Black Storytellers: Should they have a Black spouse?

I saw this trailer about a month ago.   It’s for a six-part mini-series called Guerrilla on Showtime.  It’s about an interracial couple who are activists in London during the 1970’s.  It kind of  reminds me of the Black Panthers or Black Liberation Army movements.  It stars actor Babou Ceesay and actress Freida Pinto. Actor Idris Elba also is in the series. But I thought it was strange that the film had Indian actress Freida Pinto has the lead actress.  And I saw virtually no black women in the trailer.  Black women have been fighting against racism and sexism since forever.  Is this the erasure of black women? And even if there are some black women in it…why is the lead female an Indian?  I guess some will say that it’s to show that Indian people struggle with racism as well.  But why can’t we ever show black men and women working together against their oppression?  Why can’t we see many more films of black men and women loving each other? What are we  supposed to take from films like this?  That it’s better to fight racism and oppression if you’re having sex with a  non-black person.  This is utter nonsense! And we can no longer fall for this trap. Black unity and black love  is the answer.

Freida Pinto...

Who needs Assata Shakur? Yaa Asantewaa is not needed either.  Freida Pinto will lead black people to freedom!  She is the savior for black people! This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

John Ridley....

So after seeing the trailer I wanted to see who was the creator of this series.  I found out that the executive producer is John Ridley. Ridley is a screenwriter,novelist and director. He won an Academy award for his screenplay of 12 Years a Slave. He also is the producer of the show American Crime.  The picture(above) is of Ridley and his Asian wife Gayle.  His wife isn’t black so is this why he didn’t cast a black woman as the lead in his new series?  And why are all these men without black wives telling black stories?  And he’s not the only one. I have noticed black actors,directors and producers telling black stories without black wives.

Steve McQueen.....

This is director Steve McQueen.  McQueen grew up in London. He’s good friends with John Ridley because he directed 12 Years a Slave.  This picture(above) is McQueen and his Dutch wife Bianca.

David Oyelowo...

Actor David Oyelowo is another black British man.  He has been in films like The Butler,The Help,A United Kingdom and Jack Reacher. He even played Martin Luther King in the film Selma. Should this man be playing black historical figures?  This is a picture of him and his white wife Jessica.

Get Out poster....

Jordan Peele....

Actor/filmmaker Jordan Peele got a lot of praise for his horror film Get Out.  It broke box office records making over $160 million.  Some say it was a great horror film.  Some say it was a film that had a much more deep psychological meaning to it.  It definitely had a lot of subliminal messages regarding racsim,occultism and organ harvesting.  But some may not know that he’s biracial.  Peele has a white mother.  And his wife Chelsea is a Zionist Jew.  So even though he told some truths in the film Get Out..will expose it all? Will he tell black people everything that racists whites are doing in Hollywood?  Is wife is a Jew so I know he has some insider information.  But the question is…who is he loyal to?


John Legend...

The television drama Underground takes place during slavery.  It has been getting good reviews from critics.  One of the executive producers is singer/songwriter John Legend. He will even play Frederick Douglass in an upcoming episode. His wife is model Chrissy  Teigen.  Her mother is Thai and father is white.  That makes her a hapa. If you don’t know what that is go look it up.

Nate Parker....

Of course we can’t forget actor/director Nate Parker. Parker directed the controversial slave rebellion film The Birth of a Nation.  The film had some good elements and some truth in it.  But it was mostly controversial because back when he was in college Parker was accused of raping a white woman. He claims he was innocent and that people should support the film.  I’ve seen him in interviews and he seems intelligent and articulate. But he can’t be too smart because if that white woman caused him so much grief why did he go and marry a white woman.  What sense does that make??? Some negroes never learn. Anyway this is a picture of him and his ugly ass wife Sarah.Sunken Place....

I bring up this issue because I wonder can they be trusted. Can they accurately tell the black experience?  Can they express our pain and struggle?  Can they express the truth about our oppressors if they’re married to them?  Can they be about black love but not married to black women?  These are the questions that come to my mind. But I think they hire these type of men because they know they’re not about black empowerment. They will always be intellectually dishonest about the black experience.  They know that since they have non-black wives they have already been compromised. The interracial element just adds more confusion to the black psyche. We must be careful watching anything by these men. These films have a way of  distorting black consciousness. And keeping us stuck in the “sunken place”.

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  1. We are going nowhere as people if we embrace such NONSENSE!

    Imagine giving away my 100% pure African seed to females who won’t continue my legacy (linage) and support my struggle as a Black man and that of my people.

