Black Transgender Women/Men: Redefining Womanhood?

Janet Mock...

Take a real good look at this person.  This is a black man. Or is it? Well I guess it depends on who you ask.  This person on the cover of Metro Weekly is Janet Mock.  The tagline on the magazine says “mighty real”.  Which is very misleading since there is not much real when looking at this cover.  You see Janet Mock  was born a man.  Which means he has a penis.   As far as I know he hasn’t had his penis removed so he’s still a man. But that’s my definition.  But according to this deranged European culture I’m living in I’m supposed to call him a woman. But isn’t Janet just a man in a dress? If I put on an astronaut suit does it make me an astronaut? If I paint myself white does it make me a white man?  I wouldn’t think so.  But the fact they we have to call these people a certain gender because it’s what they “feel” like shows you we are way off course.  We have really lost our minds.


And what’s really scary is that more and more black people are accepting this false reality.  One of the most popular men  in this transgender movement  is Laverne Cox(pic above).  Cox has been on numerous mainstream magazine covers. He’s been on so many I’ve lost count.  Covers that many authentic black women have never been on.  Why is that?  Is the racist white media trying to redefine black womanhood? Are they trying to portray black women as more masculine by having men imitate them? Sure looks like it to me.  I think it’s a way to destroy the divine feminine principle. It seems like a combination of both sexism and racism.  In a way it’s an insult to both black men and women. Are they trying to get rid of black alpha males? This is really sick and twisted!

Laverne Cox1...

Amiyah Scott....

Then we have actor Amiyah Scott. Amiyah is on the drama Star. Star is produced by well known homosexual Lee Daniels.  Much like his other show Empire,Star is full of masculine lesbians,homosexuals,transgenders,violence,crime and interracial sex.  All the things Daniels loves to portray as normal for the black community.  By having more transgenders on network television it normalizes it.  Which is the purpose in my view.

I don’t really follow the transgender/homosexual culture so I never knew about this.  But they actually have transgender contests.  It’s really big in Atlanta.  The video(above) is a contest in which men compete to see who looks the most like a woman.  It’s called the “I AM BALL” contest.  I could tell they were all men so I don’t know how the hell you pick  a winner.


Not to be left out but they also have a competition for a female to male transition.  This is were females compete to see who looks the most like a man. This is really crazy to watch.  I can’t believe they actually have a contest for this type of thing.  What the hell is going on in Atlanta? I thought it was knows as “Black Mecca”.  Is this what our people are now embracing?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is a Nigerian writer of novels and short stories.  In the video(above) she says that you can’t compare the struggles of women that were born women with transwomen.  She says that it’s not the same thing because they have been women since birth.  Just so you know the term being used today is cisgender. You will hear terms like cis male or cis female.  Which means “male assigned male at birth”. Assigned??  I thought that you are whatever you were at birth.  But you see how they’re making up all these terms to confuse us. Well at any rate Adiche was attacked by actor Laverne Cox. Cox disagreed with Adiche’s statement.   Although she didn’t address Adiche directly,here’s the statement by Cox:

“I was talking to my twin brother today about whether he believes I had male privilege growing up. I was a very feminine child though I was assigned male at birth. My gender was constantly policed. I was told I acted like a girl and was bullied and shamed for that. My femininity did not make me feel privileged. I was a good student and was very much encouraged because of that but I saw cis girls who showed academic promise being nurtured in the black community I grew up in in Mobile, Ala. Gender exists on a spectrum & the binary narrative which suggests that all trans women transition from male privilege erases a lot of experiences and isn’t intersectional. Gender is constituted differently based on the culture we live in. There’s no universal experience of gender, of womanhood. To suggest that is essentialist & again not intersectional. Many of our feminist foremothers cautioned against such essentialism & not having an intersectional approach to feminism. Class, race, sexuality, ability, immigration status, education all influence the ways in which we experience privilege so though I was assigned male at birth I would contend that I did not enjoy male privilege prior to my transition. Patriarchy and cissexism punished my femininity and gender nonconformity. The irony of my life is prior to transition I was called a girl and after I am often called a man. Gender policing & the fact that gender binaries can only exist through strict policing complicates the concept of gendered privilege & that’s OK cause it’s complicated. Intersectionality complicates both male and cis privilege. This is why it is paramount that we continue to lift up diverse trans stories. For too many years there’s been far too few trans stories in the media. For over 60 years since Christine Jorgensen stepped off the plane from Europe and became the first internationally known trans woman the narrative about trans folks in the media was one of macho guy becomes a woman. That’s certainly not my story or the stories of many trans folks I know. That narrative often works to reinforce binaries rather than explode them. That explosion is the gender revolution I imagine,one of true gender self determination.”

