Urgent Message: Missing Black girls in Washington D.C.

Where are these black girls?  Who took them?  This is a serious issue!  And it doesn’t seem to be getting much media attention as it should.  It has been on a few Facebook and Instagram accounts.  But this should be getting mass media attention.  But of course if these were little white girls it would be all over the media.  It’s obvious that black lives do NOT matter in Amerikkka.  This should be a huge issue for black men and women.  We must protect our children.  We can’t just rely on racist cops and politicians to help us.  If they can help then that’s fine.  You can let authorities know if you have any information.  But they are still all just extensions of white supremacy.  But at some point we have to do some things on our own.  We need to start policing our own neighborhoods.  And get rid of these rapists,pedophiles and kidnappers among us.  It doesn’t matter if the culprits or black or white.  Or if it’s a man of woman.  The black devils in our community have to be exposed!  I have NO sympathy or patience for those that harm children.  I don’t give a damn what color you might be. It’s time for real warriors to STAND UP!  Black men should be upset right now!  You should be pissed off!  What happen to them?Some say it could organ harvesting. Others say it could be underground sex trafficking. They could be raped or murdered for all we know.

Missig girls...

Sex trafficking...


51 thoughts on “Urgent Message: Missing Black girls in Washington D.C.

  1. If this were a Sean Bell – Trayvon Martin type, no disrespect to our male children, this would have caused an outrage by black men AND women. But since it’s regarding females…no biggie.

    This is happening all over the islands too as black females, young and old, are being targeted for organ stealing. The kidnappers are black males who are paid to do it for a good sized fee and make it look like a robbery.

    Black females tend to relax a bit more when approached by those that look like them but are wary of whites or anyone that looks “different.” I went to school with a black girl that was raped by her brother’s friend that always used to hang around the house.

    They trusted him and so did she.

    Remember my suggestion about car pooling and the buddy system to keep safe ( as much as possible ).

    How about shopping for food with a buddy once a week?
    Or going out early in broad daylight to do your chores before nightfall?
    What about a videocam that records on your home computer?

    Just sayin’?

    • Anytime it’s a police shooting it gets more attention. And the black community gets very upset. Rightfully so. But it shouldn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl. These girls aren’t just falling off the earth. Someone is kidnapping them for a reason! This has to STOP! And I have NO sympathy for these black devils either! If these black demons are helping to kidnap or rape our girls they are enemies to black people. No debate. I’m done with them! They can burn in the lake of fire with the white demons. When you hurt our children that is act of WAR!!! If they want war…that’s fine with me! I’m ready! Taking advantage of the innocent makes you a monster..black,white,hispanic,Jewish or Asian. It makes no difference to me. This epidemic needs more attention. All black bloggers should be covering this issue. This story makes me SICK!! No doubt we are in a war Negress!

      • In all honesty, this is what highly,highly upsets me and many other black women and some black men about the black “community”. It’s good to see that DC residents are outraged, but there should be outrage from black people ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND GLOBALLY. If these were boys, you would hear about it everywhere. We know we can’t count on whites and their media to care, but what’s sad of all is how black people are waging war on black women and girls, ain’t it enough that we have to contend with the larger power structure? I’m hearing that it’s mostly negro males and their mammy handmaidens that are doing a lot of this sex trafficking of black women and girls who btw statistics say that black women and girls (probably boys to) are the most sought after sex trafficking victims. I wonder why? Is it because no ones cares, not even the black “community?”

        History IS repeating itself. Many black people (including pan-africanist scholars) want to sweep this history of black people selling out other black people into slavery aka the Moors who sold black women and children for 30 pieces of silver in exchange for white women. I’m just starting to find out this SAD dark truth of black history.


      • Yes this makes me very upset! Angrier than you’ll ever know. It pains me to do this post. But the we have to bring awareness to this issue. These monsters need to be dealt with. All these rapists and pedophiles deserve death!! A bullet to the head of all criminals that hurt our children. I have no patience for these low lifes! I want them brought to justice. If there are black men and women helping these Europeans for organ harvesting then they die too! They are an enemy to black people! I don’t care what color they are! I’m sick of these sexual perverts hurting our babies!

