Plantation Retreats- Black Degradation and White Depravity



Those who have loved and dated across the color line have to negotiate the realities of race in our society, and by extension, its impact on their relationships. For many, this is done through explicit conversations. For others, these dialogues come implicitly, through gestures, and taken for granted shared assumptions.

But how many folks actually talk about how race impacts their own sexuality, attraction, physicality, or notions of the erotic?
We live in a society that is structured around many different hierarchies of power, authority, and difference. As Foucault brilliantly observed, Power is not sitting out there in the ether, an abstraction that we just talk about in philosophy classes. Power acts through and upon bodies. Certain people are racialized in American society for example. Their bodies are locations of power–and yes resistance. Likewise, certain types of bodies are marked as “normal,” while others are deemed “different” or “abnormal.”
The “popular” imagination holds many assumptions about particular types of bodies. The black male body is something to be policed, controlled, and feared. It is both envied and despised. The Asian female body is “erotic” and “submissive.” The black female body alternates between being fecund, always available, and out of control, while simultaneously being marked as “masculine,” asexual, and unattractive. Latinas are “hot” and “sexy.” White bodies of a certain type are taken as the baseline for what is considered “beautiful” or “normal.”
Ironically, the bodies of black and brown people which are considered beautiful or attractive by the white gaze are judged as such either by how “different” they are from white norms (the exotic or savage) or how close these racialized bodies–almost like impostors or stand-ins–are to the normalized white body.
The very language we use to discuss race, the physical, and the sexual, is a quotidian example of Power in action. But, how are matters complicated when a significant part of a given person’s sexuality, and sense of the erotic, is centered on playing around with the dynamics surrounding dominance and submission?
Consider the following passage from the Colorlines article “Playing with Race”:
Bed wench...

Contrary to popular notions, BDSM is not about abuse. It’s consensual and trusting and people refer to it as “play” (as in “I want to play with you”). The point of BDSM is not sexual intercourse. In fact, when Williams recalls her first experience as a masochist seven years ago, she says she met her partner, a white man, at a bar and “fell in love at first sight.” They made their way back to his hotel. “For the first time I felt someone could see who I really was.” And that was someone who found it erotic to be a submissive to her partner.

In recent years, Williams has added another element to her repertoire as a masochist. She’s begun to engage in what is called “race play” or “racial play”—that is getting aroused by intentionally using racial epithets like the word “nigger” or racist scenarios like a slave auction.

Race play is being enjoyed in the privacy of bedrooms and publicly at BDSM parties, and it’s far from just black and white. It also includes “playing out” Nazi interrogations of Jews or Latino-on-black racism, and the players can be of any racial background and paired up in a number of ways (including a black man calling his black girlfriend a “nigger bitch”). White master seeking black slave, however, seems the more popular of the combinations.

I could not engage is such types of role-playing. My personal politics would not allow it; my libido would not respond.

That is my choice. I do not deny others their pleasure.


However, as someone interested in the relationship between race, politics, and racial ideologies, I am fascinated by how individuals negotiate white supremacy and Power.

Are people like Williams or Mollena more “evolved” and “progressive” than those of us who cannot decouple the realities and burdens of race from their bodies and psyches in the present? Alternatively, could this deep sense of both owning and living in a racialized body, be turned into a location for pleasure and catharsis:

Vi Johnson, the black matriarch of BDSM, has presented on race play at kinky conferences and she believes the appeal is different for each person. “When you’re being sexually stimulated, you’re not thinking that what’s stimulating you is a racist image, ” she says. “You’re just getting turned on.”

So, for some, she says, race play is about playing with authority and for others, it might be humiliation.

Well-known sexuality and SM educator Midori, who is Japanese and German, often presents her theory that humiliation in BDSM is linked to self-esteem. Take the woman who likes it when her boyfriend calls her a “slut,” Midori says. Perhaps the woman internalized the idea that “good girls don’t,” but she enjoys her sexuality. Because the boyfriend sees her in all her complexity, Midori says, when he calls her a slut, “he is freeing her of the social expectations of having to be modest.”

