Lisa Bonet & Biracial Women-Black Genetics(Part 4 of 4)

ca. 1988 --- Lisa Bonet --- Image by © Lance Staedler/CORBIS OUTLINE

The first time I saw actress Lisa Bonet was on The Cosby Show.  The main stars on the show were Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad.  The other daughters were played by actresses Tempestt Bledsoe,Keisha  Knight Pulliam and Sabrina Le Beauf. But Lisa was clearly the most popular daughter. Lisa  played Denise  Huxtable.The show came on back in 1984.  I remember a lot of black boys in my neighborhood had a crush on her.  I wont lie,I thought she was pretty too.  I remember a classmate telling me that she was biracial and had a Jewish mother.  I did think it was a bit strange that she looked biracial but had two black parents.   I remember on the Cosby Show there were all different shades of black people.  I also remember she did a spinoff show called A Different World.


I remember that the character Dwayne Wayne,played by Kadeem Hardison had a huge crush on Denise Huxtable.  Eventually Lisa Bonet left the show to start a film career.  After she left Dwayne fell in love with Whitley Gilbert played by Jasmine Guy(pictured above).  The thing I noticed about these women is they are both biracial.  Why is the mixed woman the object of affection so often? I didn’t think about it much as a child.  But I started to think about it more as I got older. This is something that has been going on for quite some time.  I’ve covered this subject before and it needs repeating.  It’s not really about just Lisa Bonet. She’s just one of the first examples I remember where the mixed woman gets all the attention.  I’ve seen this pattern over thirty years.  And it’s steadily increasing.  But it’s mostly about the fact that Hollywood still uses biracial women has the standard for beautiful black women.  And also we as black people have a problem liking any group of people that look “less black”. This is a learned behavior. I’ve seen it in film,music and television. It’s really nothing new. I’ve seen it throughout my whole childhood.   You may find some of these women attractive.  But the issue is not their attractiveness. The issue is the over abundance of mixed women being in the forefront representing black beauty. There’s so many I could never list them all.  But here’s just a small sample of  some of the more popular ones.  And even some biracial women you may not be that familiar with.


Long before Mariah Carey or Alicia Keys….Sade was the biracial songbird that took the music world by storm.  She was  a huge star in the 80’s.  I admit I like her music.  She really has a lovely voice.  I remember guys in my neighborhood would always say she was so beautiful. Her being biracial probably didn’t hurt too much either. They said she was wife material.  It’s funny because rarely did I hear them say that about Anita Baker,Patti LaBelle or Jody Watley very much.


In the 80’s biracial actress Rae Dawn Chong was the “black” actress in many Hollywood films.  Although she was mostly paired with white men.


Actress Jennifer Beals became a huge star when starred in the film Flashdance(1983).  She played an exotic dancer in the film.  Her mother is white and father is a black man.


In the action film Action Jackson(1988) the late pop singer Vanity played the love interest to Carl Weathers.  The biracial singer whose real name was Denise Matthews also dated pop/rock  icon Prince.


On the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air(1990-1996)  biracial actress Karyn Parsons played Hilary Banks.  She played the cousin of Will Smith.


In the interracial drama Jungle Fever(1991) biracial actress Lonette McKee played the wife of Wesley Snipes.  He cheated on his biracial wife for an Italian woman.  I guess his wife wasn’t white enough for him.


In the film Mo Money(1992)  Damon Wayans starred with biracial actress Stacey Dash.


In Boomerang(1992) Eddie Murphy was paired with biracial actress Halle Berry.  Robin Givens was also in the film but Halle was the women every guy wanted. Of course Halle was the go-to mulatto throughout the nineties. And even won an Oscar award in the process.  She became the “pretty black woman” in Hollywood.


Sade ruled the 80’s but in the 90’s Mariah Carey became the mulatto singer the media feel in love with.  I remember on music channels they would say she was a beautiful black woman. Mariah used to always insist that she was biracial though. Lately she has been getting more in touch with her black side.  Maybe it was because she married black actor/rapper Nick Cannon.  They have since divorced after having two children.


The sitcom Sister Sister(1994-1999) was a big hit among teenage girls.  It starred biracial sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry.


R&B pop singer/dancer Mya was biracial as well.  She first came on the scene back in 1998. She did a little acting in a few films.  Some thought she would be the next Janet Jackson.  I haven’t heard much from her lately.  Not sure what she’s been up to.


