Are White people our psychological parents?

Diff'rent Strokes

I remember when I was younger there was the sitcom Different Strokes(1978-1986).  It starred Gary Coleman,Todd Bridges,Conrad Bain and Dana Plato.  Coleman and Bridges played two black brothers from Harlem. When their mother passed away they were adopted by white wealthy businessman Phillip Drummond. Even back then they were giving us the “white savior” propaganda. Hollywood is known for giving us this type of garbage.


Different Strokes was a huge success in the eighties. So of course Hollywood tried to duplicate it again.  They created the show Webster(1983-1989).  The show starred child actor Emmanuel Lewis. The plot was about a little black boy who lost his parents in a car crash.  They even used the same plot as Different Strokes.  They couldn’t even be creative and come up with a different storyline.  Don’t be fooled by these shows.  They were not just sweet and innocent sitcoms.  They had an agenda. It’s obvious these sitcoms were geared towards black people.  They were designed to make us believe that whites are our saviors and we should look to them for guidance and acceptance. They want us to forget that they lynched us,raped us and enslaved us for hundreds of years and was never paid back even after we were “freed”. During slavery we lost our language,customs and cultural identity.  We were treated less then humans.  Dogs get more respect than black people. Which is why sitcoms like this are so dangerous.  It makes us believe the fallacy that our oppressors are our friends. Now we emulate Europeans in every way.  Television and films have a way of altering black consciousness. We speak English or Spanish,dress like them,wear the same clothes they do and eat the same food.  This puts European in a parental  position. And after years of social engineering they have become our psychological parents. When black men dress and talk like white men he is imitating a white man. If he thinks black women are ugly and worthless he is imitating a white man. If he beats up black women he’s imitating white men. When a black woman wears a blonde weave and blue contacts she’s imitating a white woman. When a black woman feels all black men are useless losers she has the mind of a white woman. It reminds me of a quote by the great Pan African/psychologist Amos Wilson once said.  Wilson said that every one has a biological father and psychological father.  Wilson also mentioned that even when black men get involved with crime he is imitating his criminal white father.

Amos Wilson summed it up best:

“As long as the “black man” is involved in “black-on-black violence and crime” (unwarranted internal conflict: “gang turf battles,” “civil wars” and otherwise), he, then, will not have time to engage in what must be his true mission: THE OVERTHROW OF EUROPEAN DOMINATION! As I’ve often said, our attention must be diverted . As I said, once in a psychology class, why do so many “black men” kill other “black men?” Is because they have not yet decided to kill white men. THAT IS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH! THAT IS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH! The cowardly black man has not yet decided to really deal with his true enemy! And, he displaces his frustration and his cowardice upon his own people. He attacks and uses his own, and he abuses his women and uses his children, and terrorizes his community (nation). He is great and bold to take out a gun (his army) to blow away another black man’s brain , but he has yet to take up the gun (use his army) and blow out the brain of his true enemy (stop alien exploitation, domination, encroachment, etc.).

He would march around the world and shoot some other man, but he won’t take up the arms against his true enemy. He can only, then, prove his “boldness” by an attack on his own, and by the destruction of his own. I do not see a common black criminal as a revolutionary. Because the common black criminal  have the same motivation as the white ruling and middle classes. The white ruling and middle classes got a BMW, he wants a BMW. So if it means selling poison to our children, he sells poison to our children. If it means terrorizing the African community (robbing the coffers of African nations) to get the BMW (white/alien men’s status symbols), he’s going to do it. In other words, he approaches his world thieving, killing, etc., the same way his psychological father approaches the world: thieving, killing, etc. Everywhere this white man has stepped in the world there have been thieving, killing, etc.

The black criminal  is but an imitator of his “psychological white father”. Therefore, we have “black-on-black crime and violence,” and “black-on-black crime and violence” is a necessity (assures politico-socioeconomic destabilization) for European power. It’s not the intention for whites to remove crime in the African community (end internal conflicts in African nations), it is their intentions to contain crime to the African community. You talk about the corruption of the police: it’s easy to corrupt a police man/woman when he/she is guarding a people that they do not care about (identify with). And when the corruption of those people he/she is guarding ultimately…MAINTAINS THE POWER POSITION!

41 thoughts on “Are White people our psychological parents?

  1. Yes, the white man, including the Asian man are our psychological parents. And our inaction, docile, passive and cowardly nature gives these people the power of LIFE and DEATH over us.

    Every time Africans globally refuse to unite and behead their oppressors, drop out of school, turn to drugs, gangs and alcohol; refuse to start businesses, procreate and marry within their own people; refuse to learn science and math, worship a WHITE JESUS and God and depend on other races to feed them; give them clothes, by default, genocidal, enslavers European and Asian become their psychological parents.

  2. “If you can control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being told; and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one.”
    ~Carter G. Woodson, The Mis-Education of the Negro

  3. Yes they are our psychological parents. Non black Africans have use psychology & sociology to manipulate the minds of our people. Black Africans have the minds of children waiting for their psychological non black African parents to guide, nurture & discipline us. Just look at the behavior our people demonstrate always wanting to be entertain or the entertainer, gossiping, don’t want to do for self always expecting someone else to help them, constantly complaining but showing no action, trying to be accepted by others, refuses to use their own minds but prefer others to think for them and etc. these are the behaviors of how a child would act.