    The Black man needs to wake up especially the African American brothas. Instead of seeking to hide between the legs if these women, we should thrive to build economic power, political clout and control all industries with Black women.

    • I did a post last year about being pro-black and marrying whites. This post is in the same vein. This is total hypocrisy! I get the feeling some of these guys feel guilty about secretly loving non-black women. They know they are seen as sellouts in the black community. So to compensate for that they do stories with black themes. But I’m not falling for it. They are willingly diluting their African bloodline. They’re doing it on purpose. I agree that we should be striving for black economic and political power. Not sucking up to white women and looking for their acceptance. Those days are over!!

  2. The television is a powerful weapon to manipulate the masses. When our people especially children see images like these, it gives them the idea I can still be pro black and have a non black partner at the same time. Another trick on how Hollywood is using the interracial con game against our people. Better yet even our on people are helping with the destruction of our demise with the interracial con game. These black male coon negroe producers are living in a illuson thinking they are accepted by non blacks. Yes those films are disrespectful toward black women especially since we have been fighting for black liberation side by side by black men. Hollywood is erasing the image of black women and replacing her with non black women. Furthermore I don’t take black people in Hollywood serious no way because they are puppets being used.

    • Yes the tel-LIE-vision is very powerful. It tells our people lies everyday. These black coons are being very deceptive. They know damn well that marrying non-black women is a contradiction. They want to tell black stories but they have been compromised. I don’t trust any of them. Talking black and sleeping white just doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter if the person is an actor,athlete,rapper or director. They’re all full of crap!!

    • @Shanequa, I see it too. But what worries me the most is that Black women are giving up the towel too quickly. Any wrong thing that Black men do is seen as an excuse to date/marry a white or an Asian dude.

  3. I forgot to mention out of the money these black male negroe coon have they couldn’t even attract the top of the attractive non black woman.

  4. And why are all these men without black wives telling black stories?

    My question would be, why aren’t black men with black wives doing this?

      • @Negress
        Some like Denzel,Spike Lee and Robert Townsend have told stories with black themes. But I just wanted to show how those that aren’t with black women have a distorted way of telling stories. You can’t fully trust them.

    • That’s a very good point RC. I was just highlighting the hypocrites but there are other directors with black women. There are directors like John Singleton,Robert Townsend,Ice Cube,Malcolm D. Lee,Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua with black women. But I wanted to bring light some of these interracial coons some people may not know about.

  5. Great post Prince!

    I honestly think that Peele was speaking truth.

    They must tell truth in cinema to absolve themselves of any responsibility. Whether or not we pick it up is up to us.

    • Well like I said in the post,Peele had some truth in Get Out. Or should I say half-truths. But he like others know what they’re doing. Being married to non-black women but telling black stories is problematic. They are being very deceptive. But like you said,we have to pick up on it.

  6. Thanks for the post, bro KP. I dug around to listen to Ridley’s own mouth justifying his non-black female choice to lead a portrayal of the 1970s Black Power Movement in the UK… Like Pepsi to Kylie, it sounds like he’s telling sistah’s in the audience whose mothers were in that struggle that his wife is the real victim here?! [SMH].

    Video @

    Excerpt:::: “I don’t want to make this overly personal, but part of why I chose to have a mixed race couple at the center of this is that I’m in a mixed race relationship… My wife is a fighter, my wife is an activist, and yet because our races our different there are a lot of things we have to still put up with… I’m sorry I cannot entertain a dialogue about whether the lead character in this show should be black or Asian – the lead character in this show should be a strong woman of colour.”

    • I meant *Kendall* on the recent Pepsi thing… Not into keeping up with the Kardashian-Jenner brood myself, tho that’s another spider-web of lost black males up in there 😦

    • A strong woman of color??? Is this negro serious? This man is a damn fool! I’m so sick of all this talk of “people of color”. So because he’s getting some Japanese love in the bedroom he decided to make the lead woman an Indian. This is just more erasure of the black woman’s image. And then we find out the only black woman in the film is an informant for he government. How fitting is that Malaika? You know why that is right? That’s so when you see the series you will believe that the black woman can’t be trusted. This is to cause more division between black men and women. It also demonizes black women as well. But what would you expect from a man with an Asian wife. He’s trying to be slick but I see what he’s doing. That’s why I said you can’t trust these guys. If they’re not about loving black women,making black babies and uplifting our people……I say to hell with them! All that mixing is destroying their common sense. Thank you for that link. It gave me a much better picture of what this fool Ridley is really about.