In the 90’s biracial actress Kristen Wilson was paired with black actors like Eddie Murphy and Damon Wayans.

Gloria Reuben....

Biracial actress Gloria Reuben was on the hit drama ER(1994-2009)  Her character always had troubling finding love.

Michael Michele.....

I also remember actress Michael Michele(above) was  on the drama ER the same time as Gloria Reuben.  She was a nice addition since there wasn’t much “color” on that show.  Of course she’s biracial as well.


What’s the Worst That could Happen(2001) Starred Martin Lawrence and biracial actress Carmen Ejogo.  She usually plays a black woman or a racially ambiguous role.

This is a great video(above) by Youtuber Chrissie.  She perfectly explains the double standard when it comes to biracial beauty.  There’s  a lot of dishonesty when people talk about colorism and the advantage of being biracial.


Biracial actress Kandyse McClure is from South Africa.  She has starred in films like Children of the Corn and Broken Kingdom.  She’s most known for the sci-fi television show Battlestar Galactica(2004-2009).


R&B singer Amerie debuted in 2002. There was a lot of buzz about her in the beginning.  Her “exotic looks” come from her black father and Korean mother.  Her only hit single was “One Thing”.  Some thought she would dethrone Beyoncé as the next big thing.  Didn’t quite happen though.


R&B/pop singer Cassie Ventura(knows as Cassie) on the scene in 2006.  Her father is Filipino and mother is  black/Mexican.  She has done some acting as well.  She obviously wants to be a bigger star. Although she is most known for dating music producer Puff Daddy. She has been his on/off again side piece for the last few years.

In the black drama ATL(2006) biracial actress Lauren London was the love interest to rapper/actor T.I. This film was supposed to make London the role model for all the  biracial ghetto hood chicks.  I guess she’s living up to it.  She already has two children by two gangster rappers.  One with Lil Wayne and Nipsey Hussle.


In the film Idlewild(2006) biracial actress Paula Patton played the love interest to rapper/actor Andre Benjamin.  Over the years she has starred alongside Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise. At one point she was dubbed the “next Halle Berry”.


In the comedy film Norbit(2007) biracial actress Thandie Newton was paired with Eddie Murphy.  Norbit was a horrible film.  A total waste of film!

Leona Lewis....

I remember when pop singer Leona Lewis dropped her debut cd Spirit in 2007. The British born singer has a black father and white mother.  She made a big splash in her debut.  She has the light skin,light eyes and long hair….and could actually sing. It’s no wonder music critics called her the “new Mariah”.


In the comedy action film Rush Hour 3(2007) mixed-raced actress Noemie Lenoir was the love interest for Chris Tucker.


Singer Jordin Sparks won the show American Idol back in 2007.  The biracial singer was seventeen at the time.  I think that show is rigged anyway…I’m just saying.  She has become quite a big star over the last several years.


Biracial actress Tracee Ellis Ross stars on the silly sitcom show Black-ish(2014-).  She plays the wife of Anthony Anderson.  Her mother is music icon Diana Ross.  Her father is a Jewish businessman.


On the Fox show Gotham(2014-)  biracial actress Jessica Lucas plays Tabitha Galavan. She is not only a vicious villain buy also plays a lesbian.  You know Hollywood always has to throw in that sexual confusion.

Sage Steele....

There are even more biracial women in news media as well.  This picture(above) is ESPN sports reporter Sage Steele with her white husband.  Steele is most known for being a white racist apologist. She never misses an opportunity to insult black people and the black struggle. Does that make her a mulatto coon?

Soledad OBrien....

This is biracial news anchor Soledad O’Brien.  She’s a news anchor on CNN. Just like Sage Steele she also married a white man. Look at those children. You can see the African features are just about gone!  Kiss those black genes goodbye!  But I guess that’s purpose of marrying white anyway.

Melissa Harris Perry...

This picture(above) is of biracial news anchor Melissa Harris-Perry.  She is pictured with her mother and father.  She is an author and political commentator. She had her own show for four years(2012-2016) on MSNBC. Unlike Sage Steele and Soledad O’Brien she decided to marry a black man.

Kylie Bunbury...

On the Fox show Pitch(2016-) biracial actress Kylie Bunbury plays Ginny Baker.  It’s a show about the first woman to play major league baseball.  So…they couldn’t find a woman that was just black??  Nope!  They have to cast the biracial woman as the center of attention.

Kara Royster....

