All Sistas hate Black men..and other lies

They tell me it’s Black History month.  Shortest month of the year of course.  But it’s Black history month every month on this blog.  So before the month is out I thought I’d end the month on a high note. They say that most black women hated black men nowadays.  Don’t the young black women today despise black men? Not judging by this video.  This video doesn’t even have 1,000 views.  Not very surprising though.  The media wants us to believe that ALL black hate black men with a passion.  The racist media does all it can to keep us divided and hating each other.  If this video was about bashing black men it would have thousands of views in a matter of days.  And anti-black women videos are also overrepresented as well.  These videos help to destroy black consciousness,black love and unity. I know many black men that love black women and vice versa.


I know the Uncle Toms,bed wenches,self haters and swirlers will hate this  They hate black love. This video destroys their perception of the world. But don’t fall for the propaganda. These are the videos that don’t go viral.  And with good reason.  They don’t want us to love and respect each other.  Black love is a threat to white supremacy. But I applaud these black women in the video. It’s always good to have words of encouragement.  I want the sistas to know that we love and appreciate you too. Much respect and Kushite approved!

63 thoughts on “All Sistas hate Black men..and other lies

  1. I’m glad you brought this up because anytime black men & women uplift the opposite sex the negro coons come out to spread there self hate. Our people have been so mentally condition to promote black destruction rather then black upliftment. I remember when music from “Soul Sista” by Bilal, “Brotha by Angie Stone, “Brown Skin” by India Arie were songs I thought the music was positive upliftment for black love but didn’t get the airplay that it deserve. Songs that uplift other races of women or songs talking about ain’t shit black men get more recognition.

    Here is one black love uplifement song by Wilton Felder feat Bobby Womack & Altrinna Grayson that I really love especially the lyrics.

    “Ohh, I can remember when they said you were through
    but I never never never gave up on you (no you didn’t baby)
    Baby I’ve seen you I’ve seen you at your worst
    but baby baby didn’t we make it through”

    • I agree Shanequa. I love that song by Womack and Grayson! That is real soul music! These young children don’t know about real music that moves the soul. Thanks for posting that. Yes it’s obvious the media doesn’t want to promote black love and unity. That works against their agenda. Thanks for the comment.

  2. All this propaganda annoys me. You got non black men out here approaching and then being surprised they got rejected. Too many assume black people hate each other and way too many seem to believe BW are walking around looking for their White knight because some Black man did them wrong. I once had a white guy approach me and ask “Are the brothers treating you right”, I didnt respond and simply walked away but he yelled as I was walking that he can treat me better. There nerve of him to make that assumption and its utterly ridiculous that white people can only view black people based off what the media portrays. They cannot treat Black people like a human being but absolutely have to attach some sort of stereotype to any black person they meet. This is why they hate quiet black people.

    • Really?? White men are that bold?? These white dudes are nuts!! They actually believe all the films and tv shows that show us fighting so they think we all want them. They think we hate ourselves so much we can’t wait to get in bed with them. Well I’m glad you had enough sense to walk away from that damn clown. These white men have HUGE egos! They think all women of different races worship white penis! These men are delusional as hell. This is why the racist media demonizes black men so much to make white men look good by comparison.

      • @ Cara Blu
        I can related to your story.

        @ Kushite Prince not only is white men are bold but non black men of color as well.I post this comment on Trojan Pam recent blog.

        “I have a non black Hispanic male coworker who constantly flirt/fetish black women. I know he has a black babymama, & his wife is black too but she’s not the mother to his child. I laugh at the fact he’s married because he flirts with black women with his wedding ring on in sight. He’s not that even attractive but his flirting do annoy some black women. Furthermore I believe his fetish with black women is more about sex then anything. I also feel that he thinks he’s superior to black women. I have never seen him flirt with the Hispanic women like he does black women. Also he’s a police officer, I sometimes wonder how he treats black male inmates when he arrest them. In my opinion his fetish for black women is to serve his sexual deviant behavior. Also this Hispanic male coworker is between the ages of 38-42 years old. Also the black women he flirts with are in there 20’s to early 30’s that are dark skinned, nicely in shape, well kept, & youthful in the face. He has a type. He doesn’t flirt with the young Hispanic females on the job especially the ones that are skinny.
        When black women reject non black men these men feel that they are entitle to have black women. It’s like we as black women are not allow to turn them down.”

