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Born in Baltimore, MD, Nardia Boodoo attended the Baltimore School for The Arts from 2005-2009, the North Carolina School for The Arts 2009-2010, and was a Professional Training Program (PTP) program dancer at Dance Theatre of Harlem from 2010-2011 on full scholarship.

The 26 year old beauty has danced at Jacob’s Pillow in 2011 on a full scholarship. During that time she was part of a select group chosen to work with Stanton Welch on performing an original piece. Ms. Boodoo was asked by Ashley Wheater to attend the Joffrey Academy of Dance as a trainee on a full scholarship with stipend under the direction of Alexei Kremnev and Anna Reznik, where she performed the lead in Choreographers of Color winner Jeremy McQueen’s Black Iris, as well as various works by Alexei Kremnev.


While at the Academy Ms. Boodoo performed Don Quixote and The Nutcracker with the Joffrey Ballet. In 2014, she was invited into The Washington Ballet’s Studio Company. While with The Washington Ballet, Ms. Boodoo performed many full length ballets such a Ewaard Liang’s Dancing in the Streets, Giselle, Cinderella, Coppelia, Don Quixote, Paquita, Swan Lake, George Balanchine’s Serenade, Theme and Variations, and Septime Webre’s Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Nutcracker, Carmen in Havana, Carmina Burana, Sleepy Hollow and his Juanita y Alicia.
Ms. Boodoo joined Pennsylvania Ballet as an Apprentice for the 2016/2017 Season.

24 thoughts on “Nardia Boodoo

  1. This is becoming tiresome. To all of the people that say “We come in all shades. We’re all black to white supremacists.” I have one question:

    When was the last time you heard a Black male denigrate light skinned black females?

  2. Hey, I’m still living and holding on. I don’t have my computer anymore, and I’m dealing with family issues (nothing major) so I just decided to take a break. I’ve still been following your blog as well as others. I’ve been like a ghost, but not commenting. Im still reading your blog and Amos magazine.BTW why is Lady original boycotting ACBN and bhekezitha? She blocked me claiming that i was a troll, and she has a post saying bhekezitha is anti black woman. Idk I think she got caught up in the gender war. This is why you have to limit social media time. It’s too easy on social media for black men and women to get influenced by the constant bombardment of anti black male/female propaganda. Either way I wish her the best, and hold no Ill will towards her.

    • Yeah I saw that she came down on Bhkezitha. I think she likes some of the ideas of ACBN but he may have said something critical of women so now she’s against him. She even states on her blog she is about black women ONLY and their issues. I think she is all against the promotion of black love. So I guess if you’re a black man her site is not really geared towards you. Too bad since I liked a lot of her posts. I do think she’s getting caught up in the manufactured gender war. I agree that you have limit the social media at times. Watching all the hatred spewed at black men and women can make you angry and bitter. It can do a number on your brain. I just think she’s a bit upset. But like you said I don’t hold anything against her. You can always go to her blog and ask her what’s the problem. Maybe she forgot about you. It could be a honest mistake on her part.

  3. I hope you make a post about French Montana and Aaron Hernandez. I’ve seen negroes defending them both smh!!! Negroes and their “people of color” fantasy is starting to crumble. Also did you here what DJ envy said? This is why tell black people to stop thinking only whites have aggression towards black people. Even though whites are the main culprits, these other races will not hesitate to do the same. Also in Libya right now African migrants are being sold into slavery to Arabs. As well as in India were Indian men are attacking African people, some even being murdered. We have to stop being so naive, and stop looking for other races to come to our aid. Many of our people male and female have an inferiority complex, and because of that that’s why you see many black people today having a ” if you can’t beat them, join them mentality”

    • Yes I heard about the Libyans and what they’re doing to Africans. A friend told me about it and I went and looked it up. I don’ think a lot of black people look at things from a global perspective. We are being attacked in America,Africa,Canada and the UK. Things are getting really out of hand. I know all about that fool French Montana. I don’t know why people are defending this clown. He disrespected a black woman and people are okay with it. This man isn’t even black. Hernandez is a low life murdering thug! He’s not black either.The “people of color” stuff has gone too damn far! What did DJ Envy say? I haven’t heard about his comments? We have NO friends. When are we going to realize that??

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I do apologize for throwing your post off topic. Here is an old tweet of John Legends wife dissing a little black girl the young actress Quvenzhane Wallis back in 2013 again social media is good exposing who these people true characters. French Montana, Aaron Hernandez, Christine Teigen, and The Kardashians all have something in common biracial children, fetish black men or women, and made racist remarks or shown racist actions. Non black people that are in interracial relationships or sex hate black people period. These people I just name are living proof

      • I never liked Christine. She seems like a stuck up bitch! And a racist Asian at that. And you’re right that many non-blacks have biracial children. Which proves my point that having sex with a black person doesn’t mean they can’t still be racist.

