Housing Projects:Human Experiments on Black Self Destruction

In 2004, white people looked back on the history of western psychology and proposed a list of “Forty Studies that Changed Psychology.” Joined by papers from freud, pavlov, milgram and skinner, calhoun’s “Population Density and Social Pathology” (1962) captured the white imagination with hundreds of citations and many references in pop culture including novels, comic books and films. It’s impact on Black life is unquestionable; yet despite its Black impact or white popularity, you’d be hard pressed to find a Black person cognizant of its content. Fortunately, the reading man is a ready man, and not only can a reader find the research, a reader can even find several summaries:

[Observations made of rats which were supplied with unlimited food but limited space {in high-rises no less} showed that:] Dominant males became aggressive, some moving in groups, attacking females and the young. Mating behaviors were disrupted. Some became exclusively homosexual. Others became pansexual and hypersexual, attempting to mount any rat they encountered. Mothers neglected their infants, first failing to construct proper nests, and then carelessly abandoning and even attacking their pups. In certain sections of the pens, infant mortality rose as high as 96%, the dead cannibalized by adults. Subordinate animals withdrew psychologically, surviving in a physical sense but at an immense psychological cost. They were the majority in the late phases of growth, existing as a vacant, huddled mass in the centre of the pens. Unable to breed, the population plummeted and did not recover. The crowded rodents had lost the ability to co-exist harmoniously, even after the population numbers once again fell to low levels. At a certain density, they had ceased to act like rats and mice, and the change was permanent.

In essence, the government-funded calhoun correlated population density with social pathologies and since then Black people have been herded into population dense housing projects and riddled with identical social pathologies: street gangs, confused mating, neglectful mothers, child abandonment, high mortality, withdrawn individuals, no harmony, permanent corruption, kwk. The name ‘projects’ isn’t coincidental and its targeting of Black people isn’t accidental. For instance, on the surface, in the united states of america, the Housing Act of 1968 prohibited the use of high-rise developments for families with children (unlikely given how many children are in high-rises today.) The real legislation in that law was Section 235 which gave white people a means to get out and live in the suburbs, effectively leaving Black people behind to the full wrath of the experiments. And it worked. white people lived in the suburbs and Black people lived in the projects. What we know as white-flight is just ‘when the project begins’ and what we know as ‘gentrification’ is ‘when the project ends.’   rats1

Of course, the casual reader may have been mislead into thinking research on rats has no bearing on human beings; however, despite the applicability of the research, the intention of the researcher to apply it to people, the u.s. government funding the research, or the impact of the research on architecture, psychology and science in general–the fact remains that not only do Black people live in ‘Projects’ and white people as early as 1573 correlated dense urban living with ‘rascall and vile sort of men’ (see baret j.); but the more salient fact is that white people have countless studies on Black people and white people control Black environments. Certainly, Black people have a short list of studies on whites, most of which use white studies on white people and few of which are significantly read by Black people; but it’s very similar to the lab rats boldly writing books on their white researchers. Are they truly studying or reiterating? And when they publish with the researchers, is that not more study information for them?

Now, that Black people are studied by whites is undeniable. If you want to learn a fact about Black people, the quickest means is, unfortunately, going to whites. What’s more white people are all very quick on Black facts and statistics; much more so than Black people are of white facts and statistics. However, why white people study Black people isn’t self-evident. I won’t waste much time on conjecture: some will say for sexual accessibility, to financially exploit, to kill us off, to study themselves, because only one Race can be on top, all of the above or none of the above–who knows? The truth is that Black people are in different labs that white people constructed, whether you are in the hood, the prison, the suburbs, the gated community or the white neighborhood. And white people collectively put you there for collective study. What for? Only whites know. What’s more important is for Black people to acquaint themselves with the research and even moreso the smartest solutions out of this predicament.


For instance, it’s self-evident that if social decay is a result of a lack of space, the solution to the Black problem is emigration. In other words, if the excess rats left the laboratory, the remaining society would have thrived. However, in the rat situation and the Black situation, the whites limited his subject’s individual mobility. The classic example is that Black people wish to move out of the hood all the time; but those who are successful in that transition often find themselves priced out of their destination and returning poorer than ever. Why? Because whether you are in the hood or in the suburbs you are a part of the experiment and if, for instance, the researchers in the suburbs want you back in the hood, he need only make a call and you’re back in room 14. Am I lying?

