Marchelle Tigner

Marchelle Tigner...

Marchelle Tigner is beautiful but deadly.  This beautiful sista is not to be messed with!  Tigner is a certified firearms instructor. She lives in Savannah,Georgia.  She trains black women on how to shoot guns and rifles correctly. She is doing a great service in teaching self defense to the community.   Her business is called Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction. So I salute Marchelle!  For helping our community step up our self defense game!  Much respect from me!

Marchelle Tigner2....

11 thoughts on “Marchelle Tigner

    • Yea she’s cute. For some reason guys seem to be turned on by attractive women with guns. She really knows how to handle a gun too. That’s cool just as long as she’s not pointing it at

  1. This is OT, but under your “top clicks” there was a photo of a highly melanated male holding an evil ass looking cave baby, and that pic cracked me up. It’s gone now. Who was that???

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