Barack & Biracial Men- Black Genetics(Part 3 of 4)

Barack Obama...

I remember when I saw this cover(above) of Ebony magazine back in 2008.  It was when Barack Obama was running for President.  I remember hearing people say Obama looked so cool in his sunglasses. And I noticed that over the past eight years that there were more biracial men in the media.  There has always  been biracial men in the spotlight. But there seems to be more right now. I have also seen many more biracial women in the media over the last few years.  I will cover biracial women in part three. That is a an even bigger issue in my opinion.  But I did want to cover some of the biracial men that seemed to be getting a lot more press in recent years.  And what does it mean for black men?  Are they the new and improved black men? Or do they represent a “new white man’? I think Obama helped to bring interracial unions and biracial people more acceptance in American culture.  And worldwide for that matter.  I have seen more biracial men in sports,television and films.

Lenny Kravitz....

Back in the early 90’s Lenny Kravitz was one of the biggest rock stars.  His mother is black,father is Jewish.

Vin Diesel....

Actor Vin Diesel is biracial as well. Although he mostly plays racially ambiguous roles. He never really plays a “black” man though.

Shemar Moore....

Actor Shemar Moore has become a sex symbol among many black women. The picture(above) is of him and his white mother. He first gained fame on the soap opera The Young and The Restless. I remember ten years ago he was seen at a gay beach in Hawaii.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about his sexuality.

Boris Kodjoe...

This is biracial actor Boris Kodjoe.  His mother is a German white woman. I know many black women who have told me is their ideal man.  Although this is not a good picture. It leaves him looking very “suspect”.

The Rock....

Actor Dwayne Johnson has become a huge star over the last eight years.  He first became famous as a WWE wrestler known as The Rock.  And has become a sex symbol in his transition from wrestler to actor.  Although he is not a mulatto since he has a black father and Samoan mother. Much like actor Vin Diesel he plays racially ambiguous roles.  And is rarely paired with black women in films. But he still remains popular among many black women.

Jesse Willaims.....

Biracial actor Jesse Williams caused quite a stir last year at the BET Awards. The Grey’s Anatomy star gave a passionate speech about police brutality last year.  And many black people quickly gave the mixed race man his “black card”.

Trevor Noah....

The picture(above) is of Trevor Noah.  The comedian/actor is the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central.  he is pictured with his girlfriend,model Jordyn Taylor.  She is racially mixed  so I guess the paring his fitting.  Noah is a media darling because of his left-leaning liberal views. Although I don’t find him that funny.

Jussie Smollett...

This is actor Jussie Smollett. Most people know him from the hit drama Empire.   He plays a homosexual on the show.  Which is fitting since he’s a homosexual in real life as well. He’s pictured her with his sister actress Jurnee.  They have a black mother and white father.  This picture is quite interesting.  What’s with the “black power” fist? What message are they sending?  Is that you can be conscious,biracial,pro-black and gay all at the same time?  Good lord….what world am I living in?  God help us.


Of course we can’t discuss biracial people without mentioning Canadian rapper Drake.  Drake has become one of rap music’s biggest stars in the last eight years or so. He started as a child actor and late did underground mixtapes as a rapper. His mother(pictured above) is Jewish and his father is black.  I can’t help but to think that having those Jewish connections helped him in the industry. Also according to Halakha(Jewish law) a Jew must be born to a Jewish mother. Accepting the principles and practices of  Judaism doesn’t make a person a Jew. So even with a black father technically…. Drake is a Jew.

J Cole....

Rapper J. Cole(with mother) has seen his popularity rise in recent years.  He has gotten praise from many rap fans because of his socially conscious lyrics.


The picture(above) is of r&b/pop singer Miguel and his Mexican father. Miguel became popular when his debut cd came out in 2010.  His music style is a mix of funk,r&b and elements of rock. Many music critics have compared him to the late pop icon Prince.

Derek Jeter.....

Retired baseball player Derek Jeter was one of the most well know athletes while playing for the New York Yankees.  Here is Jeter pictured with his parents and sister Sharlee.


NBA veteran Tony Parker has played for the San Antonio Spurs for over fifteen years.  And he has won four NBA championships. He has a black father and white mother. He has been one of the most well known biracial athletes over the last ten years.

San Francisco 49ers 2011 Headshots

Of course what list would be complete with biracial NFL star Colin Kaepernick.  I recently heard that he will now stand for the pledge of allegiance. Why the change of heart? I guess all the hype is over now.  It helped to cause some more racial tension and get people talking.  But I guess that time has passed…so it’s back to football! That is if any team picks him up.

Lewis Hamilton...