Further, it’s worth noting that in calhoun’s research, he would observe that the mice became territorial and violent toward one another. But to make it easy for him to verify that the mice were territorial he would mark a handful of mice with different colors. Another scientist then commented that despite how mice are color blind he may have created the territories by assigning different colors, in which calhoun noted that it was possible, especially since the mice could possibly smell the difference between the marks. However, he also lended the idea that although the colors were used on the mice, many mice were uncolored but were as territorial notwithstanding. Anyone in the hood can tell you that different projects (territories/turfs) are represented by different gangs who wear different labels which are oftentimes colors [i.e. neighbors in the same building would rarely be gang rivals]. Not everyone in the building wears the label–but in order for whites to easily study them, many gang affiliates do. Two prominent gang colors — blue and red — have been in Black projects since 1969 and 1972, respectively; very shortly after the 1968 Housing Act and for nearly 50-years! And the flags/bandanas that gangs associate with are manufactured and distributed by, you guessed it, white people–the researchers.

It’s easily said, not so easily done, that Black people should disassociate entirely from territorialism. However, it behooves us to condemn without understanding. In the mice situation, the limit of space also meant the limit of roles; in human terms, the limit of space also means the limit of employment. As in, without predators or diseases, the mice lived longer lives and occupied their social roles longer than nature would permit, so a lot of younger mice would reach the age for social roles and be without any. One impact of this was to destroy the mice’s mating, just the same as an unemployed Black man isn’t as attractive to a Black woman as a gainfully employed Black man or, by design [often and unfortunately], a well-to-do white man. Again, a cursory study of the hood–a prominent project being done to us–is that near every local employable opportunity is taken by eurasians; from the stores we shop down to the police force [The police are not only there to kill us, but also to take our jobs!] The few jobs Black people find in the hood are custodial, transportational and more often than not menial; and many of those employees are aged and not going to give those jobs up. So you have countless young Black people without employment yet under normal circumstances it would not be horrible. For instance, if a hiring factory were nearby, hood employment would be solved [Note to Reader: Build a Black Factory {computers, phones, cars, soap, hair products, frozen foods, kwk}]–or if plentiful arable land was nearby, hood employment would be solved. But there are no hiring factories and not enough arable land near hoods. This is by design.


Further, the researchers decided to test what impact they can have on Black people if they offered Black people employment as drug dealers and gave them guns, movies, music videos and comic books which reflected how to effectively make a living violently drug dealing. Note: anyone can tell you that Black people do not import drugs into the united states and Black people do not manufacture guns in the united states, but somehow Black people have possession of large quantities of drugs and guns in the united states and its usually the ones with drugs who have the most guns–and those guns are never pointed at the researchers. Anyone can tell you this. It’s easy to suggest Black people should sell their drugs to white people or point their guns at white people; but the experiment is always being perfected. Today, white people mis-educate Black people in schools. They know, in fact, that most Black people only have an 8th-grade education, to this day. They know Black people will drop-off/drop-out in High School because High School is geared toward College and few Black people (particularly males) aren’t intimidated by College when they are being failed left and right. They designed it and we are the lab rats, falling hook-line-and-sinker. In fact, white people know that this article I am writing is above the 8th-grade level so he knows many Black people would not only pass up reading it but will also be unable to grasp fully what is being written. The cracker is laughing. He designed his system to have minimal flaws.

