Child Molestation,Rape,Incest- No more Silent Condemnation!

This is a great video by Dr Rick Wallace.  He brings up the issue of silent condemnation when it comes to child molestation.  This is an issue a lot of black people don’t want to deal with.  Many people want to sweep it under the rug.  There are too many black girls and boys molested in the black community  and no one talks about it.  No one wants to talk about the rape and incest that goes on.  Many children grow up to be adults and never deal with the abuse. We also have to stop supporting entertainers like R&B singer R. Kelly and even hip hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa.  The black devils have to go!We can’t give our support to people that harm our children.  What type of message does it send when we support this type of behavior?  We got to do better family.  For the sake of our children.

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R. Kelly....

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37 thoughts on “Child Molestation,Rape,Incest- No more Silent Condemnation!

  1. Another great topic, Your Highness

    This is going to be a rough one though.

    This is a remnant from the plantation where black “bucks” fathered a child/ children with their daughters, sisters, nieces and MOTHERS. It’s a painful chapter rooted in our DNA that we hate to admit exists even today. And we never got the therapy to get out of that mindset of illness.

    In modern times, you’ll see brothers pimping their young sisters to grown men, fathers allowing men of all colours and ages to rape their daughters ( see craigslist) AND (young) sons for profit because it’s easier than trying to find jobs. Also, there is a deep seated perversion that lurks in certain men’s minds about “taking innocence” that is highly erotic.

    Our illness runs very deep as sex is still being used as the ultimate weapon to destroy us instead of empowering our bond of love. I honestly don’t know what to say about this one, Prince, but we need a code of conduct on how to deal with baby rapists and molesters in general.

    • Thanks Negress. I know this is a tough topic. But we have to discuss this problem. This is a sick issue and we have to call out those that hurt our children. It can be hard if they’re family members or close friends. But we have to expose those predators by any means necessary. Yes you’re right our illness runs very deep. And we do need a real code of conduct. This madness has to STOP! The taking of innocence is WRONG! I hope you watched the video by Rick Wallace too. He pulls no punches and brings up points many of choose to ignore. As always thanks for the comment.

  2. “we need a code of conduct on how to deal with baby rapists and molesters in general”. It should start with me as a man, to not ignore the kind of locker room talk around women, sex and younger women. If men don’t police each other, then this phenomena will not cease.

    • @BlackMyStory
      That’s so true brother. We as men have to call out these black devils among us. A lot of brothers want to be cowards and don’t want to police each other. But it must be done. To be honest I don’t expect this post to get too many “likes”. Anytime I cover topics like this it seems my subscribers run away. But if I talk about racism,interracial dating,celebrities.white devils,bed wenches,coons and sellouts……I get over 60-70 comments and a bunch of likes. But I barely get any comments when I deal with internal issues in our community. Why is that? Why are we so afraid to confront these issues? Maybe some of my subscribers have been victims of abuse. I guess it’s possible. But how do we heal these wounds if we run from the issue? I just want us to heal as a people and end abuse and self destruction. That’s the real reason I blog in the first place. It’s apparent we have a lot of work to do. We are all a work in progress.

  3. This is a tough one for the black community to own up to. We expect all kinds of nastiness from wp and forget to keep the eye on the ball when it comes to our the first instance, mothers have got to take the lead on this and watch their kids. All this bringing in ‘uncles’ into your kids’ lives is a major problem because the stepdad has no emotional investment in the well being of the children. He is there because he wants the mother, not to build the bloodline. You also got to be aware that a young male will be horny 24/7 and will be looking for opportunity. So watch your kids around older brothers and cousins. We have to recognise that physical and sexual abuse is often bed partners with alcoholism, drug abuse and poverty so we need to keep an eye out on those in the neighbourhood that look like they are struggling with their demons. Not to say that this doesn’t happen behind the net curtains of the middle classes as well. I believe it’s also about power and control because living under white oppression makes some people want to have a moment of being all powerful at some point in their day. Hence preying on the most vulnerable as an easy target. Unless we repair our collective mental health to have pride in the melanin and reverse this white supremacy stranglehold on our desires and needs we will continue to allow our babies to be used as the antidote to low self esteem.