        Kushite Prince like I stated in your other post non black men have a code of conduct in a white supremacy society. Black men do not have a code of conduct because their being defeated by trying to have sexual relations with non black women. Like my Hispanic male coworker here is several thing I notice especially in the list I gave you you.

        He flirts with black women out of eyesight of other non black people especially his own women. He never treat the black woman as if she’s equal or superior to non black women. He’s not like the negro coon black men always bragging about being with non black women & preferring non black women then his own black woman. I don’t know what he does or who he hang out while off work but I don’t think he have close friendships with black men. He associate with them while at work but having them as friends I don’t think so. It’s a white detention officer I know married to a black women an I notice the same thing with him as well but he doesn’t flirt with black women on the even though he’s marry to one.

    • I never had that experience that white men will treat Black Women better. They will use you for their thrill, and that’s it, they would never settle for a relationship or marriage.

      • Wm do settle down with BW but many of the ones who do are very old, been divorced and already have grown full white children. Once WM create their white legacy then divorce their white wives, thats when they are open to dating/marrying bw. I have seen around town and also on youtube a bunch of very old ugly wm with young bw and the young bw is always depressed. These old wm suck the life out of these young bw, they never got a chance to live. I have seen 50-60 with pregnant 19/20 year old bw.

    • @ Cara Blu
      I have seen that as well old white men with younger black women. Even though they’ll have white children with their ex-wives I have seen then have children with their younger black girlfriend. I was at the beauty supply store an I seen this old white man that look like trailer park trash with a young black female around her early twenties.

      • Yup, its quite embarrassing and sad. These white men would never date Black women or marry them in their prime years but once they have lived life and have absolutely nothing to lose, they’ll go to black women and start a 2nd life at 52 years of age. Many times these black women will take care of these old white men.

      • @ Cara Blu
        Their relationship is not base on love but what one can get from the other. The non black man is with the black woman for his black fetish. The black woman is with the non black man for wealth or material gain, and thinks the non black man will treat her better then the black man. It goes the same way with black men & non black women.

      • Black men dont really have wealth or power. Most BM IRs are based on sex and pissing someone off in terms of average bm. I actually know quite a few BM who date ww for the money, gifts and food. Then you have these old wm who have already designated their wealth to their full white children while the black wife and mixed child just simply live off him but not necessarily their wealth. I doubt the mixed kid is even in the will. White people are very strategic, with all these IRs, nothing has improved at all. Black women are still being erased from the media and are still the least and last hired group. Speaking of that, when I was 19, I went on an interview for this job with a white manager. After the interview he said he will let me know the decision. A few days pass and I actually bump into him at the store. He kept trying to ask me on a date, perhaps he forgot he interviewed me so I asked him about the job and he stated, “he doesnt have time for that”. He seemingly had all the time in the world to try and get me to go on a date with him. He did not want to give me the job but wanted to date me. Moral of the story, white people never transfer wealth to their black spouse but the black spouse will happily transfer what ever they have to their white family.

      • @Shanequa, I hope African women are listening to you because some of them tend to get flattered by the attention they receive from White and non-African males.

        Real love from non-African males would look like them marching or dying alongside African women to prevent Black women from being mistreated and viewed as “Hoes” by the dominant system. The only time they recognise that Black women are “human beings” is during Bed time!

    • @Cara Blu, I salute you sister! You know, the Black woman is the mother and teacher in the Black community and without her, the Black community (e.g. Black families) would collapse immediately.

      This is why I appreciate and value Black women who refuse to use their wombs in collaboration with white supremacy.

