Paris Jackson: Culturally Black vs Genetically Black


The woman on the current cover of Rolling Stone is Paris Jackson. She is the daughter of the late music icon Michael Jackson. In the cover story Paris says that she knows for sure her father was killed.  That may or may not be true but that’s a story for another time.  This post is about the fact that Paris says in the interview that she considers herself a black woman.  Of course social media went crazy over this story. In the interview she says:

“He is my father. He will always be my father,” she said. “He never wasn’t, and he never will not be. People that knew him really … say they see him in me, that it’s almost scary.”

She even expounded a bit more, saying that because of the “Smooth Criminal” singer’s instilling words, she considers herself a Black woman.

“I consider myself Black. [Dad] would look me in the eyes and he’d point his finger at me and he’d be like, ‘You’re Black. Be proud of your roots,'” she said. “And I’d be like, ‘OK, he’s my dad. Why would he lie to me?’ So I just believe what he told me. ‘Cause, to my knowledge, he’s never lied to me.”

Despite what her father told her, she said the outside world still sees her as white: “Most people that don’t know me call me white,” she said. “I’ve got light skin and, especially since I’ve had my hair blond, I look like I was born in Finland or something.”

Let me be clear,Paris is NOT a black woman. Anyone with eyesight can see that. I don’t give a damn  what her father told her.  She looks purely European to me. From a biological standpoint,she is more European than anything else. I personally believe that Paris and her two siblings are not biologically related to Michael Jackson.  I think Michael used the sperm from a white man to impregnate Debbie Rowe because he didn’t want  his  children to look even  half black.  I went to school with plenty biracial kids and most don’t look like this woman.  Let’s be honest here,Michael Jackson was a very gifted singer/dancer.  I can’t take that away from him.  But he had serious self-hate issues.  I think Jackson hated himself so much he didn’t want to see a reflection of his blackness.  I still can’t believe he married that ugly white woman Debbie Rowe. That woman is hideous! But that shows his self hatred(anti-blackness) was really deep.  I saw black people on YouTube arguing in defense of Paris saying she was at least “culturally black”.  I have heard this term many times before.  I knew a white girl in high school that was adopted by a black couple.  She listen to rap music and dressed in hip hop clothing.  She told me she liked soul food,dated only black boys and spoke in a certain “black vernacular”. So many would say she is culturally black. So some may put Paris Jackson in that category.  But Paris and the white girl I knew in high school are still not black women.

EXCLUSIVE: Never-before-seen pictures of Michael Jackson and his children

Some like to say that being black is a mindset.  But I disagree. You either have African genes are you do not.  You have melanin or you don’t.  It’s that simple. This type of mentality diminishes the black experience and insults our ancestors. We are blessed to have African DNA in us.  And we have to get away from worshipping whiteness and being ashamed of blackness.  This is the mental illness many of us suffer from.  Many of us can’t appreciate our blackness unless it’s close to whiteness. That’s why some us have interracial sex so we can have mixed babies.  And then say “Isn’t this a beautiful black child?” This is why you have black fools saying “Paris should be allowed to call herself black.”  This is an insult to authentic black people.  It’s an insult to dark brown,dark skinned blacks with African textured hair.  Paris has none of the physical traits of a black person. If she does have any African genes she must be about 0.000001 % black.


This picture(above) is Paris with her brothers Michael Jackson Jr and Prince.  They are pictured with their grandmother Katherine Jackson.  These children may have been raised around black people but that doesn’t make them black people.  And we as black people have to stop giving everyone a pass.  We must stop making blackness all inclusive.  It makes us look stupid. They are making a mockery of our beautiful blackness.  It’s because many of us don’t have the courage to create a definition of what is an African person.  By allowing people like Paris to be considered is  black is an insult  to our intelligence. Paris or anyone that looks like her is not black. Michael Jackson told her to “be proud of your roots”.  He must’ve meant her European roots.

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  1. Let me ask you something:

    Don Cheadle has an astonishingly high amount of white genes considering his dark complexion. Would anyone make the claim that he’s a white man? Would anyone make the claim that Neo, the singer, or Tyson Beckford is a Chinese man?

