George Lopez: Don’t marry somebody Black!


It seems that comedian George Lopez has caused quite an uproar recently. Earlier this week he was doing a comedy show in Phoenix,Arizona and offended a woman in the audience.  The controversy started when Lopez was telling a joke.  During the routine Lopez said :

“There are only two rules in a Latino family. Don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of our house.”

Apparently there was a biracial woman in the audience that got upset.  From what I hear she was black/Mexican.  And gave Lopez the middle finger.  Then Lopez began to insult her using profanity. Lopez told her:

Sit your f—king a— down! Sit your f—king a— down! I’m talking b—h,” said Lopez, while the audience cheered. “You paid to see a show, sit you’re a– down. You can’t take a joke, then you’re in the wrong motherf—king place. Sit your a— down or get the f—k out of here.”

Why is this shocking to black people?  Don’t we already know many Hispanics don’t like black people?  This goes for many Mexicans,Cubans,Dominicans and Puerto Ricans.  Yeah I know there are blacks in many Latin countries.  But you know who I’m talking about. I’m talking about those European latinos.  These people worship whiteness. They will work with you in the workplace but most don’t like their children marrying black people.  Most of them have a strong anti-black sentiment.  That’s why the mostly Hispanic audience laughed at the joke.  Lopez didn’t say don’t marry a white person.  Why not??  It’s because most the Mexican audience love white people. If you look at Mexicans they look closer to white than black for sure.  But see I have a different take on it.  I’m not upset at him because he only told the truth.  None of these Hispanic groups want their sons or daughters marrying black people. I think most of them hate our dark skin and African(nappy) textured hair.  They see blacks as inferior and don’t want to mix with us.  Some Mexicans even disown their sons and daughters for marrying blacks.  It’s only you brain dead negroes who hate yourself that are offended.  Why do we want to be accepted by those that hate us? Why can’t we love ourselves?  I’m not offended because I already knew this.  I knew black guys in high school that dated Mexican girls.  Some of the guys told me they weren’t allowed in their girlfriend’s house.  Either the Mexican father didn’t approve or the mother.  Sometimes it was both.  Black people need some self love and black pride.  Then you wouldn’t be offended by the jokes from some ugly pizza-faced washed up comedian.  I don’t want mixed babies so I don’t gave a damn if he wants me in his family.  I remember when he had his talk show a few years ago.  He did a DNA test and found out he was 55 % European,41% Native American and 4% African.  I don’t trust most of those DNA tests anyway.  But even if it’s true it shows he is more European than anything else.  So maybe that’s why many of these so-called Latinos hate black people.  They are mostly European so what would you expect?  Being white and anti-black goes hand in hand. I keep trying to tell black people that these “people of color” are extremely anti-black.  Everyone that has some melanin is not your friend.  Don’t be fooled because someone has brown skin.  This goes for Hispanics and brown-skinned Indians as well.. As a side note,I actually met Lopez about fifteen years ago at a mall.  He was there promoting a radio show he used to host.  He really is an ugly looking mestizo in person.


Look at this pic(above) of Lopez.  Dressing in drag???  Not only does he have a problem with black people but I guess he’s an undercover homosexual as well.  These latinos are funny to me.  Lopez says he hates Donald Trump because Trump is a racist towards Mexicans.  Yet Lopez has the same racist attitude towards blacks. Blacks haven’t done anything to Mexicans.  We never had a war with them.  We never had them as slaves or colonized their land.  So why do they hate us?  Why do all these racial groups hate on black people? Sounds kind of hypocritical to me.  Maybe it’s just racial pride.   Some people want to preserve their race and culture.  I can respect that since I’m the same way. I love being black and I love my African culture. I don’t want to mix with them anyway. But I just don’t like the fact that all these races use black people as a punching bag.  Everyone likes to shit on us!  And I’m really getting tired of it.  Trump wants to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out.  I used to be against this idea.  Now it’s starting to sound like a good idea.  The only problem I have with the wall is I keep asking myself…is it to keep the Mexicans out?  Or to keep us in?  Anyway let me know your thoughts on Lopez. Was he right?  Were you offended?  Or was racism expressed by Hispanics something you already knew?

143 thoughts on “George Lopez: Don’t marry somebody Black!

  1. Even though everything you said was spot on you are still going to get weak-minded black folks talking about the spics being our distant relatives. Distant relatives dont run our people violently out of Compton California and parts and South Florida. This is the behavior of our enemies not “distant relatives”. We need to get up off of that universal love bullshit. We only have us and thats it. Fuck the spics and the Caucrazians they idolize and aspire to be!

    • Absolutely correct. Our distant cousins in other countries look, act & vibe just like us. They just speak other colonized languages (Spanish/Portuguese) and will tell U they black. His kind? Nah.

    • Very true Nuisance. I work around a lot of Mexicans nd many do feel they’re better than blacks. Some treat you okay and can be cool towards you. But most do NOT want blacks in their families. And many of them want desperately to be honorary whites.

  2. That video had me cracking up! LOL!


    There a “quiet” yet very understood rule in hollywood:

    If you want to be back in the spotlight, have book deals, host TV shows and “trend” on twitter, etc, all you have to do is:

    1. Dress up in blackface
    2. Talk nasty things about black females
    3. Talk trash about black people in general
    4. Make fun of black men’s penises

    Lopez was just doing what he could to gain more attention and used us for cheap laughs. The problem is this: He must answer to yurugu as well!

    Poor Georgie.

    He doesn’t get how this white supremacy thing works.

    • Yeah the video is pretty I get he point he was making in the video. The list you made is very appropriate. Many of these other “people of color” love to insult us so they can move up the social ladder. But you’re right,Lopez will have to answer to Yurugu as well. Lopez and the rest of these racist Mexicans will be getting a wake up call very soon!

  3. Comedians used to have sketches that avoid the crowds from being offended. Now, everything seems offensive to them specially such a delicate subject as Blacks and dating. Even my family wants me to marry above my race. Yes, I did got married and happily it didn’t work out. Now I can say, “Don’t marry white men!” They’re good for fooling around, but that’s it. But did someone got offended?

  4. Well the Afro Latino woman that was attack by George Lopez came out to defend him. Again our people stay cooning for other races. The movie “My Family Wedding” starting George Lopez played his real self of disagreeing with his daughter marrying a black man (Lance Gross) in which he nor his family approve of the interracial marriage. When I read your post I think how negroes were cooning when J.Lo hooked up with P Diddy, stating once you go black you don’t go back but she still married & had children with a non black Latino. What’s even more funny is how these coon black male entertainers hype these non black latino women up when their non black Latino family look at them below dog shit.