      As an Afrikan man, I think the Black woman’s place in a white supremacy society, apart from pursuing a career and “dreams”, is in the Black family and to recreate her husband in her children. A woman needs a man to love her and us Afrikan men practice love to Afrikan women by supporting Black families and providing leadership.

  3. @ the Prince:

    Yes, I have noticed this as well. On occasion, I have been approached by different races of men. I have not problem in making them VERY aware that I have absolutely NO interest in them. For the more assertive ones, I make them aware that I have NO problem checking them and then putting them in their place. After that they strangely disappear so to speak.

    As for the so called complexities and general disagreements among black male and female, I do not buy into that either. EACH person has accountability and responsibility. Again, “water seeks its own level,” Most often I have observed that black males that do hold issues with ALL black females? I look at his short-comings. If he knew that the job was dangerous when he took it? Don’t act surprised when it blows up in your face and YOU keep repeating the same pattern of pick and choose. This applies to the black female as well. I believe that it is WORSE for her because she may or ,may not be left to take care of oops! child(ren) that she did not foresee. Make better choices is what I can say to both.
    Otherwise, the racist mass Media is alive and well and likes nothing more than division between the black male and female. BE better than the world has taught you to be.

    • Thank you for that Epi! Wow! That was beautiful and so on point! We have to be wiser when it comes to the lies of the media. The truly fear black love! I appreciate your wonderful comment. You never disappoint.

  4. WM are mentally ill ! They don’t know their history or better they prefer close their eyes instead to see the reality!
    WM have been walk around to the world to rape,sodomize,torture and kill all women of different races! They used the decapitated heads of African women as a trophy,than you tell me “they treat black women better?”
    Me as well, I don’t have problem to tell these cave beasts I don’t want to have kids being “HALF MONKEY AND HALF HUMAN OR HALF NEANDERTHAL AND HALF HUMAN!” Because they ain’t human!

    • @Nubian
      These white men are clearly delusional. They think they’re God’s gift to the world. Most black women I know don’t want them. They have proven to be the enemy of black people throughout history.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I notice many of our commenters when discussing racism always state “white men” I wonder do they also include non black men of color in that account as well. Non black men of color can be just as evil as the white man but more deceitful they can camouflage there evil intention since they are consider by society people of color.

  5. Kushite, when we reject approaches,they have the audacity to act like we missing something. I’ve seen the many videos of bm vs bw ,and we have to be careful, because not all the negative videos are made by bp.GOD BLESS

  6. Come on. Do Black men really believe that Black women hate them? Aren’t we still having Black babies? And you’re the most desired on this planet. Your genetics are the envy of the world. I can’t even imagine a world without Black men. Frankly, I get depressed even thinking such a thing. This world would be boring without Black men. The Black Man is the original drug and everybody wants to get high…on YOU!!!

  7. Add ya boy “Massa P” to the list. Then she a below average troglodyte of a cave woman. Damn.


    • @ Nat Turner’s Revenge

      Master P officical got him another non black woman. Simin Hashemizadeh a successful entrepreneur who heads two premier surgical centers in Beverly Hills and Encino. Simin Hashemizadeh didn’t date a black man in her prime years, but waited until her youthful years were finish until she hooked up with a black man. Simin Hashemizadeh is Master P “sugar mama” because she purchase a Rolls Royce for him. She’s out here tricking on Master P. Again these non black men & women especially with money wait until their prime years are over with especially when they have children to pass their wealth too then they date black man & woman.

  8. Kushite, I love the video.Black women:I love you so much,there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.Your love for us black men has tears of joy running down my cheeks.The black men who believe in you has already come to his senses.I love you black women UNCONDITIONALLY.GOD BLESS

      • @ Kushite Prince
        This topic have came up in my mind once every blue moon. I wonder how many domestic violence cases of black women & non black men relationships. We always hear cases of black men & non black women domestic violence cases but not the other way around when it involves black women & non black men.