That’s different than having some stranger (and jerk) calling you a slut. The stranger doesn’t see the full woman. It’s similar with race play, Midori says. By focusing, for example, on a black man’s body, while he’s bound as a slave, she’s bolstering his own perception of himself as strong and powerful…

Her workshop demonstrations have included full auction scenes mimicking those of the Old South. In them, she is the plantation mistress inspecting a black man for “purchase.” He’s in shackles and “I slap him on his face and push him down on the ground, make him lick my shoes,” she says, emphasizing that she only does the demonstration after the “psychological” talk.

In the interest of transparency, I am a sex positive person (at least according to the survey on In many ways, I am also a bit of a libertine and a hedonist who is comfortable in both exclusive and open relationships. I also have certain predilections and tastes that more “vanilla” folks could find “kinky” or “different.” Ultimately, I am just myself, and do not know how to pretend to be anyone else.
I am also full of contradictions and complications as sexuality and the erotic are not neatly bounded constructs (for example, I do not like watching interracial porn where white men have aggressive sex with black women as chattel slavery looms too large in my mind; however, I have no problems watching black men have aggressive sex with white women). I have also dated many women from a range of racial backgrounds: I love women; I love variety.
I share those details not to titillate; rather, because while I am rendering a judgement of sorts, I would not want to sound “judgmental.” The difference is a subtle, but nonetheless, an important one.
One of the questions I will be asking Viola Johnson from the Carter Johnson Leather Library when I interview her in the next few weeks (fingers crossed) is how do we separate more “healthy” types of race play from those encounters that are rooted in disdain for the Other and white supremacy. Are these just inter-personal contracts or do these types of sexual relationships gain power (and are made erotic) precisely because of how they signal to larger societal taboos?
If the website Fetlife is any indication, there is apparently a not insubstantial number of people who engage in sexual roleplaying and BDSM using the motif of chattel slavery in the antebellum South. A cursory review of the member profiles suggests that many of these people are white supremacists. This is apparently not a deterrent to the black men and women who want to “serve” these white masters.
Race play...

Here a white “slave owning” master offers some insight on race play and “plantation retreats”:

My major kink-interest is in chattel slave-ownership in today’s world but following the historical models of 8,000 years of historical slave-ownership tradition (from Greek-Roman through modern day)…along with everything that might relate to it (which sometimes can go pretty far into the realm of BDSM activities, depending on the partner). I’m very knowlegble in the field of historical slavery.

Some of my other non-kink interests include history and philosophy, classic cars, music, science, singing and writing lyrics, architecture, comparative culture, language, reading and counseling..

I get a lot of questions about “Plantation Retreat”…so here are some basic facts:

My goal in creating and hosting Plantation Retreat is to provide a safe and welcoming, private place (and opportunity) for White Masters and plantation slaves/niggers to meet and explore their mutual fantasies. I get a lot of questions and answer many individual questions. To simplify things…here is some general basic information:

The gathering lasts for up to 2 weeks this year, with the main gathering around the 4th of July…folks can stay as long or as short a time as they want (some stay even longer). Masters can stay at the compound here or in a hotel if they want to (as can any personal slaves that they bring with them or any other slave that is ordered to do so).

Slaves arriving on their own stay here and are considered (and protected) as property of the plantation or my personal property.

Slaves sign up for a specific length of service. Slaves can specify what their limits are or that they will serve in any way the Master/guests desire. Sex is not required, but depends on individual choice (as do other activities). Most Masters desire to use slaves sexually in addition to normal domestic services. Some slaves are used only for hard labor. A slave’s assignments and duties are based on its experience and ability-level (some require whipping or punishment). Masters have their own king or queen bed (up to 5 available); slaves sleep where they are told to sleep (unless they are ordered into a Master’s bed and allowed to sleep there). Normally a slave sleeps at the foot of a Master’s bed, but some can be chained or caged elsewhere.

The minimum requirement for slaves is that they be obedient and respectful of all Masters and work to give the Masters and enjoyable time. This can be anything from preparing and serving drinks and meals, doing housework or yard work, to providing sexual relief on demand, to hard labor in the compound (depending on the slave’s previously-stated limitations). Slaves should expect Masters to be totally comfortable and free in using humiliating or degrading racist speech in referring to or speaking to mud-slaves. It’s not all punishment and misery for slaves…there is plenty of time for camaraderie and playful fun also. Some slaves even form a brotherly bond with the other slaves that serve with them. Masters also form lasting bonds and friendships based on their mutual interests and sharing slaves.