This picture was very interesting to me.  I found it very eye opening.  This is part of the cast of the Disney show K.C. Undercover(2015-present). From left to right the actresses are Zendaya Coleman,Jasmine Guy,Kara Royster and Tammy Townsend. The first three women all have white mothers.  Townsend has a white father and a black mother.  That’s right..all of these women are biracial. How is that possible that ALL of them are biracial? They casted all biracial women.  Could this be an accident? I’ll let you decide.

BTS Miss Mulatto "No More Talking" photos by Thaddaeus McAdams for SoSoDef

This young lady is rapper Miss Mulatto.  That’s not a misprint,you read it right.  Her actual rape name is Miss Mulatto.  Her real name is Alyssa Stephens.  The 18- year old rapper is most known for being on the reality show The Rap Game.  I just find it interesting that she is capitalizing off of the popularity of being racially ambiguous. And using that as a way of being seen as unique in the rap world.


Then we have pop singer Tinashe. She is biracial as well with a black father and white mother. She’s an okay dancer but not the best singer.  But you don’t have to be able to sing in the music industry anymore.  You just have to have the right “look”.  Maybe Tinashe will be the next Zendaya. Or the next Jordin Sparks? On the next Mya?  Who knows! I ‘m starting to get them all mixed up.


Biracial actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson is getting a lot of roles lately.  She has appeared in films like Colombiana and The Accountant.  And shows like Texas Rising,Arrow and Shooter.


Actress Jamie Lee Kirchner(pictured above) was born in Germany.  She has a black mother and white father. She has been in shows like  CSI,Dollhouse and Bull.  Although she has brown skin she is still biracial.  Some people get fooled by this. Not all biracial women have really light skin and light colored eyes.  Some of a bit more melanin but they don’t always have African-textured hair.  Many of them have lanky hair with a bit of a curl to it. This is just a small sample of biracial actresses and singers.  I could’ve listed a lot more.


But the main point is that many of these white Hollywood casting agents don’t think that deep brown skinned and dark chocolate-colored(not biracial) women are good enough. They don’t have the “exotic look” they’re looking for. They don’t want African(Original)looking women with black features representing the black race.  And they purposely promote biracial women in films and music as the standard.  Otherwise why do they keep doing this?  People say “well black people  come in many different shades”.  Okay then why do the biracial women get so much of the attention.  We all know why. The truth is white people(other races and some blacks) believe that  mixed race women are more  attractive than black women.  They don’t think that black women that are 85% black or more should be the standard.  But this colorism madness needs to STOP!  There are plenty of darker skinned actresses and singers that don’t get the shine they deserve.  I want all my sisters to get the limelight.  She can have  full lips,thick thighs,african textured hair and dark skin.  This is not about bashing biracial woman. Like I have said before,I have biracial people in my family.  I have cousins that have married whites and Mexicans(Hispanic whites). I But I don’t consider them black..they are mixed.  This one-drop rule has gotten out of control. I don’t have any hatred towards them. I have nothing against them. But it’s time to stop putting black beauty on the back burner. Black/African women have their own unique beauty that should be celebrated. I just don’t think it’s “fair” to give them most of the shine while black women are an afterthought. Lisa Bonet is a pretty woman.  But a black woman shouldn’t have to look like Lisa to get some credit for her beauty.

60 thoughts on “Lisa Bonet & Biracial Women-Black Genetics(Part 4 of 4)

  1. Great post!!! I really loved Vanity and think she was one of the beautiful women I saw, but I didn’t;t know she was biracial until I looked her up. Same with Zoe Saldana. She’s from Queens like me and I remember watching Guess Who with my brother and we were awe-struck by her dark skin and pretty smile.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with recognizing these women’s beauty or talent, in cases when they actually are talented. But, they function to promote the weaves, color contacts, and skin lightening that black women often implement to get this treasured aesthetics, whereas the biracial and white women stealthy covet the black woman’s beauty and unique presence.

    I will also say that biracial women exist alongside a connotation of physical beauty that is not always true. They exist to seemingly prove that black is better when diluted. Lauren London is gorgeous, because she looks just like her beautiful black mother, as does Megan Markle– a fact discounted by the white world who is fixated on suggesting the opposite.

    I’d like to see more black women treasure black women who are not light skin, not stick think, do not have long hair, or small features. I’d also like to see more black women appreciate black women who actually look like them. So many praise Beyonce but look nothing like her!!!