    • You’re right Negress. You’re speaking about that show Henry Louis Gates did right? The one when Cheadle found out his DNA was 19% European. That seems awfully high for a person that looks very African. But you I and I discussed before about how these DNA tests are not always accurate. We must keep in mind that these tests are done by white folks. So I never true them fully. But I always agree with your argument about Neo and Tyson. They would never be accepted as Asian men. So why do we have to accept everyone that is partially African? This is the question we must ask ourselves.

      • @ the Prince:

        I found it very “telling” when I found out about And more telling when a Black guy was inclusive in the commercial. Now granted, I don’t watch the idiot box much, but when I saw the black guy on the commercial? My FIRST thought was “white based” and I don’t trust it.Some people among the white collective wanted to show black people that “you’re not as black as you think that you are.”

        Looking at Paris Jackson, comparing her to me I know that there is NO WAY that I could ever be mistaken for a Caucasoid. And she can never be mistaken for a sista. Yet she will still have white privilege. Myself and others that LOOK like me will still face racism and discriminatory practices at any given time.

        I have always held the thought that Michael Jackson did NOT produce his children biologically and that yes, he was filled with self-hatred. Plain and simple, he was white identified and had many head trips. Props given for his music only. RIP, Michael.

  2. Alternative facts with several Disney plot twists… Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Alice’s Rabbit Hole – to name a few (SMH). A person’s accord with Nature – revered in African culture – is a vital part of their truth. She asks a good question: “Why would he lie to me?”

  3. On which planet is this vampire spawn a black woman? She looks like a punk rock version of Elsa from Frozen in that Rolling stone picture.

  4. Michael Jackson was the poster child for black self hate. The sad part about this situation is the black community never call him out on his self hate issues, because we overlook his mental issues too embrace his talent. Mike wealth is being turn over to white people the same race of people who hated his black ass. Furthermore I was finish with Mike when another non black child lied on him about child molestation. Black children love & admire Mike but he wasn’t catering to them like he did white children. Mike was the “King of Pop” but couldn’t even wife down the top of the line non black woman. The only decent looking non black woman he’s been with was Brooke Shields. Mike dated the beautiful Stephanie Mills back in the day. He had the chance to wife down Ola Ray from his “Thriller” video. He even could have pulled Whitney Houston. He could have gotten the biracial female Tatiana Stephanie Yvonne Thumbtzen who was in his video “The way you make me feel.” What makes me mad Mike passed these attractive black women for a below average non black women.

    • MJ dated Stephanie Mills??? I didn’t know that. But you’re right about his self hate issues. It ran deep with Michael. Yeah he could’ve gotten with Whitney Houston. That would’ve been a super power couple. Or even Ola Ray would’ve been cool. But like I said,I don’t think MJ wanted to have black looking children. That’s why I think he used a white man’s sperm to impregnate that white cow Debbie Rowe. Either that or they were adopted. But these children have NO African DNA in them. They don’t look black at all. And I think that’s what MJ wanted in the first place. He suffered form serious anti-blackness. Most of their family does for that matter. I think Tito might be the only wanted with a black wife. And Janet Jackson just had a baby with some Arab dude right? That whole family is messed up.

      • Yes, Michael and Stephanie dated for a year and a half. It was during the time he was filming the Wiz. Personally, I believe Stephanie would have made a better Dorothy than Diana. But that’s another story. Back to Paris. From day one, I knew Paris didn’t have a single ounce of Jackson DNA in her blood. Her “cousins” look more like a Jackson than she does. I also believe MJ had children already, just not in the spotlight. I don’t know if you seen it, Kushite. But people always make the side by side comparison photos of Michael and his “kids” There is NONE!

      • I agree Jorday. I just don’t see much of a resemblance. She doesn’t even look half black to me. It’s clear this woman is not black. And shouldn’t be considered a black/African person at all. MJ lied to her in my opinion.

      • @ the Prince:

        Not only does Tito have a black wife, but if I’m not mistaken so does Marlon and her name is Carol. They live in northern California I think. The buzz for a minute was that Jackie is gay even though he might still be married to a woman named Enid Spann?
        However, you are right. This family has some serious self-hate issues.

