Singer/actor Tyrese Gibson marries his “black queen”



It seems there’s a big uproar over R&B singer/actor Tyrese Gibson.  Apparently he recently announced that last month he secretly got married.  No big deal right??  Well in his Instagram post he said he had found his “black queen”.  But the picture of his wife proves otherwise.  His wife is Samantha Lee Schwalenberg. She doesn’t look very black to me. This is not a light-skinned black woman. Where are the African features?  The less African features you have makes you less black.  That’s why every racial group has race classifications to tell themselves apart from others. In 2014, Lee got a certification from the Professional Bartending School of Atlanta. Her certification is in mixology and bartendering.The newly married Mrs. Gibson attended the University of Georgia, and once even competed in the Miss Latin UGA pageant in 2011. Which is fitting since she looks more Latin than African.On her Facebook page, Lee regularly posts long, thoughtful posts about the role of religion and God in her life. In August 2015, Lee wrote about life and death saying, “I think the Devil does a pretty good job of convincing us that there’s nothing after death…that this life, that’s it. I am writing you all to tell you that I know that it doesn’t stop there. We should not fear death, just like we should not fear birth.”Lee is from Dayton, New Jersey, and according to her Facebook page, she now lives in Athens, Georgia. People magazine had reported that Tyrese and Lee were first seen out together at the 33rd Annual UNCF Mayors Masked Ball at Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Atlanta in December 2016.

I could really care less who Tyrese married.  The problem is he called her his black queen. According to Tyrese her racial makeup is Ecuadorian,Jamaican and African-American. Tyrese forgot to mention she is also part white.  So he should’ve said his “mixed queen”.  Or at least his biracial queen.  But to call her black is insulting to black women and black people in general.


This is a picture of Lee with her father.  He looks pretty white to me.  She looks like an Arab or a Hispanic woman.


This is a picture of her mother and brother on the far right.  Supposedly the mother is Hispanic. So I guess the mother is an Afro-Latina with some Jamaican ancestry.  The truth of the matter is she is a biracial woman that could easily pass for a Mexican,Cuban or Arab.  This is the problem with the silly one-drop rule. This is another example of whitewashing the African image.  Tyrese knows he’s wrong for this.  And I’m glad that black men and women are calling him out on it.  This was some ignorant self-hating coonish behavior on the part of Tyrese.  But this is what happens when you make being black all inclusive. Am I wrong?  Has this biracial stuff gone too far? Is Tyrese delusional?  I’d love to hear  your thoughts.

111 thoughts on “Singer/actor Tyrese Gibson marries his “black queen”

  1. Such slap on the face of black women reading this news! Self-hated is out control man! Ecuador is very anti black Latin country,I am really surprise her dad married a black woman! I hope she will take all his money!

    • Well he was rumored to be dating actress Sanaa Lathan a few years ago. He also dated singer V. Bozeman as well… He has dated black women in the past. I also think his baby’s mother was half black. But I assume you’re saying he’s colorstruck. There are some brothers like that in Cali. Tyrese is from Watts. But he made Watts look bad with his choice of words. This woman is no black queen. Tyrese has lost his damn mind.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I love that you mentioned not caring about who Tyrese married because I think that summed up the average sentiments surrounding his choices. She’s pretty, but if she’s competing in Latin pageants she probably does not identify as black. Which means that Tyrese is probably just trying to maintain his fan base. Tyrese is talented but he always gave off a vibe that made him hard to like. I wanted to like him because of his perfect chocolate complexion but he proves that every brother ain’t a brother. I hope he was smart and signed a prenup.

    • No I don’t think she identifies as black. But I’m sure she has no problem taking some black I hope he signed a prenup too. If he didn’t…he’s a fool! And he should’ve known his black women fan base would nit like his “black queen” comment. But he got a BIG wakeup call when so many of his fans were upset.

  3. I read about this several days ago. My summary is that he did not date or marry a sista because he feels that his fan base would fall, he sees no equal in a black woman, does not want to see proliferation of the black race, more than likely any monies that he acquires will not go into nor benefit the black community. Truthfully, he was never on my radar anyway and does not know his history or himself.

    • I personally don’t think the marriage will last very long. I just don’t like when they call these women black when they at so racially ambiguous. It’s very insulting. This madness needs to stop!