What was this garbage?  This Cox character has lost his mind! All this talk of gender policing and gender binaries is total nonsense.  He was assigned male at birth because he is a MAN.  It’s just that simple.  All these terms are just going to confuse the younger generation.  They will see homosexuals,lesbians and transgenders as just normal behavior.    This is why men like Cox,Janet Mock and Amiyah Scott are given books and television appearances.

Gender neutral....

This is another reason people are debating gender neutral restrooms.  Why is this even a debate?  A man in a dress should not be able to go into a women’s restroom.  There are little girls in there.  No one wants a man pretending to be a woman in a women’s restrooms.  And I don’t think most men would want a transgender men in a men’s restroom.  This shows you how sick European culture has become.  It is going right down the toilet.  And this is all by design.  And this is a serious issue for black people because we live among them.  It is destroying how we view sexuality and womanhood. As I said before I think it’s a way of redefining black womanhood. And to destroy the divine feminine principle.  I hope black people are paying attention.  We are truly living in Hell.

46 thoughts on “Black Transgender Women/Men: Redefining Womanhood?

  1. What the heck is going on in Atlanta Morehouse, Spellman all this other schools with educated blacks are in Atlanta yet this is going on. The CDC is also in Atlanta so no telling what type of experiments they are conducting on black folks I will definitely not be drinking the water if I visit ATL. Why don’t they make race a feeling too so I can capitalize on white privilege and next time I get pulled over I can tell the police I feel white today. This is truly sickening I mean what the hell else is next for society. Heck I’m mad they get to be a women without having to experience a period may they all step in a burning a building.

    • I really don’t know what’s up with Atlanta. It has become the home of homosexuals and transgenders! Black people have lost their minds down there. Although I know it’s not all of Atlanta. There are intelligent and conscious brothers and sisters down there. But these videos are a bad look for ATL. The fact that they “transgender balls” on such a massive level is very scary. But like I said this is all to cause gender confusion among the masses. Thanks for the comment.

  2. “As I said before I think it’s a way of redefining black womanhood”
    Real black women must protect black womanhood. Furthermore we’re the only race race of women they are pushing hard to redefine black womanhood. If you pay close attention you will notice that Hollywood media is always advertising the dark skinned transgender women. Too me it’s another attack on real dark skinned black women of reenforcing stereotypes of us being too manly, masculine, ugly, and not feminine. It’s made enough we have our black sisters fighting to live up to the Europeans beauty standards in which some of our sisters don’t think there blackness is beautiful. The we have black women constantly fighting stereotypes. I said this along time ago Hollywood want need real black women anymore because it’s well known they can get a coon negro black males to put in a dress. Furthermore it’s the same with real dark skinned black men Hollywood always making sure they cast a dark skinned black men as emasculated. Europeans are attacking dark skinned black men & women with this transgender & homosexual agenda. Furthermore, Europeans are not redefining non black women womanhood but they have no problem redefining black womanhood. When I see these transgender black women it’s disrespecting black womanhood.

    • Hollywood is a big part of this agenda. That’s why you see so many black comedians in dresses. But now they’ve taken it a step further. Now they want to put black transgenders front and center. This is a way to feminize black men and at the same time make black women seem more masculine. This is why you hear white people call Serena Williams “manly looking”. I really feel bad for black children right now. They will have a warped sense of sexuality. They are already teaching homosexuality in elementary schools. And now they’re pushing for gender neutral restrooms. When will this madness end??? This European culture is really sick and disgusting! We have to reject this sick culture and keep speaking out against it.

  3. P.S. social media has been the death of the black people. There’s too many negro coon black males on social media dressing up and betraying themselves as stereotypical black women. These negroes have a large following who watch them. What’s even worst it’s mostly dark skinned negro coon black males doing it. You don’t see non black men dressing up in drag disrespecting their own women like the negro coon black males.