This is racecar driver Lewis Hamilton pictured with his white mother.  He was born and raised in the United Kingdom.  His first racecar win was the Canadian Grand prix in 2007.  His popularity has really grown over the last ten years.


Joakim Noah.....

Chicago Bulls basketball player Joakim Noah has a white mother and black father.  He’s very popular with the Chicago fans.  This pic(above) he is with his mother and sister Yelena.

Aaron Gordon...Zach Lavine...

This picture(above) is of NBA players Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine. Gordon plays for the Orlando Magic and Lavine plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Last year during the 2016 NBA All Star weekend these two were the finalists in the Slam Dunk contest.  It was close but Lavine ending up winning the contest.  I just thought it was interesting that the last two finalists were both biracial men.  I thought it was odd. Are they going to be the face of the NBA?  Much like Drake is the face of rap music?  Or how Obama was the face of the nation.  Hmmmm…something to think about.

Matt Barnes...

NBA star Matt Barnes(with mother) has always been a headache for the NBA. He has a really bad temper and needs to seek anger management. He has played for the LA Clippers,New York Knicks,Orlando Magic,LA Lakers and Golden State Warriors. He gets moved around a lot because of his temper tantrums and bad attitude.

Lavar Ball...

The black man in the pic(above) is Lavar Ball.  Ball is a retired football player. He was a practice squad member for the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers. He and his white wife Tina have three sons,Lonzo,LiAngelo and LaMelo.  They have become a huge media sensation in the basketball world. They have all appeared on ESPN.  They all played for Chino Hills high school.  The oldest son Lonzo played one year at UCLA.  He is already said he is entering the NBA draft. He has groomed his mulatto sons from birth to be basketball players.


NFL rookie Dak Prescott(with mother) has made quite an impression lately.  The Dallas Cowboys quarterback seems to be fitting in well as the new face of the team. I know there are a lot racist rednecks in Dallas.  I know because I’ve been to Texas before. But I’m sure they’ll accept him with open arms.  Just as long as their biracial quarterback is winning games for them.

Blake Griffin...

NBA star Blake Griffin(with father and mother) has been a big asset for the Los Angeles Clippers. He has been playing with the Clippers since 2009.  His skills have improved over the last few years. I remember when he was in the Slam Dunk contest back in 2011. I saw some video of the dunk contest on YouTube.  There were some white guys making comments on the video.  Some were saying that Griffin should be considered a white man.  I guess they wanted to see a non-black person win so bad they were willing to accept a biracial man as white.  But this got me thinking.  Do they want biracial men to be the “new blacks”?  Do they want to replace African men with biracial men? Is it easier for whites to accept those that have a white parent? After all,biracials are in closer proximity to whiteness than someone with two black parents.  I personally believe this is psychological warfare. And many of us don’t understand this tactic very much.  There are many ways to attack a person.  It doesn’t always have to be physical.   Attacking a persons  mind can be just as effective. Psychological warfare is a form of propaganda or a threat.  It’s a psychological technique to mislead,demoralize,intimidate or influence the thinking or the behavior of an enemy.  This is what is being done to black people. This is all being done on purpose.  The white/jewish controlled media is purposely putting more biracial men to the forefront.   They are doing this to confuse the minds of black people. This all goes against the collective best interest of black people.  It also promotes the idea that interracial sex is a good thing.  They are giving us the false belief that being half-black is better than having two black parents.  This is just another way to promote black inferiority and degrade black genetics.  This all helps to reinforce the idea that being dark skinned and having African features is ugly and unwanted.

Shaun King....

We better have a clear definition on who is black and who is NOT.  Otherwise we’ll keep getting melanin recessive imposters like Shaun King(pic above).  This white activist is going around telling people he’s a black man when he has already been exposed as a white man by his white mother and father. This is insulting to all black people.  But this is what happens when you let everyone claim blackness.  We got to put an end to this.  This has really gotten out of hand. So what do you think?  Am I on to something?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

48 thoughts on “Barack & Biracial Men- Black Genetics(Part 3 of 4)

  1. @ Kushite Prince

    We will soon be hearing more complaints on how biracial men are replacing black men from black men. This is the same situation black women were complaining about being replace by biracial women but we got ridicule. None of these biracial men are attractive in my opinion. Europeans are using biracial’s to help with their population growth by breeding with them. Again they are biracial an have no loyalty toward neither race. These fence riders will ride on any race who have the most power during anytime. Majority of these biracial men you post have non black partners or dating someone that is biracial. But I can get mad at them because they are doing what their self hating black parents are doing.Again self hating negro coon men & women have an obsession with biracial’s or anything that look like African. You have negro coon black male celebrities posting pictures of biracial children on there social media pages. You have negro coon black female celebrities posting pictures of non black women beauty in which they wouldn’t dare it to them.