It’s just a small friendly gathering of White Masters at my house/compound….being served by mud-slaves as might have been in a modern version of slave-days. one might call it a situation of consensual non-consent/slavery. Slaves can set their limits and the time they will be in service as slaves in advance…. and also what they expect to learn and experience from the experience. The more that a slave lets me know about itself in advance, the better I can guide its growth from the experience.

Backstage racism mates with BDSM, the eroticization of the black body, and finds a place online through a variant of cyber-racism. Amazing. We do in fact live in interesting times.

White supremacy is a mental illness. Western (and global) society is sick with it. All of us, across the color line, have been impacted by white supremacy and white racism. But who are we to judge how adults in a consensual relationship decide to work through its pain and ugliness?
As is per our tradition at WARN, here are some concluding questions.
Have any of you engaged in race play? For those of you in inter-racial relationships, how do you negotiate these bigger questions of race and the erotic? If our kinks and sexual predilections are in some way a function of life experience, trauma, early childhood experiences, etc. what happened in the life of a black person who is willing to play a slave for the pleasures of white racists?
Article by chaunceydevega

45 thoughts on “Plantation Retreats- Black Degradation and White Depravity

  1. Your Highness,

    I don’t want this to come out the wrong way but I’ve separated my raw emotions from logic awhile ago and came up with a very basic but startling conclusion. It was so obvious that it shocked me in its simplicity.

    Whites are obsessed with us on a level that even they can’t fully understand. I firmly believe that they wish to rejoin us and “let themselves go” fully. That includes emotional richness ( empathy), Spiritual richness ( that’s why in order for them to be “at peace” they must become religious ), sexually ( sex with us is so desirable, they place ads begging us to seduce them. I can’t even repeat what white men have told me about black women), and mentally ( which is why they seek to “understand” us.

    All of this leads back to them KNOWING they are inferior on every level.

    This is where it gets twisted.

    A logical person would have figured out that they can’t beat God’s People and Nature is against them so join huemanity and they too can be fulfilled.


    Because they are cut off from the God Particle, they cannot circumvent their own illness and seek to control-destroy us. It’s like that old saying,” If I can’t have you, no one can”…so they put a bullet in your body and then shoot themselves.

    I’ve thought about this psychology long and REAL HARD.

    I vacillate between pity, raw hatred, anger and apathy constantly.

    I hope this makes sense.

    • No it makes sense. You’re not But we should now their true nature by now. They have showed us for hundreds of years what they are really about. They have killed people on every continent. Committed genocide and slavery pretty much all over the world. They are sexual deviants as well. This article is an old post from a few years ago. I just wanted to upload it to remind people what Europeans are all about in the Trump era. They haven’t changed and I doubt they ever will. We are the Original people and they are…….something else. Some kind of savage cave beast that destroys everything they touch. This should not be news to anyone that studies European his-story.

      • That’s very true. Television has a way of programming your mind. So they re able to control how we think and how we view ourselves. And since they control the images more often than not the images will be negative and degrading.

  2. Great post Kushite! All my entire life WM really annoyed me so much! They don’t understand when you as black man/woman,you don’t want them,they tried all their best to have you!
    Most these black people have been harassed by these monsters,they give up to them!
    I call these harassment and stalking because this isn’t love but pure pleasure that these people feel for us!
    If you refuse them,they always act with anger and aggressive to you!
    Because their mentality of white supremacy teaches them “they are the best,they are white!”,so who are you to refuse their flirting?
    Most the times they will show you their true racist colour,for example call you and insult you as N@gger!
    I don’t want have half white kids and white grandchildren!
    I don’t have them in my family tree!
    Most of us don’t understand these sub-human see us as sexual pleasure toy,nothing more!
    That picture of that WM is sodomizing that BW is so disturbing and horrible!
    BM bash BW for chase after these cave females,they forgot quickly how BM have been treated by these Neanderthal females as pure animal of pleasure!

    • Very well put, qnubian528!, I feel the same way about them as you. I remember I was attending a pro football game once, and a WM approached me asking me for my number. I straight up told him that I don’t date WM, and he threw the cup of ice he was holding in my face and ran off through the crowd! I was speechless! They are truly Neanderthals, and think they own the world, and when someone tells them no, or don’t subscribe to their esthetic, then that person is a marked enemy for them that needs to be destroyed! The above article is beyond belief and sickening to me!

