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  1. LMAO!! I love what she did at the end! She told it like it is! Thank you for posting this because the Black women that marched with those white pampered pets that’s got nothing to complain about need a ‘wake-up’ call! We never, ever learn! We just fall in when told and wonder why we’re mucked up! I despair OF us!

  2. Ha! Exactly! I was thinking damn they ALL came out of hiding for this one! This is why I can’t have white friends.

    Sidenote: she’s hilarious + pretty with some gorgeous hair! It’s nice to know some Black women think like me. thanks for sharing.

  3. I was highly pissed off seeing black women at at that shitty women’s march. These black women that attended this march is very docile when it comes to white supremacy. Dr. Nelly Fuller said if you don’t understand white supremacy it will become very confusion.

  4. Where was these white women at when black women back in the day, had to start their on women’s movement. These “WHITE WOMEN” weren’t protesting for protecting black womanhood, especially when black men couldn’t protect us from getting sexually & physically abuse by “WHITE MEN.” Where was these white women when black women were being illegally sterilized by white doctors. These trifling white women sure do appear when they want black women to fight their battles.

    • White women are the biggest con artists. They only care about themselves in the long run. But they like to use black people to make us think they care about our plight. Moist of them voted for Trump anyway. So I have NO sympathy for these racist ass white girls.

  5. Pure facts. Damn!

    I havent paid attn to the womens march. Even though its huge headlines, its white feminist stuff, and it has nothing to do with me.

  6. I agree with this sista’s base argument that black women have no business in a women’s movement with white women cause white women ARE going to center themselves. Other than that her argument was faulty. How?

    1. She said that those black women should have been out marching for black men who get shot by police. Is she paying attention?!?! Black Women are the first ones to organize marches and make pickets signs to hit the pavement to demand justice for black men and boys murdered by law enforcement, even black women who follow up white women and these white-woman centered feminist circles do too. I’ve seen ’em. I just wish these same black women remembered ( and protested for) black women and girls murdered by law enforcement. Most of the Black Women out there were talking about race, police brutality, and BLM , NOT Women’s issues [Side Note: like many black women said they should have took the little opportunity they had to center black women’s issue, Jonelle Monea was THE ONLY one I saw who did that.]

    2. She failed to mention how these sistas should have been speaking up about black women’s issues aka slain black women and girls by law enforcement, hell she didn’t even mention how these black women should have been marching and campaigning for justic for black women and girls too. Black Women’s plight is an after thought for many black women.

    This sista proves my and other black womens’ argument of how black people dismiss black women’s plight while talking about black lives matter. All black lives don’t matter, even to other black people, which is why BLM cannot be taking seriously.

    • Some black men are for black men only. Some black women are for black women only. Some black men and women only support black men. And some black men and women support black men,women and children. We all decide which route we will take.Due to the pain,suffering, and racism we all deal with we get frustrated in the process. And through the frustration you either get depressed or get angry. This is why so many of us suffer with depression. Or we just get angry and bitter at the whole world. Check out some of the videos on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. This is the painful reality of the black experience.

      • “And some black men and women support black men, women, and children”

        And this is how it should be. I don’t see liberation no time soon until ALL of us care about ALL of us.

        There’s only a few black people that I can watch on Youtube without getting into my feeling because most of the black youtubers are full of ish, especially the “pro-black” men and women. Ugggh! so much misogynoir, anti-blackness, colorism, classism texturism, sizeism, and did I mention misogynoir, dark-ism, any type of anti-blackness you name it. I stay away from most because I have to keep some semblance of sanity.

      • There are some many damn “ism’s” it gives me a headache. That’s why the battle is so hard because we are attacked from so many angles. The enemy uses psychological warfare to divide us. So we end up attacking one another and the enemy is left unscathed. They have studied us very well.

    • Peace,

      She didn’t say Black women don’t march for Black men–but that white women don’t.

      I can agree with you that she didn’t mention the Black women. But it might be a numbers thing. I wouldn’t know the number of women per se, but over 250 Black people were killed by police last year. Also, when it comes to how many were unarmed–it was, say, 30. Of those I don’t really know if there were that many women.

