Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 23(Jerry Rice)


I used to love watching NFL player Jerry Rice.  He was an amazing player for the San Francisco 49ers. He was the type of player I knew would automatically go into the NFL Hall of Fame.  I honestly don’t expect much from many athletes today.But like a lot of black athletes  he has no racial pride.  But this man has took coonery and buffoonery to new heights.  Have any of you seen his commercial for Popeye’s Chicken?  This was so damn pathetic!  I was in total shock that a black man would do a commercial like this!  A taste mask???  Is this Negro serious??

Jerry Rice has no dignity at all.  And if he did it is long gone.  Any black man with self respect would never buck dance for fried chicken and biscuits.  You are a pathetic fool Jerry!  I will never support anything you do.  You deserve to go into the Buffoonery Hall of Fame for this foolishness.

43 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 23(Jerry Rice)

  1. Kushite,I didn’t see the commercial, and I will turn it ,if I do. Jerry Rice was the best player I’ve seen.But on a better note,which is what I’m interested in.I was reading Russian history & I found out the best military leaders in Russia were Abram Gavinn and his son Ivan.Abram was black born in Africa and raised in Russia royal court.I also found out that Africans help liberate The Ottoman empire in Turkey. I implore our people to totally read our history, because like my mother said,we can’t wait on wp to tell the truth. I’m encouraged as we move forward.GOD BLESS

  2. Kushite, remember what Chuck D said about Trump travel policies.You do notice that refugees from 3 African countries are on Trump ban list.The problem is that none of these countries committed a terrorist attack against the US. But on a better note,black culture and festivals are growing around the World,our people can no longer be denied it’s place in history.Go forward GOD BLESS

  3. A coon will do anything for a dollar. Even though I talked about this colorstruck athlete Marshawn Lynch he’s a Buffon. The negroe doesn’t want to talk at the NFL press conference at the end of the game, but he can act a coon exploiting himself in commercials.

  4. A taste mask huh.. I have never seen or heard of such a thing. And I love this vlogger and his commentary; he always speaks the truth.

    If any of these pro players had racial pride, they’d boycott the leagues. Not play, not spend any money, time or thought on these racist run teams. It always comes down to the dollar and I bet Popeye’s and the NFL would crumble in a mater of hours if we stopped spending our money with them! I’d bet money on it.

    • @ Kelley
      You have a great response. The ex- L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling stated why they want start their own team because “I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league? ”
      These black male athletes depend on these non black owners because they refuse to do for self. On top of that they don’t want to give up their luxury lifestyle. The owners have so much control over these dependent black athletes that they have enough power to blackball a athlete from the league & even there endorsements.

      • Right! Thank you. And this is the perfect example because in this season is where I stopped watching the NBA altogether. I was just disgusted at the lack of unity and concern. Wearing a black jersey or not standing for the anthem isn’t enough! That was a great opportunity for them to say “fuck you” and leave the league, or, at the very least, boycott games until a non-white, non-white supremacist was given the job. Or create your own league like before integration! They have so many eyes on them that it would have made a tremendous impact.

      • Sounds good….that is black athletes starting their own league with their own teams, replete with black team owners…..HOWEVER…everyone is ignoring the fact that IF black athletes and/or former athletes attempt to do that – they will be met with swift reprisal. I mean to the point that the FBI will be involved. Those men know that their and their family’s financial and physical security will be in danger if they tried to organize on that level.

        Blacks seem to make it sound so easy. In theory, yes it is easy; but there an unspoken reason more people aren’t doing it- and I just told you.

      • @reality_check

        Stop placing the fear of the white man in black people’s hearts. We can’t play it safe and expect freedom at the same time.

        Somebody has to fight for freedom and justice. We can’t take the white supremacist whipping laying down.

    • @ Kelley
      The black male athletes have a slave mentality that depends on their slave master for survival. When you have to depend on your oppressor you already a lost cause.

      • Exactly Shanqequa. To even want to be in such a league speaks volumes. There are other ways to be involved, like playing for charity, playing with the local kids in the hood or coaching a basketball camp. Why do you think recruitment is at such a young, impressionable age? These kids, mostly, are concerned with the wrong things and look at pro sports as a “way out” when it’s really just slavery with shiny wrapping.

