Organ Harvesting: It’s a Global problem!

Since the abduction of black girls recently  in Washington DC,people have asked me what happened to them.  A subject that keeps coming up is organ harvesting. I think this is serious problem for black people.  I think there are very powerful people kidnapping black children and adults for their organs. This is a very scary issue that some people don’t want to touch on.  Even in the horror film Get Out is shows black people being abducted and being used for their organs.  Not too many realize that Hollywood was showing what they already do.  Are black people paying attention? I hope so. Art imitates life right? And many people aren’t aware that this is a global problem.  It is really big on the black market.  It’s not only big in America but also India,China and Jamaica.  The video(above) is a Jamaican doctor.  He explains how much of a problem it is in Jamaica. Here’s an article from the Kulture Kritic about organ harvesting:

In a 2006 article, USA today estimated that more than 16,800 families had been represented in lawsuits that claimed that their loved ones’ body parts had been stolen for profit over the course of the previous 19 years. The estimate was based on data from federal and local investigators, lawsuits and public organizations such as medical universities.

David Matas

The lucrative business of illegally harvesting and selling organs and body parts without consent does not appear to have slowed down since then. The World Health Organization estimates that as many as 7,000 kidneys are illegally obtained by traffickers every year. Other organs such as hearts, lungs and livers and human tissue such as bones, tendons and other body parts are illegally harvested all over the world for transplant, research and education.

The illegal harvesting of organs and tissue from Black men, woman, and children who are kidnapped and murdered is not covered widely in the mainstream media and is many times written off has more of a conspiracy theory than fact. However, there are several cases that prove that illegal organ harvesting from Black people is happening, not just in other countries, but right here in the United States.

Organ harvesting....

Get Out....png

In 2008, former dentist Michael Mastromarino was indicted for stealing more than 1,000 bodies in order to sell body parts and tissue. Michael Brown of Murrieta, California kept bodies that he was supposed to have cremated and sold them for more than $400,000. These men and others who participate in the illegal harvesting and trade of body tissue leave many families without answers about what happened to their family members organs and/or body parts.


The illegal harvesting of organs from Black people seems to be more sinister due to the fact that organs must be harvested not long after death for them to be viable for transplant. This leads to cases where families have trouble finding answers about the mysterious circumstances their family members died under.

One such case is that of 14-year-old Jason Smith in Eros, Louisiana whose death was ruled an accidental drowning despite the fact that his organs were missing when his body was found. A case that received more attention but did not provide the family with any more answers is that of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson whose death was initially ruled to have been the result of accidental suffocation. A second autopsy yielded a different conclusion, but when the second autopsy was performed, his body had been stuffed with newspaper, and his organs were missing.


More recently in September 2014, 24-year-old Ryan Singleton’s body was found in a California desert with his eyes, heart, lung, liver and kidneys missing. Singleton’s mother believes that his organs were stolen because the rest of his body remained in tact, meaning the organs had not been eaten by animals.

As the disparity between supply and demand for organs  continues to be insurmountable, authorities are considering rewriting the 1984 law that bans the sale of organs, but in the meantime, the World Health Organization estimates that a human organ is illegally sold every hour, and families all over the world are left without answers about their loved ones death’s and burials.

Missing women....


Here’s some information taken from Selfuni’s WordPress blog:

64,000 African-Americans girls are reported missing, but nobody’s looking for them.  Why?

Despite representing 12.85% of the population, black Americans accounted for nearly 226,000 — or 34% — of all missing persons reported in 2012. According to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, the comparison with other racial groups is unfavorable: Whites and Hispanics are a combined 80.1% of the population, but account for 60% of missing persons.

This is especially troubling when you break down the numbers by age. Black and Missing reports that 37% of missing minors and 28.2% of missing adults in 2013 were black. No fewer than 270,000 minorities have gone missing since 2010, 135,000 of whom were black and 64,000 were black women, according to the Atlanta Black Star.

Essence points to a 2010 report titled “Missing Children in National News Coverage,” which found that while black children accounted for 33.2% of missing children that year, the media exposure rate was an unimpressive 19.5%. While black men go missing at statistically higher rates, coverage of black female disappearances is particularly telling in light of the attention similar stories get when white women are involved.

“In the field, I’ve seen a majority of black missing children classified as runaways, who don’t get Amber Alerts.”

From Identies.Mic

Medical History

No way the same US government and media that gave so much attention to 2-300 Nigerian girls would ignore 64,000(!) its own, unless there was a reason.  The most likely reason is organ harvesting, and the  skin is the body’s biggest organ.  Considering America’s dark history of medical exploitation of Blacks, this isn’t as far-fetched as it seems at first.

