Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 24(Gilbert Arenas)

Gilbert Arenas....

Here we go again.  More buffoonery and coonery.  Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas is known more for  putting his foot in his mouth than his basketball skills as of late. This buffoon has said some outlandish things in the past.  But this time he’s taken his self-hating buffoonery to new heights!  Arenas said that actress Lupita Nyongo was not cute.  No big deal right?  All men don’t have to think the same women are attractive.  He could’ve said he thought actress Gabrielle Union or Tika Sumpter were prettier.  That’s fine…I could respect that.  But it’s what he said after that.  He got into a debate with a pro-black Instagram user.

Here’s what he said:

“How black are we talking??? Not to be funny can u name a beautiful black women on the outside … not brown skin … like tyrese black,” he responsed, “top 50 most beautiful women off [sic] all time … the darkest women they have is (Keshia Knight Pulliam aka Rudy) (Gabrielle Union) (Taral Hicks) (Serena Williams).”

Gilbert continued to broadcast his ignorance and targeted Lupita next. “When u say African features black then u have (#1 Lupita Nyong’o) and she’s cute when the lights are off second is (Ajuma Nasenyana),” he wrote, adding that dark skin disgusts him. “Sorry but ewww so the black beautiful women u try to boost up is technically light skinned or brown skinned.”

Then, when he realized that he misunderstood ProBlkThought, he gave a the sorriest half-apology for what he said.

“I never say sorry for the sh*t I say but it’s my fault I read this wrong and got into my feelings,” he admitted. “I thought it was saying,if ur mixed ur not considered black and beautiful and my kids are mixed and dark skinned so I perceived it how I wanted to.”

Gloria Govan.....

So basically he doesn’t think dark skinned women are attractive.  What a big surprise coming from a self hating coon!  But since is ex-wife is funny looking half black/Mexican Laura Govan this type of mentality should be expected.  Gilbert Arenas is a certified coon.  End of story!

37 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 24(Gilbert Arenas)

  1. I normally don’t wish harm on my people but this negropean right here, I wish someone would whack him over the head with s baseball bat.

    • Yeah I agree. Gilbert really needs his ass kicked! He knows exactly what he’s saying. I get so sick and tired of these self-hating anti-black coons! They are the worse! A waste of black skin!!

  2. Gilbert is a self hating coon so is his wife. She made a stupid statement that dealt with colorism that pissed New York off. The darling women Gilbert hate his daughter came out looking like them. I guess he thinks his daughters are ugly too. I forgot the name of the show she was on. Also ain’t nothing cute about being with a colorstruck man but to these coon biracial or non black women think they are a prize.

  3. I am not surprise he throwed out his trash mouth all that rubbish because his nasty ex-wife Laura Govan said on The next,she was talking about “that should be only light skinned black people on channel!” while in that programs were also include dark skinned guests! She wasn’t feel sorry for her ignorant states,light skinned people think they ain’t blacks just because they have white mommy/daddy or whatever!
    Really I am tired all this colorism issues among us,it’s just conquer and control how white masters usually they did! I tried to avoid these nasty self hated coons out there because really they give you headache!

    • Govan is a confused half Mexican fool! A lot of these biracial women see themselves as superior. I try to tell black people this but they don’t believe me. I have worked with biracial people who think they walk on water because they are ONLY half black. They se themselves as superior. They are clearly delusional.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        I 100% agree with your statement that biracials feel they are more superior too black people. I have biracial cousins an they will side with their non black family members in a heart beat. Some of my biracial cousins they have social media pages make sure they post pictures of their non black family members. Furthermore I have a biracial cousin who non black mother told her and her siblings don’t date black.

  4. He’s a total disgrace.

    First, there are tons of beautiful dark skinned black women worldwide. Kelly Rowland, Carmelita Jeter, Kelly-Ann Baptiste, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Lupita Nyong’o, Foluke Akinradewo, Bria Myles, and tons of dark skinned women are beautiful. Black is Beautiful

  5. @Kushite Laura Govan isn’t attractive woman,is funny she made that ignorant state about dark skinned people, and in the and of the day she has all dark skinned kids! I think her husband got upset because his kids,they didn’t come out light how he wanted!
    I saw most the time bi-racial women,they are far to be considered attractive,they don’t have good hairs and they have nappy and messy hairs, because their white mother don’t know how to take care of afro hair! Be light skinned doesn’t make you attractive!
    I had this ex co-worker and I believe she was bi-racial,because she was very light and she had green eyes,and I asked her if “she was mixed!”. You know, she got offended so much by my question!
    One thing I saw about these bi-racial people, they have very low self-esteem, because they live of consideration and attention because for their white blood!
    I don’t pity them!