      • Thanks OBW. I’m trying to stay calm but it’s hard. This is really making me angry! I can’t hide my feelings on this one. This makes me sad but pissed at the same time!!

    • You probably right about that organ stealing. This situation is too random. Either that or they being sold in a child prostitution ring. SMH

  2. I gaurantee you if all those black girls were mixed, there would be more outrage. BW are on the bottom rung of the totem pole. No one has BWs back, not even other BW. Everything is going according to plan. I heard that mexican gangs are becoming an issue in DC, is that true? I know a few MS 13 members have been killing hispanic women so im just curious.

    • This is getting way out of hand! This is a state of emergency. We have to protect our children. Black men with daughters should be pissed off!! This is all out war in my opinion.

  3. @theoriginalblackwoman the Moors have paid a high tribute for their sin of salivary after white women,their own extinction!

  4. Before I get started I just pray & hope those young girls aren’t dead or hurt. Those young black teenage sisters are probably being kidnapped today be sex slaves or organs are being sold. I would like to know more of the location were the young women were taking and did anyone know or heard of the last location they were located. Black women & young girls need to watch there surroundings especially when we are the ones least protected.

    • I’m praying for them too. Only a low life piece of shit would harm a child! I hope they find these bastards! And if they are black they can go to the gas chamber for all I care. You hurt our children…..YOU DIE!!!!

    • @diaryofanegress

      That is a good question you stated? I wonder were these children kidnap in boad daylight or at night. Did the parents or guardians know about their children whereabouts or who they hung out with. I have said this many times black men & women allow black children too much freedom to wonder around freely. We need to be on alert at all times when our children are not in our sight. I have seen many of times when I’m going to Walmart with my father black children hanging out late at night.

  5. Kushite, I have 2 daughters & a son ,trust me I’m wary when they’re not in my sight. I remember billionaire Robert Smith getting Nigerian girls back from their captors. Even though he is married to a ww, he got them girls back, so I’m not dismissive of him. We have to weed out the bad influences in our community. I know we can’t be perfect, but it doesn’t take that much to do the right thing.GOD BLESS

    • Yes it’s time to step up our game. I think we need a black neighborhood watch. We have to expose these black leeches in our neighborhoods. There has be consequences to harming our children. We can’t stand for this! These people(black or white) must pay!!

  6. With such high unemployment among young black males in particular and even now its starting to encroach on white folks, it’s hard to say I’m surprised about what’s going on in dc and in the whole country.

    I saw a story a couple months ago about organ stealing in countries like Jamaica and haiti, with the worshipping of money and consumption culture so prevalent in black communities I would not be surprised one bit that negroes are taking these young girls for a couple thousand dollars.

    And if this trend continues the black community is going to be seriously self destroying itself for to satisfy their desire for consumption.

    But let’s take a second and ask ourselves. Why is that we have to appeal to the media for coverage? Why is it that black girls in particular are being taken at such a high level?

    Do we feel no shame in the fact that we have to appeal to white folks and their media to care about us?

    Even in horrific news like this, we are constantly being reminded of how little power we have in america. We don’t have the power to make this a national attention immediately and we don’t even have the power to protect our young girls from going missing at disproportionate rates.

    And yet power is not the topic of discussion, when story after story it is the common factor.

    • That is so very true Amos. This makes many of us feel defenseless and powerless. I’ve had some black men tell m they are ready to kill the culprits. I stand with them. Anyone hurting our little girls deserve nothing short of death! But I agree that power is the root of the problem. We can’t ignore that fact. I definitely agree with you on that brother.