      • She IS Hispanic and White but as far as her being black…how can she be black with a Hispanic parent and a White parent? You may as well say she is Asian. Not! We’ll see what happens…

  4. Tyrese is very damaged, angry, and has major mommie issues (i can only assume). He’s also one of those black men who wants a happy carefree woman who’s never had pain, disappointment, adversity, and definitley not the baggage of racism and w/s, and having been rejected and abused by her natural counterpart her entire life, strapped to her back. He’s very confused.

    • I’m kind of surprised at Tyrese. He is the pride of Watts,California. There nothing but black people in Watts. I’ve heard that back in the day he dated mainly sistas. This is why this is so disappointing. But you know how it goes. Too often these brothers get some fame and go for the other races. But he went out like a buffoon with the “black queen” comment.

  5. I will be a contrary an and say that Tyrese is correct in naming her a black queen, because silly kneegrows as you state, get all orgasmic around the one drop rule. Witness the commotion over Colin Kaepernick, Jessie Williams and all the other stuff and about mixed breeds being automatically given black status. Black women love Tyrese, who I andboutndlways thought was andboutndlways down low nukker. This is why black women are angry andboutndlways him, while living Prince and that do called “prison bae” criminal. And many black men are angry at him because he got what many covet. The kneegrow has no standards. Therefore if you don’t stand for something you will fall for every chicken hawk, dodo birds, Klingons and aliens that wanna claim black. Two words…Paris Jackson. Two more words…Rachel Dalozal.
    I am still waiting on these same women hating on Tyrese to hang Janet Jackson in effigy.

    • @blackmystory

      I side the hell out of Janet Jackson especially after all those years with Jermaine Depree an no “Black African” child but made sure to pop out a biracial child by Arab man. Tyrese is colorstruck but it’s no surprise to me at out. This is what the black community for calling biracial people or non black people that have a little melanin black. Furthermore black women always including biracial women as black but get upset when the media doesn’t represent black women that looks like them. If you go on those social media pages dedicated to biracial women most of the women they will show are racially ambiguous women with fair skin, light eyes, straight to curly hair but with much looser curls.

      What’s piss me off the most with my people is that we keep supporting black men & women celebrities who don’t date black but be happy to take our money to support their non black partner.

    • What does “andboutndlways” mean? Is that a new social media term?

      So because colorstruck black women love jesse williams and colin kapernick, you say that the woman tyrese married is indeed black? I dont understand your logic at all.

      Of couse any black person who claims rachel dolezal or paris jackson is a flat out self hating coon. That goes w/o saying.

      • “andboutndlways”…is my stupid phone acting up and me not catching it.

        “So because color struck black women love Jesse Williams and Colin kaepernick, you say that the woman Tyrese married is indeed black? I don’t understand your logic at all.”

        Don’t start out this dialogue misquoting me. If in doubt ask. Its as simple as that. And don”t pull a line out of my post to make me appear inconsistent. If you go back and read the whole post with a discerning mind, I use those two mulattoes as example of how we pick and choose who is black and who is not. By kneegrows standards, she is black because of the one drop rule. In my OPINION..Tyrese is getting flack BECAUSE he called her a black queen, AND because kneegrows hang the title of “consciousness” on him, all because he had a few videos up in the past talking nice about black women. I hope my point is clear now?

      • You’re emotional because I asked for clarity. Between the made-up words and run-on sentences, I didnt understand what you were TRYING to say. My bad….

      • I will ignore you from this point on, only because I don’t argue with idiots on some one else’s post. Don’t throw shade and then cry victim because shade gets thrown back your way.

    • Yeah the one-drop rule is getting ridiculous! That’s why you get dumb ass comments like Tyrese made. That’s why we have to call out this foolishness when it appears. Otherwise we can’t be shocked when Paris Jackson and Rachel Dolezal receive NAACP Awards in the future. Janet Jackson was fool marring an Arab and having a baby no less. I had to put her in the same category as Serena Williams. Although I did do a post on Serena and her Yurugu husband.

      • Black people protect and promote the one drop rule because they are just securing their mixed childrens future. Remember, there are plenty benefits for claiming black but not looking like it. I notice swirling bm and bw accept the ODR the most.

  6. Another thing if a black man or woman have to question about someone’s race then that should tell them that they are not black. We don’t question Lauryn Hill if she’s black or biracial why because she looks like a black woman.