      • Thanks for the comment Ladyd. I can’t believe that subhuman threw ice in your face! He needs his ass kicked. They don’t take rejection very well. White women are the same way. I had a white female co-worker that flirted with me all the time. She wouldn’t leave me alone. Once I told her I was in a relationship she got angry. She always had a bad attitude towards me after that. White women think every man wants to sleep with them. They think they’re God’s gift to the world. They are sadly mistaken.

    • I agree Nubian. We shouldn’t be involved with them sexually at all. And slave sex retreats are just degrading! We must have more self respect. The images are very disturbing and shows how many of us are mentally enslaved. This is pure debauchery!! SICK!!!

      • Thank you Kushite prince for this wonderful forum bringing these cave people and their shenanigans to light! Keep up the good work!

      • You’re welcome Ladyd. I do my best to share stories that many not know about. It’s important to expose these type of stories. No matter how sick they might be. Glad you enjoy the blog.

    • When you reject them, they look dumbfounded and then they start throwing around stereotypes. A wm almost ran me over in a parking lot with his redneck truck when he realized I wasnt interested. At this point, since the propaganda and the push for IR is soooo heavy, many non black men seem to think BW bodies belong to them. Its almost like BW are being treated as a free for all. Ive been followed, I have been hit with carts and have had grapes thrown at me. When there is a random BM near by, nothing happens. The attacks only happen when Im alone and there are virtually no black people around.

      • @Cara Blu, I have been getting a feeling that African American women are not safe from these sexual deviants. Do you have a gun to protect yourself or a brother to accompany you when you’re out and about?

  3. Sexual degradation is used as a means to subjugate an enemy. You defile the woman and humiliate the man because he cannot protect his woman. Worse yet when the man is used and abused in this way. wp know about MENTAL torment which is why they are still using mind control techniques on individuals and the general populace. Unsurprising then that wp should want to re-enact their favourite perverse white supremacy fantasies in this way. However, WTF is going on with the ‘slaves’ actually willing to participate in this sickness? Are these people under hypnosis or heavily medicated? Have they been selectively mind controlled from a young age to perform like this? Something very wrong must be going on here. Not even swirlers would want to pack a case and head off to a ‘plantation retreat’ like it was a weekend on Walton’s mountain!

    • Isn’t this sick Razor?? What self respecting black person would engage in this??? This is deplorable!! Do they need the money?? Are they starving?? I don’t care how poor they might be..there is NO excuse for being a slave for your oppressors. You’re right this is mental torment. These white savages take pleasure in others pain. They get off on this. But I can’t believe there are black people they would have sex with these creatures for cash. This is beyond me!! This is the lowest of the low!

  4. Kushite, I remember telling you about few months ago about race play A couple of bw sent in letters to the Steve Harvey show. I don’t care what they say,I can’t believe that any black that participates in race play is comfortable doing it.But like Steve Harvey said any black who is willing to play race or slave play,do understand who is going to play the slave.I just go by what Jeremiah Wright said, wp don’t want us to have nothing, even if Jesus handed it to you. RIP Chuck Berry GOD BLESS

    • Yeah these black people have lost their minds! They have NO self respect! Willingly playing a slave??? And being a sexual toilet??? NO WAY!!! I would never do something so dehumanizing. Yeah I heard about Chuck Berry. He made it to 90 years old. He is the REAL King of rock and roll. Elvis Presley was an imitator,overrated and stole from black culture.

      • @ the Prince:

        Riddle me this? Why was Rock ‘n Roll “already there” when Elvis the Pelvis arrived on the scene? Once again, these sub-humans do not accept what is right in front of their faces. Something can be RIGHT THERE and these sub-humans still will not accept the truth and deflect as well!

        But I like being informed. Not so much for the purposes of debating. But to intelligently “correct” any of them and then CHECK ’em!

        Thanks Prince!

      • It’s because it was already here. The real father of rock and roll was Robert Johnson. He was a blues musician. And rock and roll comes from the blues. Elvis just got all the props because he was a white man imitating a black man. Little Richard and Chuck Berry were both more talented that Elvis. Elvis Presley was overrated and all real music fans know it. We create…they imitate!

