European Antics: Episode 9(Genderbread Person)

The video speaks for itself. Genderbread Person???  What the hell is this?  This is what they are teaching children nowadays.  And they want to teach this in the schools.  Not just in America but worldwide.  They want this type of “knowledge” to be everywhere.  And you wonder why so many children are confused about sexual identity.


25 thoughts on “European Antics: Episode 9(Genderbread Person)

  1. Watdiraaaasss! That video was five minutes of shit that should have been flushed. The fool even sounded confused and he was reading a script! Failed the smell test with the use of the word ‘sometimes’ which should have been read as ‘on very rare occasions’. This is 100% bender agenda trying to corrupt our young people to believe and accept this is as some kind of scientific fact. Only wp could dream up something this sick so let them keep it. Laugh in their faces and don’t entertain any of it!

    • Isn’t it disgusting??? Down right sickening! This is a clear agenda to confuse children sexually. They come up with these new sexual terms daily. This is pure madness! I know exactly how you feel Razor.

  2. People, if we don’t build African-centred schools for our children, the Black youth will continue to suffer from identity and sexual crisis. This mentacide MUST FALL! Black men need to stand up for our progeny and stop being idle, while the Black youth is indoctrinated with European values.

    I really fear for our children’s future. To quote Dr. Amos Wilson “”And as long as we are not educated to defend ourselves against these people then we are being incorrectly educated. Nothing else matters. Ultimately then, INTELLIGENCE MUST BE DEFINED IN TERMS OF THE DEGREE IN WHICH IT SOLVES YOUR PROBLEMS! The nature of education today prepares you to solve THEIR PROBLEMS and not your own. That’s why you study THEIR books, you go to THEIR schools, you learn THEIR information, THEIR language, THEIR styles, THEIR perceptions, so when you come out of school you can do a humdinger of a job solving Europeans’ problems, but you can’t solve your own. And then you DARE call yourself “intelligent?” C’mon. That’s the height of stupidity.”

  3. Let’s talk about some aspects of this transgender agenda which is soooo disturbing and not being discussed. We have some of these transgender men violently attacking women. I’ve seen articles posted by various bloggers discussing how these men in dresses ARE NOT WOMEN and ARE invading the spaces of women aka bathrooms. These men are also showing their envy and hatred of women, their misogynist. They want to be biologically born women. I’ve read so many stories from women talking about encountering angry transgenders who pick conflicts with women for no reason at all or act nasty towards women, some even resort to physical violence. Some Lesbians are complaining that they are or have been being attacked verbally or physically by transgender men who want them(lesbians) to accept them as women so that they can have sex with them.

    When their around women their masculine aggressive behavior takes over no matter if their in a dress and heels because their men (not saying all men are violent). I believe that some of these men are transgender when its convenient, dressing as women to get access to women to prey upon. Then you have the ones who I think really believe and feel they are women trapped in a man’s body.

    Then you have biologically born women backing and supporting these men. Some women are talking about how this insanity is infiltrating the feminist movement and circles. And who’s fault is it: Stupid biologically born women. Next thing you know you will have trans gender men telling us how to be a woman. Well, it’s already happening. Look how they was all in the women’s march attacking women. ALL THE THE INSANITY! And when someone speaks the truth about this phenomena you’re the crazy one. I agree with much of the feminist principles, but this insanity is one of the many reasons why I don’t call myself a feminist. It’s too much!

    Here’s one article explaining this phenomena:

    • I have been saying this since this nonsense started. I got into a disagreement with a Mexican homosexual co-worker over this issue. He was telling me that these “women” should be able to go in women restrooms. I let this fool know I strongly disagreed with him. He didn’t like it very much. I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. From a biological stand point these are still MEN. Even if they get breast surgery they are men. And even if they have their penis reconstructed into a vagina. It doesn’t matter to me. There are young girls in those bathrooms too. They could be touching them or groping on girls. Those men should not be allowed to go in the women restrooms. All these drams like Empire,Star, and Orange is The New Black are making gay/transgender ideology seen as normal. It’s confusing children and adults alike. That’s why I keep attacking this agenda. They seem to be relentless in attacking our minds.