    I think we can appreciate others without putting them above ourselves. And also, they should NOT PLAY BLACK WOMEN, unless they give up the right to switch sides like an actual black woman,

    Also, do you notice that if a black woman is beautiful that people will question her blackness??!!! Ooo I want to write a post now!! ❤ lol Thank you for your work prince!!

    • Love love love Vanity, she is one of the most beautiful/ natuarally exotic women I’ve ever seen.

      Can’t STAND Zoe “I”m not black” Saldana! Get her out of here.

      • I actually have a problem with the word exotic as a black woman, as it takes me back to my abducted ancestors who were labeled and sold under such terms.

        And while definitely a beautiful woman, may she rest in peace, I as a black woman see the dangers in overly praising women who may very well have African blood but did not obtain visibility or relevance because of their blackness. Vanity looks are employed as weaponry to the black woman who looks like Gabrielle Union or Lupita. As far as I’m concerned neither are black–they simply have melanin. That distinction is central to me as a black female navigating this stolen terrain and what has become a stolen legacy.

  2. Man, didnt know Lauren London was biracial, or Sade. Damn. I love Safe too. Its one thing to have skills or even a smidgen of talent. Everyone does in some form or fashion. It’s another thing to be used as pawns in someone else’s scheme. And that’s what’s going on here. If you’re biracial or have biracial kids that’s definitely a benefit in this construct. Man, makes me wanna go marry a white woman. Just kidding lol don’t wanna have a Get Out moment on my hands.

    • You didn’t know Sade was biracial? I guess it’s weird to me because I’ve always known. In interviews she was would talk about her African father and white mother. Lauren is a bit different because I’ve heard a lot of people say they didn’t know. I think she and her don’t associate with each other. Get Out?? No you definitely don’t want That film had a lot of hidden meanings. I hope people caught onto the deeper esoteric meanings in it.

  3. I am glad to be able to write this, “Most of the women pictured here, I don’t know! I have never seen them!”

    Why should we look to Hollyweird to even try and attempt to find ‘true’ Blackness? It ain’t happening there. I don’t care if any half and half is considered beautiful. You perpetuate the myth that their beauty is just beyond beautiful every time you post about how beautiful half and half women are. We get it! Black men think with their eyes and the ‘white’ world has conditioned them to believe that a half and half is all the shit and that ‘true’ Black women need to validate themselves amongst themselves. We apparently, need to appreciate each others big thick thighs, full lips, etc., since the Black man is busily applauding and appreciating the features on the half and half and then we turn around and wonder why Black women are becoming lesbians by the second.

    I don’t give a damn for Hollywood and I don’t give a damn for a half and half. I’ve got that nonsense in my family too and I will not continuously go on and on about how beautiful they are while in the same breath telling ‘true’ Black women that we need to represent with our big, huge, gigantic lips, thighs and everything else and appreciate each other’s features since no one else is. In a roundabout way, this is indeed, putting ‘true’ or ‘real’ Black women down by constantly extolling the beauty of the features on the half and half.

    • Well you told me you didn’t have a television so I’m not surprised you don’t know most of I hear what you’re saying but believe me I’m not trying to perpetuate any myth. I did a post on biracial beauty last year. This is only the second post specifically about biracial women. And I did because I’ve been sent emails by subscribers who wanted me to address this issue again. Not much different than my posts on racism,gay agenda,interracial dating etc. I cover these same topics because sometimes they need to be drilled into your consciousness that they’re bad for our people. These anti-black ideologies are force fed to our people on a daily basis. Television,films and mass media feed us this constantly. So I have to fight back by constantly countering it with positive reinforcement. So by me bringing it up it may seem in your mind that I’m uplifting the beauty of biracial women. When in fact I’m doing the opposite by addressing the issue.
      Also if you look through my Beautiful Black Women thread you’ll see that 75-80% of the women are brown to dark chocolate skinned women. I don’t uplift too many biracial or racially ambiguous looking women in that thread. Since day one I have uplifted black women with dark skin,big butts,hips and full lips. Anyone that has followed my blog for years will tell you. Most who read this post know where I’m coming from. It was not my intention to uplift biracial beauty. My track record proves this. Sorry you misunderstood the post. But thanks for the comment.

  4. @ Kushite Prince

    “Her only hit single was “One Thing”. Some thought she would dethrone Beyoncé as the next big thing. Didn’t quite happen though.”