    • Yes I seen that film. But that wasn’t George Lopez. That was comedian Carlos Mencia. Mencia is from Honduras although many people think he’s Mexican. He has also done jokes about black people as well. I’ve never thought he was funny. I actually saw Mencia at LAX airport four years ago. He was getting made at the airline attendant for letting people board the plane before him. He got there late yet he was yelling at her?! What a selfish arrogant asshole! I never thought he was funny but now I knew he was also a self absorbed celebrity. J. Lo and Puffy were an odd couple to me. I always felt she used him to get more fame. After she got with P Diddy she became a much bigger star. Remember this scene from Our Family Wedding? The grandmother faints when she sees the black fiancée. This is funny in many ways because this is probably what many grandmothers feel like when their grandchildren want to marry a black person.

      Here’s a video of Carlos Mencia making fun of sassy black women.

  5. @ Kushite Prince

    Black men should be glad that alot of their black women aren’t getting run through nor chasing non black men especially when the majority of us prefer black men. We do have some black women that date out but it’s not in high numbers when non black women do it.

    • That’s true Shanequa. But the numbers with black women are starting to slowly increase. I see it too much in California. We have to slow this trend down. I want it to decrease. I don’t like when men or women do this. It’s not good for the black community.

      • I already know! It seems to be a growing trend on the west coast. You know so many people out there are Hollywood anyway; they think they’re being unique and cool with an other on their arm, but they’re really just following a fad that was put in to place to control our psyche and keep Black men + women from loving one another.

  6. I have been saying it since forever that those refried beans eating, taco crunching, Guacamole dipping, burrito chomping no good ‘white wannabes’ have never liked us. In fact, they hate us just as much as the whites do. And to get down with that mess is to sink to a new low.

    George Lopez can just drop dead for all I care with his face looking like a road map and I hope Donald Trump builds that wall to keep those taco crunchers the hell out of here! They are taking over this country, what with their lack of birth control methods due to them being ‘Catholic’, they breed like rabbits. And where I live, the Comcast cable guy told me that the whites are even given the Hispanics huge discounts when they sign up for cable. Black folks don’t qualify. Go figure! Send them packing especially seeing as how millions of ’em are undocumented anyway.

    • You are too funny Shelby! You always crack me up! LOL!!! You really should just quit blogging and just be a comedian. You have some great one-liners and could give Lopez a run for his money. I’d much rather pay to see your comedy routine. I think I speak for a lot of other

    • What you state is very true Shelby! I received a TEXT on my cellie some months ago from AT&T IN SPANISH! I was able to partially read the text. My response to AT&T was, ” Spanish is NOT my primary language. If you cannot send the text to me in English? Don’t bother sending it to me at all.”

      I received a text back apologizing. I did not respond.

      • Exactly Epi and we know that ‘whites’ cater to those taco crunching assholes because everywhere you go, signs are equally in English and Spanish. Even in the banks here in Baltimore, the signs are now in Spanish as well and some TV in the background is spouting shit in Spanish and when I look around, not a one of those tamale munching mofos are even in the bank. The ‘whites’ have rolled the red carpet out for those refried beans eating, carnival music playing, flame-colored car driving assholes. But let me hop on down to Mexico and see how many signs are in English. Ha! I’d be lucky to find the ‘border’ signs in English. Send them packing!

  7. George Lopez is one ugly dude and his comedy is going to be his undoing. Black women are the most educated sector in the country. Since when is it socially advantageous to marry a bean picker? Mexicans are not attractive people and am I missing something? When in the hell did we ever want them? The presumption of his comments were absolutely presumptuous. These people live inside their confused heads. I grew up in Chicago and we did not even talk to these people much less date or marry them. Most of the time they were made fun of and please, don’t even get me started on the way they dress–having 3 families living in one house, draining state resources, et al. No. Black people WOULD NEVER MARRY MEXICANS. Why would anyone who can afford to buy a Mercedes settle for a Pinto? That’s about how I feel regarding what George Lopez said.

    • Yeah I saw him in person once. He is one ugly ass bastard! Lopez said in a comedy routine that when he was a teenager he had a black girlfriend. He has to be lying! What black woman would be with his pizza faced ass! She must’ve been blind! I’ve been to Chicago a few times. I was there in 2014. There are some fine black women out there! There was some beautiful sistas that worked at the airport. I felt like moving I see why you would have ne need to get with Mexicans. Too bad it’s not like that in Cali. I see black men with Mexican women quite a bit out here. I have a black neighbor married to a Mexican woman. And I know some black women married to Mexican men at my job. There’s not much black pride in California. So many blacks are cool with interracial dating. And many of them want mixed babies. Even if the Mexican family isn’t fully accepted these dumb negroes still want to be in their family. Why are we so desperate to be accepted by those who hate us?? But I’m glad it’s not that bad in Chicago. At least some of them have some common sense out there. But here in Cali too many blacks hate themselves and see admixture has a step up. They aren’t comfortable with their blackness. How sad is that?

      • Really? That’s surprising. I would have thought the opposite of Blacks in Cali. I know many are and have moved to the south in the last 25 years or so. I have several coworkers from LA. But in reference to Chicago, there’s a reason why you saw so much Black pride. Chicago has always had a strong Black nationalist identity. I posted a video about this some years back on the blog. I’m glad you liked Chicago–it’s a beautiful city and I loved growing up there. But perhaps the change that has to come to Cali has to come from within the Black people there. You have a lot to be proud of–it seems like there’s just been a drain of inspiration.

      • There is some black pride just not a lot. The Black Panthers were started in Oakland. And I’ve been to Afrocentric bookstores in Los Angeles. The conscious of blacks out here is slowing growing. I’m starting to see more black awareness and self love. It’s just it seems there are more black swirlers and self haters. I get weird looks on the street with my Marcus Garvey and Malcom X t-shirts. I even have a Nat Turner Gun Club But I do my best to show pride in my people. We need a more nationalistic mindset to overcome all this interracial nonsense the media forces on us. But I love Chicago. The media tries to make Chi-town seem like hell on earth. The Zionist controlled media loves to tell half-truths. Chicago is a beautiful place.

      • Of course it is. The media is lying about Chicago. The violence you’re hearing about is being perpetrated by outside Agents to force Blacks out of the city. It’s economic warfare–white folks want ALL MAJOR CITIES back. It’s happening out in Los Angeles and other parts of California too.

      • Yeah they did the same thing Harlem. A lot of white folks live there now. There is gentrification everywhere now. They raise the rent so blacks can’t afford it then they have to move. It’s all calculated. Even Bill Clinton has an office in Harlem.

      • Anytime you see white folks coming around Black people, there’s always an ulterior motive. And Bill Clinton is a racist–he never liked Black people. The coons who embraced him were fools!

    • “Why would anyone who can afford to buy a Mercedes settle for a Pinto?”


      And you are so right! When I was growing up in Virginia, the only time we saw those refried beans eating SOBs was when it was time to pick the vegetables and the whites would bring the Mexicans in by the busloads and they kept them separate from the townspeople. They were not allowed to mingle with anyone and yet, now, they’re everywhere. Here in Maryland, they’ve damn near taken over climbing trees, roofs and cleaning up. And why would I want some yuck mouth Mexican looking up in my face because many of ’em got bad teeth and they’re short and squat! Plus they are damn sure nothing to look at!

