37 thoughts on “EGO – Hell of a drug!

      • IMO, an evolved woman “does not step out of character.” She is humble, yet confident. And her demeanor will illustrate this. The same applies to evolved males. Their demeanor will speak volumes and illustrate that they are “alpha” males.

        Moving on, in many circles I see the opposite. For example, even in the ranks of some of my family members: EMPTY arrogance and EMPTY ego. And they CANNOT be wrong. Even when it is evident that there is NO spirituality or substance in their lives. In the work place, I see “oneupmanship” to outright being igged (ignoring one another between some blacks). I am going to use this term for the sake of clarity which I NEVER use: some of our black people OFTEN use the term, “she/he/they think that they are BETTER than me. ” The only thing that one may have that is better or convenient for them is either the daily modality of living or their life-style. I support the position of having a positive, “better” outlook and spirit about oneself.
        Arrogance is on the cutting edge of bragging ( whether one has whatever it is that they are boastful about or not) and ego to me, means that others have to compliment or “prop” you up for you to feel good about yourself.

        You left out one MORE important word: “mouth.” I’m going to leave this one alone. Enough said.

      • The ego can very powerful. Too many of our people are getting arrogant and think they know everything. Or they think they’re better than another black person because they have a good job. Not realizing that no matter if you make $30,000 a year or $200,000 a year…we’re all in the same boat. We are struggling to survive in an oppressive and racist environment. It’s time to out aside our differences and shed the ego.

  1. Well said, Epi.

    I’m gonna add a couple of my favorite quotes.

    You cannot “get” respect. There is only one kind of respect: self-respect.
    -Neely Fuller, the united independent compensatory book

    We have two ears and one mouth FOR A REASON.

    • @ KJ:

      Yes, I have a few copies of Neely Fuller’s book as well and I like his direct quote. It is no so much what others think of you or even call you. It is what you “respond” to.

      The sad thing is that some of our black people are HARDER on other black people that have committed a transgression than we are on other races. And these other races have PROVED that they give less than a rat’s ASS about our black people.

      Yet…the “mouth” and not the “brain” of some continues. Sad.

    • Well that’s cool if they’re uplifting black women. That’s always a positive thing. Although in the video there one or two women that looked racially ambiguous. But overall the message was cool.

      • I see on her Instagram account she’s dating a black man. So I guess she created that video to show black women she’s down with the sistas. Give me a break! These white girls do the most!!lol

      • @ Kushite Prince
        This is why it is hard for many black women to take black men serious when they be all pro black but the women they be with don’t look nothing black like them. The negro coons screaming black power but their women be non black. I blame black men for not getting these negroes in check especially manipulating the minds of Black African Women

      • Yes I understand. But this guy is nor pro-black or Afrocentric. He’s just overcompensating for his anti-blackness. He knows deep down he doesn’t like black women. But I also don’t like the fake pro-black men either. They’re jus phonies that lust after white flesh on the down low. Although all conscious brothers are not like that. But the ones that are should be exposed. They make it hard for those that are really about that life.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        Can you please do a post about the degradation of black women in porn videos. It’s doesn’t matter if the black woman is doing porn with black men or non black men they have these misguided black women doing the most sickest sexual deviant acts. They don’t have non black women doing those degrading act but they have no problem doing it to black women. In some of the porn videos you just tell by looking at these black women faces she doesn’t like the degradation. These sisters have a mentally ill problem to allow themselves to be this badly degraded. Also black men & women who do porn are the lowest paid.


      • I will consider it. But I must tell you I despise pornography. I think black people should stay away from it. The porn industry is a disgusting subculture as well as very racist. It is not anything black people should be involved in. But I do know that they do like to degrade black women. They have them doing gang bangs with multiple men. All the wild freaky ex you can imagine. I really don’t know what people get from watching such dehumanizing images. It really is mental pollution.

      • He’s one of those self hating coons that feel guilty because they like white women. So to make up for it he makes a video praising black women. But it’s obvious it’s not genuine. If he really loves black women he would be with one. This was a sad and pathetic attempt to avoid being called a sellout. He failed!

    • @shanequa

      Black women barely get paid in porn and when they do, they are paid the lowest. In order for BW to make some money in porn, she must be extreme and partake in the nastiest acts. With that being said, there really isnt any money in porn anymore, you either have to own your own company or prostitute on the side. Porn is an extremely racist industry for example, BM cannot have small peens while every non black man can. In straight porn, there is no Latino male star, they are either black or white. The BW in porn who do well are extreme self haters in that they will wear color contacts, terrible blond weave and change their voices to imitate ww voices. Not to get side tracked but im just saying.

  2. Sorry, I shouldve given a heads up about that lipstick alley thread. I did not read the enitre thread, I only skimmed it really fast and read only the posts with images, and you can see what happened there. You already noticed the first thing.

    1) there are alot of racially ambiguous women in the video
    2) the creator–one of the brothas in the video–is head over heels in love with an average becky (she refers to him as “bae” – eyeroll).
    3) The videographer that filmed this, is a DIFFERENT white woman, who suspiciously looks like the type that has a fetish for black men (you know the type).

    Apparently in all of Cambridge he couldnt find a black person to work the camera?

    I think most of the brothas are just unwitting victims here (the sistas too).

    The self hate is deep, and the role of the white female in maintaining white supremacy cannot be underestimated. I bet this entire project was the blonde becky’s idea from the get. They convinced this stupid black harvard jock to exhibit black self hate and mock the shit out of black women, while the pale succubi kicked back and waited for the hurt black women to realized they’d been duped.

    • @ K.J

      I 100% agreed with everything you stated. I have read several post on lipstick alley an they are a mess. Furthermore on the site non black women are consider as exotic while black aren’t. Also they are really harsh when judging the black woman’s appearance especially if she’s dark skinned. Also the site have appreciation threads for it to be a black female gossip site they sure do love non black men. They are obsessed with Beyoncé you will get attack if don’t like her or disagree. Lipstick Alley is know different from the thank you black woman creator. I know on other conscious websites have pulled interesting topics on that site to be expose.

      • Yeah, the confusion level over there is through the roof. It’s sad–the beyonce and rihanna obsessions are especially depressing–but its also sort of a litmus test of how a large contingent black women think and feel about themselves, and each other. Alot of us have totally given up on black men, and think running into the arms of the oppressor is the answer. I was ripped a new one for pointing out homosexual tendencies. I didnt insult or disparage anyone. I merely said “that man is gay b/c that is something straight men just dont do”. So many of us have no idea how real men should act. On the other hand, you got sistas labeling brothas as gay because of the stupidest reasons. If you applaud a brotha for self-love, then you’re considered desperate. There’s a high level of damage,self hate and confusion.

      • @ KJ
        I 100% agreed with your statement. Black women obsession with Beyoncé & Rihanna takes them into fantasy land. They love the expensive high fashion clothing @, the contour makeup & different styles wig they wear and other material items. It’s because many of them want to live the glamorous lifestyle that they feel will escape them from our oppression. The self hate in our community is beyond an all time high.

  3. @ Shanequa:

    Yes ma’am! I agree 100% with you on this. Further, IMO, Neither Beyoncé OR Rihanna are “nothing to write home about.” But again, that is just my opinion and I would not try to “sell” either one to any black female as “role models.”

    • Yeah, it just speaks to the yearning we have in our community for role models. And beyonce is a pawn of white supremacy, who subconsciously indoctrinates black self hatred into young girls. Rihanna is a drug addict, and promiscuous. No girls should look up to them anymore than little boys should look up to JR smith or french montana.

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