So what in the world can you do? I personally organized a handful of Brothers and Sisters to go into the hoods (where our population is most dense) and endeavor to radicalize the Black population there. Whether it is making them cognizant of the experiments, informing them on how to organize economically, or giving them self-knowledge above and beyond the 8th-grade, that is what I do aside from these writings. And it’s resisted by Black people! It’s thankless work. I’m even resisted by the Black men and women I organized! Only a handful are 100% committed. So the white man sees yours truly, Onitaset Kumat, petitioning certain communities and he’s laughing. The cracker even nods at me. He looks at me and says, without saying, “Nigger, we would have given you any position your Nigger-ass wanted. You individually are smarter than most of us. In another time, we would look up to you, like we looked up to Kmt, Kush, Timbuktu, Olmec, etc. You are a special Nigger, why you wasting your time on those other Niggers?” But personally, I’m just not with abetting the crackers’ agenda. And it’s upon Black readers and leaders to take the same stance. This white man mis-organized Black communities to be self-destructive. Countless Black people, like the lab rats, are turned against themselves while ignoring the impact that the researchers are having. You’ll have your crowd of Black women saying Black men ain’t it; or Black men saying Black women ain’t it; or Black people keeping white secrets (particularly sex secrets–you know who you are! [read “Pieces of a Puzzle: The One Thing Black Females Will Not Talk About” by Reneathia Tate); or Black people serving white people cheaply. But until Black people wake up to the experiments and work toward undoing it, they will be at the mercy of a sadistic and savage people. Black people today are sexually accessible to whites, servile to whites, working for whites, subjugated by whites, mis-educated by whites, mislead by whites, deprived of maturity by whites, reporting all of their information to whites, requiring permission for basic things by whites, being fed and clothed by whites, studied and experimented on by whites; and these white people make sure of it everyday.

Black man and Black woman, you are in a Project. Call it the hood, call it Prison, call it the suburbs, call it a neighborhood, call it Earth, you are in a Project. The solution has always been what it always was: Maroon and Build For Self. I said it for over five-years and ancestors willing, I’ll keep saying it for another one-hundred years. You must break free of white people: then and only then will you be free. Know yourself, know your enemy, and be the rare African who is 100% committed to our liberation. That rare African is our most valuable asset.

Article written by Onitaset Kumat

33 thoughts on “Housing Projects:Human Experiments on Black Self Destruction

  1. …and how many times have we been trying to get the Black ‘collective’ to understand this? It is fine to say that we are nothing more than ‘lab rats’. We already know that, the problem is what can we do about it except what this cat tried to do and that is to go into communities of color and try and awaken as many as we can, only to get caught up in gunfire and get shot in the ass for our troubles?

    I am all for Black folks finding and starting up some sort of ‘Black sanctuary’, but, AGAIN, the problem is how to go about doing this when so many have been brainwashed and damn near lobotomized by the experimentation processes done on their ass by the ‘whites’?

    So far in Baltimore, I have been busjacked, carjacked, shot at and my cousin has been shot, multiple times and this has all happened in the space of 6 months time. We just got here 6 months ago! How much more do I have to go through in my attempts to awaken the ‘Black Collective’?

    I actually put a post up about my experiences since I’ve been in Baltimore, but I had to take it down because I was getting emails from people who wanted to set up a ‘GoFundMe’ page to help me get out of Baltimore. In fact, I may post it again with a disclaimer!

    We cannot help people who don’t want to be helped and who are so lost, they can never find their way again and that is even with some sort of ‘Black-inspired’ GPS system to guide them.

    • @ Shelby

      I knew a woman who had a good sized garden and grew all kinds of vegetables. She went into “the hood” so sell them to black folks for dirt cheap. She was practically giving it away.

      They cursed her out and threatened her.

      Now she’s at white markets making a mint for her tomatoes.

      Sometimes you gotta let people go. Nature does this all the time. Weed them out so we can make room for healthy crops.

      • Thank you diaryofanegress for your spot on comment! I highly doubt that I have more lives than a cat and I ain’t about to continue trying until I’m dead and planted. We were trying to open some Black-owned businesses in ‘Black neighborhoods’ to counter the Korean and Chinese liquor stores and Takeouts, but we’ve been hit so many times, it’s no longer worth it. Right now, we are at a loss as to what to do and many of us are waaay past tired! What we are up against is just too far gone!

      • @ Shelby

        Well, the issue is this. Those of us that really want change either:

        1. Don’t have the means
        2. Can’t find the appropriate people to turn to for group economics

        I wanted to buy raw land in downtown philly with a group of “conscious” blacks to fight off the rise of middle class and rich white kids moving into the neighbourhood with their pet shampoo parlors and nut shops.