      • @ Kelley
        My tolerance for coons have rich an all time high. Some or probably the majority of our people then to be put down. When I mean put down, “Rest In Peace” because they are mentally gone & dangerous to our well being.

      • How is their mentality any different from any of us regular people who work for organizations, and therefore, are at the mercy of our “owners”?

      • @Shanequa –

        The overwhelming majority of black folks depend on our oppressor, aka slave master as you put it, for survival. By your logic, then every black person is a lost cause. Never mind that all of us depend on them for food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, transportation, and even this good internet service that allows us to spout this nonsenical rhetoric to one another.

        Again, it SOUNDS good to say, but critical thinking is even better.

    • Buck dancing for fried chicken??? Isn’t hat insane Kelley? You’re right though,they should consider boycotting these teams. Wasting all that talent and God given ability on these racist ass owners. Making them billionaires in the process. I feel where you’re coming from. Rice looks like a first class fool in this commercial.

  5. @ScejaMan –

    Sorry bro, I’m not dealing in fear; I”m dealing in REALITY. I’m telling you the REAL reason why this is not being done grand scale by black athletes, investors, and businessmen. There is no point in undertaking such an endeavor if we have no plan to PROTECT what we’ve built. Blacks are under this delusion that whites are going to leave us alone in the USA to build these great black empires. History should tell you this will never happen. Blacks stay dreaming and talking about another black wall Street, yet that dream doesn’t go into how we are to PROTECT our empires against white retribution when it will surely happen. It may be hard to hear, but it is the reality.
    If you don’t understand that then you’ve accepted willful ignorance.

    • @reality_check, I get your point. But Revolution is the highest form of resolving contradictions. Propaganda is a useful tool to motivate Black people. REALITY is that our African ancestors mauled down European and Asian colonial armies and defeated them most of the time. REALITY is that it is POSSIBLE TO RETALIATE and establish REVOLUTIONARY POLITICAL POWER.

      For example, Elijah Muhammad used the myth of Jakob who created Whites in a lab to motivate Black people in America to stand up for themselves.

      He was not dealing with reality, but wishful thinking. Because he knew that Black people wouldn’t fight back as long as they believed that the white man is invincible. My point is that we should resist perpetual powerlessness and bring about a REAL REVOLUTION. Black people need to be PUSHED TO fight.

      • What revolution did Elijah Muhammed lead? I missed that.

        And to your point, exactly how long can a revolution built on a lie last?

        You’ve deviated from the point. To find success, blacks must protect what we build. Period. If you have no plan to protect your empire, then you will surely fail.

    • You will get that information in pro-Black books and lectures. Elijah Muhammad was instrumental in waking up millions of sleeping African Americans, when MLK and other integration mad seekers were working with the Bourgeois government.

      Oh, history has many examples of REVOLUTIONS built on lies. The American revolution comes to mind and It’s been standing for over 200 years. Another one is the Indian revolution led by Gandhi.

      We all agree that we should “protect” our empires, but those empires aren’t going to come to us if we do nothing about our predicament. The first step is building an empire and its protection will follow later.

  6. Seriously, Black men in this country need to have a convention where you talk about ALL OF THE ISSUES impacting Black men; and develop initiatives to confront and stop them. That just seems like the most proactive thing to do. White men are going to have to be killed. And until you…AS MEN, recognize this fact as being the reason why you can’t become the kings you were destined to be, then you will continue to be victims in this society. I EXPECT VIOLENCE from REAL MEN who understand that RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION is not a crime-IT IS INTELLIGENT!

    • AGREED!! Thank you Truth Angel. Blacks seem to keep ignoring the fact that whites are our MORTAL ENEMIES, which means that they will NEVER leave us alone to flourish and prosper. Having said that, all this talk about building this and building that means NOTHING if we have no strategy to protect what we’ve built from our enemies. What good would it be to live in the USA if we had no military to protect what we’ve built? Same concept.

      Am I the only one on this board that understands this?

      PS- I can’t comment on your blog anymore for some reason. I think you instituted a log in requirement now?

  7. He might win COTY at the coon train awards. I haven’t watched the commercial, the image is enough for me. I guess he’s just another dumb jock + confused about racism.

  8. Oh yeah, jerry’s daughter supposedly procreated with austin hooper (white nfl player). She denied it, but where there’s smoke…..so they mustve at least been messin’ around. Not sure if someone had mentioned that already.

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