    • Yes it’s gone to a whole different level! All these self hating black celebs fawning over biracial children. That’s why this series was important. I wanted to raise awareness to the issue of black people being all inclusive. We will not benefit in the end.

  2. @ Kushite Prince
    J.Cole will probably be replacing Kendrick Lamar pretty soon as a conscious rapper. Just give him a little bit more time for improvement

  3. You are fully onto something, this problem has been existing. I see it online and in real life. I got attacked on instagram when I dared to remind everyone that Kaepernick isn’t fully black (that’s how we’d say it here in the UK). And I always find it funny when Black people ask ‘what is black?’. How comes no one is running around worried about how to define ‘whiteness’? Is that question rhetoric… I don’t even know man. The fact that we as Black people have accepted this myth that Black is something that’s ‘fluid’ and downgraded it to some kind of feeling or fashion (Rachel Dolezal anyone) is detrimental to our survival.

    • I think black people in the U.K. might have a better understanding of being black. Here in America many hold on strongly to the one-drop rule. My black coworkers got upset at me for calling Obama the first biracial president. Many of our people just don’t want to accept biological and genetic facts. We have been conditioned to believe whatever white people tell us.
      The fact that many of us can’t define blackness shows you how lost we are mentally. If we don’t change our consciousness we will keep having imposters like Rachel Dolezal coming around. And brain dead blacks will accept them with open arms.
      Thanks for the comment. Drop by anytime. I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well.

      • You have a point there because over here we called mixed people… mixed, even the ones who ‘lean’ more to their Black side are still regarded mixed, no one drop rule stories. And these days being mixed with black is a full on trend. Fun fact these day Asian boys (when I say Asian I mean Pakistani/Indian/Bangladeshi) do the most to look mixed raced and they do it so well it’s actually scary. Which is why I can’t take people seriously when they pretend they don’t know what Black is. We all recognise it when we see it, to the point where we know when someone is trying to emulate it. It seems like black features, black ‘swag’, black physique, black culture ect. are always in trend but being Black is somehow a life sentence. I don’t know how people come up with that math.

        Anyways, thank you for all the energy you put on this blog, the ting’s powaful.

      • I know what you mean. They love to emulate our culture but could never deal with the hardships of being black on a daily basis. Thanks for your input. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. You’re far too kind. I like your blog too. Come by anytime you like.

  4. My issue is that these folk are often “leaders” of blackness. No one is claiming whiteness because they know their mixed blood disqualifies them from leadership positions. Boris surprised me when I saw he was so heavily invested in being German. It was gross. I just don’t think he has a place playing black men in movies. And Williams illustrates how quickly many jump ship- didn’t he leave his black wife for Minka Kelly not even a year after that black magic speech?!

    I do think biracial men are less sexualized. I remember Malcolm talking about folk desiring a “real one” to fulfill sexual desires. I personally don’t find biracial men appealing and find they often see themselves as exceptional despite being average at best.

    • Yes this has been the case for a long time. Even back when whites started the NAACP they had many biracial men in the forefront. They would use racially ambiguous people has standins for black leaders.
      Yes I was kind of surprised by Boris as well. I knew Jesse Williams was a phony. I did a post on him last year. I warned black people not to get too excited by that BET awards speech. Hate to say I told you
      You’re right to a certain extent about them being less sexualized. The media tends to believe that darker skin is more masculine. So biracial men are seen as more feminine. Which is why they are sometimes called “pretty boys”.
      So you don’t find them really appealing?? Great news! Another reason I can be thankful for being dark skinned!lol

      • Yes! As a people we get too excited about anything that seems remotely positive. I think it’s a part of being oppressed.

        Exactly! The NOI is also historically colorist.

        Williams is an actor. He put on a good show. He still won’t win an oscar though lol.

        And lol!!! Generally, regardless of their color the western world seems to nurture a sense of superiority in biracial, multi racial folks or anyone bearing any conventionally western trait (long hair. Light eyes etc) and no! This ideology is far from appealing. Although I will say that the white world also traumatizes a lot of Hershey hued of deeply sun kissed person into a heavily oppressed state that badgers their esteem and makes them very hard to get through too. It’s a terrible hand we’ve been dealt as blacks but I’m hopeful that with the strong few we have we can rise to our potential.

        Sorry for the lengthy comment! I enjoyed the post!

