I’m Pro-Black but….I date non-blacks??

Black Prince and....What..

Don’t laugh at that picture above.  This so-called proud African man actually married that creature.  I know it’s hard to believe. This is a subject that shouldn’t even  have to be addressed.  But it seems to be a bit of a problem in the conscious community.  It would seem that if a person is pro-black and race conscious that they would want to marry a black person.  So it would seem. But we have these people some refer to as Fake Hoteps,that are making the truly conscious look bad.  I have even seen it with black conscious black women too.  They have on their African clothing,wearing braids or dreadlocks….and holding the hand of a white man!  This is absolutely insane in my mind!

Pro Black but1...

I even had some fool that told me this is not a contradiction.  This is a major contradiction.  If you love your African culture,love your heritage…it would be natural to want to be with a black person.  You would want to pro create with a black person.  Why would you want to dilute your bloodline with another race?  It makes no sense.  If you love yourself and how you look..why would you want children that don’t look like you? This is not about hating another race either.  This is about self love and loving your own people.

This is a good video(above) by Pharaoh Allah. He speaks about all the pitfalls to dating white people.  While he is a bit animated at times I agree with his overall point.  And why it doesn’t help the black community in the long run.  Many of these fake dudes talk about black power but it’s all just an act. If you’re going to talk about it  then  you need to BE about it!  I’m tired of all these contradictions in our community.  And this also goes for people using the excuse of  “people of color” so they can marry Hispanics and Asians.  I’m well aware of this ongoing trend.


This picture(above) looks ridiculous!  What is this white man doing in African clothing?  He looks like a damn fool!  But this is the type of silliness and confusion that happens when we date/marry other races. It doesn’t matter if the person is Mexican,Chinese,Filipino,Cuban or Japanese.  If they are NOT a black person and you claim to be pro-black…you are full of crap!  You’re a walking contradiction.  And you make the rest of us(real conscious) look bad.  And we get lumped in the same group of disingenuous conscious people.  And I’m sick of it.  If you want to date/marry other races then just do it.   Go make some mixed babies and go on with your life.  But no more of this stupid ass fence riding. And please  stop saying you’re conscious,pro black or a Pan Africanist….because it’s obvious you are not.  Peace.

56 thoughts on “I’m Pro-Black but….I date non-blacks??

  1. I agree but we have to see these so-called brothers and sisters who do this as more than just contradictory but also as psychotic as the caucrazians that they are in a relationships with.

      • When I was younger I used to believe in the idea of “people of color”. But not so much anymore. Mainly because I’ve had Mexican,Puerto rican and Filipino co-workers and they don’t see the world the same way we do. They have very different views when it comes to politics,police brutality and oppression. The notion that we are all “people of color” is a fallacy. I do know that there are Afro-latinos. Black people in Belize,Honduras,Brazil,Puerto rico and Cuba. I’m not talking about the dark skin,dark brown brothers and sisters in those countries. They suffer from racism in those countries as well. I’m talking about these white-skinned,straight haired Cubans,Mexicans,Puerto Ricans etc.. These people are very racist towards black people. I have had Afro-latinos tell me about the horrible treatment they get. Many don’t consider them latinos/Hispanics at all. Many Hispanics have even told me they check “white” on applications. So obviously they don’t see themselves as one of us. They may date interracially with blacks but that doesn’t mean they see us as their equals. But I do realize some blacks feel that as long as the person is not white then it’s okay. I used to believe that but not anymore. But people can do what they want. That’s just my opinion on the issue.

      • I agree 100%. I also notice that blacks that date other “minorities” also feel as if they’ve made it, therefore soliciting these interactions for the same reasons many date whites.

  2. The first picture is so hideous!LOL!!
    Oh my lord,you can never see WM with a fat WW cow 🐮!!
    I don’t understand why married albinos please?? Please can someone start think about these people are after our melanin isn’t love but survive for them?

  3. Sadly funny. I don’t get it either and I don’t see the appeal AT ALL, especially loving on and procreating with whites.

    Black people are the standard, the entire spectrum of beauty. The originals! Why is the love of ourselves and our people always under question??! We need to dig deeper and find the answer to that question.”They” know our love has power like no other and it’s truly sad that so many of us fall for the nonsense.

    • Yes we are the true standard of beauty. Black self love is a threat to white supremacy. That’s why they program us in films and tv shows to love them. It’s all mind games. These pics are disgusting to look at.

      • True! Getting with a white person is an ugly disguise for deep-rooted issues. Like I was saying to Josie, if it’s not an issue of ALWAYS dating others, I do think a Black person can have self-love in an interracial relationship (if their partner isn’t white.) But there isn’t room for racial pride if you’re willing to open yourself to someone who isn’t your reflection and dilute your genes.

        Hopefully more will wake up and realize our unions are under constant attack because of their great power. Thanks for always talking about the ugly issues.

      • The ugly issues must be brought up. No matter how uncomfortable it may be. It’s the only way to get clarity on these issues. And lord knows black people need some clarity right now.