      I love your comment!

      • Hello, Ms. Shelby. Pleased to meet your acquaintance, lady. I’m living in my birth state of Georgia now…and they are here in the droves also. I don’t make fun of the migrant workers and truthfully, most of the Mexicans that I’ve met in my life have been very nice to me but if you go to southern California; they have some of the most hateful bastards one could encounter. They penis envy of Mexican men toward Black men is on the same equivalent of racist white males. They feel inferior to Black men. Why? Because the black man by his very physiology and metaphysics is born genetically superior. We have the strongest genes on earth. Black people are not looking for migrant workers for mates. And tell the truth? What the hell have Mexicans done anyway to be so arrogant towards us? Seriously? What major movements have they started? What are their achievements? What have they really done for America–and don’t say we work your farms. Hell, we did it for 400 years. Basically, George Lopez is going to cost his people support. Trump is really serious. Don’t even think about coming to the Black community to fight for them. It will not happen! Fight the white man on your own. If you kick his ass, by all means, have yourselves a grand fiesta!

      • Miss Truthangel07, likewise!

        I absolutely love your style, wit and humor! And I concur with every word you have typed.

        They have no movements. They have nothing to show for being here. I don’t mind that they send all their money back to Mexico, but to come here and then trash talk us is the absolute end of enough. What the hell have we done to them? We don’t pay them pennies for cleaning up or picking vegetables, nor are we clamoring about building a wall to keep them out and yet they have the unmitigated gall to talk shit about us? They have got to be crazy.

        But what I don’t understand is this pandering to them that’s been going on before Trump took office because like I stated in another comment, the Hispanics are receiving a huge discount on their cable/internet/phone service with the local cable company just for being Hispanic. We are not receiving this and every where you go, you see signs in Spanish. I can’t expect to see that if I go to Mexico or to any other Spanish speaking country; only here.

        So, no, their fight with the whites over this wall building is most definitely not a problem for us and as far as I am concerned, they are on their own. That’s how we’ve been and we will continue in this vein.

      • Thank you very much.

        But to respond to your comments: Dr. Umar Johnson put this very simple: Mexicans and other Hispanic groups cater to whites because they are “followers” and weak. It’s Stockholm Syndrome when you think about it. Just look at the recent issues with not only Lopez, but Fat Joe criticizing Colin Kaepernick and now Tony Gonzalez criticizing the 6 New England Patriots who aren’t going to the White House, they want to appease the master. Why? Because they worship “whiteness”. There are Black people in many Latin American countries and they’re treated like shit. In the prisons in America, Mexican gangs are allied with white supremacists. They’re mentally sick people! If Donald Trump has his way, you’re gonna have to go to Tijuana to get a taco. White people hate them as they do all people of color but Mexicans in particular, are enraptured with being white. Self hatred is a mutha. They hate us because we remind them of what they can’t be: THE ORIGINAL MAN. We are the Blueprint of HUE-manity. Black men are dominant. And when you’re weak and a man, you attack what you can’t become. George Lopez is gonna eat this for a long time. He should have thought about it. I say: BUILD THAT WALL!

      • Hear! Hear!

        “Build THAT Wall!”

        And yes, I had read that Black people in Latin American countries are catching hell! I feel for those people, deeply. Because I can’t even imagine how horrible it must be for them to actually have to live amongst THAT lot! For the love of !!!!!

      • They get discounts on cable? Hispanics are extremely entitled. They think just because they treat darker skin hispanics like crap in their country, they can come here and come at black people a certain way. Hispanics cant even and could never do shit without black people fighting racism first. Hispanics always come after black people and act like they get to where they are from hard work.

      • Indeed they do get a huge discount on their cable and the discount is only for Hispanics and this I was told by the Comcast technician that was installing my internet/TV/phone. He told me that if I was Hispanic, I would receive a huge discount and that this had been going on for quite some time. This hellhole caters to all other groups besides us!

        They don’t get anywhere from hard work. They get somewhere through entitlements. When I was in Minnesota, a Hispanic man came up to me inside a store and he had a voucher to get him some shoes. He was trying to sell the voucher to me. I told him that my name was not Julio Rodriguez and to get the ‘F’ out of my face.

        They are given plenty and look at all the signs in grocery stores and other stores that are in Spanish. We can’t go to Mexico or any other Latin American country and get a free interpreter, but they get those here also. smh

    • I think what you’re missing is that Mexicans are building empires while we as blacks aren’t. Why would you want your offspring to marry into a people that aren’t building anything? Blacks are struggling, so who would want to marry into that?

      I”m black, but I try to deal in reality. What do you think?

    • We should start a Black Nationalist Army –“Afrikan people’s Liberation Army.” Great minds think alike. LOL.

      We need to be ruthless and annihilate our people’s enemies. These artificial fires like interracial “love”, sports, materialism (i.e. Sport cars, chains, women, Jordan sneakers etc.) and the entertainment industry are ignited by the establishment to keep the black man in a state of madness and confusion.

      I love seeing your comments because it gives me hope that Black women are loyal to Black males and this time, it won’t be easy for the white man to VICTIMISE the black community like he did in the past. Our Army is powerful because its women want to DESTROY the enemy–imperialists (colonialists), the landlords and the bureaucrat-capitalists and win political power for their people. All debts must be PAID IN BLOOD!!!

    • @ TruthAngel — I was making a reply to you.

      We should start a Black Nationalist Army –“Afrikan people’s Liberation Army.” Great minds think alike. LOL.

      We need to be ruthless and annihilate our people’s enemies. These artificial fires like interracial “love”, sports, materialism (i.e. Sport cars, chains, women, Jordan sneakers etc.) and the entertainment industry are ignited by the establishment to keep the black man in a state of madness and confusion.

      I love seeing your comments because it gives me hope that Black women are loyal to Black males and this time, it won’t be easy for the white man to VICTIMISE the black community like he did in the past. Our Army is powerful because its women want to DESTROY the enemy–imperialists (colonialists), the landlords and the bureaucrat-capitalists and win political power for their people. All debts must be PAID IN BLOOD!!!

      • Yes! Black women have always been on the forefront of not only Black revolution in this country but in Africa, there were warrior women tribes and great Queens who even fought and defeated the Romans. That’s what is not taught in history.

    • @ Truthangel07:

      LMBO! (give me a minute, I am still laughing) My BFF is from Chicago and she has been in Cali for several years now. Initially, she was surprised at the number of blacks that are in relationships with Hispanics. And, like you described, yes it is just that. As I have referenced before many, many times BLACK people fought for Civil Rights and Hispanics “rode our coat-tails.” Actually blacks received more support from so-called liberal Jews than Hispanics. They wanted to swing from Chicano to Mexican-American to Hispanic for their own cultural identity. However, the “split” between blacks and Hispanics remains today.They are now getting THEIR wake-up moment and in my opinion, it is LONG over-due. Unfortunately, their government, like the American government is self-serving. But they are not coming from a war-torn country so there is no need for political asylum. Hispanics do not consider themselves a “minority” and they entitled to racial pride.

