A United Kingdom-Interracial propaganda Film


Looks like Hollywood has the perfect film just in time for their Greco-Roman, pagan,orgy-inspired holiday known as Valentine’s Day.  The interracial propaganda is relentless.  When President Obama was in office there a big increase in interracial couples in television dramas,sitcoms and films.  By him being biracial,he was used as a symbol of some type of racial harmony. Of course we know this is nonsense. There can be no racial harmony when one racial group has more power than another group.  This is where the propaganda comes in. I   have covered  this subject many times in the past.  And it looks like I’ll have to continue to do as long as they keep putting these films out.  Now we have the film A United Kingdom. The basic synopsis :

“The film is based on a true story. Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo) is the Prince of Bechuanaland (now Botswana). In 1948 he meets and falls in love with London office worker Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike). But their interracial relationship is not approved of by either of their families, nor by the British and South African governments. Seretse and Ruth must defy family, apartheid and the British empire to return from an imposed exile to their African kingdom, and assume power after independence.”

This trailer(above) is very hard to watch.  Here you have an African prince and he wants to marry a white woman??  This is total insanity.  This is self hatred to the fullest!  I don’t want to hear any crap about color blind love.  This is nothing but propaganda to make us love our oppressors.  A white woman as a queen in an African nation is blasphemous! This is a slap in the face to black love.   Seretse Khama is a disgrace to African people. Khama sold out his nation.  He is no prince!  Isn’t it interesting that Hollywood can find money to make this film but not about real African heroes.  There were African men and women that did great things in the past.  What about a film about Thomas Sankara?  Patrice Lumumba? Yaa Asantewaa? Queen Tiye? Marcus Garvey? Haitian revolution?  Queen Nzinga? Nope!  Instead they give a stupid ass love story between a brain dead Negro who gives his fortune away to a common white woman.  This film is stupid  and insulting on so many levels.

This is a very interesting interview with the stars David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike. Pike says that the film tackles racial prejudice from both sides.  She says that it’s about two people that are color blind.  Give me a break!  This white woman is lying through her teeth.  She knows damn well no one is color blind.  And our society is nowhere near that.  The world is comprised of racial groups.  Color blindness is a myth. Then Oyewolo goes on to say that the way to “unite a kingdom” is through love. And that Botswana has control of “most” of it’s resources.  How did they lose some of their resources?  How took them? I think you know the answer. And he says that Botswana sees itself has post-racial.  This is man is insane! How can Africa be post-racial when you got Europeans trying to steal land and resources?  He also says that his white wife has a small part in the film.  She plays a…..racist!  How fitting is that.  You can’t make this stuff up. Black love and black unity is the way to fight white racism.  The answer is not marrying and making babies with your oppressor.  This film is designed to confuse black people about racism.


This picture(above) is  of Amma Asante and her husband.  She is a screenwriter and director. She is the director of A United Kingdom. Why would a black woman do an interracial love story?   Well that’s an easy answer.  Just look  at her husband and  it’s easy to see why this so-called universal love story is close to her heart.


Amma Asante is a very sick woman!  This black woman has lost her damn mind.You don’t think so?  Well check out the picture(above).  That is a photo of the upcoming film When Hands Touch.  It’s a World War 2 “love story”. It stars Amandla Stenberg who plays a biracial girl who falls in love with a Nazi youth.  What the hell??  Even though Stenberg is biracial in this racial context she will be seen as just a black girl.  I will cover the problem of biracial women representing black women in a later post.  But anyway this film has taken “love they enemy” to a whole different level!  They want us to love Nazi’s now???  What’s next?  A  love story with Adolf Hitler and Angela Bassett?   Or maybe Denzel Washington falling in love with a female skinhead?  I wouldn’t put it pass Hollywood at this point. Amma Asante has sold her sold for the chance to corrupt the minds of black people.  She is a female version of Lee Daniels.


