10 thoughts on “African Body+European Mind=Mentacide

  1. Just remember, these couple are the dead relatives from this creepy family using their bodies all while the people’s souls are trapped until, they could come out, by using flash. Their true self will come out, no matter how well adjusted they seem to appeal to the Euro world, and Caucasians doesn’t like that.

    • You saw the film too? I found Get Out very interesting. It had a lot of hidden truths in it. Not sure everyone caught the underline messages in the film. What did you find most interesting about the film?

      • The most interesting part of it is the strange “bingo” game they have where they can’t say a word, but they lift their cards kinda like auctioning. Also, by the end of the movie where the girlfriend got shot by the gardener and after what he did, he shot himself. It was pretty wicked.

  2. To further expound, these types will yell racism/discrimination like they really black. Long as the establishment “allow” them to exist they’ll continue to listen to Charlie Pride, rock-n-roll and date/procreate outside they race.

    Kush, imma tell ya something I’ve noticed. Whenever I see bm with ww. The black men look guilty or surprised to see other black people navigate certain spaces they traverse. I only notice them because I scan every face in any space I’m in. Nobody checking for U or your snow-cone. You’d think they’d be happy to see reinforcement in the building? I digress. LOL.

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