      • BW/non black or wm domestic violence disputes are probably often but it just never gets reported. Black women and Non black women in these relationships with WM in particular dont say “NO” to them. I have read countless stories on WM raping their black and non black wives. I have also read countless stories about WM abusing their black and non black wives but instead of calling the police, BW go online and ask other white people for advice or they stay quiet about it. When I think about it, why can I read countless stories online from BW abuse victims but cant find much data. WW can report the abuse they suffer because if they get a divorce, there will be a line of men waiting for them. BW, I cannot say the same. There is a large Asian men/BW facebook group where one of the moderators who was 35 plus started dating a black member who was only 19. He killed her brutally and chopped her up and put her in a bag. The asian man got off and returned right back to moderating that group. The black female member were well aware of the abuse but instead of telllng the young bw to leave, they kept trying to make HER change as if she did something wrong. The continues to grow til this day. The abuse definitely happens, its just kept hidden and never reported.

    • @sevenkingsblog, Real Black men don’t cry (I know some of us cry when we got dumped by a woman or when having beers and whisky 😂😂). But we don’t have to show our emotions, brother! Lol.

      • @Scejaman,I don’t have a problem crying if it’d tears of joy.When it comes to the plight of my people, I will always show my emotion.Lol.I see that the South African president is putting in a measure to confiscate white people’s property.How is that going? I see you are a Pan African, so is Saye Taryor the black activist. Lol GOD BLESS

    • @sevenkingsblog, the establishment caused a commotion by starting xenophobic attacks on so-called foreigners. Usually things are started by White folks to benefit themselves. To keep us distracted and fighting between ourselves.

      The land repossession program is on track. Slow and steady, we will get there. But I would love to see radical redistribution of land quickly. We need to start our farming businesses. The Dutch Boer aka Nazikaner(Afrikaner) will be destroyed if they resist. We are fed up with them this time.

    I got into a little twitter debate about the #MarvelComics Character #Storm and #BlackPanthers relationship vs Storm and a White character #Forge. She was like “Forge was blowing that back out with that one leg before Black Panther”
    I was like “don’t hate on BP Panther and Storm are an iconic relationship” Soon this Black gay dude jumps in and they’re both talking about the “naturalness of Forge and Storm vs the seemingly forced relationship of Black Panther and Storm. My whole point was that strong black relationships are needed in mainstream media and I pointed out how in Sci-Fi and Fantasy almost every Black person is paired with a White love interest and its mostly Black women and White men. Both of the people I was debating with allowed so called artistry and the seemingly unforced relationship of Storm and Forge supersede the need of having mainstream media portray Black people together with Black people. Its like when many sisters were side tracked from standing in lock step with Black men in the 70’s Black power movement by the White woman’s feminist movement. Funny thing is both of the people I was debating with consider themselves conscious and actually both seem to be but as I pointed out to the gay dude “there are different levels of consciousness” and we cant let interesting stories by the reason we ignore the fact there are issues with keeping Black men and women together and the media obviously has an agenda. You watch most shows in today’s media and you will see they maintain White on White relationships but nigh every Black person is paired with a White person or some other ethnic/racial group. We MUST start creating more of our own stories to drive the message #BLACKLOVEMATTERS home.
    (Oh I gotta tweet this blog too lol)

  10. @Shanequa,you will see it from time to time on Investigation Discovery.Cynthia G has talked about it plenty of times.Most of these non bm that abuses black women have a criminal history and that black woman new that before she got into the relationship. Bad decision.GOD BLESS

  11. @ Kushite:

    Great post!

    @ Everybody:

    What do you think of this? It is about a non-Black man and a Black woman:

    PBT tends to by misogynistic. What do you think? I would like some feedback. Thanks!