I understand better now why  David Oyelowo was chosen for the lead role.  In Hollywood he’s the go-to Negro at the moment.  He’s been in other anti-black propaganda films like The Butler,Red Tails and The Help.  And judging by the pic(above) of Oyelowo and his family,I think he was perfect for the role.  Oyelowo and Asante are one in the same.  They are both from the United Kingdom.  And neither one of them believes in  black love or black unity.  They believe the way to defeat racism,oppression, and colonization is to just love your oppressor.  Both of them are brain dead swirlers. But whatever you do,don’t support this film.  Save your money and stay far away from this garbage of a film.

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  1. You know, Your Highness, there’s a reason why they keep on putting out this garbage.

    They know and can FEEL our Resistance.

    They feel us moving closer and closer to each other and thusly pushing them farther and farther apart.They see it in the way that we don’t smile with them or wish to talk with them. They notice our seriousness about things and are getting restless and afraid and panicked.

    Ever since Kerry Washington and the joo, Goldwyn, rolled around in bed naked, hollywood has been trying to push black females in the arms of yurugu…HARD. They want us to accept that the white man is our “rightful” partner and will do for us what the black man can’t do.


    • That’s right Negress. They are coming really hard right now. This is a mental attack to destroy our minds. But I can’t believe they have a Nazi love story coming out. This is just social conditioning. They want us to love and forgive those that harm us. This is nothing but programming at it’s finest. I really hope black people see what’s going on. Love your enemy?? Yeah right!!

    • I totally agree. The white supremacists are really grasping for straws with this one. It’s the 4th quarter, and this is their hail mary football pass to try to convince the black woman how much our men hate us. They are scared b/c they see that black males and females are moving closer to each other, and alot of us are waking up.

      This movie is just too much. “UNited kingdom”?? Lol

      • Is it possible to be so deluded? White supremacists hate these kind of movies as much as you black supremacists.

      • Well I can’t speak for all my subscribers. But I’m a black nationalist not a supremacist. And yes we are quite aware that the KKK and racist skinheads don’t like interracial marriage. But so what? We already know they don’t like it. We are here to express our feelings NOT theirs. We don’t want to mix with whites…so what’s your point? Are you a white supremacist?

      • Was just googling for comments on the movie as I found it crap. Not really a white supremacist, I’m mixed European/Asian so the supremacists hate me I guess, both you and the white supremacists. Once people get over all the group mentality and racism we might actually get somewhere.

  2. She was an office worker??! Just when I thought it couldnt get worse. I saw the trailer when I saw hidden figures, and it left me reeling. It was just too much.

    And that photo of Oloweyo and his family, reminds me of the discussion on the Cree podcast. Oloweyo is in the feminized position that normally the wife/mother is in, with the arms protective and nurturing around the children. While the white woman is behind him, and standing beside the family–a position normally is where the male/father is. The episode Im referring to is the one about family members married to whites. They heavily discussed how the white woman acts as the father, and the black male acts as the mother in these tragic arrangements.

    This Asanta woman is the mother of all negro bed wenches. I bet she HATES black people. That Stenberg girl refers to herself as “binomial” neither male nor female, also is bisexual, and her white parent is jewish. She’s a confused and tragic mulatto.

    • I noticed the role reversals with both bm and bw ir relationships. I remember when a man stole Serenas cellphone and she chased after him while her white fiance did absolutely nothing. I definitely see the role reversal in the pic with that black actor. It seems to me that the WW does not feel a spiritual connection to her kids because she cant see herself in her kids. White people are only loyal to themselves and since they cant see themselves in their own half black kids, theres no loyalty there. I see this with both WM and WW.

      Speaking of the UK, the blacks there are pathetic. Damn near all of them see IRs. They pretend as if there is no racism in the UK because they date IR so frequently.

      I think the reason why they push IR so hard is to definitely eliminate Black people and also, what other race will make a White person a millionaire for simply dating a black person?

      • Youre spot on. Cows just did an episode inteviewing two grown biracial women, their moms were very cold and unfeeling toward them.

        The whites in the uk are even uglier and dirtier than the ones over here, i dont see how black people over there do it!! And I heard about the statistics from paul ifayomi, something like 65% of blacks are with white people. Yuck, and self hate on a mind numbing scale.