  7. Everybody know what it’s going on out there but no anyone speak out!
    Once ago I was speaking with a black lady about this problem,the fact white people hate black people so much, but they love so much our bodies and our organs!
    You have noticed that when if a white person disappears, although it’s been 30 or 40 years is found alive, but if a black person disappears not, is not even find his/her body!
    If you think black organs in black markets its has such a high value, is absurd how these demons look at us from top to bottom and they hate us so much, and they will do everything for have our organs!
    I’ve read stories about black people who have undergone surgery, they missed their organs from their bodies!
    There are so many creepy stories out there! You believe me once we are gone,these demons will not leave us in peace even after our death! LOL
    For me they don’t need always to kidnap us for our organs also IR and other staff are kind of steal our organs!
    The black market of organs not only affects US but is global system!
    Also we can’t trust people who have the same skin color do these disgusting staff! For what?For money? Truly disgusting!

    • It is disgusting Nubian! These criminals need the gas chamber! Hurting our children can NOT be allowed! These people are the scum of the earth. The media doesn’t care about black girls. But we should! We have to protect our own at all costs. This is a clear war on the black family. And death to any black person helping these cave people to kidnap our children. If you side with the enemy then you deserve death just like them. Zero tolerance for harming our children!!!

    • Taurean s correct. He has some very good videos. I’ve checked him out before. And he’s correct about the ever present double standard. That’s what Amerikkka was founded on in the first place.

      • Of course they know. Maybe the Mandinka didn’t know where Kunta went, but white folk knew where “Toby” was.

        We remain the only people who expect protection on the goodwill of our enemies. And our enemies just happen to be the most vicious savages on this planet.

        Like this white man is more vicious and savage than a crocodile, a tiger, even a band of piranha but of all manners of beast on this planet, it’s this white man that we trust with our children, our women, our elderly and even our men. Big question remains “What the fuck is wrong with us?”

      • I know exactly what you mean brother. That’s what I keep asking myself. We really need to change our mindset and get our priorities in check! This is an all out war right now!

      • @ the Prince:

        Not being offensive to ANYONE, but one of the things that might work is that parents that have discretionary time or currently unemployed POST themselves on different blocks in their neighborhood, maybe? If someone that is up to something sees parents out there, this could be a deterrent to a possible crime. I wonder if “fear” is the main reason that individuals will not speak up?

        “If you see something, SAY or DO something.” Several years ago, one of my young nephews that lives in the “boon-docks” was going to school as usual. A car with a black AND a white man were trying to get him to come to their car. My nephew saw a woman out watering her grass and ran to her yelling. This woman immediately called the police, but by the time the police arrived the car had disappeared. However, both my nephew and the woman were able to provide an accurate description of the car and it’s occupants. My nephew’s mother is a stay at home mom and his father was at work. “I got on her ASS asking her WHY she did not take my nephew to school every day?”

        I talked to his father later and lets just say that my nephew is now taken to school as well as picked up.

        I told them you have been warned…and I hope that you “pay attention” from now on.l

      • Really??? That’s a very unsettling story. But I wish I could say I’m surprised. It happens more often than people think. Thousands of black children go missing every year. Most never get mass media attention. White children clearly get more attention. Children have to really be careful these days. There are pedophiles all around them. They’re all across this country.

  8. The first brotha, the doctor, was absolutely right. Everything he said. We cannot expect our oppressors to care about our children. The same people who sold our children down the river, ripped babies from our arms, done all kinds of sick shit to us and our children, and we really think they gonna go out and find them or get justice for us.
    What I find interesting, is you have organizations like “100 black men in law enforcement” and similar. they should hold community training so we can do the footwork and investigation ourselves. We need to get trained as private investigators.
    And we need to keep the emotion out of it. Black people are truly like children (as bro fuller always says). We’re very emotional. Now of course you’re gonna be emotional if your child is missing. But I mean in-general. Paul Ifayomi Grant wrote a good book called “niggers, negros, blacks, and afrikans” about the problems/solutions black organizations face. Finding these children is gonna take a lot of organzation.