    • @Shanequa,

      No wonder they treat us like dirt. Because they can see that we are children, not adults. Everyone else can produce everything save for Africans.

      But I’m tired of talking. When our people refuse to ADAPT FOR SURVIVAL, no amount of talking can convince them to be the creators of their destiny. Our survival instincts have been destroyed to such an extent that Africans globally don’t see it as a problem when they’re a bunch of consumers rather producers, distributors and lastly consumers.

    • I think you’re right. They are full of self loathing. But they project their own self hatred onto us. And therefore we hate ourselves and look up to them. It’s a very twisted mindset to have and they’ve had hundreds of years to perfect it on us.

  4. Well Kushite, I will put it to you like this. We as blacks has always had 2 fathers.We have our biological father, but the only other father we should have is our Heavenly Father. As of today, Marshawn Lynch & a few NFL Players are down in Haiti building schools with their own money. That is things we need to do to educate and take care of ourselves. This will grow. We are now starting to enjoy our fruits. The new educational report is out,blacks lead the country in getting degrees from college at 45%,wp are barely at 25%. The colonial shackles are slowly coming off. Bill O’Reilly fired, Tomi Lahren fired, our Heavenly Father is showing us the way. GOD BLESS

    • I didn’t know Lynch was doing that. I’m glad they’re helping out in Haiti. We should be doing that type of thing all the time. Thanks for informing me about that. I’m going to go research that. I’m not surprised the racist media isn’t covering this story a lot.

  5. Why is anyone suprised? Wp have created a power system for themselves where their perception of the world depends on our participation. They need to see themselves as benevolant saviours therefore they must have a people to receive their grace and favour. They cannot claim to be a so called dominant group without someone to dominate therefore they need for a group to be inferior. Wp have made us a project to give their world meaning and they will maintain the status quo no matter what. They have spent time and billions studying the human psyche and know exactly how to play us, so of course it works on the unaware minds. They are using all forms of the media to subjugate and indoctrinate us so the answer is simple: do not participate in their mind games. Kick out the TV, forget the cinema and do not believe anything which appears in the mainstream media. By default, all of these have an agenda which is never productive for black people. I am going in here to call hoax on the recent Cleveland shooting supposedly streamed on Fakebook. Any union between social and mainstream media can only produce a bastard bitch. Once again we have ‘evidence’ that actually showed no such thing as a shooting, but rather a cut away at the crucial point followed by a man lying in the biggest pool of ketchup from the smallest pistol. This bitch of a story showed how our people will sell their souls for a Gofundme dollar and can’t even salvage any dignity by conducting convincing interviews. No actual tears and how they always ‘forgive’!
    They can’t help themselves because they need us. Their place in the world will have no meaning without our participation. Protect yourself by not succumbing to the tools of their trade.

    • Thank for that Razor. Everything you said was true and on point brother! They have really brainwashed our minds to the highest levels.
      I have been following that Cleveland shooting. Some things don’t add up to me. It seems really fishy! The story just doesn’t make sense. Check out this video. This brother makes some great points. Is the government staging events to make black men look evil? Some food for thought.

      • @Kushite, Lol. This story is definitely FISHY. I followed the it and I’m sure that the U.S. government is actively looking for ways to criminalise Black American men and intensify the Prison Industrial Complex. They will use this hoax as a pretext to massive incarnations of innocent American brothas.

      • Yeah I think this could be the agenda. I think most people would be surprised if they knew how many of these “shootings” were false flags. If you do enough investigation you will find out many of them are state sponsored terrorism. The media is controlled by the government so that’s why you have to peel back the layers of lies. Have you seen the film Wag the Dog? That film had more truth in it than most people know.

    • @Razor,

      Indeed. The white man understands human psychology and I’m tempted to think that we Africans (Black people) have been his lab rats over the past 500 years. The white man really knows how to trick and deceive us easily especially Black people.

      He dominates other races of men through false CONSCIOUSNESS and DECEPTION.

  6. Well Kushite I don’t care about the media,any Corporate owned media company should be avoided by blacks at all costs. They’ve been demonizing black men for centuries.I will pose a question to you black men, the same question that Saye Taryor posed to coon Tommy Sotomayor. There are 42 million blacks in the US , out of all the crimes committed in the US ,only 4800 blacks were charged with a crime. The 2016 crime stats are out ,blacks only commit 0.002% of the US crimes . Black on black crime is a problem, but it’s going down, why do you guys think they keep focusing on Chicago where crime is rampant. Wake up Black Family. GOD BLESS

  7. Some people really do give white people too much credit. They don’t have any power. If they did, racism would not have been their counter-measure to control their image. Greatness is obvious. Superiority does not require marginalizing a supposed deficiency of an opponent. So why do Black people give so much wind to a thing that is hollow and void of the very attributes it has brainwashed people into believing. We are the Original people of this earth. Thus, we know who we are and that the CREATOR, GOD made US in HIS IMAGE. We are an extension of the divine. HE made US. We are not the product of a depraved, reptilian brain, low frequency, fragmented thinking, troglodyte! It is now time to walk in that knowledge and get rid of this bacteria in our communities; and restore dignity to our people.

  8. I agree with Truthangel, as true as this article is, I feel that we give white people way too much credit. We all need to realize that white people are obsessed with us and without us they would have nothing and they would be nothing.

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