      • No problem. I always welcome your insightful comments. You always give me something to ponder with your truth
        We really are in spiritual warfare. Many of us aren’t aware of it. We have to change our collective thinking. Thanks for the comments sweetie. They are always welcome 😊

  5. It’s annoying that mixed race special mulatto think they are product of love no of pure hatred!
    It’s funny because in the past they were born through rape by WM over BW and they will be considerate blacks,they sold as slaves,but now because they are born from WW and BM just for make the terms or make less offended they call “biracial,mixed race!”
    What they think they are? They think be something special?
    They should learn history and science instead to listen all the craps of their racist white mothers teach them!
    Did you hear the new about Jesse Williams? He divorced from his black wife
    for one Becky! No more bullshit about black pride here and black pride there!
    Too much for him,he just wanted some cave female!
    Look how gorgeous are all these WW in these pictures? LOL!
    I am feeling so jealous right now!
    WOW BM spent their times to insult BW but they can’t get one at list decent!
    All that moneys they have,BM always get the ugly one!
    I found this video about mixed race children being abused from white Christ churches!
    Because they think being less black,mean being less victims of white depravity!

  6. I think for the most part, Obama being the exception, Black men are still represented by Black men unlike Black women who are represented by mixed women.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        You are correct “It’s a bigger issue with women.” Dark skin is consider to be masculine, while light skin is consider to be feminine in a racist society especially toward females. Everything about a dark skinned black woman physical appearance has been viewed as negative & masculine in a racist society. Dark skinned black men have always had a better representation when it comes to the black physical appearance of black males, rather then the dark skinned black women.

  7. @Shanequa what I can say,when I see these nasty bad look from white or light women,only I can see jealousy and envy! Why we should get offended? BW shouldn’t feel intimidated from these nasty look and this racist society!
    What I learn and make me happy,I just don’t give shit about their opinion and their racist mind just period! What they make them to reboiled their blood of anger, when they see BW really don’t give shit about them,period!
    Just because deep inside when they see attractive black women with confident they can’t stand,it’s too much for them!
    We know the true is light age like banana and black age glorious!

  8. Kushite I think you know that Obama proposed twice to a WW? He wanted marry her,but her twice refused his propose! I knew that Obama was buffoon,he married Michelle only for benefit to enter in black community! Mulatto were always spies on the back of black people! This is how to destroyed the black cultures,most the time WM don’t need to be involve themselves directly, but they have always used Mulattoes!
    I don’t pity Mulattoes because they don’t know,they are used from white supremacy!

  9. Hetep Kushite Prince.

    You know we have talked about this before. Blackness based upon the hue of one’s skin is silly and outdated. Blackness should be defined by one’s culture. If we defined blackness by one’s culture, then there is no way people like Obama would have gotten a pass because culturally speaking he does not understand the Black Experience. The problem with creating this classification is that it requires Black people to stand up and truly embrace their culture unashamed.

    I cannot beef because someone has mixed ancestry. Everyone is this country has mixed ancestry. I was surprise to find that even I had mixed ancestry. But, my blackness is not determined by how I look or the kink in my hair. My Afikanness is determined by my culture. I have become friends with a number of people coming directly from Africa and as far as I can tell. They are 100% African, but I would not dare call them Black because they really do not have an understanding of our culture. A lot of them have been brainwashed into thinking that we all want to be rappers, thugs and ballers. And, that we have done this for the past 500 years. When they learn our history and see that it goes beyond MLK and Malcolm, they are truly shocked. That is the only time they understand our sentiments but see many of us refuse to embrace our culture. We have silly entertainers who running around perpetuating what Blackness is based upon superficial standards and many of us follow them. For instance, I recently saw a movie with Mike Epps and in it there is an African comedian (I forgot his name). Anyway, throughout the movie they both played on stereotypes we have about Africans and stereotypes they have about us. It was not funny by the least.

    I have several Nigerian friends who had to learn what it means to be Black. One married a Sis from the States, had a kid and everything but when he started learning about our struggles, history, religious perspective, he got a better understanding.

    You see, we forget that just because they look like us they ain’t for us. This is how we get tricked every time. This is how our movements get watered down, etc. If we started using our culture to define our blackness, we would see who is really down. We never hear people talk about how they made a decision based upon historical and cultural evidence. It is always superficial.

    Well, thanks Bro. Good post. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for those stories Kam. I know this is a touchy subject for many. And we all have our own perspective on it. But it was something I get asked about often,so I needed to address it. Thanks for dropping some truth I haven’t seen you around lately brother. You haven’t put up posts lately. I hope all is well. Drop by anytime. Thanks for the comment.