      • @ Courtney H & Kushite Prince

        Black Truth is misogynistic but made some good points in this video. Non black people of color are just as evil as white people. Also it proves again in these interracial relationships that they still have hate for us. Non black women fetish black men but hate black women, non black men fetish black women but hate black men. You already know that if it was a black male nfl player, killing 3 non black Hispanic males the non black Hispanic community will be in a up roar. When I listen to the video about Aaron Hernandez it remains me of a non black male Hispanic deputy I work with has a fetish for black women, married to a black woman, flirts with black women on the job. I mention this deputy on your recent post but I wonder sometimes how he treats his black male inmates. Something about this deputy rubs me the wrong way.
        Like I stated earlier in this post “I notice many of our commenters when discussing racism always state “white men” I wonder do they also include non black men of color in that account as well. Non black men of color can be just as evil as the white man but more deceitful they can camouflage there evil intention since they are consider by society people of color.”

  12. @ Shanequa:

    I agree with your points about the Aaron Hernandez video. PBT is misogynistic even though he makes about the anti-Black racism of non-Black POC. The reason why I posted this video is because of what you said about that Latino deputy on Trojan Pam’s blog and this one. I agree that Black women are often seen as sexual fetishes to non-Black men. Thank you for your response.

  13. @Shanequa & Kushite, black women are going to have to be careful.Did Christelyn Karazin tell you all that 48% of white men with no college degree is unemployed?African immigrants have pretty much taken Marseille and Dublin and pretty much on their way to Belfast,so it’s not going to get that much better for wm in Europe.Their addiction to painkillers and opioids has police departments pulling them off the streets.Black people be on alert,their addiction to painkillers is driving up their crime rates,and if the Republicans get rid of Obamacare with no replacement ,wp are going to commit more crimes to get access to them.GOD BLESS

    • & sevenkingsblog

      Thank you for the information white people are already crazy but they have gone beyond madness. Christelyn Karazin & other misguided sisters like her are setting black women up for failure. This woman go on social media making pages fetishing for non black men but they don’t do that in return for black women. Black women who support or go to those interracial online dating sites have low self esteem & desperate. Those non black men go there for easy access for black women for sex furthermore all types of deviant non black men be on that site

  14. Kushite, I’ve been busy,but let me tell you about this woman.Her name is Nzhinga Mbande (Queen of Angola)She came into power in the early 1600’s .She forged a truce with Portugal, a truce they later broke,so she spent 30 years defending Angola against Portugal, and she personally led her Warriors into battle.She soon allied with the Dutch,and like Portugal, the Dutch broke the agreement.Kushite,Portugal and the Netherlands will pay for their treachery. GOD is about to give white people the King Saul treatment.GOD is going to take the European continent away from wp and give to another.I can’t wait for GOD to deliver Lisbon and Amsterdam into our hands.GOD BLESS

  15. I challenge you Kushite to answer this question: don’t you think if there really was love in the black community that this video would go viral? The fact that it hasn’t seems to me, to mean that most black women DO hate black men and vice versa.

    Sometimes I’m fully aware of what the system of w/s does, but other times I think we kid ourselves a bit. Sometimes instead of facing the harsh truths we cover it up. I definitely think there is a large crack in the black family that we need to address urgently instead of burying our head in the sand and pretending that there is love in the community.

    • No the black community is not perfect. We have some serious problems. I talk about it all the time on my blob. I don’t kid myself. But I also know that most black men and women don’t hate each other. Yes we have issues with one another we need to address. But I think the media helps divide us even more. The racist media loves to promote interracial love in films and dramas any chance they get. They want to keep us fighting each other rather than the racist system that they control. Also black people don’t own YouTube,Facebook,INstagram or Twitter. Those are social media outlets controlled by white folks. So we don’t really have the power to make things go “viral”. They have the power to do that. Most people don’t realize that YouTube(owned by Google) manipulates what goes viral. So while I think it’s important to address the social problems between black men and women,we have to look at it from a realistic perspective. There is love in our community. But there is also poverty,crime,police brutality and violence. So the love gets drowned out.

      • Logical response. Thank you.

        Really makes me think about how much of a negative aura is pushed in the black community. It is hard to imagine a video like this going viral and it makes sense that something promoting black love/unity would be brushed under the rug. Queue the people saying something like “it’s cuz they’re ugly af” Nah, it’s because as you say Prince, it’s by design. Great post.

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