  5. I also forgot to mention is Black Africans allow NON BLACK AFRICANS to be too comfortable among our people. You wouldn’t dare hear a black child adopted by NON BLACK AFRICANS stating they were , Asian, European, Latino or any other NON BLACK AFRICAN race because they would tell them you are a BLACK AFRICAN. Paris Jackson knows she’s white, she’s using the Jackson family for personal gain & fame. Also this is another reason why children should be adopted by people of their own race not outside because it leads to confusion. Also if you pay close attention to black men & women who date interracially they are more comfortable bringing their non black partners over black family get together’s then their non black partners family because they aren’t accepted.

    • She ain’t using the Jackson family. The Jackson family are a primary example of integration. Let me be the first to say fuck the Jackson family. Their grandchildren are all mixed or white people. They were good entertainers other than that fuck them. They handed over all their resources to whites for acceptance and still ain’t got it.

    • That’s very true as well Shanequa. Black people have always been more accepting of other races. I think it comes from being oppressed. Wehave developed the idea that accepting everyone and being all inclusive is the godly way to be. Other races don’t think that way as much. Which is why some non-black families don’t accept their children dating blacks.

  6. Real black people, nor real niggas, know what this is. Michael Jackson was a sellout, he tried to squirm his way back to blackness in his interviews, latter songs, and his clashes with white and Japanese CEO’s.

    He knew what the fuck he was doing marrying Elvis Presley’s daughter, the same one who admitted to ripping Rock and Roll from Afrikan Americans. He went out of way to get some crackers to breed then claimed they were his kids. My main issue like Kushite Prince is how black people be accepting and even praising Micheal Jackson when he had a burning hatred for us. Even with the talk now of inter-generational wealth and building strong black families, so contradictory that people praise a guy who gave literally hundreds of millions to the up-and-coming generation of whites.

    • So very true Afrika Needs. People just don’t want to admit MJ had really bad self hatred. It’s because so many people admire his talent. I wont lie,I was a big fan as a child. I really like Off the Wall and Thriller. But truth is the truth. When he was chopping his nose and chin off I knew something was wrong with this guy. I also think he was lightening his skin as well. He claimed he suffered from vitiligo but I don’t know if I’m buying that. The bottom line is MJ hated his blackness. And when he looked at his children he didn’t want a reminder that he was black,. That’s just the honest to God truth brother. Also if you notice in the interview Paris says she “considers” herself a black woman. She didn’t say she WAS a black woman. I can consider myself a dog,does that make me one? She knows she’s European. These people are playing games!

      • The end part of your response was funny.

        I consider myself. Dolazel and the NAACP opened up this portal and now a bunch of white people have tried to walk through it. We are really witnessing the attempted erasure of blacks in America. This is just like what’s happened to the American Indians.

      • You’re absolutely correct. This is a slow erasure of black people. Thisis why they promote biracial people in place of blacks in films and tv shows. Not to mention all the interracial propaganda. Does anyone notice this trend? Are black people paying attention? It seems many of us are fast asleep.

      • They are definitely erasing BW but BM are still ok. They still use actual BM in the media. The only reason why Paris is saying she is black because im sure you noticed, non blacks who claim black early in their career are celebrated by Black people. There are many benefits to claiming to be black but not looking black. Black people will be your number 1 fans. Amber rose should not have a career.

      • Cara Blu you’re wrong Shaun King is a white guy who pretends to be black, he received even less backlash than Dolazel. The media got black men been caricatures like Kanye West, like Sheriff Clarke yet the most ‘pro-black faces’ in the media now are mulattoes like Jesse ‘Justin Timberlake’ Williams and Colin Kaepernick. Lets not even talk about the mulatto Barack Obama who has been an eminent sign of what the media is gonna do to black men.

        I don’t know what you are seeing but take of them biased lenses. Only because YouTube and television clowns deny they are been erased don’t mean it’s true.

