Models of Normality- Amos Wilson



“We must look at the psychopathology of everyday life and must recognize we cannot have it both ways. We cannot talk about a people who have enslaved us,who discriminate against us,who insult us, who do all manner of things against us, and then use them as models of normality.”

Dog kisser..

And yet these people are held up as normal, are used as the standard against which we measure ourselves as a people,and are used as models for us to determine the way we wish our children to behave.”

6 thoughts on “Models of Normality- Amos Wilson

  1. We have alot of work to do as a people the psychological virus that is whiteness has infected us too deep.

  2. Sometimes I see it as a blessing to be a Continental Afrikan. This filth is not shoved down our throats DAILY. And being grounded in our culture keeps us from catching this Caucasian disease.

    I can see that they’re at work, but Afrikans are fighting back valiantly against these Eurasian cultural values.

    Whites have a 500 year old advantage and other races weren’t brutalised as us. There’s a lot of catching up we need to do as Afrikan people.

    Once we understand who our REAL ENEMIES are, their TACTICS (e.g. Divide and Conquer) and begin to ORGANISE (i.e. Put “Race” first) for our SURVIVAL, then we will be UNSTOPPABLE! I would really love to see Afrikans and Diaspora Afrikans pulling ideas together, invest in the Black community, promoting love and marriage within their own people.

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