  5. @qnubian528

    I totally agree with your statement they don’t understand no I’m not interested. Also they will chase you down until you give in. A black lady I know told me one time a non black Hispanic man kept flirting with her & was too touchy on her job . Everytime she heard him coming she run & hide. She even made a lie an told him she had a boyfriend several months later he seen her then ask was she still dating that dude. I’m remember a non black man I went to school with use to constantly stare me down everytime. It’s was to a point it made me very uncomfortable.

  6. Kushite, Elvis was the so-called,but remember when white people started burning his records when he called Rock N Roll n***a music.The bottom line is where would wp be if we didn’t exist.Blacks civilized them,they got their empires off slavery.Africans give them resources along with paying the European continent apart colonial tax & Europe is still broke.98% of our money goes to their communities & they about to squander it. Like my mother said ,if we worry about what wp do,we’ll be just as screwed up as they are GOD BLESS

  7. @Ladyd and @Shaneque In Europe where I am from there are sexual slave black! BW are sexually degraded,most these women are from of poor Africa countries and they are victims of sexual trafficking!
    Most BW don’t know about anything country as Italy ,Spain and Greek have stereotyped about BW! They believe all BW are sex works,I have been stopped on the road by WM asked if I was sex work and I have been followed at home by WM! The stereotypicalabout BW is global!
    We BW are the most degrade and disrespectful women!
    For me when BW choose WM I lost all my respect for them!
    WM treat BW better? Really? Who did these stereotypes Mammy,Jezebel and Sapphire? Who BM?

    • Thank you @qnubian528 for posting that information. I’ve heard a little about this, but did not realize how bad it was there. I feel the same way you do about BW being these cave mens bed wenches! What also bothers me is when black people in the U.S. always are talking about how Europeans love use so much over there, and treat BW so much better than BM, and I’m looking at them like, you haven’t even been to Europe. All you’re basing you knowledge off of is tv, and a few black entertainers that go over there and sell some concert tickets and albums.

    • @ qnubian528
      100% Agreed!!!!

      “Most BW don’t know about anything country as Italy ,Spain and Greek have stereotyped about BW!”
      Thank you for making this statement especially about Italy. I have heard far too many misguided black women make statements on how Italian men love them some black women. Every time I here black women make these statements it piss me off. They fail to realize that society look at black women as sexual objects that can be dispose at anytime. Black women bragging on how “NON BLACK MEN” lust after them isn’t a compliment, he view you as a sexual object. Black women shouldn’t even take “NON BLACK MEN” compliments serious because they are setting black women up for there on agenda.
      One thing I notice from my observation is when a black man flirt I get a different vibe, then when a “NON BLACK MEN” does it. When a black man flirt it comes off more natural even if he’s sounding thirsty, serious, or full of shit. But when a “NON BLACK MEN” flirt it comes off as force nothing natural about it.

      “For me when BW choose WM I lost all my respect for them!”
      I don’t take any black man or woman interracial relationships serious because it nothing more then a interracial con game.

      WM treat BW better? Really? Who did these stereotypes Mammy, Jezebel and Sapphire? Who BM?
      100% Agreed!!!! The stereotypes Mammy, Jezebel and Sapphire came from “WHITE RACE” in which black women learn the behavior from them.

      • @Shanequa, I too don’t let non-African POC off the hook because I know that they’re as just as racist as European. Asians have been raping and destroying Africa for the past 1000 years.

        I saw another video of an African American woman being strangled by a Korean/Chinese shopowners. I threw my hands in the air because our people in America were busy shouting “All Lives Matter!” “Muslim Matters!”

        Don’t get me started on Black women who think they have “Allies” in men of other races. It is impossible for non-African men who have raped Black women and dishonoured Black wombs for the past 500 years to uplift Black women at the same time. But Black women are as blind as the Black man who foolishly empowers the women of his enemies. Very STUPID!!!

    • @ qnubian528
      P.S. protecting black womanhood is very important to me. When black women are being attack we have no one to protect us. Black women can’t even depend on black men protection because the black man can protect himself when he’s under attack. Also black women need to start respecting themselves first as individuals before they try to protect black womanhood.

