Terrorism on Black children: Do we need our own Black Militia?

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Did you hear about this?  A fifteen year old black girl was raped on Facebook live!  And people watched this and did nothing!  This is disgusting!  This is heartbreaking to say the least.  Then when you think of the multiple black girls missing in Washington D.C. it makes matters much worse. I know a lot of are frustrated right now.  We have to protect our children at all costs.  They are being kidnapped for organ harvesting or being sex slaves.  The possibilities are endless.  We can’t let our babies be taken like this.  It got me thinking if we need our own black militia groups.  Maybe we need some type of black neighborhood watch across the country.  We actually need it worldwide to be honest.  But we need some type of organization from the grassroots level. And we need to expose any black person helping our enemies hurt our children.  We need a code of conduct of in the black community.  If you harm black children…you deserve DEATH!  Whether you are a black man or woman for that matter.  You are a traitor and must be dealt with harshly.  We need the black warriors to stand up now.  We can’t always rely on the police.  We can give information to authorities if we have it.  But we all know the police come after the fact.  They show up after the incident is over.  Which is we have to do some things on our own.  We need to be properly trained on firearms.  On how to use guns,knives and self defense tactics.  We need our entire families trained in survival.

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Do you think it’s important that black people know self defense?  Should it be taught to our children?  Do we need our own black neighborhood watch?  Something needs to be done?  We can’t just stand by and watch our children be raped and killed and do nothing.  We have to protect them no matter what.  Even at the cost of our own lives.  I’m open to any ideas and suggestions.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this urgent issues.

46 thoughts on “Terrorism on Black children: Do we need our own Black Militia?

  1. Do we need a black militia? Yes we do!!!! Black Africans need protection period, we are under attack. There should be consequences when a black life is taken or harm regardless of what race you are. Black men need to be military train at all times especially to protect there black communities.

    1. Black men & women need to start going to gun range to practice learning how to shot a gun. Learn how to use many different guns.

    2. We need to start purchasing different types of guns especially machine guns or guns that holds a lot of ammunition. Also we need to learn how to make bombs.

    3. We need to keep ourselves at a healthy weight size. Start training yourselves to eat healthy as well as jogging 1.5 miles because you will never know when you will have to run.

    4. We need to learn how to survive in the wilderness.

    P.S. I strongly feel something is about to go down in the United States we are about to see the rise & fall of Babylon. Have anyone payed attention on how fast time is going by much faster.

  2. Do we need a militia? Yes. But before a militia comes very crucial things.

    Namely an organized people with a centralized governing body so as to organize and maintain a militia. You generally don’t have armies or militias without having those prerequisites.

    • That’s true Amos. That’s a good point many people overlook. We need some type of organization in place. Some type of governing body would make that a lot easier. Thanks for bringing that up. But something has to be done. This is an urgent issue. We have to protect our babies.

      • @ the Prince:

        IMO, every black male and female should (1) read the platform of the Black Panthers and (2) read the book, War and Peace. Both of these books opened my eyes to the hostile world that we as black people live in.

        On another note I have to say when there is infighting among our own people, we have to pay attention to that and ELIMINATE IT. In may black neighborhoods across the nation, individuals are shocked and dismayed when harm comes to a law enforcement officer. But too many of our black people are “desensitized” or apathetic when harm comes to one of our own.

        I’m aware that some of us do what we can when we can. Case in point, I am childless but with the type of employ that I hold, I am able to a week day off weekly. I jump in the SUV sometimes and drive to a “busy” area when school-age children are going to school (or coming) and get out to “watch” them including individuals that I know that do not live in their area. So far, only two incidents but I remain vigilant. I have seen children as young as 7 or 8 years old that are sitting at bus-stops ALONE! I get beyond angry. But , as its been said, “it takes a village.”

        Good post!

      • I agree Epi. All the infighting is very distracting. We really need to get our heads on straight. We don’t have time for this nonsense. Our children are being kidnapped and it’s barely being reported on. At this point and time black children should nit be walking alone after school. We need to carpool if necessary. Or they should walk in pairs. They should carry mace or a taser would be good also. These are scary times we’re living in. No matter what we have to protect our children.