    • Yep just a common office worker. But you know how that goes. Any low class white woman will do for a self hating negro. Remember when Tiger Woods married his white wife. She was a damn nanny! But that was good enough for him. They place high value on whiteness. Yes Asante has lost her mind. Like I said she a female version of Lee Daniels. This fool knows this is anti-black propaganda. They will do anything to make a dollar in Hollywood. They don’t care if it degrades or confuses black people. Just as long as they make money and please their white masters in the process.

  3. You know how I feel about the interracial nonsense. But where are our historic films before we were integrated? Our history doesn’t start at integration, the civil wrongs movement or slavery. I’m tired of hearing about and seeing trailers for these films and shows that just talk about what white people did to us. We were kings and queens before they even knew how to bathe; where are those films?

    • The finances of film-making and merchandising and premises for distribution are in the hands of the jewish media mafia. We have to create a black film industry with a totally different way of raising and making money. Maybe we should be able to buy dollar shares with the minimum investment being a dollar. This would give every investor a number of dvd copies of the film which they could then pass on to non-investing friends and relatves. This is the only way we can have control over the content of the narrative and bring dignity to the portrayal of the black experience.

    • You know the answer to that Kelley. They want us deaf,dumb and blind. They wont make films like that. They want to brainwash us with films about loving them. We have to make our own black independent films. And we have to have our own studios and support those companies. We don’t need recognition from Jewish Hollywood. We need to just do it for ourselves so our children can see their great history. Hollywood will never support that because it threatens white supremacy.

      • You’re right. And I’m ready for that. And not some fiends that will just sell their works to the highest bidder, but actually build and build and build with Black filmmakers and actors-with longevity in mind, not a quick buck to say they made it.

  4. No member of the British royal family would stoop so low as to want to marry a peasant. Yet this king is soooo in love with the white trash HE WILL TURN AGAINST HIS OWN PEOPLE. The story line will be predictable. Ohhh, how they faced prejudice even from bp! Ohh, their love was so strong they had to be together. Give me strength!! That fool was a disgrace to his bloodline and therefore no surprise really that they should make this embarrassing coonery into a film. They love to show bm desparate and wretched following any dog in a dress as long as it’s white. Watch as well how many awards this film will win. The agenda is in play!
    I have a feeling that this will be the next Hollyweird obsession after showing our people being debased and degraded in the slave genre, or as faithful servants to our oppressors. We must always be portrayed as OWNED and unable, EVEN UNWILLING, to think or function without massa.
    Do not give this kind of garbage your hard earned money or attention. You will be giving your consent and acceptance to shit.

    • That’s what I’m saying Razor. This man is NO African hero. They want us to see him as a great representation of African greatness. Good lord!!! This film is an insult to all African people. Nothing but pure garbage. But you know this is the type of film that Hollywood gives Oscars too.

  5. Well, you don’t have to tell me twice to stay away from this garbage. It never crossed my mind to go see that mess. I could never be that hard up as to play some ‘love’ interest to a pasty-faced Casper. But unfortunately, they can always find coonhead sell-outs to play those roles. There will never be a problem in finding some self-hating Black person to do Massa’s bidding.

    And so we are to believe that in all of Africa, dude just could not find an African woman to his tastes and so only a pasty, wrinkled faced cow would do? They can just get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! They are doing their damn best to try and drum it into us that we would be better off if we got down with the swirl. Well, I can only hope that not too many of us was dropped on our heads, over and over again and thus is susceptible to this outburst of interracial shit!

    Black people should pick up some real ourstory books instead of (his)story books and films and we’d find out why we need to stick with each other and not get down with our oppressors. But so long as we continue to let them write the script for us and drone it in to us that it is in our best interest to believe their lies about how we just ‘get along’ so well together, we will continue to fall for their outrageous lies that are designed to wipe us out of existence. Stay vigilant and stay away from the whites!

  6. The White wife was bad enough, but one historical fact about Seretse Khama was his counterproductive policies towards liberation movements in neighboring African states. He opposed Botswana to be used as a base for liberation armies in places such as Zimbabwe and South Africa, going so far as to deport Zimbabwean refugees seeking sanctuary.

    It’s something to keep in mind considering the media hype of Khama being an effective leader in the face of white rule. When in reality, he had a very narrow focus and was willing to compromise other African movements in exchange for localized reform.