    • I feel what you’re saying Razor. You’re right about uncles and other relatives looking for opportunity to take advantage of younger relatives. It’s easier to do when they are weaker and vulnerable. That’s why yo have to watch very closely when children have sleepovers. I also agree with your point about black people living under oppression and wanting to feel some type of power. So they take advantage of those that can’t physically fight off their advances. So these children end up suffering in silence. I also think there’s a connection with sexual abuse and people ending up homosexual/lesbians. I think many black lesbians have been abused when they were younger by black boys and it made them turned off by men. Just the touch of a man makes them sick. This is also true with female abusers as well. I remember director/actor Tyler Perry speaking about a woman sexually abusing him when he was a child. Of course Perry has never came out publicly as gay but we all know he gives off a serious “gay vibe”. But I definitely think there’s a connection between pedophilia and homosexuality.

      • @ Anal rape brings forth a reverse electrical current in the brain so you are prone to negative emotions and demonic energy. The anus was never meant to be used in that way.

    • I’ve read that before Courtney. And it is SICK!! Pedophile Kelly should be ashamed of himself. It’s obvious he loves underage girls. I wrote him off years ago. I don’t care how great of a songwriter he may be. He’s disgusting!!!

  4. Kush, don’t U be talking “Ar-ruh Kelly.” Sure, my plumber is a pedophile but he is one helluva plumber. I know teachers who might boink a student or two but they are helluva teacher(s). Preacher’s who might… from time to time but Kush, they are helluva preachers. So I see why people support “The Ar-ruh.” He is one helluva entertainer. I mean that is why people support the former in their professions, also, who fuck kids? Correct?

    I know people, black people especially, wouldn’t turn a blind eye to “The Ar-ruh” and not to Joe Smo the painter? I know, I just know, people wouldn’t provide excuses and justifications as to why just because one is a performer who has sold a few records versus pedophiles from the working class?

    It’s utterly disgusting that black folk will continue to support/advertise for this certified pedophile via social media, blogs, etc. Then come to your site Kush, to discuss black people and the weight of the world.

    I’ve eeeeem seen some people online defend famous black pedophiles vs the white ones in hollywierd. A molester is a molester regardless of race that should reside at the bottom of the Mississippi. Once again, Kush, I digress.

    • Some people just love their entertainers. They don’t give a damn what they do. I know some people bring up singer Elvis Presley dating Priscilla Presley while she was still a teenager. And singer Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin! It’s pretty disgusting! But I don’t like to compare what white pedophiles do versus black monsters. It’s all the same thing. But some people can’t look past a persons talent to see the immoral behavior. I’m with you Nat,it really shouldn’t matter. Wrong is wrong and we have to have the guts to call it out!

      • @ Nat Turner & Kushite Prince

        Don’t forget about Muhammad Ali who got an underage female pregnant. Back in the day he was messing with underage females too. Since he’s the greatest they gave him a pass.

  5. This is another one of those elephants in the room that many of us ignore and sweep under the rug too often. I know of a young man, when he was 14, one of his male cousins who was 26 at the time had come to spend the summer at their home. The 14 year old’s parents had traveled abroad for two weeks leaving him alone with his cousin. Now the 14 year old apparently was dealing with self esteem issues and was very naïve about the world as most 14 year olds were. Did you know that during that two week period that cousin turned that boy’s world upside down. The cousin began introducing the young boy to gay pornography and no sooner, the two began an illicit homosexual affair and it carried on like that for the entire summer and they would usually have their flings when the parents weren’t around. For years after that the 14 year old struggled within himself, because before he and his cousin happened, he was attracted to females. But then afterward, he developed an attraction for men as well, older men, a few of which he had trysts with. He struggled with that all throughout his teenage years and well into his adult years. Recently he began to seek counseling concerning what happened all those years ago. At one point the young man was so infatuated with his cousin that he would get jealous whenever his cousin would be having conversations with females. So today, the older cousin is married and has a daughter where as the younger has an uphill battle trying to figure out who he is sexual wise..