  3. Look at this https://twitter.com/pettyblackgirI/status/845717644871327744
    7 white men were following this little black girl home but stopped once she took her phone out. I cant tell you how many times old white men have tried to approach me and my friends when we would walk home from school. Many of these men will dress like teenage boys and many also dress like teenage black boys and attempt to approach teen black girls. Black women and girls need protection and I would support giving lttle black girls a pocket taser or mace

    • @Cara
      What the hell??? This is very disturbing! That poor child! Right now black children should not be walking home by themselves. It is too dangerous right now. I saw how fast that white devil turned away when her phone came out. Thank God for that phone. I agree they need to carry mace or a taser. They need some type of protection out there. Do you know what city this was in? These bastards are all over the country!

      • The location of the school or the bus stop from the school is not known but im sure its close. I know I lived 1 min away from my elementary school.

        Im not sure what city this is in.

      • I guess it doesn’t matter since it could happen anywhere. And I assume it happens close to bus stops and schools. This is very scary! I think children should walk in pairs or at least have protection if they’re walking alone. These sick perverts are all around us. We have to make more people aware of this problem.

  4. I have been following Ashton Kutcher on twitter. In the past three years a hundred university professors have been convicted of child rape and trafficking. Crickets…. I think this problem is much bigger than we could imagine. Black and white.

    • Well this is obviously a black blog so we deal with issues that affect African people on a global level. And right now black children are under a serious attack. We don’t get Amber alerts when our children are abducted. They don’t get nearly the same attention as when a white girl or boy goes missing. So it would seem that black lives matter less. Now if you want to look at sex trafficking beyond race…..yes you’re correct. It is huge on a global level. In places like Thailand,children go missing all the time. Never to be seen again. But it also happens in India and Africa as well. The truth is the world is ran by a lot of rich powerful pedophiles. And they can pay people to kidnap children for them. Children are the most vulnerable because they can’t protect themselves. I talk about black children because I’m a black man and that is my main concern. The survival of my people. But let me be clear,I do not condone the rape,kidnapping or abduction of any child. Regardless of race or color. Only a sick perverted demon would do something like that. That is NOT condoned on this blog.

  5. @ Prince

    There are some things you never say on the internet so I’ll make this (kinda) brief.

    Yes but it must be done quietly and “underground.”

    The one thing blacks fail at more than anything is proper organization. Whenever we come together to TRY and discuss something of value affecting our community, our poison for each other, and our massive egos, gets in the way.

    This has to be a well planned TEAM effort involving men and women and it needs to be done as quietly as possible so yurugu is unaware of what we’re doing. A meeting in our basements where we all bring ideas is in order. Remember how I stated that I saw Indians in the park having secret meetings for 2 hours? Then 2 years later, they all bought convenience stores and spice shops?

    Let’s learn from them.

    I still stand by my car pooling idea. Groups are better than being alone and provide more safety. A mini van will be in order with an available driver. This is also an excellent way to EMPLOY an out-of-work trustworthy man or woman by paying them to be your chauffer.

    Also whatever happened to sitters? Your aunt, cousin grandma? I used to pick up my nieces after school and watch them til their mother’s got home.

    As for guns…


    Training is needed for everyone in the family but it needs to be kept as quiet as possible.

    • Yes that’s what we need to do. You and I have discussed this before. We need to get together in small groups. The ENEMY is always watching. Get in groups and don’t bring your cellphones. Cellphones can not only be traced but the microphones can be turned on by the government(FBI,CIA). We need to plan things in secret and make moves covertly. We don’t just need a black militia but a black CIA. We need a way to “take out” those that harm our children. They already have a system that kills people and no one is ever brought to justice. We can’t get justice in a white supremacy system. I think we know that by now. And as a sidenote,I have heard that some of these black groups may already exist. But of course I’m not stupid enough to say anymore on the internet. But just know that moves are being made.
      I also agree with your carpooling idea. We need something like that. These black children should not be walking home from school by themselves. It is too many demons on the street! Pray for those babies! These devils better hope I never see one of then in action. There will be no need for an Amber alert. Only a devil laying in a pool of blood!