    • know what you mean Nubian. Govan think she walks on water. And Arenas has extreme self hatred. And I agree that just having light skin doesn’t automatically make a woman beautiful. No more than being dark skinned makes a woman ugly. This is learned behavior from a racist society. We have to unlearn this self hatred we’ve learned from these racist devils.

      • @ the Prince:
        While I DO agree that we, as black people must unlearn this self-hatred, for some, it is proving to be a daunting task. For many, many times, I heard both black female and male “say one thing and do another.” And I was always taught to “put your money where your mouth is.” The very same things that the black male complains about? Many of them, at the end of the day “ARE pursuing that” which they complain about. And the same thing is occurring with the black female. Even at times, when offering a description of another black person, I have heard both male and female start out sentences with “oh she/he is dark skinned or black.” I don’t know, maybe they say things like this before they THINK about what they are saying, but nonetheless I see it. Seeking approval from these dam sub-humans is the LAST thing that one should be doing as a Black person.

      • I think it’s okay if you’re trying to describe a person. As long as it’s not being done in a negative way. But I do agree with you Epi, we shouldn’t be looking for approval from white people.

  6. His kids are darkskin. I feel bad for kids who have self hating color struck parents. These tragic arrangements are just another means of protecting the racial hierarchy and this goes for any type of tragic arrangement. They all produce the same thing, more self hating agents. I remember on BBW LA, laura was calling another black cast member ghetto only to get her ass kicked. Laura whole family are a bunch of ugly, uneducated people.

    • You’re right Cara. That’s what happens when you’re colorstruck and full of self hatred. It creates self hating coons like Arenas and stuck up biracial women like Govan. We need to break this cycle immediately.

  7. The day that real men stand up in the Black community and hold these inferior minded black men responsible.

    It’s sad that some of us really love Black women & mean it, but these fools drag the reputation of many good brothas out there. And these fools break the confidence of many sisters to the point of giving up on all Black

    According to African manhood, these brothas aren’t seen as men. But as boys. Should we impose the same STANDARDS on them. Sisters, I would like to hear from you. What do you think is the SOLUTION?

  8. @ KP
    I’m soooo fucking tired of these self-hating, disrespectful coon ass motherfuckers. What’s most frightening of all is he has dark skin daughters. I have talked to black women and girls on and offline who spoke of the misogynistic abuse they suffer from their black fathers, especially dark skin black fathers. This nigga needs to be charged with child abuse. If I could make a law that says self-hate from parent to child is a form of child abuse I would do it, pass it and enforce it.

    And I’m angry at facebook for their damn real name policy, which I din’t know about . I’m locked out of my account associated with this blog because after I tried to make a page regarding my store and I made a mistake that couldn’t be changed thanks to facebook, then when I tried to start over, I got a message talking about suspicious activity. Now I’m locked out of my account because I can’t provide photo id and it may take them weeks, months, and years. I think may never get my account back. Don’t we deserve some anonymity????? What makes matters worse it’s soo hard to reach facebook. No reliable phone number, take them so long to answer emails. I did some research and many people report this has happened to them; some got their accounts back (days or months or years later) and some never go their account back. Even people who used their real names had their accounts shut down because their names “looked” fake. Facebook sucks!