      • You’re welcome, bro KP. If Ridley’s wife is truly the “fighter” he’s getting all twisted about, why would she countenance her husband’s erasure… sacrifice… consumption… of the African goddess at their bedroom altar?! Has she none of her own cultural stories (besides being this vampire of the African blood-struggle) that hubby-dearest can better show her off to his audience with …if that’s his real objective?! I’m not sure he’s doing any “women of color” a favor by idolizing his wife as the default warrior queen in his story-telling, especially when the story’s about the BLACK Power Movement! We sistahs need to just know and own our worth. Asante for having our back, King ❤

      • That’s a very good point Malaika. If it’s supposed to be about the black struggle then it should have a black man and black woman as the central characters. He’s trying to be all inclusive to a diverse audience. It’s just more interracial trash to confuse black minds. He knows exactly what he’s doing. And of course I got your back! You already now that! 🙂

    • @Malaika, “My wife is a fighter, my wife is an activist…”

      I couldn’t help but to LAUGH OUT LOUD! looooooool hahaha. These brothas are out of their minds. It’s sad that most Black men are not aware that we are at war and it’s being happening for over 3000 years. Non-African females will never support our struggle as African men. Ever. Even when they sleep with us, you note that they’re still loyal to their own people. So hell with them!

      • I hear you, my brother… “out of their minds” and “not aware” …It’s very sad. We need to get woke and stay woke. According to an African proverb from Kemet – “The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.” Peace. M

  7. These men are the picture of self-hatred. I cant take any of them seriously.

    I dont take the much venerated frederick douglas seriously either. Althoughh he was half white himself.

    • Yes KJ these men can’t be trusted to tell the truth. They are trying to be slick by telling stories with black themes. But I know what’s going on. And I understand what you’re saying about Douglas. Not only was be mixed buy his second wife was a white woman.

      • In addition to Fredrick Douglass marrying a white woman after his black wife, Anna Murray Douglass died, he moved several white women that he was having affairs with INTO HIS HOME WITH HIS BLACK WIFE WHILE STILL MARRIED AND WHILE SHE WAS BATTLING SICKNESS. After all that Anna done for him, she helped him become the man he was. Sound familiar? A black woman help these negros get their comeup then dump them for a white woman? It is also said that the white people who he brought into his home would look down on her as if she was a disease and much more. An article was circulating around during black history month about this treachery. I’m going to see if I can find it. Fredrick Douglass is no longer a hero of mine. What he did to Anna was disgusting and treasonous!

      • I had heard about that years ago. I was really shocked when I found out. Hmmmmmm…is this why when I was eight years old they taught us about him in school. They teach us in school who our heroes should be. It’s usually black people that helped the white power structure in some way. We shouldn’t be surprised by Douglass once you understand the system.

      • I was shocked by it to when I first learned about it during a trip in Washington D.C. when I was 13. We were visiting historic sites and Fredrick Douglass’s house was one of them. This pattern of “pro-black” successful black men marrying white women while “fighting” white supremacy goes back centuries, starting with the Moors. This is some hidden black history that black people need to address and stop sweeping under the rug, it’s time to expose these treacherous Negros. I’m surprised they didn’t teach about the Moors in school with their treasonous asses. They helped the white power structure tremendously.

      • Talking black and sleeping white doesn’t work. The Moors are very controversial. I know a few Moors. But over the years I’ve heard both positive and negative things about the Moors. Some people say they weren’t African but mostly Arabs. I might have to do a post on it. I’m sure it would be very interesting to read the responses. But I might need to do a little more research on it first.

      • Yes, the Moors are very controversial and I too heard positive and negative things about them. They help to bring Europe into civilization, yet there’s documented evidence that they were white woman obsessed while selling Black Women into European and Arab for 30 pieces of silver. There’s several videos on YouTube speaking on this saying some of our renowed Afrocentric scholars said that they sold out the race, however as always I love to do my own research and I’m slowly researching this hidden history and putting the pieces together.

  8. Nothing HAS changed. “What do you call a black man when he leaves the room?”
    Answer: A ni**er.” (And the dumb asses should treat this as “it is what I respond to you asshole!”

    My stance remains the same. You cannot be pro-black, yet sleep white. End of story!

    • So true Epi! I had to do this post because it was on my mind. I just kept seeing this pattern of black men with non-black women but trying to tell stories about the black experience. And seeing them with these non-black women left a bad taste in my mouth. I knew something was wrong. I knew they couldn’t be completely genuine in my opinion.