    Her being biracial & racially ambiguous got her through the door but she didn’t have the star power nor enough talent. I notice this a lot with biracial women in Hollywood there looks got them in the door but they lack talent. If you ever pay attention is that the full dark skinned black women in Hollywood are the ones that have both physical attractive & real talent. Dark skinned black women in Hollywood had no other choice because Hollywood wouldn’t accept them being just attractive they had to had talent. All the dark skinned black women in Hollywood careers last longer then biracial women.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Lauren London is overrated. She’s an attractive biracial female, but she has no talent. Its the same with Lena Horne she wasn’t attractive but had the look white Hollywood an negroes like to uplift and her talent was mediocre. The beautiful dark skin sister Diahann Carroll was attractive, had the talent and career went more farther then Lena Horne.

        P.S. You are to do a post on colorism in Hollywood. Why can’t biracial female celebrities careers can’t surpass or last long like dark skinned black women in Hollywood. Here are a small few that I can name Sade had talent but was average in looks, Mariah Carey had talent average in looks, Beyonce good/talent entertainer & pretty, Rhianna is pretty but can’t sing.

      • In a system of white supremacy,biracial women will always have a slight advantage because of lighter skin. It doesn’t matter if they’re a mediocre talent or not.

  5. I would date or marry a biracial woman, as long as she is not non-African!
    @Kushite, I have been busy with my ebook these days. otherwise I’m still pro-Black lol. I love Black women and I would love to taste foreign Black women in the diaspora. Said an African dude with an accent lol.

  6. Kushite, that is a lot of people to cover. Some of these women have talent.As I told you before, I have no problem with biracial because they have no control over that.If you marry outside the race, then what are you doing for the race? What I have a problem with is biracial claiming biracial, but have no problem accepting black roles. I had a big crush on Irene Cara,but she claimed everything hispanic,but accepted a lot of black roles. Just to let her know, blacks played a big role in liberating Cuba,Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico. The show Pitch has been cancelled. Jesse Williams is divorcing his wife & dating actress Mink a Kelly. Hollywood & the Swirl movement will promote that blacks can’t have good loving relationships unless they date outside the race, even though you’re now starting to see more black couples promoting products on commercials these days.GOD BLESS

    • The promotion of biracial people and interracial couples are one in the same. The media promotes biracial people be cause they’re a by product of interracial sex. Which is why you see in films,commercials and television dramas. The agendas are all intertwined.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        That’s why black Africans should have their own media to promote real black couples. When need to turn off the television an stop supporting non blacks period.

  7. Kushite, have you heard of the white guy who sued his date,because she wasn’t happy with the date. White people are coming up with new ways to make money. This is why I will never marry white.Again as I told you before, when black people marry white, we’re the ones that have to go above & beyond to make it work. When former tennis star Illie Natasha made racist remarks about Serena Williams unborn kid,I’ve yet to see Serena white fiancee come to her defense. GOD BLESS

    • @sevenkingblog

      In my honest opinion I don’t see Serena Williams fiancee’ marrying her in the future. What I do see will happen is that Serena Williams will be paying him child support. Its been a trend in Hollywood especially with black female celebrities paying their non black male partners alimony or child support. Look what happen to Halle Berry she’s paying child support, janet Jackson second husband Rene Elizondo alimony ,Aisha Tyler alimony and these are just to name a few. The late Donna Summers left most of her fortune to her non black husband despite that they had children. The same situation happens to black male celebrities with non black female partners. The black wealth leaves the community in goes in the hands of non black people.

    • Yes other people have told me that. I’ve changed the background over 40 times. I think it depends on what device you have. Some mobile phones make it hard to read due to the background. I just have to keep changing it every once in awhile. I’ll try a different background again.

  8. Zoe Saldana dead ou’chea, B. As an actress, I’m not eeeeeeem checking for her in deez skreets. I wish I had stroke in hollywierd. I would cast (some real deep-dark) black on black love to offset this tragic mulatto dynamic/black on black crime narrative. I also would make/produce films where the N-word would be absent. Void. I fux with Folsade Adu and Teena Marie though. I’ve always known their racial makeup but felt they were sincere in the creation of their art vs. those who ride the Adele train/Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry culture vultures who exploit our culture just becuz, cuz… and because well, we allow it. Don’t mind me. Just chiming in.

