Forgiveness is for Victims


17 thoughts on “Forgiveness is for Victims

  1. I”m with you Kushite. I’m so sick of black folks talking this forgiveness nonsense I could scream! That is why other people feel its okay to victimize our community. Blacks need to put that Christian Bible down and start living in reality.

    • I heard about this a few days ago. We shouldn’t be surprised at all. These white whores love lying on black men. They have been doing it for years. And black men have been sent to their graves because of it.

  2. This white boy wrote a book on how “REVENGE” is of the utmost. He even cited Hannibal’s example and how Hannibal didn’t ever forgive Rome. I don’t usually read white boy’s–got tricked by a Black bookstore–but I gotta admit, “REVENGE” sweeter than “Forgiveness.”

    • Really?? Never heard of that book. But not very surprising. Revenge is okay for Europeans. But they want to teach us forgiveness. After 9-11 happened did you hear any white people talk about forgiving radical Islamic terrorists? I think not.

      • The author is anonymous. He goes by a psuedonym and tries to pretend to be asian but you can kind of tell he’s a white boy. His made up name is Haha Lung. He writes a lot on ninjas and mind control. But the book I am referencing is “The Lost Arts of War.”

        I read it half-way but got it’s bleh. The appeal, I thought, was that it claims to have Hannibal’s Art of War; but the book only references it and it seems to be uncited. It seems like he made it up.

  3. That picture in the post annoys me since that black boy was coerced by his white adopter mother to do that….Black people need to stop letting Satans descendants from infiltrating their minds. I remember when I was younger, I was taught that I always had to forgive so I wont go to hell but then I stopped going to church at 12 and decided forgiveness is not for me. I just cut people off. At this point, ALL white people are cut off. I think many Black people are actually scared of white people or scared of standing up to them because of the backlash they will face and also, I believe many Black people truly do not want to practice Christianity but since Black people are indoctrinated into believing that they are only on earth to follow instructions, they are too scared to deviate. I mean in school, all you learn how to do is look for a white person then ask them what you have to do. Thats all most black people do when they grow up. Look for white people and follow their instructions. I see why many are confused.

    • You’re right Cara. Many of us are very scared of white folks. We are scared they will punish us in some fashion. We have to stop being scared. Whites want us to just be servants to hem. And forgive all their cruel actions. But have you noticed they never forgive anyone. They always want death and revenge if someone does them wrong. But it’s always about forgiveness for the silly negroes. Everything you said is very true.

  4. Carolyn Bryant must be on her death & want forgiveness from Emmitt Tills family & the black community. This white female gorilla have a motive of why she’s coming out years later especially, after the passing of Emmitt Tills mother to confess she lied. All the major people that had something to do with Emmitt Tills death are dead beside Carolyn.

    White devils live in fear, especially having the fear of death. These devils have been taught for so long that the world is there’s with no repercussion or consequences. These animals have cheated, manipulate, & deceived their way through life but can’t do that with death. Their conscious know they have a lot to answer up too especially the wrong doing they have done to BLACK AFRICANS.

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