      • I do not care WHO the black actor or actress is. For example, when the film called “Wild, Wild West” came out, I was appalled to see Will Smith paired up with Selma Hyack Was a BLACK WOMAN “ever” considered for the role?

        By continual observation, I caught the clue that sistas were considered “afterthoughts.” I was DONE.

      • Yeah Wild Wild West was a horrible film! It was total garbage! And casting Selma is not a big surprise. I did a post last year about Latinas being paired with black men. That’s a trend that’s been going on for quite some time now.

      • @ Epi

        The movie “Hitch” should ring a bell to you starting Will Smith. The love interest part was giving to non black Hispanic actress Eva Mendes. The actual part was suppose to be a black woman but Will Smith made a complaint that the movie would be too black, wouldn’t sell especially getting a non black audience. The last movie I seen with Will Smith having a black woman as a love interest was “Bad Boys 2.”

  9. When some famous black people married non black people and some of us had issues,the response was”Well as long as they’re not white.” This response would later come to be harmful to us as a people. Once again it’s “Other women are better than Black women.Other women especially non American foreign women are sweeter,docile, humble,etc.

    Remember what yellow fever got Redd Foxx ? Her name wasn’t even Joy. He gave her that name and in the end she was anything but a Joy. That didn’t stop him from getting another one. However,after Sanford and Son he had no problem cutting off Black women.

    Jalen Rose Black women weren’t good enough for him .He started dating his Arabic co host Molly Qerim. She just caught in a hotel room with a white boy. However were told only Black women are grimy.

    I could go on.

  10. To answer your query, Kush? No. U don’t have to have black spouse to tell black stories (I only say that because the pics headlining your article). WOULD BE NICE THOUGH.

    *Some of these folks weren’t raised like us. Some were, some just not like us. I don’t want a bw who culturally don’t understand me. So a ww will never relate past the faux smile by the water cooler (in passing). I’m still on the plantation as me and my friends say or call the job. I go introvert soon as I get to work. I don’t want to and refuse to engage in a convo not pertaining to the job. So to claim a life long relationship in front of white Jesus…. NEVER.*

    I find black women exotic. They ain’t eeeeeem gotta be from the Caribbean, other countries etc. She can be from the other side of town. LOL.

  11. How would it look for a vegan to be promoting eating veggies, sitting at McDonald’s, eating a Big Mac? That’s how this looks. Telling Black people about racism but married to the oppressor, is an oxymoron and the biggest LIE one could promote?

      • You know me, Kushite. I wanted to ask you, are you anticipating Kendrick’s new album, DAMN and the Tupac biopic? If so, will you be doing pieces on them?

      • Out here in Cali Kenderick has a huge fan base. A lot of people are talking about his upcoming album. Some the new tracks are nice. They have some nice beats. Kendrick is kind of what I call a semi-conscious rapper. He says things that are somewhat black conscious/pro-black but then he will contradict himself at times too. But he’s much better in comparison to Drake,Lil Wayne,Fetty Wap and Big Sean. He is more talented as a lyricist,I’ll give him that.
        I saw two different Tupac trailers. They both look pretty good. But I heard his mother Afeni didn’t like some of the content. I believe some of it may not be accurate. Not that Afeni has passed away they ca reconstruct Tupac’s image the way they want to. Tupac has a lot of fans that love him. They will not stand for a crappy film about their icon. But I do think there was a conspiracy to have him killed. That’s why he and Biggie were both killed. The used a west coast/east coast beef to cause more black death. The media helped fan the flames in the black community. I know because I was around when the beef started. His death is much deeper than most people realize. I might do a post about it if people tell me they’re interested in it. I don’t know yet I haven’t decided.

      • The government had been watching Tupac since he was a teenager, being that he was the son of a Black Panther. I know it’s more to it. I had a strange dream the week Tupac got shot. And what about the cop who had been investigating Death Row and his murder back in the day–he suddenly dies? Man…there’s a lot of deep stuff here, indeed.

      • Yeah that was detective Russell Poole. He thought Suge Knight was involved in Tupacs death. But he said he wanted to apologize to Suge after getting new evidence. But he conveniently had a heart attack. Very strange! Then Tupac’s bodyguard Frank Alexander was in the car behind Tupac when he was shot. Alexander said he had been getting death threats in 2015. Well they said Alexander committed suicide in 2015 by gunshot. I saw interviews with Alexander and he didn’t look depressed to me. As a matter of fact most of Tupacs friends have been killed,suicide or had heart attacks over the last 20 years. Most of the witnesses that were there are gone. The last one left is Suge Knight and he’s in prison. And he was shot at a Chris Brown party but he survived. I think someone is trying to take out everyone that had real love for Tupac or saw the shooting. Once they’re all gone…..the case is closed! Like I said it’s very DEEP! The music industry is full of corporate gangsters. Worse than the brothers you see on the street. That’s what a lot of people don’t know. The real gangsters are never seen. They exist in the shadows. I’m just being real with you.