      • @Kushite Prince
        I 100% agreed with you statement.
        This is off topic but still needs to be constantly discuss. I hope you make another interracial post about black women & non black men because it needs to be discuss more especially protecting black women. The reason why I say this is because the least protected are the easiest to prey on. Black women need to stop making public statements of finding non black men attractive especially when they don’t do it in return. Stop making public statements of how non black men lust after you when in fact it’s nothing more then a fetish. Stop making public response when people ask you would date interracially when non black men aren’t making you a preference. Stop putting non black men on a pedestal because they aren’t doing it for you especially the ones that date black women. As a black woman this is becoming a problem for me that makes us an easy prey. When non black men see black women make public statements of finding them attractive or willing to date them they put in these men’s mind that we’re easy access.

      • A lot of this stokholm activities happened because of the indoctrination of Christianinsanity. A cult which holds the image if a savage homophile as God and head of “the house”.

  7. Tyreese married a woman from London who is black, the marriage only lasted 2 years.I’m disappointed, I don’t buy his music.All I have to say is if you’re going to marry outside of your race,at least do something for your people. That rarely happens with us.GOD BLESS

      • Kushite, off topic,but what is up with your boy Verbs2015 or Slaying Evil. His constant attacks on black women, I just had to come at him and his followers a couple of times.I say my piece & move,because it keeps my focus off GOD.GOD is bringing King Saul movement to wp,and when he does,I’m trying not to be next to them. GOD BLESS

      • Yeah Verbs goes pretty hard at black women. He and I have gone back and forth a few times. He sees a lot of interracial dating in the UK. So I think that made him give up on black women. I see his point regarding the black women that are bad mothers and don’t represent themselves we. But I can’t be with a white woman. No matter how bad it is gets for our people. I have to stick to my guns. I could focus on all the negative aspects of black women but I choose not to do that. I want to repair black relationships. I haven’t thrown in the towel yet. I’m in it to win it! Thanks for the comment SevenKing.

    • @Sevenkings and @Kushite, off-topic conversation, lol.

      Brothers, I don’t respect a man who bashes and disrespect Black women. Black women aren’t perfect neither White nor Asian females are. It’s easy to view Black women as trash because our women don’t have privileges or a system that fights for them. I saw his blog and I didn’t like what he has to say about Black women. There’s nothing special about a coward who is bold when it comes to attacking his own women.

      We Black men give up easily when it comes to nation building. But are in hot pursuits of self-destructive behaviours like Tyrese marrying a non-Afrikan woman and try to justify the act by calling her a “Black Queen.” More brothers turn up for the “weekend special” or bar fights than turning up to fight European and Asian domination.

  8. My Good Family Kushite—1)No You’re Not “Wrong” 2)This Bi-racial ‘All Inclusive’ Notion Is A Growing Monster 3)And Assuming His Black Mama Looks Just Like Him..? Yes, He’s Being Delusionally (just made that up) Wrong! Keep Bustin’ Ya Gun King!!

  9. You know, I heard sometime ago that Tyrese and Paul Walker were secret lovers. No wonder he took the man’s death so hard, much harder than Walker’s own wife. I don’t doubt the brother that said it……

  10. You are not wrong at all! Point em out, point em out! Maybe he’s just part of the agenda to keep putting out a “Black” face that is clearly mixed, e.g. Zendaya, Amandla Stenberg.

  11. & Kushite Prince
    I’m glad you made a post about this subject because last week my coworkers one a black male & female were talking about Tyrese. I mention in the discussing that Tyrese was colorstruck an he would end up with a biracial or non black woman. My female coworker stated, “as black as Tyrese is he didn’t want to be with someone that black that’s to damn black.” She went on to say most black dark skinned people prefer light skin & light skinned prefer dark skin.” When she made that statement I just left it alone because it shows how ignorant our people have become. Then the black male made a comment that’s how it alway been dark with light skin & light skin withe dark. That’s why I feel we need more promotion of black that shows dark skinned black men & women couples.

    • Yes I feel your pain. I work with some backwards ass negroes who think like that. Your female co-worker is extremely anti-black. That’s why in many films you wont see a dark skinned man and dark skinned woman together. Just the mere sight of it conjures of images of dark skinned babies. And the racist system doesn’t deep dark melanin to be reproduced. Which is why they want biracials to represent blackness.