  7. That former king of Botswana is a damn fool! Why would the people allow this defector back into their country with their oppressor in tow…..and to lead it at that!

    I visited Botswana and it was sickening how the offspring of this union is the face of the country when the native people are black as bus driver shoes. But this is par for the course for many of the African countries. It is sad.

  8. Well people have been making more comments on the “United Kingdom” film but less mention about biracial actress Amandla Stenberg defend her Nazi loving movie on Tumble. Amandla Stenberg was all for social justice, against cultural appropriation, but yet she support a film that is sympathetic to Nazis. She’s desperate for whites acceptance especially since they bash her for playing in Hunger Game. She would eventually show her true colors sooner or later like all mulatto’s do. Futhermore she is bisexual but doesn’t date black.Also how many White Jews would have took a role in this kind of film. She took the role because she’s half white & black. What’s even sad is our people are falling for these biracial people who claim to be “woke” are idolized by black men & women that want a militant half black baby.

    A modern interacial love story of a black woman & Nazi was done back in 2005 the film was Neo Ned starting Gabriel Union.

    • You’re right Shanequa! I forgot about that. As much as I love Gabby she shouldn’t have done that film. That pic is a sick image! I guess Gabrielle did it to be accepted in Hollywood. That is so pathetic. Thanks for reminding me about that film. And you’re right Stenberg is half Jewish and wants whites to accepted. That is one crazy,confused biracial bisexual woman!

    • Oh s**t, not Gabby!!!! Wtf is this crap, I never heard about this one.


      Well at least she didnt fall for the b/s in real life. She is so gorgeous and i love seeing her (on the big screen). A lot of sistas have a huuuge problem with her marraige to d/wade. They claim its for one reason (supposedly starting dating b4 his divorce was official). But now I wonder….the outrage is too adamant, Lowkey probably resent two goodlooking brown people making it work.

  9. One simply cannot find black liberation, freedom or equality between the legs of a savage cave monkey. However…one can easily find the loss of self esteem, loss of dignity and loss of mind. For the longest time I have sort of celebrated the identification of the bed wenches and slave breeders. In a war one must be able to not only identify the enemy without, but also the enemy within.

  10. Kushite, you’re not paying attention brother,let me help you.You can have your Black hero movies,but you have to have a white hero or white sympathetic figure in the movie,because like Roots,we certainly don’t want wp to feel guilty. And of course you have the first black bachlorette,guarantee to have a mix of men.There will be 10 black guys to start off and she will eliminate 9 of them in the first 2 weeks.Don’t forget my favorite, she will eliminate those black men for standards she won’t hold a white guy to.How do I know this,because that’s how it’s done in swirl nation. Don’t worry about it, black men have out married wm in the last 3 years,which is why bw marriage rates raised in years.And to swirl nation, don’t forget that wp drug use & over medication on painkillers are headed towards the trillion dollar mark.Save your swirl nation that medicine is expensive .GOD BLESS

    • @ sevenkingblog

      The entertainment news have been constantly talking about the first black bachlorette. We already know the agenda the media is trying to push, she will choose a non black man. The push for interracial dating toward black women is being push much harder then ever. I’m even more surprise that the bachlorette Chose a full black woman & not a biracial woman that the media love to push.

      • Considering that Asian women date IR the most, why dont they ever show this in the media? I guarantee you the Black bachelorette will choose a wm that is beneath her. I noticed this in the media, BW choosing wm who are not on their level which they make millions of excuses for.

  11. I’m dumbfounded… I mean a story of a bi-racial girl falling in love with Nazi guy, that’s more disturbing than 50 Shades of Grey. The issue and the difference, Kushite is that they’re born in London, where maybe or may not didn’t encounter racism. So they were blending up with whites to the point they be “equal” to them. They could do all the movies they want, but in the States is different story. I really truly don’t care about interracial relationships, because actually I’m not interested in this subject. Rarely enough, when it comes to love inside our race and put it in a movie like Caucasians do, these movies are ignored, no matter who well elaborated it is. There’s no positive message for Black men and women seeking for love, getting motivated by love between their own race, it’s always going for the Caucasians instead.