  4. Kushite, as I said before,this will continue as long we’re chasing wp God (money )to get on tv. Minister Farrakhan once said, white people issues are not our issues. Notice how the State of New York passed a law that will allow middle class to go to state universities for free. GOD BLESS

  5. I believe that most of these afflicted lost souls may well have had their problems created artificially through something that was transmitted during pregnancy from mother to foetus. Same goes for gays as well. Why would nature make something so detrimental to the survival of the human race ‘ normal’? Therefore this cannot be anything but rare within a given population. Since there is an agenda to normalise all that is abnormal we bp need to make a stand against these transgender delusions because they are 99% mental illness. This MADNESS has got to be flushed out from the black community NOW. The proportion of people actually born with indeterminate sexuality according to their chromosomes or external genitalia is so small in reality! They also need to get real with the statistics on suicide amongst the transgenders post surgery.
    I am sick of the media constantly forcing this nonsense into our consciousness. We are not only having to accept this but also anyone protesting against them is a social pariah. I don’t care because I’m grown but they are after our children people, who are having to grow up with this shit all around them. Reinforcing the narrative every which way.
    Watch the gushing interviewer describe the shim Amiyah Scott as ‘classy and regal’. See those grinning dumb ass coons who must have paid good money to be in the audience of the I Still Got Balls ball. Our people are enablers! Let the teachers teach and the preachers preach but please stop the S H I T !!!!

    • You know Razor it’s getting to the point where you can’t voice your opinion on this depravity. More and more the world is embracing these so-called lifestyles. The media is forcing this on us because they are all satanic. I agree that this is total madness! Our children will never forgive us if we don’t speak out against such insanity. This is abnormal and we all know it. But we can’t be scared in times like this. We are truly being tested at this time. We stand tall against this abnormal sickness no matter the repercussions.

  6. On such matters bro KP I find refuge in our proverbs from Kemet, one of which says: “Leave him in error who loves his error.” Another says: “When the governing class isn’t chosen for quality it is chosen for material wealth: this always means decadence, the lowest stage a society can reach.” Our highest/god(dess) intelligence supports your condemnation of the elitist agenda’s increasingly aggressive frontal attack on humanity’s nature-bound consciousness, stating repeatedly: “Your body is the temple of knowledge;” “Always watch and follow nature;” “The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is Nature;” “Knowledge is consciousness of reality. Reality is the sum of the laws that govern nature and of the causes from which they flow”… In other words, such distressing outcomes are – as you’ve pointed out – symptomatic of the unrelenting attack on our sacred consciousness (divine masculine vs. divine feminine) that is encoded in what gender Mother Nature bore us to become edified with. Our traditional societies had rites-of-passage to support this process for the separate genders, unlike the force-fed media spin against our fundamental/natural truths. As a result, we’re witnessing the decadence of society and need to stay woke as another proverb states: “The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.” Peace, M (

    • “The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is Nature.” Very true word sis! It is very apparent that we are living in a Greco-Roman,anti-life and anti-nature culture. This is not a culture of love,unity and embracing nature. This is a society that is creating an imbalance between masculine and feminine principles. It is most definitely an attack on black consciousness and altering our perception of what is natural. They are twisting things so it what seem what is normal is abnormal. This cesspool of decadence goes against Mother Nature. And we will pay dearly if we continue down this path of degeneracy and corruption of the spirit.

      • You said it all, bro. Greco-Roman darkness is like an aggressive cancer on us, assaulting the African Mother and all She has to teach us through Nature. We need to flush that alien cancer out of our system with the light of our African god(dess) consciousness …Begin Reparations! Stop hosting the parasite! Let it die from its own vampire ways which can only survive by our willingness to be kept in its cesspool of darkness. The Ankh (key of life) is all about the natural masculine-feminine balance and divine order that flows from there… I’m all about that!

      • As usual you are correct Malaika. The “people” in control of the media and Hollywood are energy vampires. If you’re around them too much they’ll suck the life out of you. They are depraved leeches. And leeches need a host. We need to return to the ways of our own African traditions and get back to nature. Their ways are NOT our ways. But the longer we are around them we begin to see the world through their eyes. That’s why many of us are accepting these perverted ideologies. One of our biggest mistakes is that we accept our oppressor’s lies as our truths. Our minds must be decolonized to truly break free. And I’m glad that blogs like yours and others are waking our people up to the deception.