  12. I was following this story on social media and I noticed the following:

    1. Black folks are confused about who is “African” and what makes an African. Black women were saying things like “We are all Africans” “There many shades of Black”

    2. The Black community in the USA is heavily assimilated and Westernised. Some African Americans are ashamed of their African identity. They get angry at being called African. It causes them great anxiety. Lol if they knew that Whites, Arabs and Asians in Africa are desperately trying to get mythical African gene , in order to benefit from African wealth.

    3. Not all, but there’s an increasing number of African American males that get euphoric about non-Afrikan women. As if they were starved of these non-Afrikan booty for centuries. Now they finally got the “American dream” to lay down with any woman except Black woman. Comments like “She is 100% Black” “She is beautiful than Black women.”

    4. The Black community as a whole, whether in Africa and Americas are confused about the system! We have learned nothing over the last 500 years. Even today we have people saying stupid things like “Love is love” “Love sees no colour” “Race mixing will create one race and thus, eliminate racism” LOL HAHA! These integrationist fantasies are used by Black people to feel good about their oppressed situation.

    A lot of Black people think that it is possible to redeem or save non-Afrikans from themselves. Well, non-Afrikans have already made up their minds about us.

    • @ ScejaMan

      I 100% agree with your statement.

      This is what I have observe from my observation on the interracial con-game as well as self hating black men & women.
      1. The non black men who are the top elite in their race especially or financially stable usually choose someone from their own race, if not another non black female mate from another race and the black female is the very last option.
      2. Non black men that are financial stable do choose a black woman they will make sure she’s financial stable because with him dating her he’s putting a lot at risk, the black woman he choose are the top of the line physically in shape & attractive, and most of the time educated.
      3. When it comes down to the black female in interracial dating whether financially stable or not, attractive or not she usual settle for any non black man.
      4. When black men interracial date he have to make enough money to get the top of the line non black woman. But we have seen in most cases he usual settle for any non black woman. In this case the non black woman makes the decision whether she will be with the black man.
      5. On social media most of the these self hating interracial loving black men & women have deep mommy & daddy issues in my opinion. How can you be a black man that comes from a black womb talking down on black women. How can you be a black woman that comes from a black man seed talking down on black men.
      6. I think its sad that we have to promote black love to inform black people that the black man & woman still have love for one another. Black love suppose to be natural already install in our mind set as a people.

      • @Shanequa, I’m doubtful that Black people are going to listen to us. Black people learn things the way. I can’t tell you how many times I have been called a “Racist” by my own people. These people are draining! They just suck the life out of your body.

        White people promote interracial sex/marriage to Black people to maintain their power and preserve themselves. It’s been over 500 years of genocide, slavery and colonial apartheid, and all of a sudden “Love sees no colour”? We would be dumb to fall in this trap.

        It’s sad that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, is true. Black people are enslaved, killed around and degraded because they have yet to ADAPT.

      • @ ScejaMan

        “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” is right I learn to accept that some of our people are better off resting in peace, I just hope when their reincarnated they will be in there right “BLACK” mindset.

        ScejaMan we all know that non black people carry a scent on them. I wonder how a black man or woman can have sex with them with that smell. When they lay down with these non black people they hair shed like animal hair it will be shedding all over the place. What I’m about to say is going to sound strange but I also question certain things that don’t seem normal. Do these non black people that fetish & have sexual relationship with black men & women have a certain sensational feeling during sex with a black person. For them to be so curious about a black man or woman genital it makes you wonder.

      • Good points and I agree with you. Lets go back….a bit. Much of this was before my time, however I did take note of it. For example, if you notice when “Blaxploitation movies” were out, a LOT of the couples were NOT interracial and there were a lot more darker hued brothas and sistas. AFTER the 1970’s, then we began to see more “light, bright and dam near white” actors and acresses. And this was no accident. I believe that that is when our own black people began to lose sight of what “black gold” or melanin really was and our advantage in having it. True, the atrocities that we suffered as a people whites today claim that “I did not have anything to do with it.” That may be true, but many, many whites, especially noted whites did benefit from generational welfare.