First of all, there’s a long history of medical research using unwitting/unwilling African-American women for medical experiments:

on the 19th century medical plantation—a locality spatially separate from the agricultural plantation—black women’s bodies were imagined as the ideal test subjects of research and innovation within what became modern gynecology.

That trend has continued from Emancipation until today, at the GOVERNMENT level: ”

throughout their long history in the USA, African-Americans have been secretly used as guinea pigs for medical experimentation by various American governments

It’s a MARKET. The medical industry cannot advance without unwitting/unwilling Black subjects. Cells secretly harvested, and later cultivated from a Black woman are the source of ALL cells used for medical research- vaccines, cloning, testing, etc. “This represented an enormous boon to medical and biological research”

46 thoughts on “Organ Harvesting: It’s a Global problem!

  1. “Are black people paying attention?”

    Our people are more concern about “BULL-SHIT” happening on social media, the latest gossip in celebrity news and more unimportant “BULL-SHIT.” The only time our people pay attention to something is when it’s effecting them on a personal level, family members or friend they know. Black organ harvest has been going on since slavery days. The book “Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present” by Harriet A. Washington discuss this in her book. Remember the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Alabama back in 1963 killing 4 little black girls. One of the little girls that was killed in the bombing Addie Mae Collins was stolen from her grave.

    With the missing black female children in Washington D.C could we be witnessing another ” Atlanta Child Murders 1979-1981.”

    The Atlanta Child Murders Victim

    In the words of Dr. John Henrik Clark, “we have no friends.”

    • You’re absolutely right Shanequa. They have been doing this for a very long time. I have heard stories about it for the last twenty years. But now with the internet black people are able to connect with others and share information. This organ harvesting is going all over the world. You have these rich Jews and whites that have children and adults killed for their organs. They have enough money to pay people in poor countries to do their dirty work for them. They are never at the scene of the crime. It really breaks my heart to know black children in America,Africa,Jamaica and Haiti are victims to these monsters! These sick creatures deserve DEATH!!! I have NO sympathy for these evil sick bastards! They feel as though they are above the law. They feel if they have the money they can do whatever they want. They need to pay. There must be consequences for this type of demonic behavior.

  2. Ever wonder how supplements such as melatonin and serotonin are “on the counter” supplements all of a sudden?

    • I remember hearing about ten years ago that African people were being killed and used for melatonin. At the time it seemed hard to believe. But since my consciousness as grown over the years….I wouldn’t doubt it. The powers that be see black people as expendable. Our lives don’t mean anything to them. We are worth more dead than alive because they can use our organs and melanin to extend their lives. I may have to do a post about this issue that digs a bit deeper. But it is definitely food for thought. These people are so sick and twisted you can’t rule it out.

  3. Not to mention we probably are involuntary organ donors once we die anyway, even if we check “NO” on the box beforehand. What happens to our organs once we die? Are they just burned off? Disposed of? Yeah, they’re disposed of…in a melanin deficient individual. We have NO control of our bodies. The state controls our bodies one way or the other. Whether cremated or buried. We just have it on “loan” while we are alive. We dont know the real deal, and we dony care or want to know! That’s a damn shame! Let me get off my soap box KP smh lol.

  4. It is a well known fact that ‘whites’ are dying off. They are even now running around and shouting to one and all about global warming. I don’t give a damn for global warming because the sun is my friend; always has been, them, not so much.

    If you happen to walk past a Dermatology Department, anywhere in America, glance inside and what will you see? You will see a bunch of pale-skinned assholes sitting somewhere moaning over the fact that they have gotten skin cancer from tanning beds and beaches. Of course they need melanin for without it, they’re dead. I truly don’t believe those pale-skinned rejects from hell are even from this planet because how is it that they are the only ones who must burn the fuck up and die when confronted with this planet’s sun?

    They need our body parts to survive and this is why they have been studying us, experimenting on us to see if they can somehow confiscate what makes us one with this planet and replicate it so that they can live. I sincerely hope that this cannot be done and that they are killed off before they can come up with the solution because if they cannot, they are dead and our problem is solved with their demise.

    • So true Shelby! They need us more than we need them. That’s why they need our organs and melanin. We are worth more dead than alive. That’s why I thought this post was very important. We have to get this type of information out there.

      • Yes, this post is extremely important. Black people need to be made aware of what is going on. Our people are being experimented on to this very day. Since I’ve been in Baltimore, I have heard horror story after horror story of folks loved ones being killed and they never got to the bottom of it, nor would they release any details over what actually killed the loved one. They are even denied access to their loved ones dead remains. This is commonplace here, unfortunately. I cannot tell you how many people I have talked to who will swear up and down that organ trafficking is a major problem here. And with this being a predominately ‘Black’ city, go figure!