  12. I don’t know why when I see Olyeowo with Lupita I want ship them together ,
    they are both Africans and I think they could be a gorgeous couple!
    Unfortunately he chose an ugly white rat as wife! I feel sorry for these buffoons, despite of what these self hatred believe,BW aren’t jealous of ugly cave pale females!

  13. @ Everyone

    Here’s another moving that is erasing black women from history it’s the 1967 race riot in Detroit. Again black men & non black women. I strongly feel they are also pushing an interracial propaganda with black men & non black women that will lead to more division with black men & women.

    • Thanks for that Shanequa. I hadn’t heard about this film. So it’s about riots in Detroit but that have white girls in it? Here we go again! They always have to have some white liberals in the films portraying friend to the negroes. This film will be garbage. I can tell just from the trailer.

    • @Sister Shanequa

      It’s a shame. The Detroit rebellion of 1967 was a response to overt police brutality, poverty, and discrimination in Detroit. Detroit has a long history of racist pogroms against black people. That movie sugarcoats the revolutionary history of black people in Detroit too as Detroit is one major home of black nationalist and black liberation movements from the League of Black Revolutionary Workers to many black Detroiters allowing Malcolm X to speak. The myth of the white savior must be exposed. Black men and especially Black women have a huge role to play in black freedom movement in Detroit.

  14. This is why I have dropped ALL support from black males in hollyweird, except for very few. 99.99999999999999% participate in the desecration of the black woman’s image. And I get so upset with Black Women for continuing to support black males that have made it clear that they do not like black women. I, TrojanPam, and other black women have tried to explain to black women why we should stop supporting black males in and out of hollyweird that keep giving black women their ass to kiss. Look at Tyrese selling black love then turn around and married a non-black woman who he tried to pass off as black. When some black women questioned him about his decision he and self-hating negro men and women tried to rationalize it by saying that his wife was “black” just cause she had a drop of black blood in her pinky **eye roll** He was rationalizing his foolishness so that he can continue to collect money and support from stupid ass mammified black women, I’m so tired of black women falling for this empty black love talk from negroes who don’t mean it.

    • Tyrese is a fool. And there too many Hollywood coons like him. Calling his wife a black queen was an insult! I’m getting so sick and tired of this one drop mixed race crap! I am working on a three-part series about being biracial and mixed race. I really need to tackle this issue again. This issue obviously needs repeating.

      • I can’t wait for the series. I’m sure it will be great as always you really be bringing it. Yep, Tyrese like many of these treasonous snakes have built their careers off the backs of black women while selling black women a dream of black love (from them). They also keep selling the dream to to continue to get silly black women’s money and as usual black women keep falling for it. It also shows how many black women are deprived of love, affection, and self-esteem.

      • Tyrese was totally wrong. Unfortunately too many are trying to justify Samantha Schwalenberg aka Mrs Gibson as a Black Woman.
        Let Viola Davis divorce her husband and say “I found my Nubian Prince” and he turns out to be Rafael Solano from Jane the Virgin. It wouldn’t be tolerated.

    • @ The Original Black Woman:
      Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreach! I could not have said it better myself. I don’t follow herds, so I completely understand what you are saying! If one can pull their (monetary) support from a WHITE, racist male or female, the same ish can be done for self-loathing black male and females. STOP the money train for these “talking loud and saying nothing” types and see how fast their careers DRY UP. And Tyrese, although I never followed him, is about to feel this ish too!

      @Angelove107 and The Prince:
      The ish that happened with Tupac is DEEPER than you think. As I have stated in another post/another site, I have an UNCLE that was a part of the LA Chapter in 1968. In the HEART of Los Angeles. And “he knew then and he knows now some ish.” I will leave it at that.


      I never viewed the picture “Hitch” or knew what it was about. However, I see your point. Smith was (again) paired with another non-black woman. And I am willing to bet that he (Smith) had a bigger problem with the casting in this film than the producers. I guess that I never get/got excited by the “empty black love talk from knee-gros who don’t mean it.” This Stockholm Syndrome makes me sick…

      • @Epi I never cared to much about Tyrese, never thought he was a hunk, never brought his music (thank goodness) although he made some good music, however his constant overt and subtle attacks at black women are making him less and less popular amongst awakened black women. He made a video about women wearing fake hair, nails and bodies, he tried to make it look as if he was talking about ALL women when some of us are smart enough to know he’s only talking about black women. Then I find out that he and rapper Ludicrous was on the Breakfast Club with Charlemagne tha Coon who I can’t stand talking about how much they love black women. He, (Tyrese) Ludicrous and MOST black males in the entertainment industry know they have done much to damage the image of black women, know they trying to act like their new, enlightened black men, pleeeese ain’t buying it.