        Also interesting are the number of mixed nutts as I call them that are being bred now. And its a no-brainer as I have said before that with these mixed nutts, that many of them WILL identify with the “white power” structure and negate or minimize their “black roots.” Thus, on census forms, they will vacillate as they need to. From my standpoint? Tyrese is yet another one that should be “thinned from the herd, so to speak. It is about his “loyalty,” but he showed his hoe card” when he presented this “other” as his “Black Queen.” GTFOH!. As another poster here referenced, she does not know a DAM thing about the struggles of sistas, so don’t insult black women by pretending that she does. Like others, I have seen this announcement all over social media as well. And some black males REALLY do not get it. Sistas are not angry that he chose a non-black woman. Hell, do you. They are NOT. Sistas find issue with this man because he is desparately attempting to make her out for something that she is NOT and “convincing” us that she IS. Bottom line is that he now knows that he has LOST a lot of his “black female fan base” and is attempting to back-paddle and recapture that. Like I said, he was never on my radar anyway but…”time will tell what happens.” Right?

  13. Honestly I never been desired by Black men in my life. Still, it the opposite, white guys wants a piece of the pie but not the commitment it carries. For Tyrone telling to the whole world her wife is his “black” queen baffles me, because to be Black, she have to endured a lot of struggles, battles, heartaches and heartbreaks that it comes with being a Black woman. And sadly, it just felt out of the boat because, she is MIXED. Meaning, she’s Hispanic and White. These races has nothing to do with the struggles African-Americans endured and they still enduring to find out their real purpose that it has been stolen by the oppressors. She is just a decorative accessory to his acting career like many Black actors, musicians and rappers do to be accepted in their White Supremacy society.

    • You have never been desired by Black men? Wow! Something is wrong with African American men!

      If you were around African men, we would worship the ground you walked on. Not because we are desperate but we value Black women and are family-orientated.

      I understand that not all American brothas are like that, but I have seen the anti-Black woman racism. Black men bashing and ridiculing Black women. Treating Black women like dirt. I was moved.

      • Depends on what part of America you live in. In the east and south for the most part, bm/bw relationships are still plentiful but the further west you go, the more scarce it is. Im in NY and its not hard to find a successful american, African or Caribbean man to date. Im sure it would be 10x harder in Cali

      • Thanx for your output. I agree that Black men treats Black women worst than dirt because they have been taught that mentality. It sucks but yes, that’s why many single Black women opt for going interracial or swirl…

    • You’re right Omay. This woman doesn’t identify as black so Tyrese shouldn’t have even made the dumb ass comment. The struggle of a mixed race woman is NOT the same as the struggle black people go through. She is just biracial arm candy for Tyrese.
      Black men don’t desire you??? Really?? You’re not a bad looking woman. I find that hard to believe. That’s sad to hear. I don’t know where you live but most black men still marry black women the most.

      • That really makes Tyrese look like a fool. I actually saw Tyrese about four years ago at an amusement park. He was with his daughter. He seemed like a cool guy. I had no idea that he was that much of a self-hating fool. He tried to claim her as black so he wouldn’t come off as a sellout. He failed!!

      • “He tried to claim her as black so he wouldn’t come off as a sellout. He failed!!”

        I would also say that this is not only an insult and attack on the black woman’s image but also an insult of our intelligence to think that we will accept his wife as a black woman.

  14. @ Kushite Prince & everyone Here is a black female is a natural hair & fashion tip guru on instagram & YouTube. I respect the fact that she’s support natural hair but I did find several images on her page disturbing especially the pictures with her non black male partner wearing clothes that advertise words that come off as a fetish toward black women. This black woman on this page is a prime example of a misguided black woman.
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    • What the hell?? is that her husband?? This black woman is crazy! That pic of her imitating Iman and David Bowie is very disturbing. Can’t she see this white man has a black fetish?? Some of these sistas have gone over the deep end! She is a lost cause.smh

      • @ Kushite Prince & Sceja Man

        Her husband looks gay. When non black men wear shirts like this it makes black women look like a joke. For any black woman that think this is cute have low self esteem & looking for non black men acceptance.

    • This woman is CRAZY! Therefore, she is lost. Her type usually say things like “Black men do it too.” And I’m like selfhating Black males aren’t your moral compass. So if Black men were into beastality, then these Black women would also follow suit because “Black men are also doing it.”