      • @Cara Blu
        The Original image of the black woman has ALWAYS been erased. Light skin black women, bi-racial chicks (and now non-black chicks) have represented black womanhood. Shit just keeps getting worse. For example, look at the early days of television and film aka golden age film era in Hollywood, the 1920s, 1930s, 40s, and 50s: Eartha Kitt, Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, Pam Grier and other light black women. While I love all of these women, they were THE MOST promoted black women in Hollywood at that time, all light skin and or bi-racial. The only Black Woman to be promoted as a sex symbol at that time was Joyce Bryant (google her). Like I’ve said shit hasn’t changed, it just got worse and its the fault of both black males and black females right along with the White Supremacist media.

      • The actual image of BM is still a BM. The image of BW is turning into a biracial woman. BM actually represent BM in the media. Biracial women represent BW in the media. Shaun King is just a journalist so hes irrelevant. Look at all the commercials on tv. They always use actual BM in commercials but every supposed Black female is mixed. Its pretty Blatant.

      • Should have just said advertisements then cause black men looking like bitches in the media and mixed race men taking over. I recon in the next 5-7 years black men won’t even be used for the hypersexualised masculine role, all these colourful hair, skinny, dread head weirdos. Ads is not what most people watch TV for, then again what do I know American television adverts is every two minutes.

        You are right though adverts using mulatto females every goddamn place. It’s disgusting and unrealistic. Mixed women are also shown breeding out black people, most adverts I see them with white men now.

      • @ the Prince:

        So was I, Prince. When he began to have multiple plastic surgeries, I knew that this had to do more than his dissension with his father as it was reported. The final nail was in place when supposedly, he had Vitilgo, yet continued to get WORSE and with the cheddar (money) that he had, it should not have been as progressive as it was. Hmm? Any-hoo, at a young age when MJ began dating actress Brooke Shields, the white gurl from the movie, “The Blue Lagoon” I saw it then, that he was becoming “white identified.”
        And I will never accept that ANY of his kids are black identified. They do not understand black culture either.

        Like AfricaNeedsItsOwnResources stated, “they handed over all of their resources to whites for acceptance and they still ain’t got it.”

        And baby sister, Janet is following in his foot-steps. Besides her lying about the baby girl that she denies birthing and giving her up.
        Talk about your family secrets!

  7. By the way she and none of Michael Jackson’s ‘kids’ were not raised around black people, I don’t even think culturally they mimic black people.

    You should know out in Los Angeles. When was the last time these kids even rolled around Pacoima or Venice Oakwood much less a place where blacks are 40% and over. Probably never.

    • Actually you’re right. Their upbringing is very different than black children in the ghetto. The Jackson children grew up in a rich area in a mansion. Most blacks in Amerikkka can’t relate to that. The only think remotely close to blackness is the fact that people say they were raised by their black grandparents. So you have silly negroes who feel that is black enough. So that makes them culturally black in their eyes. Why do dumb negroes want to give a “black pass” to everyone? It boggles the mind.

    • Thanks warrior. I will definitely check it out. I haven’t been getting you ne w post notifications in my email. That’s why I never know when you have a new post. I just go to your blog periodically and check it out.

      • I might need to go manage my notification settings. WordPress has been acting weird lately. I’ve had other bloggers say they have problems getting notifications. Even YouTube has unsubscribed me to many black channels. I had to re-subscribe to some channels. I think YouTube is trying to fool around with us sharing information with one another. We have to keep in mind that Twitter,Youtube,Instagram,Facebook and WordPress are all white owned. We really do need our own social media network. I’m tired of dealing with these people.

  8. I’m an African and I love my BLOOD RELATIVES in America! African Americans have stood up for us Africans.

    Michael Jackson was an integratist like MLK. I still love him because he knew that he was African. He was crowned “The son that returns home.” But like most integratists, he believe that black people will be liberate between the legs between the legs of Europeans. MJ was an entertainer and his agenda was in line with white people.

    • So true brother! Liberation can’t come from between the legs of a white woman. Only a fool would think such a thing. This is delusional thinking by stupid negroes. We have to know better than that and destroy that mindset.