    I am in full agreement with steppin’ razor’s comment above, parents need to keep a close eye on their children especially around older relatives. Particularly cousins. And as a friend of mine rightly put it, 99.9% of black homosexual men are victims of abuse and molestation which has warped their minds to such an extend that they believe this deviant behavior is normal and acceptable

    • That is a horrific story! That is a very traumatic experience to go through. It can take years and years of counseling to get over something that horrible. We really have to watch certain relatives around our children. And tell the children not to be afraid to tell their parents about it. Many times these predators will tell children to keep it a secret and the children just go along with it. It’s a real sad situation so many children deal with. They end up suffering in silence. As I said there’s some connection with homosexuals and sexual abuse. There has to be a connection because I’ve heard so many similar stories. Thanks for sharing that story Warrior.

  6. This is Ain’t African culture and black costumes! Just because we live around wp doesn’t mean we should follow and accept their depraved and deviant culture!
    They do these things,doesn’t mean we should do it as well! These are Neanderthals culture,African didn’t practiced these abominations!
    Always I said our family values have been corrupted, because we began to accept behavior practices that do not belong to us, and we start see them as normal!!
    WM are natural homo as well their cultures,but BM ain’t!
    We shouldn’t feel shamed that mental illness is something belong only to wp,and not to black people! We suffer as well of mental illness, because some of us don’t want accept the deep problems we have in our communities!!
    These frustrations, trauma, violence, sex abuse and all social problems that we have suffered in our lives, we want to ensure we don’t have!
    The very fact of having a psychiatric consultation, some see them as a sign of weakness! They want to accumulate all the problems and bury them as you do with the dust under a carpet! But as long as you can hide the problems?
    That’s why we see some of us who behave in a crazy way!

    • It’s obvious this is the residue of slavery. But at this point we can’t keep blaming white supremacy. Maybe it’s from being around whites too much but we still have to deal with this issue. We should be ashamed that we haven’t tackled this issue. Our children are hurting and counting on us to defend them. But I do agree with you about living among white folks. It has totally destroyed the Afrikan mind. This is pure insanity!!!

  7. This issue needs to be seriously addressed because our children are our most valued treasure, buuuuut NOT in the black “community.” I’m amazed at all the talk praising melanin and blackness ALL DAY long in the blogosphere and social media (I guess many of us are just black and proud online huh), yet when a black person brings subjects like this up niggas go silent or get mad and talk nonsense like “you’re an agent of white supremacy!” this statement is used as just another derailment tactic to avoid discussion and action of this problem.

    Have you received my announcement and visit my shop? Like?

    • It is a very serious issue. We can’t just ignore it and pretend it will go away. We have to expose the pedophile devils among us. Whether they are family or close friends. These people need to be dealt with at all costs! I have ZERO tolerance for people that abuse and hurt children! Yes we all know the tentacles of white supremacy is widespread. It is the root of a lot of our social issues. But we can’t just use it as an excuse to ignore internal issues. Even if some black people want to say we learned homosexuality and pedophilia from whites….then we need to UNLEARN it! Our African minds have been polluted by white folks. That’s why we have self hatred,coonish behavior,colorism etc… But we still need to deal with the issue regardless if it came from slavery. We need to decolonize our minds and cleanse our souls to truly be FREE. We can’t let our children be harmed by blacks,whites,asians,Jews,Mexicans or anyone else. We even have to be willing to sacrifice our lives if need be. If we aren’t willing to fight for our children then we aren’t fit to live.
      Yes I saw the notification in my email. I didn’t get a chance to checkout your site yet. I get so many emails daily. I’ve been really busy lately with personal stuff. But I will definitely check it out. for sure.