    • I feel the same way. these coons give me a headache.lol But I have to keep exposing them. I can’t let ignorant like this slide. Arenas and Govan both get on my nerves! I had a friend tell me last year he was locked out of his Facebook account. This has been a problem for others as well. I never had a Fakebook..ahem….I mean Facebook account. I think you should limit having too many social media accounts. The government spies on Black conscious,pro-black and truth telling people. They watch and collect data on us all day. And of course we must keep in mind that Jewish/white people own and control Facebook,Twitter and YouTube. They can should you down anytime they want to. That’s what they’ve been doing on YouTube with a lot of people. If white people don’t like your content….POOF!! You can be gone in a second! Then you have to keep creating new accounts. *sigh* These white folks are relentless. That’s why we need our own social media. A lot of black people are tired of dealing with these games by white folks. That’s why we’re creating black dating sites and social media just for us. Have you heard about Blaqspot? Or Kemet Klique? I just heard about it earlier this year. It’s kind of like a black Facebook. Here’s the links.

      • I have a facebook account with my real identity and location that I use to connect with my family, friends (some who are non-black for business purposes only) so I cannot use that account to talk about black issues like I do on wordpress, thus why I created the fake fb account under my psuedo-name R.J. The fake account was to connect with like-minded black people outside of my friends and family to discuss and talk about black/black women’s issues. There’s a few black people I was following on fb who I’ve enjoyed and think that I will create another account under a real sounding name just to follow them, if it gets shut down again oh well. FB has this feature that determines if a name sounds real or not (which is flawed) so I maybe ok. I’m just going to have to forget the other account associated with this blog, I was also using that account to market my t-shirt biz. I’m mad because I’ve built up a small following and now I’m lost. FB says they are using the real name policy for safety reasons, but ain’t buying.lol I’ve concluded that FB is ONLY for keeping up with friends and family and build and grow your business.

        I have several social media accounts, however I’m thinking about shutting some down because it’s hard to keep up with all of ’em,lol. You follow me on twitter so if you don’t see that anymore you know I shut it down.

        Yes, the jewish/whites control youtube so we can expect stuff like this happening however I’m glad that youtube is tightening up on their content policies because advertisers were threatning to pull from Youtube because a lot of their ads were being included on channels that were using hate speech. This is good in a way because Tommy Sotomeyor and the he-man black woman haters club, a lot of their channels got shut down, which is a good thing. These nignods need to go.

        Thanks for the links, I never heard of ’em. because I really could use a black social media to market my t-shirts. I thought about marketing them under my real name on fb and still may do it on black only social media, I’ll just feel safer marketing them there.

      • It’s a shame you have to keep creating accounts. We shouldn’t have to be doing all this nonsense. Yeah they’re watching all of us. Please believe that! They want to monitor everything we say and they get to decide what is “hate speech”. Like I said where does it end? It’s either all or nothing. You either allow people to express their views or no one gets to express themselves. We can’t allow censorship to rule over us. There are a lot of people I can’t stand on YouTube and Twitter. But I would never say that they can’t say it. Unfortunately that’s what freedom of speech is all about. I don’t like Tommy or people who promote IR dating or women that bash black men. But at the end of the day they have to be allowed to say otherwise …..they can shut me down for what I say. It’s a deadly cycle we don’t want go through.
        Well if you do create a new account. Just give me a heads up. Thanks for filling me in. Stay on the righteous path.

      • Simply discussing and have opinions and disagreements about the troubles of this world and people causing other people pain is not hate speech, although some people will say it is because people are not allowed to call out there abusers. If a person’s aka Tommy Sotomayor’s hate speech is destroying people physically, spiritually, and emotionally it SHOULD NOT be allowed. I don’t agree with the promotion of IR and other things but just outright calling for the death and destruction of people is just dangerous.

        Do you remember that story a few weeks to a month ago about a white boy who killed a homeless black man and he cited that he listens to Tommy cause Tommy tells white people to kill black people? That goes beyond hate speech, that’s inciting violence. They said the police found in this white boys computer where he had Tommy’s videos bookmarked. Tommy needs to be locked up. Period. He’s a terrorist and so that white boy.

        I don’t agree with everything that some of the black women on Youtube say, but Tommy Sotomayor, Obsidian, Tariq Nasheed and these other negro males are waaaay worse. I’ve had people send me videos of Karazin and these other swirling black women talking and from what I’ve seen compared to Tommy and ’em, they are angels, lol. There is no record of Christelyn Karazin and some of the other swirling black women calling for the death of black men, stalking black men, telling non-black people why black men shouldn’t be liked or loved. It’s fine to disagree with Karazin, but she’s not (or was) stalking or trying to bring harm these men like they do her.

