European Antics: Episode 8( Beauty and the Beast)

The Beast...

The Disney film Beauty and the Beast is coming out soon.  There’s a lot of hype about this film.  I remember seeing the cartoon back in 1991.  I always got the feeling it was a film  covertly about bestiality.  Or at the very least a film about worshipping Satan(Beast).  But I thought I would give you my own version of Beauty and the Beast.  This video is by Whitney Wisconsin.  This white cave woman goes into sexual details about all the different breeds of dogs she has screwed.  This creature is a depraved savage!  She suffers from a serious mental illness.  Or maybe not.  Maybe she is completely sane.  Which means this is normal behavior in her mind.  And she has no shame talking about sex with animals.  Just more European antics.  Check out the video if you can stomach it.

41 thoughts on “European Antics: Episode 8( Beauty and the Beast)

  1. Let’s forget about Whitney for one gotdamn minute.

    She has other girls asking for tips????

    On Zuckerberg’s website?

    So people can see them?

    And read their sick questions?

    About fucking animals?

    And no one sees this as out of the ordinary?

  2. In addition to the bestality there will be a homosexual sub plot in the movie. That white cave bitch is sick

    • I saw on a newsfeed that one of the characters was a gay man. Should we be surprised?? Of cores they know children will go see this film. So they never let an opportunity go by without slipping in their gay/transgender agenda. They really are sick people! Which is why I need to do a post on the corruption at Disney. Thanks for reminding me Warrior.

  3. No need to see that filth again. Stay on them KP. This all makes me realize at some point in our lifetime, we are going to have to completely separate from their culture.

    • Thanks Sunshine.I do my best to expose their sickness. I think many of us are realizing how different we are from them. When you really look at it separation doesn’t look that crazy anymore. But we still have some negroes that are so braindead they can’t imagine leaving their masters.

  4. I just stopped when she fucks with Labs… I think this woman have a serious mental illness. But as always, it always happens when a traumatic event changed her to the point of being fucked by dogs instead of human beings. I feel sorry for her… but at the same time, stay away from her… keep my distance…

    • This woman is not just a common whore. She has serious “issues”. Having sex with dogs??? And then bragging about it. And what about all those other woman asking her advice. How sick and demented to you have to be?? These is beyond SICK!!!

  5. Thank you very much Kushite for information but my stomach isn’t strong enough to watch these rubbish! I am not interested to listen disturbed WW talking rubbish and sickness behaviour!
    All the time I can’t get why these subhuman are the beauty of standard?
    And all men regardless of race want to stay with these nasty women!

    • I understand it’s hard to listen to Nubian. Like I said you have to have a strong stomach to listen to it. This is pure depraved behavior at it’s finest. And to think there are men who want to procreate with these creatures. They are blinded by their whiteness I would assume. Luckily I don’t suffer from that mental illness of worshiping whiteness.

  6. I always saw the movie as having a racial undertone. Beast: black man. Beauty: White women. Lies Lies Lies.

    I can’t watch this video, but that’s why I did not like the part in Beloved when Morrison implies that black men were “abusing,” if you get my heavy drift, cows. That type of behavior is not aligned with blacks. It disturbed me.

    • I know what you mean. I had a friend of mine mention that. he was telling me how they like to compare black men to beasts or to be animal-like. So you could be right. But I get that vibe more so from films like King Kong. A beast that was taken from the jungle in chains. And Kong was obsessed with a blonde white woman?? What do you think is being implied with that narrative???

    • That was my first impression as well.

      lebron got played big time, because he’s a confused athelete. Recently he listed his celeb crushes as being about eight different white women. Like j-lo and jessica biel. There wasnt nary a black woman on that list. Oh this is a negro who definitely knows his place.

      • Yeah we were talking about that on my Tyrese post. That was a bad look on Lebron’s part. Listing all white women??? What the hell was he thinking??? And he has a black wife?? Makes no damn sense!

  7. Youtube and FBIbook are unbridled outlets for their kind. I see they will let anything fly! Jeez. They WANT children to watch this. Thats obvious. This isnt abnormal for them. Homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia…..they are working feverishly to normalize all of it. I dont know how the next few generations are gonna survive, because you best believe black children are gonna be the primary victims of these demons.

    I saw the beauty and the beast trailer, one of the things that struck me the most was how unattractive the “beauty” was. They are changing the american standard of beauty to be ugly white women, like amy shumer and this girl in this movie,

    Off topic, but im watching the beginnings of march madness and its dominated by mulattos. Like, its very noticable. Minnesota has 3-4 starters who are biracials with dred locs. Michigans star player is biracial with locs too. So this is their plan, hmmm? The new breed of super athlete is half white.

