Taking a Spring Break….(mini vacation)

Spring break

What’s up family?  Just wanted to tell my subscribers I’m taking a break. There’s a lot of things happening on a global scale.  As well as my own personal issues.  I got  a lot going on at the moment. Time to unplug again. I need a little break from the internet and blogosphere.  I guess you could call it a mini vacation. I’ve been feeling a little burned out as of late.

At the Beach....

Feel free to leave a comment on any recent post. I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.  You guys take care. Peace and be well!

21 thoughts on “Taking a Spring Break….(mini vacation)

  1. Wishing you a wonderful spring revival, bro KP! Self-care is important, and I’m glad you’re taking some you-time. On another note, I love and want the pic of the heavy-chemistry couple on your wallpaper …the sistah’s African fabric alone! Take good care of yourself 🙂 M

    • Yes that’s a nice pic. I found it on the internet a few weeks ago. Glad you like it. Yeah I need a little break. Feeling a little burned out from social media. I have some things I need to tend to. Thanks for the kind words sweetie. I’ll be back soon enough. 🙂

    • Yeah sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed. Doing this blog and trying to provide information and keeping your family life in order. It can be very draining helping out family members as well. We all need a break once in awhile. You feel rejuvenated afterwards. I really need it at the moment. Thanks Onitaset.

      • “You deserve EVERY break that you can take! I say this because your blog not only gives US information concerning “the Black experience,” from your mouth to our ears this information is carried by US to other black people.

        Be well and be safe on your hiatus!

  2. Well Kushite, while I was in Cleveland, I discovered that the most famous landmark in San Juan,Puerto Rico “El Morro Fortress ” was built by black slaves. I wonder what else black screen built that we don’t get credit for. GOD BLESS

  3. Have you seen this european antics called “Captain Underpants”. WTF…….the campaign to normalize pedophilia continues.

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