        My idea was to have a black owned flea/ farmer’s market that catered just to black businesses like the beekeeper who sold her honey, the seamstress, the potato farmer and such.

        When they realized that I wasn’t “just talking” and wanted to proceed FOR REAL, everyone quietly dropped out.

        I couldn’t afford to do this by myself.

        I stopped trying after that.

        But, but…

        You will hear us bitch and moan about how “we never have anything” but fail to realize that work is actually involved with success.

      • “You will hear us bitch and moan about how “we never have anything” but fail to realize that work is actually involved with success. ”

        Another spot on comment! Truer words were never spoken. When it comes to actually doing something as opposed to talking about it, well now, people just seem to disappear.

        And I came back to Baltimore in an attempt to try and beat back gentrification because I used to live here years ago and I loved this city, but left for personal reasons and what I saw when I came back was just too much and so I rolled up my sleeves and tried to get people onboard and I encountered what you did and so then I decided, with the help of my cousin because we had just won settlements to try and fix up neighborhood rattraps and open for business selling convenience/grocery store items and discounted items as opposed to liquor and Chinese garbage food that’s on every corner in every so-called ‘Black’ neighborhood, but for every nail that was hammered in, a dozen boards were ripped out and we just cannot keep up with the destruction nor can we handle the outrageous, out-of-control crime! It’s a warzone here! We’re packing it in!

        So it’s now, stick a fork in me, I am SO done!

      • @ Shelby

        How’s about an online grocery shop? I buy from the black diaspora: herbs, oils, clothing…and they have no physical shops, just online ones.

        I even buy hot pepper sauce online from Jamaica.

        Plus, you’ll never have to deal with negroes.

    • Hey. Good post.

      People are not going to change by trying to awaken them to an alternative point of view. In fact, most psychologist would tell you after a certain age, there is no use in trying to change people.

      Amos Wilson wasn’t so much about trying to change people as he was about writing and influencing the next generation.

      The first slaves who arrived to america were just slaves by physical bondage. The generation after were slaves by mental bondage.

      If we want to change the world. It’s not going to come from trying to change black folks, it’s going to come by having a small group of people who will invest giving the next generations the tools to overthrow the current status quo.

      In ancient times, when countries conquere another, what do they do with the adults? They kill them or they might keep the women as sex slaves. But they often keep the kids because their mind can be molded.

      THIS IS NOT ABOUT PREACHING TO BLACK FOLKS give up on that idea. If you’re truly for black empowerment you will start planning right now and organize with like minded folks.

    • That is so true Shelby! I feel where you’re coming from. So many black zombies don’t realize they’re the rat in the experiment. We have to reverse that brainwashed mindset if we want real change.

    • “Whatever liberty is worth to the whites, it is worth to the blacks; therefore, whatever it cost the whites to obtain it, the blacks would be willing and ready to pay, if they desire it.” — Martin Delany

      The only time a war is lost is when the warriors surrender. I’m sorry to hear of your experiences and I wish that it weren’t so. But we’re in a war. And it’s not an easy war. It’s a war that’s been waged for millennia. You’re on one battlefield. And who knows if you’ll win it. But the reality is that this war requires us to never surrender. Every surrender is a setback. Did Steve Biko liberate Azania? Did Lumumba free the Kongo? Did Nkrumah make Ghana a global Power? No. But are we better off with their examples or should they have surrendered earlier and been like everyone else?

      Keep fighting. Eventually this war will be over and we can look back at our past lives (our current, current lives) and say “It’s because we resisted.”

      • Check out my latest Novel. It’s about a Man in a Pan-African Community. Fiction? Sure. But how the Pan-African Community comes about is through the sacrifices of people like us. I wrote it partly to expose our people to African Manhood and Womanhood but also partly to show how much better life could be if we got together and cut the talk. It’s a necessary ‘image.’ I’m printing the preview weekly–definitely check it out.

    • “We cannot help people who don’t want to be helped and who are so lost, they can never find their way again and that is even with some sort of ‘Black-inspired’ GPS system to guide them.”
      Yes ma’am, I agree with that statement!