        What I find funny is how many black people got together and got Karazin’s facebook page shut down one time, but remained silent and supported Tommy’s hate speech. Many people try to put Tommy and Christelyn in the same category and I think they shouldn’t be. While Christelyn (or swirling black women) is not about the black community she’s not vicious and violent misogynist and colorist like Tommy and ’em.

        I have to say that I’m disgusted that it took 10 years for all of this hate speech, especially from Tommy and his crew to be seriously addressed. It’s bothers me greatly how black people sat by silently ( and many went along with it) and allowed the public denigration of Black Women. May black women are disgusted with how the black community have and still is handling this gender war and have the audacity to get mad now that black women are fighting back. This just keep proving what black women say: Collectively, the black community have not a care in the world about black women and girls.

        Youtube and FB are guilty too, they allowed this trash called “freedom of speech” on their platform for years and did nothing about it either. They are gonna pay too and they are. White People don’t like us, but their not gonna let another white person’s public hate speech to fuck with their money.

      • Oh, I have created an account on blaqspot the other day, do you have an account there? I’ll let you know about mine when I finish setting up. I have yet to decide about creating another one on facebook. I hope blaqspot becomes more successful, we really need it. I heard they had some issues with trolls trying to destroy it. No surprise there.

      • No I don’t have an account. Someone just recently told me about it. I hope it doesn’t get infested with trolls. They tend to gravitate to anyplace occupied by black people. They are designed to cause confusion and disruption. Keep me posted on your account.

  9. Kushite did hear the new of that black man who killed an elderly black man and than he posted on facebook his murdered?
    Funny of this story because this effeminate coon low rate black man,he justified his action why he committed all these murders ” he blamed his black girlfriend,because she made roll him crazy,!” he was talking about all excuses of these retard effeminate coon black men who hate black women! Just because they are too weak to take responsibility of their actions or because they are mental sick!
    And after he recorded on video all insane speech and than he killed without a reason the first passer-by who was there, unfortunately an innocent old black man that has nothing to do about his problems!
    I am sorry Kushite but these black men who hate BW and they find justifications about their hatred and blame every problems to BW or discomfort that they can not solve on their own I call them effeminate!
    When a black person murders another black person of more,wp don’t give damn about that because this is what they want,but if they are involve that murder,of course they gonna do something about it!!
    Black people should stop to have these passive and Christianity behavior to forgive the murderer who killed a person close to you

    • Yeah it’s been all over the news. There are tons of videos about it on YouTube. There are some things about that shooting that don’t make sense. Black people don’t do shooting like this. Some things just don’t add up. I’m still investigating this case.

  10. I don’t feel sorry for a so-called basketball player who just say his mind no matter how controversial it may seems. I know he hates his own kind, but the questions remains Why? Maybe because he was raised by a single mother? Didn’t have a father figure who taught him right from wrong? Maybe the media, society taught him to hate Black Women specially the Dark ones? I don’t have any idea. The thing is that he bury himself in his own filth, and he’s paying the price for it. Sooner or later his career is going to be turned for the worst, his white mixed wife would cheat or dump him and he could lose his multi million dollar job… Or he could be the same dumbass, over and over making a fool of himself.

  11. Interesting that he attached the labeled “mixed” to his children.
    He used to anger me, but gilbert is clearly a miserable person. His personal exploits include kicking laura and their four children out of his house, notmpaying the utilities so their lights got cut off, tweeted out “fuck them kids” (meaning his children, and the list goes on. He’s not even respected among his peers, i dont think. He has a new baby by marshall faulks exwife (she has four children with faulk) and she’s the picture of a white golddigger.
    He’s a miserable self hating buffoon, and poor children will need alot of therapy as adults. He’s not even relevant enough to make me mad, and he doesnt represent black men. No coon represents black men.

  12. His kids arent Black….he is one of these crazy Negroes who want their mutt kids to be in the African fold…. “I thought it was saying,if ur mixed ur not considered black and beautiful and my kids are mixed and dark skinned so I perceived it how I wanted to.” your kids are not Black dude…Traitors are crazy.

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