    • I don’t know why they got Emma Watson for the role of a “beauty”. She is average at best. But that’s how it is in a racist system. A white woman doesn’t have to really be attractive to be exalted to star status. But most black women in Hollywood have to be drop dead gorgeous to make it really big. White women like Tina Fey, Jennifer Lawrence,Emma Watson,Jennifer Aniston,Emma Stone and Amy Schumer aren’t even good looking. They are all hype by the media machine. Yes I’ve noticed the push for biracials the last few years. With rappers like Drake and J Cole. And guys like Jesse Williams and Colin Kaepernick,Black Griffin and Dak Prescott. And that’s just the biracial men. There are even more biracial women. Being half white is the better Negro in the minds f the white media. This is definitely being done on purpose.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        Now the script is flipping black men are being replace with biracial men now. Just give it a little more time black men are going to be complaining like black women were doing god being replace.

  8. I wanted to add that her youtube handle “wisconsin” comes as no surprise AT ALL. I encountered the most vicious racists in minnesota….and wisconsin and minnesota have very fluid populations with each other. The most vicious whites are the most sick and true to their nature. The most vicious whites are the ones who are fully into their natures.

    • Yeah I heard about whites in Wisconsin. They’re pretty racist out there. So are the ones in MInnesota,Alabama and Virginia. Come to think of it…all throughout the south. It doesn’t really matter the region though. They’re racist pretty much wherever you go. It’s all across Amerikkka.

  9. Disney was a known masonic paedophile. Everything that has ever come from his studio, or ever will, pays homage to his true nature. The gay character is a neat distraction from the fact that Belle gives herself not just to a beast but to a distinct Baphomet lookalike, with cloven feet and all!
    As for that naaastyyyy bitch from Wisconsin, let all the swirlers watch and learn. If they will treat their dog like a human they will treat YOU like a dog. Simple.

  10. Kushite if you think WW descended by Neanderthal,creatures who lived inside the caves,they shared place with animals and their excrement! Their ancestors did things as were considered daily,as homosexuality,incest,pedophilia,cannibalism and bestiality! They say being white is something to be proud and privileged! Not being black is something to be proud! As long we know,we are living in a world who hates us,because we are full human what they aren’t!
    We must be strong! We must reject these sickness cultures,we are blacks not Neanderthal!

    • That’s right Nubian. I have said this time and time again. Our DNA is different than them. We are the Original people on this planet. I’m still not sure who they are or where they came from. I just know we are NOT the same.

  11. All White people are racists! I live among the Dutch Boers, but I call them Nazikaners because of their sympathies for the Nazis (Verwoed, the architect of apartheid was a Nazi and lived in Germany during and after the WW II) and historical and cultural connection to Europeans.

    I had no problem with watching the video and I have long suspected that there are difference between Africans (Blacks) and Europeans (whites). The psychology of an African is completely different to that of a non-African. Beastiality has been practiced by Eurasians for thousands of years in caves, while Africans were building pyramids, learning science and engineering in the libraries of Alexandria, Timbuktu etc.

    Due to our lack or inappropriate use of power, everything will be FORCED TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY! It’s like we Black folks are their lab rats. Separation is the best way for Africans living in America (and South Africa).

    Great post overall, @Kushite. We need to learn about these people in order to establish REVOLUTIONARY POLITICAL AND CONQUER and CUT THEM DOWN ruthlessly. As Dr. Amos Wilson said that the Black man should end the power of the European.

    • You are correct ScejaMan. Our mentalities are totally different. We are so very different. We only act like them because we have been under their oppression. But we need to change that mentality and get back to African-centered thinking. And Amos Wilson was rarely wrong.

  12. Well, this is only one step beyond sleeping with dogs in beds and kissing them in the mouth, both of which whites do openly. So this should be no surprise nor shocking. Actually we shouldve seen this from a mile away, but we’re too easily deceived by what they say, instead of paying attention solely to behavior.

  13. I wonder did Hollywood ideals for movies like “Beauty in the Beast, Teen Wolf, Twilight and others movies similar to it come from wolfman disease as known as Hypertrichosis.
    If you don’t know what hypertrichosis is you should look it up. People with that disease really do look like Teen Wolf and most of the people that has that disease are non black.
    I also feel like with movies like these are giving us subliminal messages that non black people are the sub-human.

  14. ” This creature is a depraved savage! She suffers from a serious mental illness. Or maybe not. Maybe she is completely sane.”

    Yes the woman in the video is a savage beast. No, she’s not mentally ill. She’s completely sane that is part of this beast natural instinct.

    • @Shanequa, yet, there are some weak minded brothas that bash sensible Black women and parade these women and show off them like they’re some prize or the lottery jackpot. Lol.

      These brothas get on my nerves! When the Black revolution kicks off self-black men will be the first ones to be sent to the guillotine. I make no apologies! White, Arab, Hispanic, Indian and Chinese women have no place in the Black community. We will only uplift the Black woman.

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