  9. I don’t blame them but those foolish black people that accept dogs and pigs as relatives! LOL!
    If really she believe be a black person and proud to be black,why she didn’t date a black guy instead of white guy? I never hear her complaining of police brutality against black people?
    One think I understood today, black is something “FASHION!”,white people
    can wake up tomorrow morning and claim to be black and everyone can recognize them as such because in the end of the day we live in white supremacy!
    But I don’t understand why this shit never happen in Chinese,Indian,Arab and so on communities? I never see a white person says “I am Chinese!”?
    Why we need every time take all this shit in our people?
    For example whites can falsely claim the Ethiopians are Caucasians just because for the ancient Egyptian culture!
    Because doesn’t matter if they do transracial alias Rachel Dolezal ,because black person,black culture and black heredity and black life don’t matter!
    One thing black people still don’t get it,these is not appreciation, this is a damn obsession with us, something perverse and demonic!
    These damn white Aliens are obsessive with us,like vampires they need our energy!

    • So true Nubian. Being black is not a fad or fashion statement. This is a slap in the face to all black people. We can’t stand for nonsense like this. This woman is delusional if she thinks she’s black. And that goes for any negroes that agree with her. You don’t see other racial groups being all inclusive like many of us want to be. That’s why we can’t let stuff like this go unchecked anymore.

  10. Rolling Stone staged shite designed to outrage and divide the black community. MJ was a mind controlled music slave. His first marriage to the Presley spawn was some ritual to join the King of Pop with ‘King’ Elvis. The next marriage to the breeding sow was nothing more than that, though I doubt whether there is any genetic relationship to MJ. Ever noticed how all the children of the rich and famous always become models and actors? They need to keep the cult of hero worship on going so no surprise when these children are recruited to follow the agenda of those in control. They know nothing else; they will have been indoctrinated from the jump to become industry pawns. The Rolling Stone cover is very telling. Her eyes are wide and there is a sort of saintliness to her image. We are therefore supposed to believe in her and whatever shite is attributed to her. TAKE A STEP BACK, PEOPLE! The black community should be coming together to call for this deluded girl to be mentally assessed and offered help. She has self confessed previous attempts at self harm and suicide. She is sick and unstable. We should not give her deluded ravings credence by debating this nonsense. Yet another concocted media shitstorm only useful for revealing coons and kneegrows,

    • You’re very observant Razor. I don’t trust Paris. This woman has a demonic spirit all over her. Did you see the lightning bolt necklace she has on? The lightning blot is a well known satanic symbol. It’s been used by Adolf Hilter and the Nazi’s. And has been used many times since then. But I do agree we are being divided by issues like this. We are letting the racist media manipulate us time and time again. I also agree with your stance on hero worship. The picture is purposely made to look holy which is why she has a halo over her head. She also has her right hand point up. Just like known pictures of white Jesus. Yes my brother,we are clearly being manipulated. It amazes me how people still aren’t aware of esoteric symbolism. I see it all the time in the media.

  11. You can’t really blame her and people like her for their delusions. Kneegrows be accepting of every dog, cat, rat or bat, that eat hot sauce, listen or mumble to rap and engage in any spastic sizures, they call dancing. She is less the problem, than those idiots fighting over her right to call her self black.

    • Precisely! Which is why I believe it was engineered that way. We are being played! As I said, the magazine cover is so stagey. The hook to draw the attention is that Paris belives ‘daddy’ was murdered (yet in the article she doesn’t elaborate). If the byline had been ‘I think i’m black’ people would have been rolling their eyes laughing. So draw people in then tuck within the article this piece of garbage. That means the release of the article had an agenda, which those who set it up could then fuel, sit back and monitor. African people are under threat of extinction by hybridisation in the west and genocide in the homelands. We should be debating and educating our people about these very serious issues. We don’t need to waste energy taking part in psychosocial experiments while our enemies collect enough data to further mess with our heads.

    • So true BMS. Our main problem is we are all inclusive. We have such low self esteem we see it has a compliment if anyone wants to be associated with us. That’s why we accept all these white rappers and white R&B singers. But calling her black is blasphemous! This is a slap in the face to all of us. These backwards thinking negroes better figure this out with a quickness. They are condoning their own erasure.

      • My philosophy, let the ignorant die in their ignorance. Because when the hammer drops, those same bottom feeders will eventually run to you and I for security….after exhausting all efforts to appeal to the non existent morals of a savage set. But they will have to fend for themselves….at least in my world.