    • I also find it interesting how certain YouTubers that promote racemixing as a way to bash BM haven’t made videos condemning Montana or Hernandez. They’re quick to make a video(which they should) on a Malik Smiley, Kodak,Black Trick Daddy or other BM that make offensive comments against BF in favor of WFand NBF. Especially when they say “They’re about sticking up for BW.” When Carlos Santana was correctly being called racist for how he talked grimy against Beyonce in favor of Adele ,one of them did a video Carlos Santana racist? Have you met his Black wife?

      • I think black men and women in interracial relationships live in a fantasy world with rose colored glasses on, so their mentality is “as long as its not happening to me, I don’t care”. They’ve traded their pride,dignity and integrity for an orgasm and the possibility of having biracial children . What I’ve noticed is, black people in interracial relationships view their own people through the eyes of whatever race their spouse or bf/gf is. Of course, not everyone,but its very strange how some do. If interracial dating was the cure for racism and aggression against black people, then surely things would be different now. Black people forget Arabs and whites had sex with us during the time they had us in slavery, some even producing children, but we still had chains on our feet, and still were looked upon as “less than”

      • @chuquestaquenumber1

        Good points!!! Have you notice when a non black man date a biracial woman some black women have no problem in supporting interracial dating. All of a sudden they consider the biracial woman as black supporting her interracial relationship but if a black man date a biracial woman he’s colorstruck or have self hate issues.

      • @authenticafricanvanguard

        I agreed with your statement. Interracial relationships & sex haven’t cure shit but cause more confusion among black Africans. One of my black female coworker got married to a non black Hispanic man last year. My coworkers that went to the wedding was talking about it. How this non black Hispanic got him a black woman. What’s even worst my coworkers stated on how the non Hispanic man brother at the wedding spoke on how his brother fetish black women. His brother talk about how he use to wear braids an the black females wanted to talk him. This is not a compliment toward black women but a sick fetish for them

  4. @ Everybody

    This racist white bitch French actress compare her bulldog to beautiful BLACK singer/ actress Jill Scott. What’s even worst they decided to get Jill Scott childhood picture to put it next to the dog.

  5. @ Kushite Prince
    Can you do another blog on interracial dating this going more deeper of the behavior of non black people. The reason why I say this I have notice the arrogant behavior of non black men & woman who have fetish for black men & women. One thing I do now is study their behavior. I remember back when I was 19 back in college a Mexican man kept bothering me. I told him I wasn’t interested him,then going to class when he seen me he use to stare me down that made me uncomfortable. When I mean he stared he stared. Also from listening to other black men & women that have turn down non black men & women one thing I notice these non black people enjoy forcing themselves on black people who don’t date interracial. It’s like they don’t want the self hating negro they want to destroy the black man or woman they have black pride

    • There needs to be post delving deeper on IR and hoiw many are forcing themselves on BW i agree with you. Im being terrorized everyday. This is why I think many non black men seek out out 18-22 year old black females because they wont say no to them

    • @Shanequa, I think you should start a blog based on these topics. Your views are actually interesting and give me something to work on. We have a generation of sleepy Black people and you will note that they love the Massa more than they love themselves.

      This filth is taking place in Africa and these dumb Africans are falling for this trap. They can’t see that white people sleep or breed with Africans to cause CONFUSION and PRESERVE themselves. ..white people don’t do things for romantic reasons.

      • @ ScejaMan
        I never really thought about making a blog. Yes, I have heard how the Asian men are doing business in Africa as well as marrying the native Black African women. It was a recent article that I read on how China do not want Black African immigrants in their land. The tight eye bastards were saying they didn’t want the Black African men having interracial relationships or sex with their Asian women, think they will bring drugs in the country and other stereotypes. What made me mad is that the Asian men are going to protect there land & women while the Black African men allow them to come in an take there land & African women with no problem. This remind me when reading “Destruction of Black Civilization” when William Chancellor stated on how the African men were giving their Black African women away to foreign men.

    • Thanks for the idea. I’m working on a few posts at the moment. I have posts coming about interracial,race mixing and biracial people. But I know what you mean about aggressive non-black men. I have heard countless black women tell me about white and Hispanic men coming on to them. Just stay tuned for my upcoming posts.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I can’t wait to you do that blog. Furthermore, with biracial women it seems like the media as well as biracial women have made themselves be modern Jezebel whores to men. What I mean about this look at how the media is betraying biracial women as sex objects they are whoring these women out. These biracial women are nothing more then fetish for men. Look at how these negro coon colorstruck celebrity men whore them out for sex, a sick fetish, and these relationships aren’t about love. It reminds me of a modern day Quadroon Ball.

  6. @Shanequa
    Thanks for the reprint of what Chrissy Teigen said.about young Ms. Wallis.
    Her racist vile toward Wallis is one of several.
    The Onion called her a c–t.
    Armond White a gay black conservative in reviewing Beasts of the Southern Wind called her a pickanniny.
    Mind you this girl was only NINE yrs old when she was called all of these things.
    The people I mentioned never spoke to a adult in such a manner. Even an immoral adult.

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