      I HAD to learn that “you are only going to help the people that you’re supposed to help.” It was a learning experience, but hurt nonetheless. From empty EGO to empty ARROGANCE to (nothing but a hole formed) “MOUTH?” It does get tired. And for the life of me, how in the sam hell is an individual going to advise on a given subject area when he or she is sorely lacking? And their circumstance SHOWS this?

      Make me understand?

      • I am a little unsure as to how to answer this, but going on my experiences, I am finding that I don’t have much to work with. Some have stated in their comments that we must seek to enable the youth to move forward because it is already too late for the adults, but the sad fact of the matter is that it is too late for the youth because it is the youth who are the most uncouth, the most hard-headed and the most criminal.

        I have witnessed with my very own eyes, children get out of school and congregate on corners here and cuss up a storm, smoke weed and otherwise act an ass. They are not learning anything in school and we wonder why each generation gets worse and more dumb. I don’t wonder because it is quite obvious that no one is raising them or rearing them right.

        When I was a child, my parents knew where I was at all times. I was not getting out of school, hanging around on corners and smoking weed and cussing up a blue streak. I was heading home to change from my school clothes and sit down and get my homework done and then I could head outside and ride my bike, or read a book, which is what I mostly did. The youth of today are not, for the most part, doing these things, hence the teen pregnancy epidemic. That was not prevalent in my day and what is different from my day as opposed to today? A two-parent household with at least one parent who gave a damn about my education. There is no one in the home today to give a damn about the kid or their education; that is quite obvious because if there were, we would not be hearing about this school-to-prison pipeline. There would be no need for medal detectors in schools. There certainly weren’t any when I was in school. Why not? Because we were taught manners and how to behave ourselves and about what was important and hanging out and smoking weed and acting out was not on the menu. Each generation is more lost than the previous one and so therefore, there is nothing to work with.

  2. @ Your Highness

    Yeah…they study us alright.

    They have our skin, hair teeth, nails and melanin in labs. That’s why it’s important to study them psychology, sexually and physically. What makes ’em tick and how to get around on them.

    I’ve learned the single most detrimental thing you can do to whites is to ignore them. They’ll die without our attention.

  3. Kushite & Negress .Ignoring wp is actually paying off. Saye Taryor reminded wp on his twitter account, that he likes that wp go all out to study black folks. Their studying us is so high that Saye reminded them that they are neglecting their own communities. A new study is out that wp w/o a high school diploma life expectancy is at a all time low. Their lives are shorter,they are not breeding.Their drug use is getting worse & the European continent is collapsing. GOD BLESS

  4. Kushite did you hear that European countries are mad at the Presidents of Greece & Turkey, because they told African immigrants to breed & multiply with the purpose of taking over Greece, Turkey & the European continent. Well the way I look at it, Black Moors civilized the Greeks & they helped liberate Turkey. I told you months ago, it’s time for black folks to start collecting debts. GOD BLESS

  5. Kushite just to remind you that white people just committed their last cardinal sin against black people when a racist white man drove from Baltimore to NYC & killed a homeless black man.Retribution will be sweet. GOD BLESS

  6. I studied social science and psychology in High school!
    Although I have studied sociologists and psychologists as Freud,Skinner,Pavlov and Milgram, I never understood the psychology of white people,but the most important things I know,they feel pleasure to hurt,harass,stalk and kill you,until your soul is completely destroyed!
    I believe before black people came in contact with these sub-human,the words such depression and mental illness disorder never existed before in our ancient black civilisation!
    White people are naturally mentally disturbed,they are like viruses that spread their diseases when you are living around them and working with them,it’s here our black soul are corrupt !
    That’s why a lot of us suffer of mental illness disorders,a cause of their presence in this world!
    We don’t want accept the reality,we are mental sick when we started to live with these things!
    When I am working with them, I am feeling that all my energies are drained and absorbed!

    • There’s no debating that Nubian. It’s clear that being around these white Neanderthals has warped our minds. We have been taught to love whiteness and hate blackness. Hating your own reflection is the highest form of self hatred in existence.

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