  7. This is one of the reasons I say Black women should STAY AWAY away from non-African males, especially White males. The white man has shown contempt for Black women globally, to a great extent of giving attention to these messed up black males than promote the femininity, beauty and desirability of our women (Black women).

    Black women must constantly RECOGNISE that they won’t make it in these existing economic and political system unless they support the Black man unconditionally. Black women should stop crying and help us Black men wage an unrelenting STRUGGLE against white supremacy.

    • Yes we have been tricked so man times. We all should know that Europeans will never tell us any truth that will free us. They tell us lies about our history and origin. So of course they will distort our sexuality. This transgender agenda is all being done on purpose to confuse us even more. This agenda confuses our children on what is a man or what is a woman. Now with the gender neutral restrooms it will get even worse. Black men and women have to stick together on this one. The petty differences and egos have to be put aside. This is nothing but sexual perversion disguised as normality. We have to stand against this. Thanks for the your always insightful comments brother.

    • Yes, but black women are the LEAST likely to date/mate outside their race, meanwhile black male interracial offenders far outweigh the women.

      What you say is true, but it seems you should direct those words of wisdom to our black brothers.

      • @Reality_check, Maybe it depends on the geographical area. Attraction is natural is normal. I’m attracted to Non-African women, but I don’t fool around with them. Because they stand as an obstacle to Black male progress. Any Black man who f***ks/dates/marrys them is COMPROMISED!

        I get roasted by my brothas , especially African American brothas. I can’t tell you how many times I have been called a “Simp” and “Pussy worshipper” by these self-hating American brothas for standing up for Black women.

        But I have made it clear that the African(Black) male won’t be RESPECTED and RECOGNISED as a man until he protects his most valuable treasure–the Black female. Non-African females in the real scheme of things aren’t our allies and will never be.

        Instead of sleeping around with these cave women or seek to whiten his bloodline, the Black man should focus on ending the power of the European and Asian man, restore Africa, build economic and political power with the Black woman.

  8. One single word Disgusting! Pure Disgusting in every single levels! What hell is gender neutral room? Share a bloody change room and public toilets with these fake male and female? Do you think I will sit and let a non-born women share change room and public toilets with born and real women? The only thing makes me worry at this process it’s take so slow, I wish tomorrow I wake up and wp are no longer here!

    • Yes it’s very sick. I can’t believe people are actually debating this restroom issue. This should be easy for people to see what’s going on. his is just more gender confusion. I can’t believe how low this country has sunk. They have us accepting everything unholy and goes against nature. Like I said,we’re truly in Hell. God help us!

  9. I noticed that they don’t have problem publishing on the covers, dedicating services, interviews or sponsoring beauty products or anything else when there are transgender dark skinned men/women,but they have problem with dark skinned BW,of course because their cultures is homo!
    I will never listen a fake women who want teach us real BW how to use makeup and other staff! Because they don’t know what mean be real women and difficulties encountered in life! Thanks GOD,they can’t force and change the authority of nature who should have power to give birth!

    • That’s right Nubian. Do not let these sick demons brainwash you. Don’t let them sway you with this crap. of course they have no problem promoting black transgenders because they want to replace real black women. It’s all just slick deception. We have to be wise and not fall for it.

  10. Other day, was out practicing my pick up game. You know–I’m single again so it’s what I decide to do sometimes. Anyway, given the context I’m mentioning this you all already know how it ends. Long story short, big hair, tight pants, breasts… It’s like 2:45 AM so I walk up to this thing at the bus stop and ask “Do you know when the bus will arrive?”

    A voice deeper than grave comes at me, “It says 3 AM.” I recoil! ‘Dude looks like a lady indeed!’ I was out like a belly button. You couldn’t see a man disappear faster if he was a Black man with a broom. I tell you I was ghost!