      As to Black women in prison, it’s maybe 375,000; but for Black men, 1 million. So it’s about 3-1. Obviously both are horrible, but by the numbers, one is bigger. Also, apparently, the Black male imprisonment has a longer history.

      • Yes Onitaset that’s good point. But I think what OBW is trying to say is that when black women are killed the community doesn’t seem to get as up in arms as when it’s a black man. Although there was a big uproar by the community when Sandra Bland died. I’m not sure of the numbers either but I know quite a few black women have been beaten and killed by cops. As well as black children. Some say that black men pose a bigger threat due to the physical power of we get it killed more often. Which would make sense in a racist society. But regardless ALL black lives matter and should get attention in my opinion.

      • I agree. All Black Lives Matter.

        To be honest, I do not understand why women do not get the attention they deserve. Mostly because “Black Lives Matter” was, it is said, founded by women. Three women to be exact. Two of whom are homosexual. Or in other words, at least two would be on the whole “intersectuality” logic. That said, if BLM is a movement by Black women but it neglects to advocate for Black women despite the Black women understanding the historic neglect of Black women–I can’t tell if it’s a set up to lambast the Black community. Mostly because, real talk, people outside of academic circles–where that intersectionality talk thrives–don’t even care about the Black men/women being killed. So is it all set up is my question.

      • Appreciate the article. That’s why I’m thinking the neglect of Black women by BLM (which is headed by BLM) more suits their political aims of, as you put it, sexual deviance. Because if the narrative coming out of BLM protests is Black women are neglected but Black men are promoted–what does that suggest about Black men to Black women?

        I think it’s a political ploy. Not too advanced but effective IMO.

      • Yes politics are definitely involved. I have seen interviews with these women and they always talk about the plight of gays,lesbians and transgenders. They rarely even bring up black women being killed by cops. That is a BIG red flag to me! That is very telling and I’m surprised that many people didn’t catch that. As well as the group being funded by rich Europeans should give pause to any black person with common sense.

      • There is a report from a black organization, I believe it was #sayhername that has been circulating for some time now that stated that black women and girls are murdered by the police at the same rate as black men and boys and the numbers were close together; the numbers were like 50% to 50%! So it’s not a numbers thing, its just law enforcement murders of black women and girls just get little attention, although these stories don’t make mainstream media they are reported in various online black spaces, especially black woman centric online spaces. I can’t began to tell you how many stories of black women and girls dying at the hands of law enforcement last year (and years past). If I had the time, I could post article after article and you will see there is a long list of names of black women and girls you ain’t heard of who’ve lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement, but i will start at one. Here’s one story about a 66-year-old mentally ill black woman named Deborah Danner: Now about imprisonment, more black women are going to prison as well, although there’s still more black men in prison than black women. This is also a cause for concern:

      • Peace Sister,

        I was saying with Kushite Prince, how I do not understand why Black women are neglected by BLM, particularly as I explain it, the alleged founders of BLM are three women, two of whom are homosexual and all of whom you would assume understood intersectionality.

        To be honest, the BLM is the only movement I can think of expressing outrage at Black death on a national level; and BLM isn’t really centered in “the whole Black Community” as much as it is seemingly centered in “Black academia” and particularly “Black Women’s academia.”

        To be honest, BLM decides where the outrage goes and the BLM founders hold a lot of influence over what gets mentioned and what doesn’t. To me, it seems like a set up to highlight Black men, so to give #sayhername and other groups ammunition to say the Black Community only expresses outrage at Black male death.

        But the reality is that most Black people do not express any outrage at any Black death. I’ve stood around where Black men were slain by cops. The community doesn’t organize its own protests or organize its own rallies. The community doesn’t call in the media or get on their computers and write stories. The community just stands around, shakes their head maybe, then go on with their lives. “Career activists” if you will may come down to rile people up. But their influence is limited.