      • @ Prince

        One question.

        Where are these Pro-black groups like the Hebrew Israelites and the 5 Percenters speaking out on this? I thought they were all about the Black Nation? Where are the bloods and the crips and other “tough guy” black gangs that love to talk about how “no one betta F with me, dawg!”

        Where are they with their CIA-given machine guns always talking about how ‘hard core’ they are?

        Where are the black Christian Churches that love to recruit people? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten approached asking me if I was saved. Why aren’t they stepping up and holding emergency secret meetings?

        And finally where are our black “leaders”?

        Ohhhhhhhh…..I bet I know the answer!!! They’re too busy fighting The Man to give a fuck about their own communities.

        Makes you think…

  6. Kushite,thanks for bringing this to my attention & to answer your question :Lord forgive me HELL YES. But the sad part is ,they’re not just targeting kids,we grown ups are under attack, and it’s been that way since we got off the boat. In this day & age you have to be very diligent in your surroundings, even among our own people. GOD BLESS

    • Unfortunately you’re right SevenKing. We have been attacked since day one. We have always lived in a hostile environment. But we have to protect ourselves and our children. It is a MUST! There is no debate about that. All these devils need to be eliminated…be they black or white!

  7. There is a khazars enclave in Jew York where they patrol their own neighborhood. Go into an asian, eye talian or irish neighborhood and do something funky and see if at best, cops aren’t called on you. At worse, they re-enact the Bensonhurst affair. The police knows about it and the folly tricksters know about it. When the Black Panther patrolled neighborhoods, it was mainly to stop police brutality, but drug dealing and pimping was still going on. The biggest detriment to such an organized entity will be from us. As negess stated, it should be underground becuase many will be scared of such an entity and will snitch to the police. Never the less, asking this question is like about man’sasking if we must breath. Is a must and over due.

    • Yes it is a must no doubt. But we need something to what the Panthers did. The Panthers also had schools and gave out lunches to children. Funny how the media always leaves out those details. They just want to portray them as angry black men carrying rifles. Also the Panthers were infiltrated by the FBI agents and many like Fred Hampton wee killed by the police. Hampton was shot and killed in his own home if I’m not mistaken. But why haven’t these other groups been destroyed? Why are the allowed to patrol their neighborhoods? Why can’t we protect our neighborhoods? Like Amos Wilson said,the police are not there to prevent crime in the black community. They are to CONTAIN crime to the black community. They don’t believe we should police our own community. That would be giving self authority to yourself. You would be governing yourself. And in a racist system that can not be allowed. So they allow crime to flourish in black neighborhoods so we self destruct. This is the problem we deal with.

      • @ the Prince:

        I understand what you are stating. “Funny” that is was not a problem when that murderer, Zimmerman patrolled his neighborhood. Other than 911 telling Zimmerman to “step down” when it came to stalking Trayvon Martin, nothing was ever said about Zimmerman patrolling HIS neighborhood and murdering a youth that was ONLY coming from a local store AND visiting his father. If you look at youtube, you can still see all of the racist comments.

      • For me, I think the Panthers over reached, in that they took on a socialist agenda and started branching out into a Kumbaya notion of inviting other ethnic groups to join the fight against the government. This is why their core program and mandate appeared to be diminished, while the focus was majority on their fight with the government. The first thing we need to work on is the dealers and pimps, but we can’t be very effective there, unless the kneegrow politicians and moneyed people, start investing in black neighborhoods. Drug dealing, thefts and prostitution are mostly a crimes of poverty.

        Look into the organization in Detroit…300 men… or something like that. They were not all black, but the media portray them as black. As soon as they came down on the dealers and other street criminals, a couple of females, suspected as being involved in a kidnapping and murder, complained that they were sexually harassed and abused. Of course the police, media and politicians lapped that up like thirsty dogs.