  15. Kushite, as I once said, I no longer go to movies. Hollywood is simply not going to let black love flourish on the big screen or television. Again we are looking for the big bucks from white studios, which is why they have final say on our narrative. We need to go Rouge like Matty Rich when he made “Straight out of Brooklyn “. Matty used his own money & got the rest from the black community. Matty didn’t go to big studios & his movie wasn’t on a lot of screens in the big movie thratres,but it was a huge success. As long as we’re willing to chase the white man’s GOD, which is money we can’t complain about the results. Black Family,I’m about to leave you with this from Tony Evans : Your bank account in Heaven is worth more than everything you own here on Earth. GOD is telling us he is the only source we have.GOD BLESS

    • Yes I think going independent is the way to go. These devils in Hollywood want to promote interracial sex,lesbians,homosexuals and transgenders as “normal”. We need to do films without their involvement. They don’t want to see black love our black progress. They only wan black destruction and confusion.

  16. Kushite, I’m not buying these so-called movies. They’re not telling us something we didn’t already know & to my knowledge they don’t do anything for the black community. I can tolerate John Legend, because he does donate to inner-city schools & is raising money for blacks to have better schools. Billionaire Robert Smith married a ww ,but he got them Nigerian girls from Boko Haran. The FBI was right there when Tupac & Biggie got murdered yet the FBI didn’t arrest anybody. Wake up Black Family. Michael Jackson owned The Beatles catalog, did you know that Michael also owned half of Elvis Presley catalog? Michael owned majority of the music to the 2 biggest white selling artists of all time.Yet he died of a accidental overdose that his doctor been giving him for years. Wake up Black Family. Prince regained his catalog from Warner Bros ,was cutting out the tour promoters & major advertisers when he toured.Yet, Prince died of a accidental overdose with a whole lot mislabeled pills with no prescriptions,which is odd because he was seen at a pharmacy the day before his death. Wake up Black Family. Face the facts, Tupac,Michael & Prince were worth billions & and worth even more dead.GOD BLESS

    • When you mentioned Michael Jackson and his catalogues that he “owned”. I remember when Joy Behar had her HLN show . She had a representative of Michael Jackson. Ray Charles son. Johnny Cash son. The topic was artists earnings after death. Behar asked all of them “Who controls the money?”
      Michael Jackson’s rep answered Lawyers
      Ray Charles son answered I couldn’t tell you.
      Johnny Cash’s son answered I do.

    • Thanks SevenKing! Everything you said is 100% TRUTH! I have said this so many damn times! Black people just don’t want to believe it. Thank you for that excellent breakdown brother.

  17. @Kushite I know what you mean,it’s funny because they say we BW are jealous of WW,when in reality isn’t true! You should talk about how these motherf@@ck are pushing so hard the propaganda of how Becky’s the new black woman or meme beautiful black queen of WW face on magazines! What hell?? How some BW defending these nasty flat ass pretending to be like us?

  18. Damm It! I hate my pc! It deleted part of my post. Ok, here I go again. Hollywood, Social media and Society always cataloged Black Women as unattractive, undesirable, ugly, with bad attitudes, dumb, with poor life choices, selfish, golddiggers, single mothers depending on welfare, who can’t never take care of their own hair that they have to resort to using weaves and wigs to look more eurocentric. Always, denigrated, always mistreated, always abused physically, sexually and psychologically. But even though BW endured so much over the course of centuries, they’re still resilient, they’re still fighting. They’re still searching for a way to understand themselves but without the proper and right tools, they can’t reach their full potential to be authentic selves. This is why white supremacy tactic is to remind us of our struggles, but to add acid to the wound, these Black creators, find “love” in the wrong sense by marrying one that doesn’t blend up with their beliefs. I know there’s Black couples who end up in successful marriages but it’s small compared to the huge percent of unmarried women, but that’s why we have to enforce this mentality of Black Love instead of Black Self-Hate. It’s difficult and nearly impossible to fix what white supremacy has done in the long run. If these creators doesn’t practice what they preach, don’t support them at all! But we’re so rapidly giving our money and support so blindly that they only thing they care is themselves.