      But catch the clue? Blacks are too. Good post.

  8. I believe Lopez represents what most Hispanics/Asians/Indians feel about blacks. That becomes negotiable when blacks get a little money or education, but they still think they’re above. It’s crazy because here in NY these Spanish/Asian girls go crazy for black men, but think they’re above black Women and black people. I hope more blacks see this and do not regard as an isolated incident.

    Thank you for this post!!! Well articulated points and queries.

    • Yes I have seen this attitude before. I remember years ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine who date a Mexican woman. And she made some comment about black women being out of shape. And I put her in check QUICK! She got an attitude with me and I told her to watch her mouth about black women. My friend at the time was a white washed black man. I later found he didn’t like black women at all. He was a coward,plain and simple. A lot of these non-black women get very comfortable with their black boyfriends. So they start talking slick about black women. And yes they do see themselves as above black women. Can you blame them? You have these silly black men who get fame and fortune and run to non black women. It makes these women feel superior because they could have ANY woman they want….and they didn’t want a black one. And you’re correct abut the money issue. When blacks have fame or a certain amount of money were magically become marriage material. CC,where do you live? I believe you told me but I forgot. I ask because I wonder what state you live in. Do yo see blacks with Hispanics a lot? I have been to Georgia,DC,Chicago and North Carolina. I didn’t see it very much out there. I saw a few black men with Hispanic women in Virginia. I have seen black men and women with Mexicans in Texas. What have you seen?

      • I agree swirling is less abundant in those areas. Except ion DC there were a lot of under-covers, if you get my heavy drift. I’m in NYC. like 4 in 5 black men are with a hispanic woman here. The black/asian mix is big here too.

        I found swirling so common when I lived in the bay. Like every black man had a white woman. I didn’t see this so much in SoCal–is this accurate? You say you’re from Southern Cali right?

      • Oh yeah I know about NYC. I’ve never been there but I have family that have visited. They told me quite a few blackmen were with Puerto rican women. Some were Afro Latinas though. But the more European looking Puerto Ricans are not as accepting of black people. Here in SoCal there are some blacks dating Filipinos. I have a black co-worker dating a Filipino woman. I’ve seen interracial couples in Santa Monica,Long Beach,Hollywood,Venice Beach and San Diego. I don’t see it has much in places like Compton or East LA. Those are heavily populated Mexican areas. A black man would have trouble dating a Mexican woman around there. In San Diego and Anaheim I’ve seen a lot of black women with white men. And black men with Asian or white women. I see different racial combinations depending on the area. 4 and 5 black men with Hispanic women???? That is too damn high! That must be rough for sistas out there.I didn’t even see that many black men with Cuban women when I was in Miami. But the media has bee promoting this fallacy that interracial love can heal all wounds. That’s why so many people are more open to it. Most minorities are open to dating whites. Its a way of moving up the social ladder. But when it comes to dating blacks(Asians,hispanics) always worry about what their family will think. Did you live in Oakland? I’ve been to San Francisco before. The interracial dating was everywhere. A lot of white-Asian couples too. I just think California in general has a lot of interracial couples. I read somewhere that the biracial population in California was 7%. That was years ago. I’m sure it’s much higher now.

      • I agree with the wm/aw mix in San Fran. There was a weird racist vibe there that will keep me from returning there to live.

        But even those Afro-LAtinos think they’re above blacks a lot of the time. And most do not acknowledge their black blood. My sister in law is domincan/pr and she does not see herself as black. Neither do any of my hispanic students, even if they are chocolate, with course hair. VERY few acknowledge they’re African. But they claim any “pretty” black girl with long hair, or pretend they do not know you’re black. **sideye

        Interestingly enough, out of all the places I lived, NYC is the best place to be a black woman looking for love. Even in Oakland, you’d still get approached by black men, despite the swirling being everywhere. But the standards for dating a black woman remain higher than the standards they set for these non-black women.
        To answer your question, I lived in Oakland for 2 years and DC for 4 years.
        Irregardless, interracial/intercultural dating is seemingly encouraged by society I’m sure its made its way in even the most unlikely places. Nevertheless, I will have a black hubby and black kids, wherever I live. I can not see swirling as anything but self-hatred.

        BTW. thanks for standing up in the situation you described. More people need to stop such foolishness and not be afraid to speak up.

      • Yeah it’s spreading like wild fire! The media promotes more interracial dating than black love. This is all by design. They want black men and women divided. They want us to hate each other when in reality we are ALL we got. It’s a lie to think that another race can be your partner in a war. Most of these other races only like us for what they can get out of us. Either use us if we have money or sexually experimentation. They want to brag that they had a black penis or got some black ass. They don’t even see us has full human beings.
        Yes I put that Mexican woman in her place. I will never allow a non-black woman to disrespect sistas in my presence! That will never happen. Black men need to check these white and Mexican whores that think they’re better. We can’t be afraid to speak up and have some pride. Even most of my white and Hispanic co-workers don’t mess with me. They know my personality well enough. They fear a black man that speaks up for himself and his people. Many of my black co-workers are swirlers and white washed fools. I don’t get along well with black that have no pride.

      • In NYC I dont really see swirling like that or is it maybe I dont notice? I only hang around other blacks so black people dating each other is still the majority. Are these West indian/African blacks? I dont see too much of us swirling around here.

      • @ the Prince:

        You know, its not what they call you? Its what you answer to. Oftentimes, when one sees a brotha or sista that is in dissension with a black woman or a black man? Chances are, the non-black person that they are involved with carry those same feelings. Its a no brainer. Secure sistas and brothas do not worry about “trivial and meaningless bullchit,” for they know that we have much bigger fish to fry, so to speak. Unfortunately, many (not all) blacks are not “mature” about money usage. Money, by history, is still “fairly new” to our people. Hence the “koo koo for cocoa puffs” mentality. I know that by history, Hispanic women are reared or trained to see that the needs of the Hispanic male are met FIRST before their own, especially if family is involved. I have evidenced this with professional Hispanic females and their Hispanic male counterpart as well. , As I have referenced before, it is going to take TIME for our black people to lose many of the trickle down effects of post slavery including the “its all about me mentality.” Good post Prince.

  9. “I keep trying to tell black people that these ‘people of Color’ are extremely anti-black. Everyone that has some melanin is not your friend..” My Good Family Kushite….That About Sums It Up!! From My Perspective, It Is An IGNORANCE Of Melanin That Is The Key Issue Here, As Anyone Who Has Bothered To Study/Read Anything On The Cosmic Substance Would Have To Acknowledge Certain Advantages & Nature Superiority…Well Then. Where Does That Leave Us Eumelanated Beings..? Right In The Enviable Position Of Exemplifying Divinity As The Original Ethnic Race, & Pioneers Of Law, Culture, And Order…When We Have Crafted & Sat On Our Throne–Our Children Are Sure To Follow Step….