      You can’t rely on traitors, to make a commitment to the Black community. Since we brothers are failing our positions as leaders and providers, Black women should set HIGH STANDARDS for the whole community. They can take up the challenge because the Black man is in a fallen state.

    • Interesting how the first thing the non black man does when gets with a bw is to try and make a lot of money off of lost black women. That delusional natural hair blogger is right there supporting white supremacy and is there trying to convince lost bw to go after these devils. That bw and non bm are terrorist.

  15. You know, typically, I don’t get upset over stories like this. Why? Because I know who I am and I’ve never seen myself as inferior to anyone. This story has been all over social media. Frankly, I could care less about Tyrese. This is the most publicity he’s gotten in his entire career. However, he’s just another example of the mental enslavement that has been passed down to Black people throughout the centuries. People act like light skin and dark skin people are two different species. We are of the same race. Light skin people exist among us because of RAPE. White slavemasters would bread those African slave women and the offspring from that encounter would be used in a more sinister plot: Divide and Conquer. It was all about control. Love didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. Thus, the genesis of Light Skin vs Dark Skin began. Black people who look at light skin people with any type skin worship or attach some type of fettish onto them, are truly mentally sick. Tyrese took down his photos after the backlash. The anger that those pictures generated in people have a deeper trigger than his celebrity can over-stand.

  16. Kushite, I’m no longer worried about wp & the Swirl movement. Chance the Rapper gave 1million dollars to Chicago Public schools. We have to individually do our part.That means the pimps NAACP & Congressional Black Caucus got to go. There are Africans that our helping wp commit genocide on Africans by starving them to death. We can’t get where we have to by asking the oppressor to give us rights. Nigeria made more black babies than the whole European continent put together. Since 2011 ,wm unemployment rates in Europe is reaching epidemic proportions. GOD is going to give us our continent back and theirs.GOD BLESS

    • @ SevenKingsblog:

      Dude, that is fantastic!!! (and yes, I have always been for home schooling as well)

      If only you could get 15-20 MORE black celebrities to give a million each not to mention the people in Chi-town contributing what they are able q six months and take our black children OUT of these Eurocentric schools and WE teach them.

      Just imagine…

  17. Kushite, just to show you, all blacks aren’t lost. In Miami there is a black investment group called the Miami Millennial Investment Firm.They are investing and gentrification get the black neighborhoods of Liberty City, Overton and Little Haiti. The process is beginning. GOD BLESS

      • I call her that for this reason:

        9 out of 10 black people will tell you George Zimmerman is a white boy. Even when we saw his racial makeup,White German Jewish dad Hispanic Peruvian mom,we still view him as a white boy.
        Samantha Schwalenberg has the same racial makeup as George Zimmerman. White German Jewish dad Hispanic mom. So why are some people accepting Tyrese Gibson’s statement that “she’s a Black Queen . She’s a black woman, You can tell that she has black ancestry so she’s a black family member,etc.”

        Zimmerman a white boy. Schwalenberg not a white girl. Inconsistency. As the Irritated Genie would say “They’re both smallhats”.

  18. I’ve been following this story as well and I can say that I am not surprised at all. It’s been official that black people HAVE NO interest in preserving the original image of the black woman because black women are not seen as valuable in the “community,” we’re only “valuable” when it’s time to mammy and mule on the behalf of self-hating black males.

    Many Black People JUST DON’T like the original image of the black woman. If black women were going around calling non-black men there black kings we’ll see a firestorm of controversy. Niggas will be pumping out video after video after video for say about a month about it. Chile I can see it now, lol.

    The disrespect for black women is THROUGH THE GOTDAM roof, yet we are expected to be humble in the midst of it many black women are saying NO GOT DAM MORE! And it’s not just these anti-bw, misogynist, colorist black males it’s these anti-bw internalized misogynist mammified black women, and its legions of ’em annnnnnd they are worst! I’ve seen conversations by common sense black women talking about these mammies agreeing with Tyrese talking about she black. These are the same mammies that be somewhere complaining to a black woman like me about how the image of the black woman is being erased. A lot of the onus is on black women too.

    Tyrese pimped the image of black love and secretly married a non-black woman while doing so so he can continue to get black women’s money and many silly ass black women continue to support him, even to the point where they are trying to convince themselves that his wife is somehow black cause he said so.