  8. Kushite don’t get me wrong, I don’t tolerate no anyone regard race to sexual abuse children! It is not humanly conceivable that this thing exists and happens! If I have power I would put all these bastards next to a wall, and I will shot all them! But because we know even the most powerful people are pedophiles,
    unfortunately these things still happen because these people want it as well!
    The news doesn’t speak a lot of sex abuse of black children,but more of white children,because molestation on black kids are taboo!
    Crime stats show that over 70% of current child molesters are whites. But, the stats are there only because white people actually report those types of crimes.
    It would be interesting if black people did the same!
    The problem is in the black community no-one reports it, it’s taboo and no-one wants to talk about it. I believe the victims don’t have courage to report usually because the molester is someone close to them. When they get the courage to speak up, they’re not taken seriously. These girls and boys don’t know who to trust, and it’s sad!
    Yes, I know the stereotype exist that pedophilia is something that “They” are into more in “whites” and it’s not a black thing!
    The thing is that so many people in the black community believes that shit, and it’s one of the more ignorant mind sets in our community that needs to stop along with us not taking mental health seriously!
    That whole mentality of it’s something that “they” do is very problematic.
    Imagine the victims hearing that all the time from their own people after being abused by one of their own. It causes them further turmoil and just adds to the damage making them even less likely to speak out. Also, there’s another rampant problem in our community which is also tied to the issue at hand, which a lot of black folks consider something “others” do. The issue of seeking therapy isn’t taken as seriously as it should be by most within the black community. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard things like “What do you need to see a therapist for, man that’s some white people shit right there” Such mindsets are ignorant and are dangerous especially when it comes to the victims who may benefit greatly from addressing these things. Unless people stop viewing issues like sexual abuse as something “others” do and begin to address them as real problems within the black community, only then will things change!

    • Yes it’s very taboo in the black community. That’s why I wanted to do this post. This needs to change but it takes a collective effort. I would love to see the stats as well. I’m sure it’s much higher than most people would like to believe. I also think therapy can help a lot of our people get over this trauma. I don’t think it’s just a “white thing”. We have to get over that stigma. I know people personally that told me that seeking therapy helped them. So I agree those mindsets need to change. Thanks for the comment Nubian.

  9. @ Kushite Prince

    I’m glad you made this post because these molesters need severe punishment. No black African child should be molested. I notice in our communities when black boys are rape it’s not taken serious. I have heard stories of black boys being molested by older women. What’s even sad the young black male victim thinks it’s cool being taking advantage of by a older woman. Please keep in mind we’re living in a oversexualized world we’re having sex is cool. I remember reading Rick James & Bobby Brown autobiography of them stating just being kids having sex with adult women in which they thought it was cool. Furthermore in my opinion this led them to do more sexual deviant acts with women and oversexualized them as men.

    • No it’s not cool. Young boys are taught that’s it’s cool to be with older women. But this is delusional in my opinion. Many young boys are not mature enough to have sex with an older woman. It’s because boys are taught by society that getting women in bed is a great accomplishment. Boys are taught that’s it cool to get as many women in bed as possible. We have to raise our boys with a different mentality. Abuse is abuse. No matter if it’s a boy or girl.

  10. @ Everyone

    I thought this video was very disgusting of her telling her story of being molested. Her uncle is sick an the damn woman who rape her sick these bastards need to be killed.

  11. Kushite, reading this topic, I reminded of the words of MLK: “In life there will be times you have to do things that are not liked or popular,but you have to do it because it’s the right thing to do. Dr.King hit on the market as he always has.GOD BLESS

  12. Shanequa shows up on time as usual to center the discussion around black women as molesters and black boys as victims.
    Red flag!
    Red flag!

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