The Purge films aren’t Fiction!

The Purge....

Racist Hollywood always has a way of telling you the truth through their films.  They want you to think it’s all fiction..when many times it is TRUTH.

6 thoughts on “The Purge films aren’t Fiction!

  1. I watched all of 3 movies and I understood the messages beyond these movies!
    I have always noticed white rich demons want to get rid of what they consider a weight “black people!”,the people are power in these movies are always blacks!
    The message was, if you want to get rid of this weight, you must kill that weight!
    They want to say “us blacks!” we are problems for them,they are tired to feed us,save us,give money to us,clothes to us! They think all problems, they have ranging from genetics, financial, social and health depends on us, we are the cause of their problems!
    Because we aren’t their cause of their genetic problems and so on,if they are genetic defective it’s not our fault! Stop blaming globalization and diversity is causing white genocide,because they are the problems!
    I think they should close the damn sewer who call themselves as the mouth!
    Indeed they are taking the benefits of globalization, because there are some morons who breeding with them, the fact these people are doing them a favor!
    No anyone asked to them take our ancestors from Africa because their flat asses were too lazy to do something in their shit life!
    Now do one favor go to hell!

  2. Yeah it’s true!
    You know,I am really surprise the news didn’t talk about this WW who killed her black husband!
    It’s funny when a white partner murdered a black partner no anyone don’t give shit about it,but if was the black partner the murderess, everyone would have said that animal, beast, barbarian and so o!
    So this devil WM was married with a BM and she had 7 kids from him,before she killed her black husband,then she burned the whole house with six children inside, and after she took the newborn baby with her, throwing her car into the lake, because she wanted to commit suicide!
    I am happy that this monster is dead, thanks God the baby have been saved!
    Look how white people are mentally disturbed, she lived in the white privilege, because the investigators, the police, the press and social assistance said,
    she was depressed, she was cured!
    Depression is something different,you don’t kill people who are around you, but it is you that you hurt yourself!
    Every crime they always commit greatly appreciated for an excuse,
    to discredit in the eyes of the world that in spite of being the vile monsters,
    they eventually always get away with it!!
    She is not seen as a psychopath for what she did, indeed she considered as victim,because for 2 times she denounced her husband for domestic abuse!
    She accused him of being a violent, he had beaten her when she was pregnant!
    Once he gave poured boiling water on her arm!
    These are classic excuses of WW trash,find any excuse because she was so vile as not to admit that she was a psychopath!
    This the new belong!

  3. I know,really horrible story! WW will always see as angels no demons to the society! Thanks of white supremacy and WM who always protect their asses!
    She lied about her husband was abusive and he beat her, she was just an evil monster! I am sorry that her children have lived with this vile creature!
    Also I blame these black parents who allow their black children to married these demons! Isn’t first time I heard story of IR marriage gone wrong!
    Get out is example how truly diabolic they are!

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