    • Very true Omay. That’s why we have to stop supporting those that don’t practice what they preach. I get tired of the racist stereotypes of black men and women. And I’m tired of all these tv shows and films that promote interracial marriage as a better alternative to black love. The racist white media doesn’t want black unity and black. Black love is a revolutionary act in a system of white supremacy. And any chance the media gets it will denigrate the black family. I did this post to expose these hypocrites among us. Thanks for your insightful comment.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        “The racist white media doesn’t want black unity and black. Black love is a revolutionary act in a system of white supremacy. ”

        Prime example Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston despite their drugs use the media didn’t want to show coverage on how these 2 dark skinned black man & woman “LOVE” one another. The media was more concern on telling the world how dysfunctional their relationship was and false stories on how the big bad black man Bobby Brown destroyed Whitney. I strongly believe white America wanted Whitney Houston to be with a white man. Furthermore I haven’t seen a non black celebrity couple in Hollywood that got drag like Bobby & Whitney was done.

      • You’re right Shanequa. It seemed like the media had a real hatred for Whitney and Bobby Brown’s relationship. They hated that Whitney stayed with him for so long. The fact that a black man and woman were trying to make it work probably rubbed them the wrong way. I also agree that because Whitney had such a good clean image they probably wanted her with a white man. Which is why they had her in the film The Bodyguard. A lot of white men love that film. I never cared for it. I can’t stand Kevin Costner.

  19. Kushite, I love black women, I only ask is that they make better choices in men. As you see,Janet Jackson is getting divorced, but then again a so-called Jehovah Witness married to a devout Muslim,that raises the eyebrows. Janet will get her share of alimony & child support, so at least she isn’t going to be like Halle Berry. RIP Charley Murphy GOD BLESS

    • @ sevenkingsblog

      This make the third fail marriage Janet Jackson had with a non black men even though Debarge was half black. I thought Janet & Jermaine Dupri made a beautiful black couple. Jermaine even got Janet face tatted on his body. Furthermore in Bobby Brown autobiography he spill some tea on Janet since they use to date on the low back in the day. Janet told Bobby her father didn’t want her dating black men. That statement pissed Bobby off so much he kicked her out his hotel room naked with only a sheet cover herself. Also that statement Janet made about her father prove even more Jospeh Jackson had self hate issues.

    • Yeah I heard about Janet’s divorce. She had his baby and right after that five years was up…..Divorce time!!lol The Arab dude is a billionaire and she found a good cash cow. I think she’s trying to get $500 million from him. It will be interesting to see what she gets in the end.

  20. @ Everybody:

    Here’s another good video about this series:

    Warning — this video contains some profanity. Enjoy! 😀

  21. Kushite, The problem I’m having with this is because Hollywood is telling young black men that black women have no value to us at all. I’m not blaming Hollywood, I’m blaming black men.If you don’t demand nothing, you get nothing. Esther Rolle (RIP) fought for black men, it’s time for us black men to repay her. I will be sending letters to ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX & the CW demanding more black on black love stories. Now I don’t know about Shonda Rhimes,but it’s disturbing that every show that she created the black character is in a interracial relationship. Now maybe she pitched black on black love & the studios balked,but again we’re chasing the White’s man GOD money to get on the air.Remember the President of ABC is a black woman. Also remember that when MTV became popular ,it was a black woman that kept Michael & Prince off MTV,so there is a lot coonery going on. We also have to look at the black viewing audience, because a lot of black writers on these shows have stated that bm & bw wasn’t happy with black on black love stories. It’s a process, but The Fear of the Black Planet is rising. GOD BLESS

    • I believe the network is making Shonda cast her black leads with white men…I really do.

      The show’s creators don’t have as much control as you think they do.

      • Very good point RC! I have always believed this as well. Black creators and producers are figure heads. They’re there to make it look like a black person is making big decisions. It’s all an illusion. All this interracial propaganda makes it obvious that these white folks are making the BIG decisions.

    • @SevenKing
      Well I hope you’re wrong. I would hope that most black people do want to see black love in films and tv shows. I hope we’re not so brainwashed we want to see more interracial couples on the big screen. I personally have seen enough! But I do agree with your overall comment. We do have to do better.

    • It definitely telling that all the movies and shows that get green lighted are created by black people with non black partners with the exception of Shonda but Shondas shows have IR pairings in it. Now, the black writers stating the black audience didnt want to see black love on screen is straight BS. Shows like the game, most black 90s shows, music videos and commercials prior to I would say 2005 had positive reps about black love. They did exceptionally well. Excluding scandal, name an IR movie or TV show that is doing well?