    • Well Omay I think that’s why we need to write and produce our own films without white influence. Anytime they’re involved they always slip in their agenda. We have to make more independent films that put positive images of black people and black families.Films like this do nothing positive for the black collective.

  12. Omay Farlane I don’t agree with you, I am living in London and the utopia that this city or UK is land of color blind race is all bullshit!
    Racism is a global system and European people are not less racist than their white American counterpart!
    We shouldn’t forget that English people brought slavery in America,and there were also slave cities here in UK!
    Maybe today they don’t feel free to say what they think about you but doesn’t mean they don’t see us as N@@g or you like them!
    White English people behave like most white people are in IR,
    “superiority,curiosity,fear of revenge, vengeance and justice,a savior complex– the belief that all they do is good and survival!”
    There are so many European countries are anti-blackness, and UK still a racist country,even if people don’t want to admit it
    When a black person says in UK “I don’t see racism, I was never victim of racism in my life!”, this is a dangerous Utopian thinking, that makes you fall and jump in height number on interracial!
    For many reason London has height number of IR! Black people here think is ok date whites,even though we live in a world controlled by white supremacy!

    • What I understand is the hatred against Muslims there, it’s obvious that being from the Middle East is subject to be treated like a Black Man in the states. Anyway, thanks for the input.

  13. Thanks for this post, my Kushite Prince brother. Tinseltown’s propaganda began with the Graeco-Roman re-scripting/recasting (plagiarizing) of African sacred wisdom which had flowered in Kemet from its source at the beginning of the Nile River. Kenya’s post-colonial father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta said: “When the missionaries came to Africa, they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land.”

    The sacred source of the Nile River (surrounded by Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) is currently named Lake “Victoria” – after the British grandmother of Europe who presided (1837-1901) over her country’s occupying and obtaining African land and treasure beyond the human resources already stolen through the slave trade, all while using the Bible as their propaganda weapon. They flipped the script on us and continue to run their game, force-feeding us by any ungodly means at their disposal while coding it as “entertainment,” etc.

    Perhaps this region of the Great Lakes at the source is where we should begin the campaign of resistance to win back hearts and minds in this propaganda war: kick the Victorian B**** to the curb… reclaim our sacred geographies, wisdom, and wealth… and recognize the legitimate “United Kingdom” of Africa (continent and diaspora)? Hey, a bona-fide African Queen sister can still dream can’t she… Power! M

    • That was beautiful Malaika. You have an amazing way with words. I like how you break things done from a historical perspective. I can always count on you for an excellent comment. Thank you so much for this.

  14. And what’s been going on in the UK? They are so concerned about the negative birthrate of white people; even Parliament has met to discuss it. That negative birthrate is divine retribution for the behavior of white people on this planet. They simply can’t reproduce themselves any longer and have come to their genetic end. That is why they are promoting interracial mating–it’s the only way they can perpetuate their genes. Watch this video for clarity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYj675gaVQE

    • I’m glad people are talking about the UK racism because people tend to forget since all all the interracial dating that goes on there. I now see why they are pushing black women toward interracial dating because they need their womb

  15. Wow. Great post! So the 2nd movie is the reason why people are angry at Amandla Steinberg, I heard about this controversy last week but didn’t know about Amandla character falling in love with a Nazi. Here’s Amandla’s response: http://blackgirllonghair.com/2017/02/amandla-stenberg-responds-to-criticism-for-playing-a-nazis-love-interest-in-latest-film-role/ This is the first time I’m hearing about David’s movie, not shocked there, he married white so what can we expect? I’m not hearing about people being outraged about David O.s character tho.This my first time hearing of it and I’ve read some comments about it. I see some people are already calling out what they feel are double standards: Uproar over Amandla’s character but not David’s. Oh boy ***sigh***

    • No double standard over here. I called them both out. A Nazi love story???? Come on now! How low can you go? This shows they think we are completely brainwashed to even make a film like that. They must think we’re damn fools! They really want us to forgive all the racist and hateful things they’ve done.