    These dudes are everywhere and it’s really messed up. Recently single, I was talking to this woman who was into that intersectional crap and I can’t lie–I’m just like PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T BE A MAN. Cause ya’ll don’t know this but Oni is a violent man. And I’m telling ya’ll the truth whereas I won’t hit a woman–I would beat the shit out of a dude in a dress. I can promise ya’ll that.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I’ve seen them out in public. I saw two black lesbians at the mall last week. of course one was more feminine and other was a masculine butch type. They were kissing and hugging on each other. I saw children looking at them very confused. Can you blame them? The crazy thing is some of these transgenders don’t put forth any effort. I saw a white transgender “woman” at the hospital a few weeks ago. This dude had a blouse on with lipstick. But the guy had stubble all over his face. It was obviously a man. Who do they think they’re fooling? I understand that some brothers do get violent on them. But I think that’s because they’re not upfront from the beginning. I usually can tell theey’re men by their big hands,hairy legs or strong jawline. But some men get fooled and the gender benders don’t tell them until after they’ve kissed them or cuddled with them. Then the men want to beat their ass! This is false advertising in my opinion. I personally try to avoid these people as much as possible. I get a real bad vibe when I’m around them in public. They give off bad energy. I have heard some say they are attacked a lot. But I don’t condone beating up anyone unless it’s in self defense. I don’t want people to think I did this post condoning beating them up. That’s not what I’m about. I just don’t like the lifestyle and don’t want it promoted to our children. Live and let live. Just don’t bring that carp around me.

      • Exactly. One can catch many years in prison for beating people up in general and even more for ‘a hate crime.’ This white man knows this. He wants us to be violent against one another–so he can read us the laws he wrote to lock us up.

        I’m not saying I condone beating up a Transgender. I’m saying that it’ll take a lot of hesitation on my part not to knock a dude out for that sort of brazen lying, particularly if, ancestors forbid, things escalated that far.

        Granted, as you say, the possibility of this is negligible. As a matter of principle, I’m starting all my relationships like trump and ‘grabbing’ women ‘by the pussy.’ [Joking!]

    • @ Onitaset, Single at your age? Lol. I assume that you were old timer. Probably you already know that a woman dignifies a man in African culture.

      Maybe you should relocate to Africa and get a wife. We need scholar-warriors that will continue the linage of our ancestors. Let’s repopulate the world with African children who will carry on the legacy of our forebears.

      Anyway I enjoy reading your blog.

      • Ha, tell that to my ex-wife! But I’m not that old. I was in my early twenties half-a-decade ago. But aye I intend to relocate to Africa. If I can make it there.

  11. Great post! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: we MUST return to our roots! That is the only salvation.

    Thank you for this! Keep spreading the (ugly) truth.

    • Thanks Kelley. I agree we need to return to our own traditions. If we keep following these Europeans we will fall right off the cliff with them! I think they know they near extinction. Their time is almost up. I know I cover a lot of ugly sick subjects. Subjects a lot of people don’t want to address. But someone has to do it right? Thanks for the comment.

  12. Yeah it’s true Kushite BW shouldn’t support these rubbish! I can’t believe how black community still have a lot patience about these trash!
    Men are easily be trick by these transgender male,but real and normal women can sense where is the trap! I can sense when I see them dress like women and wearing a lot makeup to hide their masculinity doesn’t matter how many attempts they do, I still can see beyond the trap!
    WM see normal BW as men when they are the first one to salivate at BW body shape! WM are pus**y!

  13. The bible constantly exhorts us not to learn the ways of the heathen. There was once a time when things like this were unheard of amoung our people, but the thing is, we’ve been around this heathen for so long we’ve basically assimilated to their ways to the point where it becomes second nature. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, MLK was the death of our people. If you ever get the chance KP, read the book of Maccabees in the Apocrypha

  14. @ the Prnice:

    School age children ARE receiving mixed messages about homosexuality. I don’t give a dam who one sleeps with. However, one does not have the right to impose homosexuality on children. I do not agree with the gender-neutral issue either. If it is that serious? “Provide a bathroom for them.” End of story.

    It IS up to us to protect our children from things like this. Too many of US have gone way overboard in emulating white culture. And they are supposed to be “right?” GTHOH!

    • I totally agree Epi! Isn’t this world insane? Look at all this perversion they want to accept. Total insanity! Children will be so confused. Thanks for that comment.

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