        I would wish the death of Black women received the same–if not MORE–outrage than the death of Black men. But like I said, it’s not even in OUR hands. It’s the career activists–and BLM is the biggest and latest. But BLM–which is lead by women–for some reason neglects its own Women. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was to fuel the sentiment of Black woman’s neglect–despite that the whole community is neglected, in reality.

        IIRC, Trayvon Martin’s story–which sparked the whole BLM–was going to be swept under the rug, except that the local newspaper and his family and attorneys were working overtime to get the mainstream papers to report it.

        But thank you for the information of Black women and Black men being murdered at close to the same rate. It’s not good news. It’s sad news. But I’m grateful to learn more. Even if it is somber.

      • I agree with everything you say. Yeah, you’re right and I, you and many other black people say the same thing: To many black people, black lives don’t matter, that’s why BLM is not taken seriously by some blacks and even non-blacks. As for black women, I and many other black women have said that many black women don’t give a damn about the lives of other black women and girls. I’ve (as other black women) have had conversations with black women who look at me (or) like we’ve asked them to jump off a bridge when I tell them that they need to be concerned about their daughters like they are about their sons. They get mad with at us and tell us we are being “divisive” smdh. I’ve also had conversations about how the BLM was started by three black women, but slain black women and girls’ get unnoticed. Even when black women say they activist for black women and girls too, they still ignore black women and girls. It just comes from this belief that black men and boys just have it harder than black women and girls under the system of racism. It also stems from anti-woman sentiment. Like ALL communities in this society, the black community has a SERIOUS problem with misogyny. and unfortunately, many black people have internalized white people’s misogynistic, racist, sexist beliefs about black women and girls.Men and boys are just seen as more important in this anti-woman society. and it’s not just men and boys it’s women and girls too. I’ve found that many black women and girls harbor so much intense misogny towards other black women and girls (internalized misogynoir, misogynoir is misogyny specific to black women and girls where race and gender intersect). It’s all sad to witness. So racism white supremacy, malevolent patriarchy, internalized racism (self-hatred) sexism, misogynoir, internalized misogynoir (black women/girls hating other women and girls), colorism, misinformation, etc factor in these attitudes.

      • The founder of #sayhername Kimberly Crenshaw started that campaign because many people were paying attention to black women’s death. I don’t feel she did it to spite the black community. still tho attention was given too the men’s deaths moreso than women’s. Now there are a lot of black men’s deaths who go unheard of too. I’m not a fan of the BLM because it just doesn’t highlight ALL black people’s deaths and it’s origins (which are said a white racist is behind the establishment of the movement) is preeeetty damn suspect as you all pointed out.

      • Peace Sister,

        What I’m saying is that the founders of BLM are, seemingly, advocates of the Misogynoir school of thought but also simultaneously act in accordance to something which can be critiqued by advocates of Misogynoir. I.e. “by the time the fools learn how the game is played, the players have dispersed.”

        Said differently, the problem of Black women not receiving attention is invented by the same Black women who point out the pattern and deem it as worthy of critique.

        I do not know how else to write it. It’s a bit convoluted. But it seems that the people RESPONSIBLE for Black men getting all of the attention are the same people RESPONSIBLE for giving Black men all of the attention.

        I.e. there aren’t BLACK MEN or BLACK WOMEN giving Black death the attention, but a small circle of Black women who also complain about Black women being underrepresented (despite that they themselves can represent Black women and, if they choose, underrepresent Black men.)

        It’s convoluted so I don’t know if I am making myself clear.

        For my part, I was one of the earlier authors on a Black woman’s death–Rekia Boyd–but I don’t dictate the national news as much as BLM does.

        I guess to say it differently–the angle that Black women misogynoir are underrepresented is a self-criticism as its Black women underrepresenting Black women, almost exclusively. And the Black women doing the underrepresentation are the same Black women criticizing it (as opposed to a separate group.)