        A few people mentioned being clandestine. This may be the only way to go, because I don’t trust too much kneegrows to get with a program that would deny them their vices.

      • Yeah the Panthers started opening their arms to everyone. Some of these fools even dated cave bitches. Just as long as they say they were against “the man”. That was the beginning of the end after that. I have heard about the 300 men. They had a good idea though. We need to crack down on the pimps,prostitutes and drug dealers. But like you said,these sellout negro boot-licking politicians receive profit from the pain of the ghetto They really are poverty pimps in a way. But you’re right they can’t give up those damn vices.

      • Man Detroit was the first city I visited in the country. I loved the energy of the people. Even in its broken down state I could feel the blackness oozing from the pores. but I saw the rottenness as well. Coleman young and a bevy of kneegrow political devils, really destroyed this city and gave it back to the savages

  8. I think what happened is the lack of protection of our own. Expecting that they (authorities, law and order) can defend us against situations like these, but in the end. They protect the whites while pretending to protect Black at a cost of young boys and girls. Another thing is that society even our own destroy these innocent boys and girls to the point that they’re broken beyond repair. This story was so shocking to me that I also blamed the false feminism for being hypocrites in regards to saving a woman’s life, reputation and safety. This girl is torn for the rest of her life.

      • And facebook allow this shit. smdh. Speaking of facebook allowing atrocities like this to be posted, have you heard of about all the HMBWHC (He Man Black Woman Haters Club) channels being shut down?

      • I saw a few videos about it. They were talking about their videos being flagged. And some of their channels were terminated. I’m not sure it was only anti-BW men channels. I saw a some white guys complaining about monetization in their videos. The question is this: Who will YouTube solely target? Or will it be anyone with information YouTube doesn’t like? There are racist white men that have channels. There are black women who have anti-BM channels as well. they are videos that discuss graphic pornography. Even though I don’t like these channels and find many of them deplorable….where is the freedom of speech? People have a right to say what they want and I have a right to disagree with them. That’s what freedom is speech is about. But calling something “hate speech” is subjective. Even I’m exposing the racist lies of the media ..is that hate speech? What if I’m just telling the TRUTH and they just don’t like that. See what I mean? The white/Jews that control the media(Facebook,Youtube) get to decide what they deem offensive. So we have to be very careful and keep a watchful eye when they start banning channels. I think the core issue is censorship and that’s their main goal. I’ve said it hundreds of times and I still believe that’s what they truly want. To be honest I don’t like Tommy Sotomayer but if we shut him down…who next? Eventually they will shut down someone you do like and there comes the problem. Who gets to judge? Who gets the final say? That’s the question we should be asking.

  9. Hi Kushite Prince,

    I need clarity from you on a previous post you wrote about BDSM, slavery, etc. Did you say that you ‘enjoy’ watching pornography? And when it comes to interracial porn your preference is black man on white woman? If, yes; don’t you think that your watching porn is in direct support of sex slavery, human trafficking, and human oppression?

    I mean, you can’t go and make a post about missing black girls and then list one of the reasons for their disappearance as sex trafficking, and then turn around and say you enjoy a by-product of this problem. If you care about black women and girls, then don’t watch pornography at all. I always use a simple test, and this has helped me to be less judgemental and more loving to all people (not only black). ‘How would I feel if it were my mother, wife, daughter, sister, in that visual’? Would I still find it enjoyable.

    I look forward to your response!

    • I didn’t write that post. Someone else wrote it..I just reblogged it. For the record I don’t watch porn. I find it sick and degrading. It degrades both men and women. Making love is a beautiful thing. But European culture has perverted sex and made it gross. I also find pornography homoerotic. Why would I want to watch another man have sex??? Sorry I’ll pass! I hope this answers your question. Thanks for the comment.

  10. Thank you very much Kushite Prince. Your answer is enlightening and insightful. I knew I must’ve read the post wrong; I must’ve missed the reblogged part.

    Thank you for setting the record straight!

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