  8. This is a simple one for me. Gonna be direct and brief. I’m not attracted to white men. And yes, I’ve seen some who I thought were attractive over the years, however, when it came down to really asking myself, “would I….” The answer within my soul has been…HELL NO! As a Black woman, I’ve evolved tremendously, intellectually, and spiritually. The bone honest truth is I find white people offensive to my existence. Their presences is a blemish to our relevance and importance on this planet. Do Black people ever think about how much time we’ve wasted with these genetically deficient, morally vacant, repulsive, parasitical, EVIL, reprobate, reptilian brain, fragmented thinking, vapid, miscreants?! Our narrative gives them relevance. Everything is about them is constructed from lies. Their history is a nothing more than propaganda–they’re not who they proclaim to be. Superior? At what? We completely dominate them in any arena. Yet, these impudent creatures have the audacity to call us inferior. They stole our history and identity. To control the lie, they confiscated all the information so that it couldn’t be edited. But we are natural geniuses and we’ve broken the code.I don’t wanted anything to do with these people. No. Not me. They disgust me to the core.

  9. Whites are sexual deviants and are spiritually void. They creep me the hell out. Every time I am around them I get chills. No matter how bright their smiles or how pleasant their mannerisms, it’s like evil oozes from them

      • @ Kushite Prince
        When are you going to do another post about how non black people of color are just as evil as white people. We stay on the white race too much but keep giving evil non black people of color a past. I’ve been waiting for your post. Also can you do post about how too many of our people think every Hispanic is black. Too many of our people are considering J.Lo, Fat Joe, Lisa Lisa and the list goes on as black.

  10. Kushite @Shanequa, I don’t really care how Evil wp or other races are.Dr.Tony Evans said something that we as a people have got to get through our heads.He said don’t worry about Worldly things .When you worry about Worldly things ,you are worrying about a place that is dying. Tony Evans said remember what Jesus told his disciples, Jesus said worry about salvation in Heaven.That’s why I say to us black folks: GOD first ,black family,black community. White people will be what they always are. GOD BLESS

    • There definitely needs to be a discussion on the evils of non black POCs since thats who moves or better yet, builds businesses in black neighborhoods. Black people keep non black pocs afloat while they come together to get rid of black people. I know in my area, I went into a family dollar for the first time in 5 years. I remember there being a black manager and a bunch of black employees. When I went in, I saw a mexican manager and mexican employees but I also so one White employee which is something that caught me off guard. All the decent jobs with benefits are held by white people around here and all the retail jobs are going to mexicans. Black people are being pushed out but the ones that are holding on are still giving their money to these leeches.

  11. Kushite, I want us to concentrate on us,Truthangel pretty much said what my mom said,we spend way too much time on wp.By 2030,blacks buying power will rise from 3 trillion to 10 trillion, so we should be able to employ & take care of ourselves. I implore you guys to follow Saye Taryor twitter. Black Men:Saye tells white men that 10% of white women has sex with dogs. Black women : 80% of opioid users are white men. I still keep up with the world today. There was a bill in Obamacare that specifically took care people on addictions.Well the great Donald Trump eliminated which means it’s going to be harder for wp to get treatment for their addictions.Expect their crime rates to go up to feed their addiction. Be careful. Rich Africans are buying properties in every major city in Europe, we blacks in The Americas need to do the same.Black people :GOD is showing us the way.Keep him first & pay attention. GOD BLESS

  12. I think attraction is natural. As an African man, I’m find myself attracted to women from different races, but my loyalties lay with the Black woman. But what I get from this article is the eroticization of Black bodies driven by great dependency needs that White people have.

    And the entitlement to Black bodies. I think the direct consequence of the TRANSATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE was the selling and trade other human beings like cattle and chickens, which gave them “boldness” to act out their filthy, racist sexual perverse acts and poisoned their minds to a great extent of feeling like they are entitled to our bodies. But I would like to see Africans standing up. VIOLENCE and BLOODSHED is the only way to LIBERATE ourselves from these European and Asian thugs.

  13. Some of these young women have probably been sex trafficked. Black women are only 7% of the U.S. population but are 40% of the sexed trafficked women and 55% of the sex trafficked minors in the entire country. Many missing black girls and women are more likely to be victims of sex trafficking than these imaginary domestic organ theft rings operating among black America. Organ theft rings never target only one gender and they don’t just target teen girls. Sex trafficking do that.

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