      • That is the sad truth. We have to get the word out. I still don’t think enough black bloggers are covering this though. We have to step up our game. This is an extremely important issue. I can’t stress it enough.

  5. Kushite I agree with black neighborhood watch programs.It will stop most of this along with black on black crime. Let the white & Jews purchase our organs, the African continent is now competing in space. Even better yet , by 2020 ,the Stockholm police department will be 30% black & Arab,with blacks making major gains. I remember what Fidel Castro said: White society will be brought to it’s knees & nobody will fire a shot.Israel got it’s hands dirty as well.GOD is taking vengeance. GOD BLESS

    • We really do need our own neighborhood watch. We need them all across this country and the world for that matter. This organ harvesting is a global crisis. These low life bastards take advantage of these poor countries.

  6. Until Blacks unite and fight together against white supremacy as a collective, we are at white people’s mercy.

    • Unfortunately I think you’re right. We have to get on the same page and recognize our common enemy. Put aside our petty issues with one another and defeat this beast! This must be done!

  7. When I was in my early 20s, I had a convo with this Jewish doctor about his stint in med school and rotation. He said that the police officers (philly pd in the 70s) would beat Black prisoners to death and send the bodies to the local hospital. The jewish doctor and his friends would cut out pieces of the body and send it for “research” purposes. He also told me the white students would cut off the penises of Black men and mail it to their white female classmates.

  8. I remember this doctor who was complimented me on the fact “that beautiful brain and beautiful heart I have!”
    That fact he gave me all these compliments on my organs, I had a chill on my whole body, a it was scary thing!

  9. @ShelbyCourtland they make me sick to the core for their damn obsession with us and everything about us!
    They built beauty center for have dark skin here in UK and all over the globe,they have these TAN shops and so on! For what? For have dark and brown skin? When you are in the beaches,all of them stare at you because “your skin doesn’t turn out being a tomatoes and full of water bubbles all over your skin?” They despise us for being black and having dark skin!
    I don’t want to have white friends or them around to me,because they make me feel sick with all their stupid and ignorant questions about” I envy you for being black and all their bullshit about black people!”
    I don’t give damn about their sunburn because the real reason of their low of birth rates, at because the sun hates them!
    They don’t know the melanin not only it found on the skin and all organs ,but also sexual organs have melanin!
    Anytime they expose to the sun or make use of sun beds, they are fuck out their survival!

  10. @Kushite
    I wish the whole world see white people what truly they are,deprave monsters!
    I am tired of their false ingenuousness and being innocence, and all crimes they committed,they get away with it,as nothing happened!
    They are psychologically deviant,every single white person living deserves to be locked up in some psychiatric center,prison or gas chamber,
    what no anyone don’t understand the most dangerous people in this world are them!

      • You know I only read the first two chapters for an essay I wrote. I need to read the whole book. I would also love to check out the sources she has listed in the back. You know, it would be nice to hear more people talking about this book. Some of our greatest treasures seemingly never meet the masses. But I suppose it’s all strategy.

      • Yes I agree. More people should read that book. Another book I have is Medisin by Scott Whitaker. It really blew my mind! He covered a lot of ground on medicine and how hospitals don’t heal people anymore. Here’s the website for the book. I think you’ll like it.

  11. @Kushite I agree but their world of liars is ending forever!
    There is a global alarm, these demons feel that their end is near and they are doing everything to bring more people down into the abyss of hell with them!
    Black people should understand that these demons will do everything for survive, we should stop see these things as brothers and sisters, because they aren’t!! They don’t make no scruple to kill us,because they don’t have conscience at all!!
    Everyday I listen news about them,they are always complaining about they don’t try to have babies,they have problems, they are sterile!
    They are giving more money to incentive for people to have more babies,however that’s still not enough to keep them from dying out!
    That’s why we see all of them hyper aggressiveness, in the way they act like they have to wrap up murdering black people!!
    They have the mindset of but “we’re not going to be here anymore,so we don’t want humanity to be here either!” This is their psychology!
    This,their constant frustration of being sterile and fear extinction, always puts me on alert!!
    I never kill anyone on my life, but if they will try to hurt me, I will not have any scruples to protect myself!
    These feeling everybody should start to have,I do not think self-defense is a crime, if someone tries to kill you!!

    • I understand your frustration Nubian. Europeans seem very desperate moment They don’ want to pay for their crimes against HUE-manity. They can run but they know the universal law of karma is coming.

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