    • We need you in Hollywood Nat! You could set some things straight! LOL!! I know what you mean about Sade though. She has a very soothing and elegant voice. I have her greatest hits cd. I give credit where credit is due. Teena Marie had some hot joints back in the day. I had an uncle that was a big Rick James and Teena fan. He played their music all the time. But we do have to keep our eyes out for the culture vultures. And there are a lot of them out there.

      • The BET show Rebel has been cancelled by me too. It was advertised heavy, tackling the issues @hand. Kush, this ish watered down worse than when we use to stretch liquid soap w/water. Damn. The woman who plays lead character so damn beautiful.

      • Yes I agree that Danielle is a gorgeous woman. She is one fine sista! Which is why I was disappointed in the show Rebel. He had a nice premise of a black woman as a cop. And it dealt with issues like police brutality and corruption. I thought John Singleton would’ve done a better job. The acting was pretty good but he social messages were really bad! In the first episode Rebel’s brother is shot and killed by the police. Then I find out the white cop that killed him used to sleep with Rebel! WTF?!! Just more interracial sex to confuse the negroes. They do this time and time again. Talking black and sleeping white doesn’t work in a revolution. And these television writers know this. They know you can’t really be about black empowerment and liberation if you’re sleeping with white folks. I was really disappointed I this show. The show had so much potential. I did feature the actress on the show a little while back. Here’s the post.

    • @ Nat Turner’s Revenge & Kushite Prince

      Teena Marie parents didn’t like the fact that she hung around black people. Rick James mention that in his autobiography. Also Teena Marie never spoke out much about discrimination against blacks by whites.

  9. The natural movement was found by dark skinned and brown black women,now those light and biracial women had take all over everything,and also they were some nasty white women who wanted to join in the movement! But most black women didn’t want Becky to join in Natural Movement,because belong to black women only,Becky are only to control, steal, and appropriate,how they did already with black beauty!
    But black women aren’t upset if a light and biracial woman takes over and appropriate!
    There are so many of these light and biracial women who have Youtube blog,who have a lot subscribe and most the followers are black women!
    BW get only upset if WW want to appropriate of our black beauty but they don’t say nothing if those light and mixed women take over!
    Those mixed women aren’t our ally,BW shouldn’t forget that most these biracial women have Becky mother!
    I don’t like these biracial women,no because I am jealous of them and I don’t see the reason why we should force to accept and like someone just because him/her has some melanin in their skin! Because they are racist as their racist white mothers!
    I am still upset that Storm who is one my favorite X MEN character,they left Berry and and Alexandra Shipp to do Ororo Munroe!
    These tow actresses,they did the most worst and weak Storm I never see on my life! Storm is African woman on comics and cartoon season as well,she is dark skinned and strong woman! PURE PATHETIC what I can say!
    They were born from white womb,what I can say,only weakness!

      • I agree with qnubian 528. “Those mixed women aren’t our ally,BW shouldn’t forget that most of these biracial women have Becky mother!”

        Agree or not (and that is okay) the common thread with many biracials, men included, is that they will LEAN more towards the white power structure and when it is “convenient” for them, then they want to display their blackness. Mariah Carey is a good example. I recall that before she had her hit record, “We belong together,” that her album sales had fallen off as well as going through a divorce at the time? The producers for this record? Black. Before she blew up, she had little time for black producers, even less time for “black’ friends. Like gnubian 538, no, it is not jealously. But I know a user when I see one too. “Pass on her just like that self hating Tyrese.” 😦

    • Thats one thing I could never understand about the natural hair movement on youtube. All these light skin/mixed curly haired BW could start a youtube channel today and have 100k subscribers the next where most will be dark skin kinky haired BW.

  10. Interesting series. The unmentioned idea is that america is one of the few if not the only nation that officially looks at hybrids as examples of purity. So as others pointed out, in england, the mixed are mixed; in sa the mixed are ‘coloreds,’ in brazil the mixed are ‘mulattos’ but in america the mixed are Blacks. However, just as in “The Destruction of Black Civilization,” the colored class is used as a buffer and a weapon by the Black class.

    However, on the topic of BEAUTY, we mustn’t confuse ourselves. That this white man recognizes that Black Beauty is par excellence. His promotion of mixed women is not for himself because I assure you this white man has access to Black women and his Black woman of choice is dark, broad nosed, etc. He promotes this mixed woman to confuse Black men.

    Just yesterday a Brother was talking to me Black power, Black power but when some little light-skinned, mixed women walked by he shouted them a compliment. And these were mediocre women by any standard.