      • I’m not surprised at the co-workers’s support of the bathroom issue. If he has a daughter (or any other close female friends and family)and God forbid this was to happen, he’ll be singing a different tune.

        I agree. Sex change or not their still have the biology of a man. A facebook friend said she noticed that many of the transgender men keep their male parts while trying to pass off themselves as women.( Some of them sound like opportunist to me as another way to get into women’s spaces to control women, patriarchy in a skirt as one facebook said, a new slick sophisticated way for men to control women) I guess many are not gonna go so far as to mutilate themselves because they may want to be themselves again, a man. I’ve done some research on this issue and came across an interesting site called sex change regret, in which transgenders are telling their stories of regret of changing genders, this is the other side of the story the media doesn’t even touch.

        I’m going to revisit this site because I want to hear the other side of the story.

      • My gay co-worker and his “husband” have foster children. I think they had two boys. But another co-worker told me he got the children taken away from him. Although I’m not sure why.
        Thanks for that link. I will have to check it out. I don’t trust these transgender people very much. They can always flip-flop when they want to. And I have seen black people supporting this stuff everywhere. I couldn’t believe Essence magazine had that transgender actor Laverne Cox on the cover. Essence is supposed to be a black woman’s magazine. But of course Time-Earner bought them out a few years ago. Therefore they get to impose their agenda. I noticed once they bought Essence I started seeing transgender couples,gay couples and interracial couples in the magazine. This is the problem when we don’t own a publication outright. They are then able to brainwash the black masses with their sick agendas. This is all social engineering. It will be really hard for the young black children coming up. They will see all this stuff as normal. God help them!

      • A lot of black women say they don’t support these magazines like MEssence no more because of the direction many are going in. These magazines were good (and exciting) for black women at one time, but now they are a joke. I use to subscribe and buy these magazines all the time, but I stopped. Most of these black publications now also promote pain porn propaganda, anti-black misogyny, intra-racism aka colorism, etc.

        As for Laverne Cox, a BWE blogger, Khadija, who’s blog I use to lurk sometimes did a post about why black women as the most unprotected group of women SHOULD NOT be caping for ANYONE, especially these Trans folks. Here’s the link here:

        She mentioned (with a link) that Laverne was caping for a convicted trans child killer, pedophile, and rapist! Here’s the link here:

        Many black women are expressing disbelief in the amount of black women out here caping for trans folks. Many are misogynists who hate black women. These are the same black women who ignore the collective state of the black woman and girl collectives and will throw black women and girls under the bus. I have yet to see these same trans folks out here defending black women and girls from the rampant racio-misogy aka misogynoir verbal, physical, and mental violence.

        Black Women continue to disappoint me.

      • Absolutely disgusting!!! That is SICK!!! I have covered Laverne Cox before. He is a demon! Black women need to stop supporting these type of people. People like Laverne are destructive in the black community. Thanks for those links. They were very eye opening but very disturbing as well.

      • I scared just thinking about it too. The children will be so lost. That’s why I do all I can to educate the black children in my neighborhood. They need to hear the voice of reason even if they don’t hear it from their parents or other relatives. We all have to do our part no matter how small it may seem.

      • There was an black actress (I can’t pronounce her name) who said that transgenders were not the same as biological born women. Needless to say they came for her hard. She a feminist and wrote a couple of books and you had people going on amazon giving her bad reviews because she was telling the truth, mind you they haven’t read her books. smdh. This shit is spiraling out of control!

        When I find out here name and find the article explaining what she said and the backlash I’ll post it.

      • I would love to read that. If you don’t support homosexuality,lesbians,interracial sex or the transgenders you will NOT work in Hollyweird. That is career suicide!

    • Many trans attack and fight black women because they view bw as men. There was a UFC fighter who was transitioning to becoming a woman and he fought a BW UFC fighter and won. They asked HIM if he thought it was a fair fight, HE said yes because BW are manly,

      • @Cara Blu

        What’s ironic is Black Women are out here hard down caping for the trans. Black Women ARE ALWAYS trying to save everybody when black women and girls, the most unprotected and disrespected group on the planet are in need of THE MOST help. smdh.

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