Marchelle Tigner

Marchelle Tigner...

Marchelle Tigner is beautiful but deadly.  This beautiful sista is not to be messed with!  Tigner is a certified firearms instructor. She lives in Savannah,Georgia.  She trains black women on how to shoot guns and rifles correctly. She is doing a great service in teaching self defense to the community.   Her business is called Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction. So I salute Marchelle!  For helping our community step up our self defense game!  Much respect from me!

Marchelle Tigner2....

21 thoughts on “Marchelle Tigner

    • Yea she’s cute. For some reason guys seem to be turned on by attractive women with guns. She really knows how to handle a gun too. That’s cool just as long as she’s not pointing it at

      • Yeah she is cute and has a nice figure. But I know what you mean. I see she has a white girl as her buddy. And she’s wearing a shirt with the American flag colors. She has that “pro-American” vibe to her. That’s cool that she’s into guns and protection. I think she lives in New Mexico. Probably a heavily white populated area. So she could be into white boys. I wouldn’t doubt it.

      • I bet she gets mad dm’s from racist males, most of it disrespectful and sexual/violent in nature, no doubt. probably NRA members, own lots of guns, and are sick in the head. I just hope she isnt flattered by it, as confused black females are wont to be.
        Whether Im a gun enthusiast or not, I would not want to attract sexual attention from gun-loving racist males.

        Now homegirl at the top is a different story. She’s decked out in the RBG with the Isis Papers in the background! Lmao!!!
        (That 3rd book looks like the isis papers).
        My kinda gal.

      • Yeah she looks like she probably likes white boys. I don’t see her with an black friends o her Instagram account. That’s a bad sign right there!
        Now Marchelle seems like a more conscious sista to me. She’s repping he RBG so she’s definitely more my type. We would have to fight over

      • A black woman believes in self defense and gets called bed wench by some of you?

      • We’re just referring to the fact she hangs out with white friends. So she most likely dates white guys. Most white guys are into wildlife,fishing,hunting and guns. So it’s not a huge leap to assume she dates white men. I call out black men who date white women as well. So it’s not a gender issue. Don’t come and try to cause division and gender war nonsense on my blog. You can go do that somewhere else.

  1. This is OT, but under your “top clicks” there was a photo of a highly melanated male holding an evil ass looking cave baby, and that pic cracked me up. It’s gone now. Who was that???

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