    The promotion of light women is just good ole fashioned confusion. But anyone who knows white people even remotely know that their fancy is for Black women. I would wish otherwise BUT with the confusion of light is right–Black women have lower self-esteems and white men find it easier to prey on the woman who feels like shit and looks at him like he’s amazing–as opposed to the woman who feels amazing and looks at him like he’s shit.

    • That’s right. We have been conditioned to love anything less African-looking. Many of us have been brainwashed since birth. The beauty standard always leans towards whiteness in this racist system. That’s why I think the promotion of biracial women in place of black women is so important to them. It just helps confuse our people even more. Thanks for the great comment.

      • Ptah Hotep says that you can learn from the Fool as well as the Wise. When I was younger, I had a friend who spent most of his day looking at adult entertainment. I looked at it occasionally but his were always Black women while I, regrettably, wasn’t as staunch. I ain’t nowhere to look, but a lot of the Sisters weren’t there for me for whatever reason. This Fool told me it was an acquired taste and it got me thinking. white man conditions you to white beauty and white sexuality. But once you reacquire your Black senses, no cracker anywhere does it for you, and these Sisters become irresistible. That’s partly why I can’t be mad at even the Fools among us. They sometimes Deep. Lol.

  11. There has been dark skinned actresses, singers and dancers that works as much as hard, but sadly they didn’t get the recognition they deserve because their color is a problem for Hollywood standards. Remember actress Gabourey Sidibe? Even thought she won the Oscar for best actress, society was more focused on her weight and even the color of her skin than her talents. Now she’s at this TV Show called Empire, which I honestly don’t watch. She could do something better than asking for crumbs. Anita Baker, Jodi Watley and Patti La’belle however their careers were great but didn’t last long as other light skin artists.

    • Actually Monique won an Oscar for Precious. But I get the point you’re trying to make. And Empire has horrible black stereotypes. It really makes black people look bad. You also make a great point about the other artists. But Baker and Labelle are considered legends in the black community. I have some of their cd’s. They have amazing voices but didn’t get the same respect as some like artists like Mariah Carey.

  12. You’ve got to change the background, there’s too little contrast, so it’s almost impossible to read.

    Just wanted to say that Kandyse McClure from South Africa is not biracial. She’s Cape Coloured. They’re kinda like mestizos in Latin America. They’re a mix between African, European and sometimes South/East-Asian.

    • Really? thought I head in an interview that she said she was biracial. I could be mistaken. Well either way you look at it she’s of mixed ancestry. Yeah I’ve been working on fixing that background. I can never seem to find the right background. I’m still working on it.

    • Actually, Cape Coloreds are descendants of the Naam people who aboriginal people of the Cape and other parts of Namibia and Botswana. They are not mixed with Europeans or Asians at all. Just like the San/Khoi, they have genetically “yellow” skin tones and other features like their which would be considered Asian. but nah they are not mixed with Europeans or Asians.

      • But with the arrival of Jan Van Reibeeck and other dutch settlers and they enslaved the Naam people, stole their land, livestock and stripped them of their language and culture and named them “coloureds.” There are those that claim and embrace their Naama roots and those are actually don’t insist that they are coloureds. Often Americans think coloured people (those from Southern Africa) are mixed but they are not.

  13. Wow!!!!! Most of the women here I didn’t know we’re mixed except Sade, Lisa and Amarie. DAMN, this is really unnerving how they are quickly replacing us and our beauty and culture. Thanks for posting this series.

  14. Alot of Black Women and Biracial Women got pissed off when I said that the Natural Hair Movement isn’t really for Biracial women. Aftee years of growing a big rounded Afro some biracial woman just come in and all of a sudden she represents Black Hair. Most of our people are indeed lost.

    Saying Mariah Carey represents me and my natural hair is just like saying Jcole represents you lol. I been told my friends that biracials need their own platform. I had a biracial friend who mother was white and father was black. Do you know this ignorant girl told me? It was Black History month, she said,”I’m sorry for what my people did to your people.” I gave her a WTF look. I asked her,” what do you mean your people?” This idiot had the nerve to say Black Peoplr. I realized then that I don’t trust Biracials. They confused as hell. They only want to side with the black when its beneficial for them. Most biracial women are all that attractive. I swear biracial women swear use homozygous black women are jealous of them. No no no. I’m just tired of biracial women representing homozygous black women.

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