  22. chuquestaquenumber1@ Yeah I saw her pictures on google and I saw how she does her hair like curly,trying be BW! There are a lot of these WW out there they are trying so desperate to be BW! When WW date BM or WW are trying be friend of BW because they want to replace BW statutes! They think wearing a fake curly wig,tan their skin or twerking their flat ugly asses, the society can call them BW without being us because in the and of the day they still enjoy of white privilege! That’s why We BW shouldn’t be friend to these nasty pale females! They can try but in the and they still a pathetic pale females without melanin!
    When WW age they suck instead us no!

  23. Black Traitors and Multi-Racial people posing as Black are apart of the White Power Structure, Their objective is to weaken the Black Race to keep in in a subjagated role by making sure non-Whites can have access to Black population to spy, put down any Black Resistance to White power through armed conflict. These people believe the problem with race is Black people because these people have a White Liberal mindset and White Liberals simply want the Black Chess piece removed off the global board, they fundamentally believe the problem with Racism is not White actions but Black genetics, attitudes, personality and behavior.

    • The object is to weaken black people at any cost. And many times they will use biracial people and black sellouts to do this. If we have to learn their tactics and make others aware of them. Television and films have a way of altering your subconscious mind. Which is why white people use it as a weapon against us. They know they can get us to think and behave a certain way by the images we see. And these black traitors are more than happy to help them do it for a nice paycheck. That’s what I wanted to bring to light with this post. Thanks for the comment.

  24. This article is right. Black women have made a crucial role in the Black liberation role in the United Kingdom. Ridley is a disgrace and a coward, because even a Google search can show tons of contributions of black women in the UK black freedom struggle. Ridley should be ashamed of himself. History shouldn’t be re-written to suck up to society. Black women and black people in general have every right to not support Ridley. No good fruit comes from a rotten tree. The rotten tree of Hollywood has shown self-hatred, misogynoir, unnecessary violence, and other evils for decades. Therefore, we reject traitors. We believe in Black Love and part of Black Love is showing the truth. It is important to know about Olive Morris, Caludia Jones, and other heroic black women in the UK who made a difference.

    • Yeah Ridley is the worse! He really should be ashamed. That’s why I felt this post was important. I thought it was important to shed some light on these black men who are trying to be slick. I see the confusing messages they’re putting in their films. By having non-black wives I thought something was strange about that. I saw a pattern of them putting degrading messages about black people. That’ when I knew I had to do a post about it. Thanks for the comment Timothy.

      • @ Brother Timothy, Brother Kiushite, and everybody:

        I just half-listened to a video by PBT (which I refuse to post) about the mini-series and all he did was downplay Black women’s contributions to the Black Power movement. One correspondent called him out on it and and he didn’t really address anything the woman said but instead he accused her of not wanting to take orders and that because she identified herself as a feminist (to show that she ran her own life), he accused her of being part of the white supremacy structure. How can we confront and deal with YouTubers who continue to deny Black women’s place in history and refuse to acknowledge our contributions? What can we do? Thanks.

      • @Kushiteprine and Courtney H

        I agree with Kushite prince that we should not support the sellouts. Also, we should take the time to educate our people in our communities about the contributions of black women. It’s a fight. We have no choice but to fight in the righteous way in order for have freedom for real for black people. Also, it is strange for a black person to have a non-black spouse and lecture anyone on black families or black power themes. Ridley can’t be a black revolutionary in favor of black empowerment when that person doesn’t practice what he preaches. Thank you for both of your words.

    • @Sister Courtney

      I listened to the video. It is a video that made the point that the erasure of black women from important social movement is wrong. Ridley knows what he is doing. He is a person who knows what the deed is, but he made the conscious decision to outline overt disrespect of black women. More and more people are tired of this and are refusing to support the Guerrilla project. Harvey in the video was right to call out Ridley’s bad deeds. In every legitimate black social movement for change, black women had a significant role in it from the anti-slavery movement, the anti-lynching movement, and the Black Power movement. Thank you for showing information hear like always.

      • @ Brother Timothy and Brother Kushite:

        Thank you for watching the videos and commenting. I agree with everything you are saying about teaching about the history of Black women in the struggle for equality and dealing with traitors. Here is what Willie D. says about dealing with these fools:

    • @Sister Courtney

      I saw the video from Willie D and he’s right that traitors should not be part of the black community. Discernment ought to be maintained and the truth is always eternal.

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