    • Very true Wyzedome. I believe we are the Original(African) people on the planet. We are the oldest people and have the oldest civilizations. We are a very loving and accepting people. We really don’t hate anyone but everyone hates on us. We have not enslaved Asians or Hispanics. We have not colonized their lands. Yet other “people of color” side with Europeans at every turn. It seems they want to be honorary whites. And the quickest way to do that is degrade and dehumanize African people. And quite frankly I’m sick of it! And I’m calling out anyone that insults my people. I don’t give a damn who it is.

  10. Well Kushite, I am offended with Lopez said, since he says he has black in his family.The coons are now getting a little worried.Remember,Larry Elder put out a book called “Stupid Black Man”. Now if Elder would put out a book called “Stupid White Man” he wouldn’t be on the air.And for the record, Mexico’s 2nd President Guerrero was half black and engineered Mexico’s separation from Spain. Payback is coming,because black slaves helped liberate every Latin country in the Americas.If it wasn’t for black slaves, Spain would of owned Hispanics a whole lot longer than they did. Let the Hispanics and Asians feel that way, it’s all good.The Jews as well.GOD BLESS

    • Yeah he’s supposed to be 4% African. Yeah right. I know a lot of black people are mad at him but he only spoke the truth. Most Hispanics don’t want to intermarry with blacks. They hate dark skin even within their OWN race. Mexicans are a mixed race of people anyway. They are mostly Mestizo. But they love their European bloodline given to hem by their white invaders. We’ve never done anything to them yet they love to hate on us. So I’m done with them. As long as they treat me with respect…we’re cool. But Lopez can relax…I don’t want to marry his daughter.

  11. Hispanic racism is much more aggressive than white racism. Hispanic men and women will try and fight, beat and jump black women if a bw is in their way and many of them attack black men constantly to prove their masculinity. I see this all the time in NYC. Hispanics are always ready to fight a black person for no reason but let a white person say some off the wall shit about them, SILENCE. If you ever get a hispanic manager, forget it, start looking for a new job. Once a hispanic gets a position in your workplace, they invite their family and friends then when their is enough of them, they get together to get rid of Black people but never try to get rid of white employees. Hispanics want to be white so bad.

    I dont understand Black people who procreate with mexicans. Their kids usually are ugly and never grow taller than 5’6.

    • I agree Cara. I remember I had a black supervisor at my last job. I had about seven Mexican co-workers. They were so terrified. Two of them told me they thought our supervisor would give special treatment to black co-workers. They just didn’t like a black man in a position of authority. I also think they see blacks as inferior so a black boss makes them very uncomfortable. You could feel the tension around the workplace. Many of them love to kiss white people ass. That’s why they degrade blacks all the time. They are trying to please their white masters.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        We must keep in mind that these non black Hispanics carry the Neanderthals dna so they will have a violent savage behavior. Non black Hispanic women do think they are better then black women because self hating negoes keep putting them on a pedestal. Furthermore they age fast just like their European cousins, get sunburns, and hair lice. On top of that they smell like wet dog when they get wet. You know what im talking about when a dog get wet & they let themselves air dry which letter carry a scent.

        Also black Africans stay on non black Africans mind they will bring us up all the time in a conversation. I remember on black planet social media page they had a news selection were people post stories & comments. I can’t remember what the main topic was about but it dealt with race. A black man post a link to an all non black Hispanic social media page blog selection to show us all the racist topics non black Hispanics made about black people. They kept comparing black womens beauty to Hispanic women, then they even made a post about would you have sex with a black man or woman and etc. They have an obsession with black people especially with them sexually. It was a post a Hispanic male made about would you date a black woman which also had a high percentage of them stating yes. Most of the comments were they will date black women & have sex with them but not married them. But I had to laugh because many black women are not checking out for Hispanic men for relationships.

      • Thanks for the comments Shanequa. This incident turned out to be a good thing in my opinion. I think this opened the eyes of black people still living in a cocoon. Lopez helped open the discussion on Hispanic racism towards black people. I already knew this but now the black zombies that believed in a color blind society have awakened. At least let’s hope so.

      • I know I couldn’t. Firstly, I like nappy hair. And secondly, I’m 5’10”. Thirdly, they have no style sense; either they are stuck in the cowboy era, 90s gang member style or trying to emulate Blacks. They just don’t do it for me. Lastly, I don’t understand them hitting on me (Black women I know have also shared their stories!) when their wives and families are in eyeshot! Ooogling like they’re at a meat market. No respect for the Black woman or his own woman.

      • Kelley, what you say is so true! They ogle Black women like they could just eat us up. Even here in Maryland, they’re ogling us and it was worse in Minnesota. They are the most unappealing squat ass shits that I’ve ever seen.

        And I just had to laugh when you mentioned what they wear as in cowboy era clothes because that’s another thing that they’re stuck on, those pointy toed cowboy boots and hats. I mean, WTF? And that circus music that’s blasting out of their car windows. GEEZUS CHRIST! And their cars are all painted in flames. Again, WTF? LMAO!

        I hope to hell Donald Trump does send those taco crunchers packing along with their cowboy hats, pointy toed shoes and flame painted fucked up cars!

        Great comment btw Kelley!

      • LMAO seriously Shelby! It’s funny because it’s TRUE! I’m from L.A. and since I could remember, they were always around with the circus music blaring, roosters crowing, questionable fashion choices and parties at all hours of the night. I do love a good tamale cake and fresh salsa, but really, what contributions have they made worth mentioning? They are either trying to hold on to the culture they have left, be white or be Black. Nobody is checkin for them. I know for a fact none of my sisters are.

      • Kelley, the sisters here ain’t going for that mess either. Apparently, none of us like men that we have to put in a high chair when we go out to dinner, nor do we like circus or carnival music when we’re riding to the restaurant with our too short date, nor do we appreciate getting our shins poked by those cowboy boots when dancing with our ‘too short’ date, nor do we like being escorted to the restaurant in a vehicle with a huge flame painted on each side and in the back. I would say that makes us extremely discriminating in our tastes and they just can’t cut the mustard.

        I’ll take the salsa, but throw out Poncho!

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Hispanics are very sneaky. One thing about non black men is they have a code of conduct in a white supremacy society.
        1. Never be in a subordinate ( inferior) to a woman or black Africans.
        2. Non black men should suppress any sexual or romantic interest black women (especially dark skin black women) unless it is out of eyesight of other non black people especially their own women.
        3. Non black men should view relationships with black women as a sexual fling.
        4. Non black men should never let their guard down with black people aviod close friendships with black men.
        5. Non black men should view black men as sexual predators who can’t control themselves around non black women.
        6. Non black men should never treat the black woman as if she’s equal or superior to non black women.
        7. Non black men cannot admit he secretly resents & envies the freedom of black men to be with women of any ethic group without suffering a loss of male peer approval.