  7. That is exactly what I was trying to say. Even when Sandra Bland died, yes their was uproar, but not any major marches cross country for her. However, honestly tho, the uproar over Sandra Bland’s death was the first time in my young, short life that I have seen the black collective show the most mainstream uproar over a black woman’s death, even older black women said that this has been the case for them; they’ve been on this earth longer. Like I was telling Oniset above, I saw a report, I believe it was last year that black women were murdered at the same rate as black men were murdered: 50 to 50%! I think it maybe included in one of the reports below. That’s a lot. Black Men and Women running neck and neck. If I had the time I could list all the names (not all but many) and post articles of black women who died at the hands of law enforcement (A black man wrote an article discussing how most black people he encountered couldn’t name at least 10-15 black women murdered by law enforcement. To him like us it was disturbing) Trust, it’s a looooong ass list of fallen sistas. The NAACP put out a report a year or two a go about black girls are 6x more likely than EVERYONE (even black boys) to be suspended from school! And there’s much more crisises facing black women and girls. Black Women and Girls are in A CRISIS too. Here are some reports highlighting the black woman’s plight. I think everyone needs to read these two reports for a start:

    and there’s more…..

    I will say this tho, there seems to be progress being made toward including the black woman’s plight more in the black experience, but there’s still more work to do.

  8. Oh Kushite, after what I learned this week,I’m even more optimistic about us.As me and Truthangel says,GOD is talking more than ever.I just learned that Paula Patton has filed a restraining order against Robin Thicke,and that he’s been beating her for years.Did any of you watch The New Edition story on BET.And again black people never learn,their white manager was making money off NE before they saw a dime.Managers work for you,their pay comes from your pay. GOD BLESS

    • Not surprised to hear about Thicke beating up on her.Patton always seemed like a biracial bimbo to me. She has no common sense. Hopefully she will wise up from now on. I didn’t see the New Edition story but I hear it’s really good. It’s pretty accurate since all six members helped with the storyline. I’m sure their manager was some greedy ass most of them are. They always steal money from black entertainers. They have been doing for a very long time. They can’t sing or dance like black people so they leech off our talent and we make them rich in the process. They truly are bloodsuckers! They control the entire film and music industries. We create it..and they profit the most from it.

  9. Kushite, what I am happy about is the breaking news:The white woman that accused Emmet Till of making advancement towards her admitted SHE LIED. I keep telling you all GOD got this. Did you all know that the Jews that are in Israel now,are the Khazar Jews from Eastern Europe. Here is the problem, the Khazar funded Hitler and Nazianz Germany, but even better than that ,they are no relation to the 12 Tribes of Israel,no Hebrew DNA at all. RIP Emmet Till ,your Black men will get back everything wp took from you.Africa repayment. Haiti,Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba repayment.Israel repayment. GOD BLESS

    • This is not news brother. We all knew that white whore lied. White women have been accusing black men of rape for hundreds of years. Many were lynched because of these false accusations.

  10. Kushite, before I forget, I will be sending a letter to Deborah Lee of BET.I will explain to her that I will no longer watch BET. The reason being,if you watch the previews to “Madiba” which is Nelson Mandela, well the first word to describe Nelson Mandela is Terrorist. So I guess wp are deciding the narratives on black people and black history.That is funny ,considering wp used terrorist tactics to employ Apartheid. It’s okay since The Minister of Immigration in 5 European countries and Canada are from Africa.GOD BLESS

    • Thanks for that SevenKing. I saw the trailer for the film last week. White people are always deciding the narratives on black historical figures. They love to distort history if given the chance.

  11. FUCK WHITE WOMEN and their devil ass! After I read the story of Emmett Till I am so pissed off and what that vile demons have done at that poor black child only GOD knows what he will do at that white bitch and all white people!
    White people enjoy your single days of your damn life because your race is dying this is at only my satisfaction!