      • Yeah I agree. They’ll be on their own. If you accept crap like this you deserve what you get! Any African that believes in the “erase yourself” mentality…is on their own. Don’t come knocking on my door!

  12. Is a rabbit a bird? Is an owl a deer? Seriously. Come on. Many Black people taken the Red pill and are seriously trippin’. This child is not of African origin–she is a confused Caucasian female who is the product of misinformation being subliminally transferred from a deceased parent who was detached from his own cultural roots. That’s it.

    • She probably puts white or “other”. But remember CC,she said she considers herself a black woman. She didn’t say she actually WAS a black woman. The words we choose are very important. She’s not stupid,she knows what she’s doing.

      • The reason why I ask is because a lot of folk check black when it’s convenient. I had a roommate who looked like Paris and claimed “mulatto,” no I’m not kidding, to get benefits from being black. But still received the benefits of “looking” white. Appropriated confusion.

      • I’m not surprised at all CC. I have even seen Europeans get money from the government by claiming they were 1/34 Native American. I’m talking about white people whiter than a sheet of paper. These people are culture vultures! They will lie,steal and cheat to get some type of benefit. Meanwhile you have blacks that are part Native American and can’t get any paycheck form the government. Many Native tribes wont even accept black people as REAL natives. Trust me,I’ve seen black people tell of their experiences on YouTube. That’s why my blog is about embracing blackness and nothing else. Someone has to do it with all this race mixing,biracial,all inclusive nonsense going on. Many of us have lost our damn minds! Letting anyone claim blackness hurts us in the long run. But many of these brainwashed black people can’t seem to see that. This is all self hatred. It goes back to seeing beauty in anything non-black. It’s really pathetic.

  13. Is that video by Chrissie? I’ve should have known you had some mammy black women embracing Paris Jackson claiming blackness. This is the shit I be talking about black women get upset when some bi-racial and non-black chicks hijack our image (especially that of the dark-skin woman), yet support our image hi-jacking heiffers. The Black Woman in America HAS NEVER been represented in her true image and some of it is our fault.

    • Yeah I love Chrissie. She really keeps it real. She is not afraid to talk about racism,gender issues,colorism nd white supremacy. I agree with most of her videos. She’s almost the female version of This Paris Jackson crap is ridiculous! This shouldn’t even be a topic for debate. This is not a black woman at all. Anyone can see that. We have to stop letting our blackness be high jacked by these demonic culture vultures. It seems I will have to do another post on the black woman’s erasure. This sick agenda has to be repeatedly exposed.

  14. Well Kushite, I have mixed emotions about Michael.The Jacksons where the first black family that was on tv,and I will always have an affinity for the Jackson 5.Michael did marry outside of ,but Michael donated a lot of money to black causes,and unlike Michael Jordan,it wasn’t a token gesture.What has Michael Jordan done since his donation to the NAACP.Most blacks who marry wp abandon the black community, with their resources going to the white community. MJ and Prince donated a lot of money to the Aborigines group in Sydney before they passed.Michael may have had self-hate issues,but when bp needed him he was there.I’m going to somewhat support Michael ,because he was murdered,wp had no right to touch him.I don’t know to much about these kids,I do know that Paris had a recent spat with Wendy Williams, btw another coon.It’s a touchy subject for sure ,but we will get through this together.GOD BLESS

    • It’s not hard to see that Paris IS NOT Black. It’s a shame that this is a touchy subject thanks to the one-drop rule. However, I understand your affinity for the Jackson 5 and Micheal’s affinity toward Black People and more. I didn’t follow the Jacksons much through the years besides their music, but I was told that Micheal did date black women more often than we realize and he was getting ready to marry a black woman before he passed. I see that he began to become more aware in the last years of his life.

    • @SevensKing Yes I know many black people have a soft spot for Michael. It’s mainly because he had songs that moved us. And he was an exceptional singer and dancer. But the reality is he had extreme self hatred. You can’t cut your face apart lie that and still love yourself. Was he killed?? It’s possible. Those that do their research know how the music industry operates and who controls it. MJ is just one of many I suspect. But the issues here is whether Paris should be considered black. And that is emphatically NO. We can not let this stand. It’s an insult to black women and all black people. But thank you for the comment. I always appreciate your insight.