      • @ Kush Prince
        You are welcome brother. I’m glad these non black Latino’s especially the ones that are celebrities or politicians are using their public plateform to express how their people really feel about black people. I want more of these Hispanics to come out too awaken more of our people. It was recently a Mexican politician came out an stated ” Hispanics think they are better then black people,” then the rapper Fat Joe called out Collin Kapernapp for disagreeing with not standing during the national anthem & he defend Don Imus when he disrespected a black female basketball team, Jennifer Lopez made a tweet on twitter stating, “all lives matter,” Eva Longoria made a comment years ago that her family members didn’t like the fact she married a black man, and now we have George Lopez but it will be many more to come. These following people that I have name are nothing more then culture vultures, their whole race have entirely benefited & used the black African struggle and etc. Jennifer Lopez were using black female singers (Ashanti was one them) to do her background since her ass can’t sing. Fat Joe had to use black artist like R. Kelly, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Remy Ma & others to keep him in the public eye. Fat Joe is still pimping black female rapper Remy Ma because he need her talent to help build his untalented ass. Fat Joe couldn’t even make with the Hispanic rapper Big Pun even though he wasn’t that popular.

        I want President Trump to build the wall. All that ass kissing thise refried bean eaters did for Europeans have now turn against them. I remember back when Lou Dodds was on CNN the Hispanics were protesting, the Hispanics politician were stating it’s the “the new Hispanic wave, Hispanics will be the majority running the country soon and etc. Europeans gave them the illusion that they are equal to them but hispanics are finding out they wasn’t shit to them. Also you don’t see many Hispanic protesting now like they did back then. Europeans always have a plan setup because they plan for the now & the future.

      • Fa Joe is a big fat untalented bastard! I can’t stand that no-talent bitch! I also get tired of these Hispanic rappers using the word n*gga in their rap songs. It’s the fault of black people saying so much but I still hate that they use it. You’re right about J Lo and Fat Joe using black artist to het some street cred. Justin Timber-fake used producer Timbaland. Jon B had Babyface has a producer on many of his songs. Rapper Eminem had Dr Dre as his producer. Justin Bieber had Usher has a producer. It’s been going on forever. But I think this is a good thing as far as the Lopez incident. I like overt racism better. That way I know who is my enemy. Covert racism confuses a lot of black people. Hopefully incidents like this will wake black people up and they realize we have NO friends. There is no post-racial Amerikkka. It’s just as racist as it’s ever been.

      • “Hopefully incidents like this will wake black people up and they realize we have NO friends. There is no post-racial Amerikkka. It’s just as racist as it’s ever been.” Precisely. Loving this conversation.

    • “Once a hispanic gets a position in your workplace, they invite their family and friends then when their is enough of them, they get together to get rid of Black people”

      Why aren’t blacks adopting this strategy and doing this to them? This sounds like a sound strategy for advancement to me.

      Most of what I”m seeing on this blog is misdirected anger towards the Hispanics. I, on the other hand, am blaming my own people for constantly missing the mark on how to move forward as a group. Seems there are some things we can learn from the Hispanics.

      • I agree with you reality_check. I don’t “tell” Hispanics anything. I SHOW them. If there is someone up for a position? I immediately choose a sister or brother and make sure that they have all of the required degrees, etc. Unfortunately, where I am and what I do has many “white identified” black females and males. At one time, there were mostly whites in key positions. Now since the deluge of illegal aliens over the years, there are mostly Hispanics in key roles. I am one of the FEW blacks that does support our own. Dam shame. And yes, it is becoming an atmosphere of “nepotism.” However…I’m waiting to strike when it is time. And like I was advised, “don’t expect help because when you look behind you? You will see NOBODY. And so far, bingo! They were right. Moving on, I have NEVER played in to the “I am better than you” mentality. My coolness, distancing myself from them show that I have “nothing for them.” I act accordingly. And lastly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what they or any other ethnic group thinks. They are not part of my circle, they are just not important.

        Shelby Courtland, thanks you made my day! For you DO understand how NOT to deal with these individuals and their poor self-esteem. They are not rocket scientists because they managed to gain key roles in work places, etc. Also not withstanding the fact that whites have no love for them either, whites will “tolerate” a Hispanic more than a Black individual because they are closer to them in melanin. And no, intellect and strategic planning did not get them there. They have not been able to over-power the white power structure. So they over-populated. Nepotism? Yes. A deluge for many years of illegal aliens. Yes. This is just ONE of the many reasons why our economy is f**Ked yup today. Now whites are raising hell because their illegal offspring are now competing with their kids. Oh well. You wanted them here. Now deal with it.

  12. My take is that I am not mad at George Lopez, for calling her out. And I say that for the following reasons.

    (a) I have never seen any clip of a comedian having his show interrupted and didn’t light into the interloper. At least he did go all in like that Seinfeld Jew boy. (b) I see much too much of these feminist types interrupting these shows. Like sit the fuck down! Its a bloody comedy show, not a Sunday morning service.

    (c) She is offended because the truth hurts. And since she is part messy can and part fence jumper, she SHOULD know that what he was stating was fact. So her getting upset is really a guilty reaction, because she cant get love from the messy can and she probably don’t want to give love to black people.

    (d) I see much too many kneegrows getting upset he called her a bitch. But kneegrows call women that name so much their teeth turn white. I feel many kneegrows accept it ONLY if some one THEY like uses it, Yet get upset when someone they DON’T like does. And this goes for the N word also.

    Kneegrows in amurdikkka KNOW…KNOW…how these fried beans act. In fact we have been murdered indiscriminately out in California for a long time, with nary a peep from those bangers, who will be too quick to shoot you or I.

    The bottom line is this is much ado about nothing and has succeeded in distracting us from what President Tangerine is doing right now. The orange orangutan is sweeping up Caribbean folks and claiming they are looking for illegals. Really? I thought your beef was with messy cans and Muslims? Which makes what you stated Prince about the wall. Remember the IRS is going after your passport if you owe them money. A law enacted under the magic mulatto. This incident is a distraction put up to get us talking about shit instead of preparing for FEMA camps and black boot stomping on black faces.

    • You’re right on all points. I didn’t like how he called her a bitch either. I have seen comedians deal with hecklers better than that. It’s a part of being a comedian. I’ve seen Richard Pryor make fun of hecklers and make everyone laugh in the process. He would just make fun of the heckler. That’s how you deal with them. You make them look like fools. But Lopez was just cursing her out. It seemed like it was coming from a real place of anger. That’s why a lot of people are upset at him. But you’re right she was offended because she knew what he said was true. Did you see the video? You see the mostly Mexican audience members were laughing right? Its because they know their culture is extremely anti-black. Don’t the best jokes have truth in them? They hate anything with dark skin. So what Lopez said is old news to black people with common sense. I’m not sure if people are aware about the IRS coming after people. But you are correct about that. Yeah this entire incident is just something for the TMZ crowd to get up in arms about. FEMA camps??? I have covered that before as well. I might have to cover it again since our people are easily distracted. But thanks as always for putting things in proper perspective.