    As far as the second brotha, whom I recognize from youtube lectures. I’d say about 90% of our alpha males are dead or in prison. The governement has spent trillions and decades to make sure of that. Also we’ve been in a war for hundreds of years. Our community represents a post-war nation, where all the strong males have gone off to war and gotten killed, and all thats left is children, the elderly, weak males and a bunch of women. And the strong black males who do care, are tied up providing for their families. Most victims simply aren’t in a position to help each other.

    But we can start if the black law enforcment officers can step up and teach us how to conduct our own investigations, and lead some community meetings on how to proceed. And we need to be asking these racists for help too. Not in the way we’ve been doing, but soliciting their services, such as bringing on some of these retired white detectives for consulting purposes. Theyre the ones who can walk through doors and get what they want, and use their friends for connections.

    The way I grew up, I couldve easily been one of these girls. And no one wouldve cared what happened to me except my poor little heartbroken mother and my grandfather. And I expect these missing children have similar family structures. Victims simply aren’t in a position to help one another.

    • Thanks KJ. I have that book by Paul Ifayomi Grant. He’s a great author and it’s a really good book. This is a very serious issue. We have to protect our children. We have been at war for quite some time now. And just like during slavery you have sellout Uncle Toms telling master about the slave revolt. Even today you have black devils helping to kidnap black children for profit. These people need to DIE!! They are worse than the cave savage himself because they turned on their own people. They know many of our children are left unprotected from these minsters. These underground cults that steal these children for sex slavery or organ harvesting. We have to work together and fight back! Against these white savages and their black devil helpers! Some things we have to do on our own.

  9. A large amount of those girls were sold on the deep Web for their organs by independent sellers and even sold and bought by the US government for sex slavery, human experimentation, sunscreens for white people, and medicine for white people with skin diseases, and organ transplants for whites, like Henrietta lacks they find that it’s easy to get black women and girls so they target them and their bodies for their medicine and cloning, and especially their ovaries to help white couples get pregnant,
    to increase the white population

    • That’s what I think too. That’s why the selling of melatonin is so big. They are using our melanin fro scientific purposes.
      The Pineal gland secretes melatonin (through the conversion of serotonin) which activates the pituitary gland to release MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone).  It is in the melanocytes that melanin is produced.

      The Pineal gland is the first gland developed in your body, and appears in homo-sapiens a mere 3 weeks after conception. There are 5 things that the Pineal gland is responsible for:
      Inner Eye – Sensing light and darkness
      Biological Clock – Tell our bodies when to do its functions
      Pacemaker – Sets the pace or rhythm for the body
      Compass – Helps us orient ourselves
      Production and Secretion of 2 biologically key hormones:
      The Pineal gland is responsible for producing & secreting the hormones Serotonin & Melatonin. Serotonin is secreted during the daylight hours, Melatonin is secreted in night time hours. These hormones work inversely. I will also be doing a post about organ harvesting as well. It’s really big on the black market. People need to educate themselves about these things.

  10. @ Courtney:

    Yes ma’am! You are correct about this! Amber Alerts RARELY go out for black children, but almost immediately for white children. Matter of fact, this past w/end I was shocked when a documentary that I was watching was interrupted with an Amber Alert. Seems two Hispanic kids, brothers, were kidnapped in their mother’s car when she “left the ignition running to go into the store for a few minutes.” Dumb as…anyway, the kids were recovered because the car jacker dripped them off at a Police Station. Thank Spirit!

  11. With the missing black female children in Washington D.C could we be witnessing another ” Atlanta Child Murders 1979-1981.”

    The Atlanta Child Murders Victim

    Protecting BLACK AFRICAN children should be the BLACK AFRICAN MEN & WOMEN main concern. I’m tired of seeing our BLACK AFRICAN children wondering around by themselves without any adult supervision. Furthermore, we are living in a era were our BLACK AFRICAN children are raising themselves. The parents of these children act just like children themselves because they weren’t raise with positive BLACK AFRICAN parents for role models nor a real BLACK AFRICAN family structure.

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