      • Yep. You’re consistent with your views that’s what I like about your blog. I’m not shocked at what hollywood puts out anymore. Yes, I can’t see a sista falling in love with a nazi, a white woman yes because that’s who they are. It’s loooong past time for black people to understand the games that’s being played. ***sigh***

  16. Kushite, as I told you,because of their dependence on drugs and painkillers,wm will be close to impotent in 10 years.Blacks and Arabs are out breeding them in Europe and using up their resources in a continent that is already broke. GOD BLESS

  17. Kushite, they did a study of the present day Jew in Israel, only 1% believe in the salvation of Jesus Christ.The Jews that are there now,most of them are Khazarian Jews from Eastern Europe, and these Jews are not related to the 12 Tribes of Israel. This is why Israel will be under constant threat.I truly believe that GOD will take from Israel and give it to another. Wait till you see who GOD is going to give Israel to,it will make your hand stand up.I will see you at The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem along with my Lemba tribe brothers from South Africa. GOD BLESS

    • That’s right CC! I forgot she did Belle as well. I never did see the film but I’m not surprised. By looking at her track record it’s obvious she has an agenda. It is the agenda of her masters.

  18. Which is why I hardly watch movies anymore. All this interracial bull crap is just getting to the point where it’s becoming very nauseating.

    • I watched the trailer in the interest of research as they sure as hell won’t see my money at a cinema.
      The trailer itself is very significant in that it opens with the white woman playing with her dog and asking the fool if he has his toothbrush and his pyjamas like he is a little kid or a PET, just like the dog. Here we go again! BM can’t function or think without his white owner’s affirmation. Makes me sick. Even the title ‘Get Out’ has double meaning of a warning or is it a command? So who has brought this shit into the public domain? Director is Jordan Peele. I tried to upload the picture of him with wife and family but you won’t need to see it to believe what he is about.

      • Great observations Razor. Yeah her and the dog is definitely a major connotation.
        Her driving the car.

        Then they switch it up, and the intentional message is a shot at the conscious community. The subtle message is: global white supremacy doesnt exist, and its the most ridiculous notion in the world. Hence the over-the-top plot of the town plotting against the black man.

        Gus always says we should have patience with other victims, but I looked up the director and his spouse, and I hope someone kicks this fool in his mouth! You never saw jews directing movies for the nazis duting WWII, wtf.

      • @ Steppin Razor
        Jordan Peele is one of those deceptive mulattoes. A lot of these biracial see the advantage of being half white and use it in favor of white supremacy. Peele is a low life coward. And he has a hideous cave woman as a wife.

    • Yeah I saw that trailer a few weeks ago. An interracial-horror flick??? What the hell?! Is it designed to make us afraid white people? They don’t have to do that. Just living around them should be enough evidence to scare anyone. Look at the horrors we have been dealing with the past 300 years.

  19. For real KJ. And they need to take a long run up for that kicking! I would have said the foot should be planted in his treacherous massa-serving ass, but there wouldn’t be space because his head is already up there.

  20. I totally disagree Kush, about Jordan Peele (&/or Key). He’s not deceptive at all. You had to have known this is how you’d find him outside of his wack-ass TV show and I’ll timed/Rhythmless comedy. I said to myself, “Self, I betcha 5 rupees that key & peele mess w/snow cones.”

    As far as Oyelowo. Lemme help you out. He’s a Bri’ ish Cuba Gooding Jr. Pure coconut.

  21. Out of all the beautiful African booties in tight dresses that keep me from focusing on my job and self-hating king falls in love with an ugly white peasant? HAHAHA!

    Since Whites are a minority in South Africa, it’s rare to IRs, but it’s happening – both genders are throwing themselves at their white masters. Africans are breeding with their oppressors. What confuses us Africans is that we don’t have to deal with white people on a daily basis, like African Americans.

    Our STRUGGLE is the SAME , but Our EXPERIENCES with White people are somewhat different from the African American experience because our ancestors weren’t in plantations. Whites committed massive genocidal crimes against African people.

    But Africans react differently to racism based on their experiences, not because they’re “Uncle Toms” or “They hate African Americans.”

    So when White slaver traders and colonialists “open” their hearts to Africans, it is treated as kindness – remember that Stockholm Syndrome is a “psychological phenomenon hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors”–https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome.