      • Unfortunately comedians today are not of the Richard Pryor ilk. If you get a chance check out the YouTube video of a black comedian cursing out two black lesbians for interrupting his show. Now the video didn’t show what he said or why they interrupted him, but it showed hi going in vulgar and abusive. In fact you couldn’t even hear what they were saying. This is why I fault anybody who goes to places they shouldn’t, expecting to be embraced by people who don’t give a damn about them. Sort of like kneegrows constantly going to non black establishments and demanding service or recognition. Utterly stupid and useless.

      • Yeah that’s true. She should’ve own what his comedy was about in the first place. You can’t shocked when they say something that offends you. I remember about ten years ago I went to see stand up comedian/actor Mike Epps. He started using profanity and telling graphic sex jokes. This older white couple got up and left. Epps asking them “Where you going? Don’t you know what I’m about? Go ahead and leave! I’m getting paid either way!” And the audience just blew up in will have to look up that video with the lesbians. I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

  13. Playing Devil’s advocate here: why would any non-black person want their family members to marry a black person? Especially a black American as descendants of slaves? What benefit would that bring to them and their people? I’m being serious here. NO one has been able to answer that question.

    Given the many documented ills that we have as a people, why would we get mad when other races tell their children not to marry us?

    Let’s stop thinking emotionally and start thinking rationally.

    • Well I wouldn’t exactly say they’re building empires. But they do network a lot and look out for each other. I see your point though. They have Mexican grocery stores and taco restaurants in my area. Too many to be honest. But I’m not mad at them doing what they should be doing. But we should be supporting black businesses as well. But let’s be real RC,you know it goes deeper than that. Their hatred comes from hating dark skin. Mexican culture has a deep hatred for anything dark. They even make fun of dark brown Mexicans in their own race. I do agree it’s partly because of our slave background. But it’s not only an economic situation. But you notice that when black men have a lot of money they are willing to give their daughters away. But money is only part of the equation.

      • @Kushite- those Mexican grocery stores and taco stands you speak of are the exact definition of empire-building. They are building businesses, supporting each other, investing in each other, acquiring land….they are indeed BUILDING. Blacks, on the other hand, are not. I’m sorry, I wish I could say otherwise, but reality doesn’t lie.

        While what you say about colorism is true, most other races don’t encourage marrying into black (Americans blacks in particular) for economic reasons. We’re not doing too well as a group, so again, rationally, why would you support and encourage your offspring to marry into that race? When you add the fact that American blacks are descendants of slaves and carry the slave mentality with us, nobody wants to be associated with that. Can you blame them? I mean, seriously?

        Blacks need to come out of our feelings and realize what time it really is. We need to stop being so d@mn idealistic and start being realistic. It’s cold, hard truth; but that’s what we need to accept to move forward as a group.

      • Yeah I a lot of what you say is true. I think one of the reasons we want to marry outside our race is out of self hatred. To be with another black person means you are willing to fight this racist system with another victim. So you want your counter part to be your mirror image. We nee to build our own empires so we can be self sufficient and be proud of what we created. I don’t want to nation-build just so some Asian or Mexican woman will want to marry me. We should just want to do it out of pure survival and for the next generation. But many whites still don’t see Mexicans as equals to them. That’s why they got their “n*gger wake up call” when Trump said he wanted to build a wall. We shouldn’t want to marry these Mexicans in the first place. I could care less why they don’t want us on their families. And there is a color caste system. It’s here in Amerikkka as well as Brazil,Mexico,Puerto rico,Dominican Republic,Cuba and Colombia. The caste system is global. The whiter your skin puts you on top. The darker you are put you on the bottom. This has a lot to do with it as well.

    • I see your “reality”- oriented comments. You talk like someone who is going to GIVE UP and assimilate to the dominant power structure. You don’t have to believe everything you think because there is no assurance that the existing political and economic system will continue to EXPLOIT and DEGRADE Afrikans for the next 500 years. Believing in ways that affirm these beliefs, you are likely to create self-fulfilling prophecies that provide “evidence” which validates our views.

      Well, it is not just Africa American community, but the entire race isn’t getting ahead. Continental AFRICANS despite being intelligent, they’re slow when it comes to nation building (empire creation). But I think African Americans are suffering because they rejected a common IDENTITY (i.e. Africanness) and as a result, they’re paying for it. Identity is critical to nation building, even for Continental Africans who think they have culture, languages, traditions etc.

      I challenge you to come up with a remedy — be it a scientific, political, social and economic blueprint for Black Power. I would like to see your ideas.

      Being descendents of slaves may be something that they can use to REJECT us Afrikans, but it can be something we can use to our advantage like playing political games on them since they are conditioned to believe that Afrikans are “this and that.”

      • Just goes to show you read and see what you want to see. I”m not ready to give up, I’m holding black people accountable for our own advancement and stopping the blame game that is so prevalent in these discussion boards. Cursing Hispanics isn’t going to do anything for us. While we’re cursing them, they’re surpassing us on every socio-economic metric. I don’t care if Hispanics don’t want to marry blacks….so what? Blacks don’t need to inter-marry anyway. What I do care about is us focusing more on ourselves and less on others. There’s an idea for us.

  14. Sorry r_c but I disagree with your ‘realism’. You are sounding like you believe all the negative propaganda that has ever been utterede againstt black people. We have a historey, pre-slavery, of kings, queens, explorers, scientists and mathematicians. If this truth were taught in schools it would reverse all of the ‘white is right’ mentality plaguing our people. Our more recent history shows our endurance, tenacity, cunning and sheer determination to survive the horrors of slavery and still produce inventors and craftsmen. The desire to quash the black spirit and mind is the first and foremost target of every non-black race on the planet. Why do they hate what they fear most? Because they cannot allow us to know our true worth and reclaim the earth as the original people. We need to make a stand and let those f***ers know that THEY are not good enough to marry any one of US!!

    • I feel what you’re saying Razor. They want to make black people feel as if it’s a honor to allowed into their family through marriage. Like they’re above us. A if we are inferior to them and they’re doing us a favor by marrying them. I agree with you 1000%! They are NOT better than us on any level! They are delusional if they think they’re better then the Original people of the planet.

    • @Cara Blu–

      Blacks are discriminated against by Hispanics. I”ll repeat it again so that people in the back can hear it: blacks are discriminated against by Hispanics. Did everyone get that?

      Ok, now that we’ve established that… what? Kushite has already established in this very article that you’re commenting on that Hispanics are not our friends. How many more articles do you need to over-stand that point?

      Back to my original question: now what? Is there anything blacks can do to lessen our vulnerability to Hispanic discrimination? What separates us from everyone else is that we just complain for complaining sake (and we do have legitimate cause to complain); however, complaining is not going to change the situation.

      Waiting on your enemies to change is a losing strategy.

      • Who’s waiting on Hispanics to change? This is a discussion board. Its ok to speak on these things.