    How can I take these women seriously? I already told them I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear about “we’re being erased” or “white/non-black women are taking all the good black men” while participating in your own erasure just to curry favor with racist and misogynist. I’ve told black women and they got mad with me that black women are accomplices with their own oppression too, it ain’t just black men and white people participating. And then wonder why nobody gives a damn about black women because many don’t give a damn about their own selves. People ain’t gonna care about you when they see you don’t care about yourself.

    I’m shutting down my fighting misogynoir platform later this year to focus on my more positive original black woman platform (and my personal goals) which as you can see and which I’ve should’ve only stuck with it (OBW platform) from the beginning. Fighting Misogynoir is sooo draining and tiring and I’ve learned that in fighting misogynoir, my fierecest oponnents are not black men but black women. I was telling Trojan Pam that I will no longer put any energy in fighting misogynoir because the majority of black women and black men are apathetic to our plight. Black Women nor the black “community” see no urgency in what black women are up against. It’s just so baffaling to me. Many black women would rather mammy and mule and sit at the oppression table with racist and misogynist (yes this includes black people too) for people who hate them than to seek personal happiness and freedom. This is why I’m shutting it down and letting go and let Mother God……and since I done so I feel freer.

    • Fighting racism,sexism and colorism is a daunting task. Sometimes I wonder why I take on these issues. But I realize these issues have a negative effect on my people. So these issues must be addressed. Even if it offends or gets people upset. That’s the price you pay for going to battle. I realize now that so many of us are filled with anti-blackness some of us can’t be saved. You have black men and women who have given up and just embraced a white ideology. They don’t care about the plight of black people in general. They’re just in survival mode. I do see your point about black women. Many are just going with the flow. I understand that many want to support brothers. I can respect that to a point. But it’s one thing to support brothers when they are killed or harmed by the police…it’s another when you support your own erasure. Black women shouldn’t be co-signing with black men who don’t uplift the African woman’s image. Tyrese insulted black women by calling this woman a black queen. But this shows that many black women have deep self hatred issues. They will claim a woman who looks nothing like them so they can say that racially ambiguous women are black as well. That means they aren’t comfortable with authentic Afican looking women. They must hate what they see in the mirror. Otherwise they wouldn’t support crap like this. The racist media has made sistas hate themselves. It is really heartbreaking to see little black girls think they are ugly because they aren’t mixed. And these coonish black men like Tyrese need to be called out for it. I will have to do another post on the erasure of black women. These self hating black men don’t speak on it because they like these racially mixed women. And biracial women love all the attention they get. They don’t want it to change because they reap all the benefits of being seen as the attractive “black women”. While black women get stuck on the bottom and treated like crap. I work with a few biracial women and they are kind of stuck up. They think everyone worships them. Mainly because a few black male co-workers fawn over them. They are black only when it benefits them. This issue can never be addressed enough. But I understand your point though. All these issues are very draining. I get tired of it too.

      • I don’t want you to think that that I’ve given up, I just think that with somethings you just have to let go and let God. With black people’s state of mind at this point that’s what I feel needs to happen (most of the time) cause we can’t tell ’em nothing. We could let the God in us make it happen but we won’t. We’re always looking for an outside savior when the savior is there within us.

        I’m encountering other black women with platforms dedicated to fighting misogynoir say that it is time to move on an focus on other things. For example, one sista whose blog I visit from time to time said that she started her blog out to expose misogynoir, however she was also offering solutions to black women of ways in which we can survive this misogynoiristic society.

        She went on to say how when she does post exposing misogynoir everybody’s (black women) up under those post complaining, but when she does post providing/offering solutions nobody can be found. This shows you that people love drama, but don’t want to eliminate drama. Because of this she says that maybe she needs to find a new audience. She’s not the only sista with anti-misogynoir platform who has expressed these same sentiments.

        Many black women complain and rant ALL THE TIME about especially misogynoir among black men, but practice it themselves towards other black women. Many want to complain but don’t want to put in the work like stop having so many babies OOW, stop sleeping with men who are not worthy, stop engaging toxic people, stop being mean to other black women and girls, etc, etc, themselves (which includes self-examination and self-correcting) to help bring about change. That’s what’s sooo frustrating.