  12. I wrote a comment a few minutes ago and I accidentally deleted it… ugh… But I will try to repeat it with some new content… White feminism convincing Black women to join their cause is like trying to fix a tire that is NOT deflated. Black women have endured a lot of setbacks, challenges, obstacles, heartaches to the point that their spirit were nearly crushed. Society, has destroyed the Black community traditional family and unhappy white women who were “stuck” in a convenience marriages while their husbands were working 40 or more hours to provide for them and their children, decided to have more. These harlots decided to control the way society works, by challenging to be superior to men, to control their uterus, to use their sexuality as their advantage and at the same time, denigrate men by trying to surpassed their respective roles abandoning their own. And these women, are also taking advantage of Black women and convince these poor women that they’re behind their back, but reality is that they can use anyone to their advantage. They’re NOT going to help the struggling Black Women! They’re NOT for equality! They’re just for the overpower from the white male. Black Women have to stick up for the traditional values that we, as women lack these days. We have to respect men, because they’re the leaders. We have to respect ourselves because we’re their sustenance. White feminism is the virus that drives Black women into loneliness, lack of purpose, unhappiness and singlehood (with kids or without).

    • That’s a great comment Omay. You touched on a lot. If black men want to be leaders then they have to be willing to step up to the plate. You’re one of the few black women I’ve heard say that black men should be leaders. Some black women say that don’t want black men as leaders because they just want to control sistas. Or they just take over and don’t give sistas an opportunity to speak. That’s true in many cases but not all.I can see I will have to do a post on this again. It’s a subject that hits very close to home.

      • The problem with Black Women these days is because the lack of leadership by Black Men because obviously or they’re in the criminal system, or they’re dead or in the other percent, they’re lost (without a sense of guidance). Also, Black Women had been taught that in order to get housing or any type of help, they have to abandon men. That’s why they have that circle of no men as the head of the household and it’s replaced by the government who destroys the traditional Black family. What saddens me is that Black women still plays the victim and get the “help” from White spoiled feminists to join their cause. But in the end, they end up alone at their luck.

  13. Kushite I knew about the history of Emmett Till but I didn’t know they did violence to him,you tell me how you can call these creatures human being?
    How did they do these such things to a little black boy?
    I was so horrified to read,something you can’t read!
    This fear of black men rape WW it wasn’t only on US also in Europe and others Western colonies!
    Look now today WW have kids with BM,how can black men consider these suckers their wives and mother for their kids? These women are evils!
    They don’t deserve to have all these credits,they think to be “GOD gift”,but they don’t know,they are monsters!
    I had a lot argument with them on Facebook, I told them so many times black women business don’t belong to them! I said them to leave BW alone,we aren’t friends and we weren’t never friends!
    You know their answer?They called me “racist”,it’s funny isn’t?
    BW and WW we have in common only “gender” for the rest we don’t have nothing to share!
    We BW,we should stop to give credit to these whores, we should remember that WW were in the first lines of racism,because of them if our fathers and brothers died

  14. Qnubian & Kushite, well with African and Arab immigration reaching record numbers,they are about more racists. Blacks are going to out breed them in the Americas & Europe. As you have noticed none of the policies are working in Europe, because they have a debt to pay to blacks in the Americas,Europe & Africa. Reparations will be the least of their problems. GOD BLESS

  15. Yeah they hate immigration with passion but it’s funny because precisely it with immigrant people they are breeding now,also they are also complicit in this business! How pathetic they are!
    Trojanpam she had precisely talked about this on her blog!

  16. I think it was Cree’s podcast that I learned this from. But the feminist movement was born out of white women’s delusion (and suppressed desire) that black men want to rape them. It was deep. Has anyone mentioned that here? Its always interesting to hear when people talk about the history of feminist movement; if five people discuss it, you will hear five different stories of how it all began. Yeah, it was either cree or cows.

    Im seriously concerned about Cree. I know she was supposedly dropping out of sight to work on a book. But I know too that white supremacists were constantly interrupting her podcast by causing technical problems, and that police would sit outside her house at times while she was doing the podcast. She should at least post to her blog.

    Kushite, do you remember that podcast “Justice Lab”?? Does it still come on??

    • Yeah Cree took a break to write her book. I know she was getting burned out from blogging and doing the radio show.But she’s still around. She still posts on Facebook. Yeah I remember the Justice Lab. I called onto the show a few times. Cree used to call the show as well. But I’m not sure the show is still on. They haven’t done any shows in quite awhile.

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