        Im still waiting for you to name all these well off predominantly hispanic cities and towns since they are building empires. Im not seeing these empires as they just occupy the same store that a black person use to own. Once they move in, the neighborhood looks like shit, the schools become even shittier, they rank last in education in NYC, where is this empire? The only thing they have over black people is a slight advantage.

      • @cara blu–

        strawman alert: I said the Hispanics were BUILDING empires, I didn’t say they were well-off- you interjected that into the
        conversation. Was that your attempt to deflect the conversation to a point that you think you can argue?

        Also, one doesn’t have to be well-off to be in the process of building. That is a logical fallacy.

        Just out of curiosity, where are the “well-off” predominately black cities?

    Really I don’t give damn about these color people around of the world who are brainwashed by white propaganda,in their communities there is this epidemic self hate that is spreading like the plague and all their crap they say about having white skin!
    White skin for me It is not healthy and should not even exist in this world, since the original people in this world where blacks!
    People can hate me for be black but I don’t wish to have white skin even in 2000 years or 3000 years of reincarnations!

    • Thank you Nubian. Thanks for cutting straight to the TRUTH! The more melanin the better! We are the Original people of the planet and they want us to forget that. Thanks for the great comment sis.

    • Thanks Kelley. I knew this would be a hot topic. But I felt people might want to vent a little bit. Hispanics hating on blacks is not new. You lived in LA so you know the racial divide out here. These Mexicans love hip hop culture but they hate blacks in their families. We have contributed a lot to the world. What have they given us? Mariachi music,Zoot suits,tacos,burritos and low riders! And they’re hating on us?? They must be out of their damn minds! As if these border hoppers are better than us! We are the Original people on the planet. We built civilizations. They benefitted from the civil rights struggle and now they want to look down on us?? No way! I’m not having it. Low life ungrateful bastards!

      • Yea L.A. is a trip! You would think it’d be a great place to expose oneself to a ton of diversity and open-mindedness, but it is one prejudice, segregated city.

        You know why they and other ethnicities hate on us. I think I told you about the girl who said she wanted an afro. Another who told me she wanted her baby to have the “puffs”. Another who described a Black man she though was cute as “too dark”. To ME! I have heard it ALL as I’m sure you have. We’re mysterious. We’re a beautiful rainbow of shades of brown. We have the most beautiful, unique hair textures and we are the most gorgeous, authentic, talented, intelligent, nurturing men and women on the planet.

        If I was an outsider, I’d probably feel threatened by Black people too, and try my might to either knock them down with insults to fuel my insecurities. Or leech on and have a mixed baby or something. But, luckily, we’ll never know 🙂

      • @ Kushite Prince

        Non black Hispanics hate us so much but they love what we create. If you go on YouTube the non black Hispanics are using their Hispanic artwork on black music. That shit don’t even look right.

      • @ Kelley
        You made great points. Hispanics admire, envy, & hate us at the same time. Our hair is very unique & different from everyone else’s furthermore it can’t be duplicated.

      • Woah! Not every Hispanic/Indian feels that way and nobody is any better than anyone in this earth. Straight up bullshit.

  16. What George Lopez said is of no surprise. However, at one time I THOUGHT MAYBE George Lopez was one of the few cool latinos because I remember some show in which he was told he had 4% black ancestry and had no problem with it (we know many if not most latinos/latinas are shame of their african ancestry, well I guess he’s not. Not only that, I see latinos got a latino/latina coon train going also. Cancelled!

    • Lopes said he was raised by a racist grandmother. I hear a lot of Hispanics say that. The reality is that she is not rare. In a color caste system the darker you are the lower you are in this system. So we should not be surprised that many Hispanics think they’re better than us. But they re wrong. They are not better than anyone.

      • Yeah, I remember George saying his grandmother was racist, which didn’t surprise me at all. Hispanic anti-blackness should come at no surprise to any black person, however you had some who said there were. I guess some of us are so steeped in anti-blackness ourselves we can’t accept this truth.

  17. Georgina has always come across as creepy and irritating to me. Infact she looks like a toad. Someone should douse her in Ammonia or bleach. Disgusting piece of amphibian filth..

  18. It’s funny people around the world Wanna damn be whites! Can you tell me or give the lists of what white people have done to these desperate colored people? Nothing!
    White people never contribute anything so special, historical, genetic and a human level! Only things whites have contributed only mass genocide!
    Black people have contributed a lot for everyone! African/black people should be praised & worshiped by every race of people on this planet! Without us, wouldn’t be know us. So why are we so hated around the world? We started this shit and this is the fucking thanks we get?
    Everybody know where all this hatred come from! As for the origin of all the hate talk toward Blacks, that is coming from Pink(White) ALBINO; the world’s greatest trickster, who drops salt all over the planet, to spite us!
    Amazing! We’re the original people of this planet. Everybody else are mutants. You come from us. You don’t have to like it but African history is world history before anything else!

    • Sorry I will NOT worship anyone but my Lord and Savior. Indians were the first here pushed out by the white Europeans who then thought they’d enslave the African American. Hate is wide and big please don’t make it worse and let us respect each other because both of our people were pushed out and wronged.

  19. Final Thought: Validate yourself OR allow one of our own to validate you. That’s it, that’s all. Hispanics do NOT hold the dictim on acceptance, just like racist whites. They can have a strong, active dislike. Most Hispanics are “white identified” anyway, so keep it pushing!

  20. I do agree nor do I disagree with Lopez. I do agree with you that most Hispanics are drilled with the “no Blacks” rule. I know I was. It’s maybe like an old school rule but hey, a person can’t help who they fall in love with. I’ve dated black men and white men. I’ve never dated a Hispanic and never will lol. Does that make me racist? Peace

    • Yes I’m aware that many Hispanics feel as though they think they’re better than black people. This is not news to black people. And you’re in correct,it’s not old school. It’s still going on this to this very day. Anti-blackness is still very much alive among young and old Hispanics. People try to make it seem like it’s just the older Hispanics that feel that way. By the way,what are you? Are you Mexican or Puerto Rican? I’m also curious to know what area you grew up in. It might give me a better idea why you think the way you do.

  21. Well now, hopefully the building of the wall will come into view at some point now. Get ’em out of the United States and kick their asses back to their own country and then clean it up!

  22. First off, all comedians speak on all types of different races. I’m not Mexican but I am Hispanic and from personal experience blacks share the mentality of not marrying outside your skin color. I have been mistreated and threatened for dating outside my race on both sides. So please if your going to write stuff be honest and not putting it all on one race. As for whites we get judge just as bad, our kind got beat, killed and raped as well. Yes we did not get as bad as blacks. So your opinion is just like an asshole everyone has one, but it isn’t facts!

    • So let me get this straight. You’re a white person coming on this blog and trying to educate me on the black experience? Are you serious? What I stated on this post is FACTS. Not opinion. Sorry if you can’t accept that reality. Now please go away! Your ignorance is not needed here!!

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