      • I know what you mean. After awhile it can take a toll on you. That’s why it’s important to take breaks from blogging. I always feel refreshed when I step away from Twitter,Youtube and WordPress. I usually come back feeling stronger and ready for the challenge. But I definitely know where you’re coming from.

      • Yes, it can get overwhelming and I’m not quitting just because I’m tired of the apathy and unconcern, I’m also doing it for health reasons and lack of time. Like I’ve mentioned above, it can make you depressed and if you suffer from some form of anxiety it doesn’t help that. Since I’m working on overcoming anxiety and this issue makes me overly anxious at times it’s best for me to just stop blogging about it altogether. I’m finding myself wanting to avoid contact with toxic people and places online and offline. There’s blogs, bloggers, social media personalities that I no longer follow because of sooo much negativity and anti-blackness. Like I’ve told you in another post I only follow a few black people on social media and the blogosphere, even a lot of these black women empowerment bloggers and feminist and womanist I find to be full of shit and are misogynist. They claim to be here for all black women, but will trash certain black women that they feel doesn’t measure up to their warped standards. Then there are the pro-black circles and spaces that are rife with misogyny, anti-blackness and respectibility politics. Many of the BWE circles and pro-black cirlces and spaces are the same although these two groups hate each other. They seem to have forgotten that black women are not a monolith. I’m also don’t have time to managed more than a few social media pages and blogs no more because of pursuing my entrepreneurial goals.

      • I will always be against racism, sexism, intra-racism aka colorism, misogynoir, sizeism, texturism, etc. and I will always fight against it, however the truth is that it not only gets draining fighting against these oppressions and having the people you’re fighting for fighting you, it gets tiring dwelling on it so much because thinking about it too much leads you into depression and despair.

      • Yes it can get overwhelming when you look at what you’re up against. It can cause depression when you look at the whole picture. Believe me…I know the feeling. It’s hard to even wake up people I know personally. So many black people just want to go along to get along. They are complicit in their own suffering.

  19. @The Original blacwoman,I think that Africans who sold blacks into slavery,they were either not from that bloodline,tribe or village. Nobody loves Africa more than I do ,but there are some Africans who hates us more than whites do.We have to do more research on how Africans sold us.That is not talked about enough. Remember that 60% of the Lemba tribe in South Africa have Hebrew DNA.Remember wp tried to enslave Native Americans & teach them Christianity.Native Americans have never believed that all Bible characters were white,black people fell for the scam , and we are still falling for it. Do you know that most Jews in Israel are the Khazar Jews from Eastern Europe. Do you know that they have no bloodline to Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. I will say this,one thing I truly believe about our Hebrew Israelites friends,when they say that all 12 Tribes of Israel are not white.GOD BLESS

  20. I”m not shocked by Tyrese’s actions. Calling a multiracial woman a “black queen” is very disrespectful to black women. The system of racism is still here and many black male celebrities have succumbed to its poisonous agendas. Many black people have a lack of respect and refuse to stand up against gentrification and some even refuse to just say publicly that they are in favor of the interests of black people without restraint. There is a serious emotional problem with many of our people having self hatred, colorism, and just plain lust for white acceptance (which only leads to social and emotional destruction). Some folks never learn. That is why common sense must be taught to black youth, so they can grow up and stand up for pro-Blackness unconditionally.

    • That’s true Timothy. That’s why we have to teach our children very young. We need to instill a sense of pride and black identity. We can no longer let the racist media teach our children. They will have a warped black identity and worship whiteness and end up anti-black. We have to stop this pattern of black mental suicide.

    • “Many black people have a lack of respect and refuse to stand up against gentrification and some even refuse to just say publicly that they are in favor of the interests of black people without restraint.”

      There it is…in fear of white supremacy. I agree.

  21. Is Shanequa quality really a black woman? She/He seemed determined to deflect away from Tyrese and make critiquing black women the focus. She/He even added those pictures of the interracial couple to force the main topic away from Tyrese. Red flags all over this Shanequa person.

    • Shanequa has been following me for about two years. I’ve never gotten the feeling she was a man. She has called out black men and women for misconduct. I see the point you’re making but she has done that regarding both men and women.

  22. Hispanic is not a race! There are 4.5 actually races(black white yellow red mixedyellowred=orange)..should be 3. As a blacktina…we need to understand according to USA law if you are 1/32%- {less than a 3rd}African American/black blood makes you black.

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