  15. Michael was an extremely confused and damaged man. He indeed lied to this young lady. Michael was crazy as catshit, to procure this white child and tell her “you’re black, be proud of it”.

    This coming out of paris jackson is diabolical trickery by the white supremacist media. Theyve been doing this for 100 years really, but now its gone from lightskinned people like lena horne to outright white people, this is a subtle message from whites that the 17th century laws like the one-drop rule still apply. Instead of overtly announcing it, its being subconsciously embedded which is more dangerous b/c it bypasses most people’s conscious and becomes a belief after recieving the message a few times from different sources.
    This pale blonde blue eyed devil even has a white supremacist boyfriend. Just in time to ruin the self esteem of this curren generation coming of age right now.

    • You’re right MJ was very confused. he must’ve been if he told this albino creature she was a black person. Yes the one-drop rule is still being forced down our throats. This is a very outdated concept. And it’s destroying the minds of black people. If we accept her..we will accept just about anything. It’s time for a standard to be set. I really feel for the young black generation. With all the gay,lesbian,transgender,gender fluidity,race mixing and bisexuality…they re being fed mental poison! I’m really praying for them. We are under serious attack!!d

      • Im so thankful that I came of age in the early 90s. The current level of confusion is on a hundred thousand right now. It’s unbelievable. I weep for black children, especially in single parent homes where the parent is still very confused and/or working all the time (such as the one I grew up in).
        I was listening to the compensatory concept the other day. Mr Fuller is constantly dropping bombs, but there’s always one or two statements in any given episode that really stand out. They were discussing confusion. “Confusion strengthens what is ALREADY IN PLACE”, he said. I was like oh snap.

        Paris looks like Eva Braun.

        This situation brings to mind a video I once saw of this vicious racist who I believe was american, but had lived in africa for many years. He was telling a black man – “Im more african than you’ll ever be. you’ve never even been to africa”. Im paraphrasing but these soul-less creatures never cease to amaze me with their inherent vitriol towards us.

      • “Confusion strengthens what is ALREADY IN PLACE.” Fuller was correct. As long as we are confused we can’t fight the ENEMY head on. And that’s want that want. That’s why we have to call out bull crap like this. It is obvious that Paris in not a black woman. Any black person that claims her as black is a damn fool! I will not tolerate such nonsense.

    • You mean Eva Braun?? Hitler’s wife? What makes you think so? To me she looks to be in an angelic pose like Jesus. She has a halo over her head. It’s just more hero worship in my opinion. This woman is no one black people should admire or look up to.

  16. I could tell you like father like daughter. Paris is obviously Bi-racial but have been more inclined to be more Euro from her mother’s side. Michael Jackson had self-hate issues starting from his childhood and into adulthood with no opportunity to get the proper counseling he needed to be accepted into who he is. And it’s a tragedy for every race because we stride to eradicate our features and exchange it for European features to be acceptable in society. Paris is doing the same thing but backwards. She don’t consider herself European, but mostly African-American because of her father, but it’s not healthy either. She absolutely have to get counseling, STAT!

    • I’m sorry Omay but I don’t see it. That girl is white as That girl looks way whiter than most biracial people I’ve seen. I see a lot of biracial people in California. I’ve seen black/Mexican,black/Chinese…almost every combination you can think of. There are biracial babies everywhere out here. But Paris is clearly a white woman. She would stick out standing next to even Alicia Keys,Halle Berry an Mariah Carey. If she has any black in her it must be VERY miniscule. I just don’t see it.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        Even though you talk about interracial dating before in the past here’s another topic we need to discuss. When it comes to non black men especially white men dating black women they wait until they are old wrinkle & grey. During their prime years in age they might have dated a black women but wasn’t a serious relationship just a fetish. These men spend their prime years with women of their own race especially having children and passing down there wealth then start dating black women. Prime example look at Eve, Kimora Lee Simmons, George Lucas wife, & etc old with old white men with children.

      • Brother, I too think that this girl is white. Just so happens that she wants to make a living from exploiting her so-called “Blackness.”

        They do it all the time. But we Black folks should determine the membership of the Black community, not Whites, Arabs, Hispanics, and Asians.

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