    I laugh at these dumb Africans who talk about “Love can eliminate racism” and I ask them “Where’s our ancestral land?” If Whites, Arabs and Asians (e.g. Indians, Chinese etc.) loved us much then why are they keeping stolen property and profiting from it? Why keep something that doesn’t belong to you and causes extreme poverty and suffering for those you claim to love?

    I’m a member of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), was founded by Robert Sobukwe, that broke away from the African National Congress (ANC) and we have debates around the country.

    And I love to point out that REAL LOVE from Europeans in Africa would look like giving back the land their ancestors took from our indigenous ancestors without compensation and DESTROYING WHITE SUPREMACY, so Africans wouldn’t be DISCRIMINATED in the basis of skin colour.

    Kushite, white people usually do these things to benefit only themselves. This is CONFUSION.

  22. Yeah Kushite, it’s getting serious,but we will prevail. The Get Out movie doesn’t have my focus.I want you black women to understand.Since Selena Gomez spent $30,000 on The Weeknd birthday and looking for a love nest with her money,I repeat my mother’s edict “Black men have no need to run behind something a white man is willing to pimp to them.White men are telling these little white Pop Princesses to run behind bm,that expands their base,free publicity etc.I don’t like the coon Jason Whitlock,but he is right,Wp are playing chess,BP are playing checkers.Now again black women, like my mother said “A white man will sell his momma if he can make a boatload of cash.If wm will do that to his momma,where does that leave you.Even though wm don’t like it,they can live with ir,because it means LESS BLACK BABIES. GOD BLESS

  23. Kushite, The movie that should be on are radar list is The Richard Pryor movie.Remember Richard Pryor ex wife who is white controls The movie rights and is in charge of his estate.How Kate Hudson interacts with Mike Epps will be interesting. If the movie is a hit,there will be run up to put out even more ir movies. GOD BLESS

    • Yes I heard about the film. Pryor was stupid for marrying that white whore. Soul Train creator Don Cornelius was another fool. He had two life insurance policies. When he died from “suicide” his white wife got all his money. These dumb ass black men don’t realize when they marry white women all their money is transferred tot he white community. All that hard work creating legendary black music/comedy…..and it all goes back to white folks!!! When will these fools learn??

      • Exactly. I hate when people give byron allen props for his business moves, he is worth like $500 million. But he married a white woman, so his “black wealth” is meaningless.
        Didnt know richard pryor estate controlled by a WW, ugh.

        It’s challenging to maintain patience with other victims.

        Bob Johnson’s daughter Paige married an UGLY white broke dude (jew). So all Bob’s money will end up with whites. smfh

        The Obama girls are showing signs of preferring the company of whites. So Obama’s money may end up in white hands.

    • ugh…that coon Richard Pryor. Blacks revere him, but he was a lost soul to me. This is a textbook case as to what happens when black men marry interracially. Now the white widow has his fortune and the rights to his likeness.


  24. Master P officical got him another non black woman. Simin Hashemizadeh a successful entrepreneur who heads two premier surgical centers in Beverly Hills and Encino. Simin Hashemizadeh didn’t date a black man in her prime years, but waited until her youthful years were finish until she hooked up with a black man. Simin Hashemizadeh is Master P “sugar mama” because she purchase a Rolls Royce for him. She’s out here tricking on Master P. Again these non black men & women especially with money wait until their prime years are over with especially when they have children to pass their wealth too then they date black man & woman.


  25. Ima read yhe article courtney posted and get back to that in a sec.

    Master P – at least the cave woman is caked up. Its just such an insult when wealthy brothas quickly wife up trailer trash. Apparently this woman bought P a 200k car for v-day. #getmoneynigga

    Now to the nitty gritty. Moonlight got best film at oscars. Disclaimer: I dont watch awards shows, I dont watch tv, period. I saw on the internet.
    Plot twist: the YTs did some bull-ish where they announced the wrong winner first, ergo “stealing” the shine from this pathetic anti-black propoganda cum “black film”.

    Cows aired an interview with jordan peele. This Get out film is getting all kindsa accolades (rolls eyes hard).

    We all knew both moinlight would get critical acclaim. And no surprise Get Out is too. Jordan Peeles coon ass is on track to be very rich.

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