it’s pretty vicious! I have friends that played college football. I used to play basketball and baseball myself. Although I will admit it helps breed mental toughness and teaches you about sportsmanship. As well as keeps you in shape.

    • Lebron who is from the hood in Akron had to past a test to see whether or not they would allow him in the NBA. He was suppose to go to an all Black high school in Akron but he ended up at big time ALL WHITE Private Schooks SVSM they recruited him and his family and he was monitored and tested to see would he be someone they could control. When people say Lebron gives to the Black community they talk about him giving money to a White Private School SVSM. Lebron is the best basketball player I ever seen, the guy is a genius on the court but he is not well educated. If you look at the movie the Blind Side which was fiction. That dude Michael Orr he was well known in Memphis as a stud since elemetnary..How do I know, a brother I played with in college is from memphis and Michael Orr was like Lebron in his city. Dude was big his whole life and everyone knew he would going to be the next Memphis dude to blow kinda like Albert Means , Penny Haradway etc etc… That family that adopted him kid played football at this good White private school where orr went…the Family was old miss booster, michael orr tutor was old miss tutors and he was steered to ole miss…..Sports is political more so than rigged…Basketball is the hardest sport to rig is scripted as fuck and you can see that with how Michael Vick was getting his brains beat out vs how Tom BRady jersey stays clean unless they want to gift a ring to Peyton Manning….

      • I never saw blind side that movie was fiction. i know for fact michael orr hated that movie he felt humilated…they made him look like a dumb animals…them white people want praise for riding the dick of a elite local athlete which is what white people do..when you turn like 15 or 16 they want to get in your spotlights…invite you over for the first time in your life…i remember i saw through crackers i was like naw…i played the christian role like i didnt party lol you have to be slick around devils..

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