      • What??! That’s BIG news man! Congrats! Another Black God or Goddess entering the world! I’m really glad to hear that. I’m sure you’re excited about that. I’m sure you and the queen are ready for this new chapter in your lives. This is beautiful news! 🙂

      • Thanks Brah! Yeah. It is a new experience. This little ancestor is making my wife and I put in the work before they get here too. I am loving it. Thanks again.

  10. Excellent analysis pinpointing one of many racial variables cementing the ‘Black and White Problem.’ In my humble opinion, this is an unsolvable American Black man problem that Black men are forced to endure and continue to be side lined in the American society – As public enemy #1 – as long as our race remain divided about the important role – race pride and dignity play in groups/races gaining and attaining power and control in the American society.

    We as a race in the American society have been reduced by design to a group of people that do not know who they are competing with other races and groups that have knowledge of self, race pride, and dignity which gives them an economic competive edge in controlling their groups resources – input and output.

    Your analysis reveals as you have stated its almost to the point a Black man and woman can not possibly know for a certainty the true face of our race enemy.

    • Great comment Tony! I don’t see you comment to often but this was nice. You’re right,we have to be aware of our surroundings and look for the enemy. But as you said,it’s not always that easy. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

  11. Bear in mind, these are all high earning Black men. One lesson from Black Wall Street is the white man doesn’t want the Black man to have money or, more particularly, economic Power. When Black men are mixed or mixing, the whites in their lives can convince them to keep their money in the hands of whites. Obama is a classic example. He said he wasn’t a Black President. Why? Because his Mama and Grandmama white.

    The empowerment of the Mulatto is an empowerment of the White Power Structure particularly because the Mulatto, unlike, say, the proud African, sees no problem with empowering White people as one of his parents is white.

  12. And see, this is where I disagree with Dr. Umar Johnson and the Pan-African movement. I don’t beleive that bi-racials are black! They are biracial. I don’t understand how you can be fully 50% of two races and claim one. That’s asinine and makes no sense. I think it’s dangerous for blacks to adopt that one drop rule, because otherwise, Bill Maher and Meryl Streep are African-American, since they’ve both stated that before.

    Using that logic, we’d have to agree that they are indeed African American.

    Is a liger a tiger or a lion? It’s both and neither- it’s its own species, a liger. Same goes for biracials in my book.

    • Yeah I’ve said this too. I don’t think Umar has really thought this through. He has been convinced by the media with the one-drop rule. I think it’s time to let the white man’s ideologies go. Hopefully one day he comes to his senses.

  13. Black American men will also face their images being replaced and watered by representation of biracial men in their place. Since Black American men date and marry interracially at twice the rate Black American women do, I believe that this would happen faster than one could expect. Many of the Black American men who hate Black women and want their image denigrated and extinct will also face a similar ending as well. This is what happens when one lets the media distort their ideal of race, beauty and finding romance as well as hatred of one’s companion.

    • Yes which is why I don’t promote interracial marriage on my blog. It’s a dead end either way you look at it. I don’t like when black men or women do it. They are trying to make biracial people a better representation of blacks. We are becoming a watered down and diluted race of people. We can’t let the white-controlled media dictate to us what is beautiful . That’s why this issue is so important. Our biogenetic survival is at stake. Thank for the comments.

      • I don’t promote interracial dating, mating or marriage on my blog either. I am not against interracial marriage. I believe people should be with who they want to be with regardless of the race of the person. But I don’t believe that it is the end to be all like so many Black people say it is. Interracial relations, which produces biracial people is the exact opposite of upholding the phenotype of the Black African in the West. So I understand your sentiments there.

      • Yes I see your point. I don’t condone it that’s why I don’t promote it. I know people will do it anyway regardless of my feelings. I just think people need to make their stance be known. I see black people say they’re against interracial marriage BUT turn around and say biracial people should be considered black. What?! That’s a contradiction in my mind. If you’re against it then you can’t turn around and say that the by product(biracial people) are black. It doesn’t make sense. It just causes more confusion within the African diaspora. And that’s the last thing we need right now.

  14. Don’t forget about Stephen Curry. I found it odd that they put him against LeBron James in the NBA. But I’m noticing the rise of biracial people too. I don’t consider them black & they identify as black because society forces them to & to benefit from being bi/multiracial amongst black people. I wrote a post about that on my blog, too. I’m starting to become more & more distrusting of bi/multiracial people. I don’t think they are allies of black people at all, but many black people think they are.

  15. Zendaya is another one. I’m starting to think now that the whole thing about Juliana Rancic ragging on her faux dreadlocks was all a stunt to get her to claim blackness. And I think that show on Disney she’s on, KC Undercover, is just her using blackness to elevate herself. I feel that she’s taking a huge role away from a real, authentic black girl. She’s a mixed girl in an all black family on the show. 😒

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