  4. To be fair though Prince, it is contradictory of us to chastise them for wearing our clothes, when we wear theirs. I once told an RBG group that, but they weren’t overstanding, where I am coming from. However, one cannot find black empowerment between the legs or in the hands of the savage. So when people tell me that, I look them in the eye and keep it moving. I think they expect one of two reactions to a statement like that. Agreement or opposition. And many will tell you or I this because us to fight with them. It makes them feel superior. Stupid is as stupid will be

  5. Kushite, I will tell you why I wouldn’t date white.Black people need to understand, that people are solely responsible to make the marriage work.Wp are under no obligation to make marriage with blacks work.Wp getting a divorce from blacks isn’t going to bother them,because the court system is on their side. Serena better be cautious, because a pre-nup doesn’t prevent child support.Remember Hallie Berry is paying 20 thousand a month to her first baby daddy.Also remember,that broke white men took Dorothy Dandridge to the cleaners.The most important thing we need to remember is this,what did GOD tell Joshua once the Israelites crossed the Jordan into the promised land.The one commandment he gave them is to not marry outside of your race.Black people, GOD is a jealous GOD,remember that. GOD BLESS

    • sevenkingsblog:

      I think that I was trained by some of the BEST elders that I know. Which is why I will never understand a black male or female that does not embrace their own race and proliferate the race with their own. I realize, unfortunately, that some of our black people have to view and experience a lot of social ills in black communities. And economics dictates this unfortunately. Some of it through their own doing and much of it by way of white supremacy.

      I agree, as you stated, being that every avenue in our society is white-based, the court system will side with its own FIRST. Maybe these brothers and sisters that “marry out” inwardly hope that another “OJ” would be done for them if push comes to shove? I don’t know…..

  6. What in the world do they see in those pasty-faced creatures? But then, I cannot talk since that could be my son in the first picture with that bloated, pasty-faced cow as that is exactly the type of woman he married! Except that my son is younger and he found his white bride in a trailer park.

    Those Black people are helping the whites to erase us out of history. My son’s daughter has nothing but ‘white’ features and could pass and believe me, she does. As you know from a previous post of mine, Prince, that half and half wants nothing whatsoever to do with the ‘Black’ side of the family and I am quite sure that when she comes of marrying age, ‘white’ males will be all she dates and will eventually marry one of them, thus further wiping our bloodline out of existence unless a ‘throwback’ happens to come out. For the love of !!!!!!!

    • Your son married trailer trash?? Oh my God! You have my condolences Shelby. Hopefully one day he will come to his senses. A lot of white folks want a taste of that sweet melanin. And like fools many of us keep giving it to them. We have to be smarter than that. We are wiping out our great black bloodline by mixing with these mutants. And I have noticed a lot of these mulattoes do love their white side. They see their black blood has inferior. It is really sick mindset to have.

      • He will NOT come to his senses! He is even now dating a ‘white’ girl because the one he married dropped dead and the one he is dating now is a pasty-faced cow. That is all he wants. His daddy is Black as can be and I’m not far behind, so where he got that from, we don’t know! But he is lost. The fat pasty-faced cow has sung. I appreciate the condolences but he is persona non grata to me! He and that half and half he spawned as she doesn’t want anything to do with those of us who are of the ‘Black’ side of the family. For the love of !!!!!!

      • What?! That is a damn shame! I feel for you. He went from one white cow to another one. That is total insanity! He suffers from a serious mental illness. sadly I know quite a few guys like this. Many of them are a lost cause. I have only seen a few come to their senses later on in life. Hopefully your son will be one of them.

  7. @Kushite, Something is wrong with Black people. Although I don’t a scientific method to prove this theory. I think our problem is GENETIC GULLIBILITY! We have ignored Dr. Amos Wilson’s words in favour of sleeping with our European and Asian oppressors. They OPRESS us, KILL us, RAPE us and SPIT in our faces for 500+ years, yet, we still want to marry these people and have children with these CaucASIANS.

    They bring you up when they’re dying and simply want to preserve themselves. It’s been over 500 years and all of a sudden, “Colour doesn’t matter”? Has anyone noticed that when there’s a political agenda, we black people become “human beings”? We become “human beings”, when they don’t want to return stolen lands from Africans. We become “human beings” when they don’t want to dismantle white supremacy and pay reparations to black folks. We become “human beings” when they want to promote interracial love and marriage to black people, yet, the system they created doesn’t recognise black people as human beings and instead sees them as “savages” “subhumans” “niggers — a good example of LIP SERVICE! Yet we keep falling over and over again for these tricks and what do you call that? intelligence or genetic naiveté?

    I don’t see black people advancing a bit until they’re willing to learn from history and use that history to spread propaganda, arm themselves and DESTROY their enemies through military operations, build REVOLUTIONARY ECONOMIC and POLITICAL POWER.

    My people like to act like fools and expect others to respect them. We don’t have to agree with my endorsement of VIOLENCE to achieve our goals as black people. But our enemies won’t voluntarily give up power without a fight: https://diaryofafrika.blogspot.co.ke/2017/01/4-leadership-styles-he-who-serves-leads.html?m=1 || https://diaryofafrika.blogspot.co.ke/2016/12/revolution-in-africa.html?m=1

    • You are so right brother! Interracial sex is used as a weapon against black people. We should know this propaganda when we see it. Thanks for those links to your site. You have some good stuff. Is it okay if I reblog some of your posts? I think more people would like to see some of your posts.

      • No problem, brother. Reblog them. I’m sure people can learn something and break the circle of naivety — feel good emotions. The condition of black people isn’t improving at all. We are at bottom and descending.

        The Asians and Europeans are looting the Motherland and Black America with impunity, yet, my people have this “eternal” hope that their current situation will magically change for the better without any fight or any blood.

        Anyway, I am referring friends and family to your blog in the Motherland 😊😊.

  8. This is another reason why our people or non black people don’t take pro-blacks serious because of these clowns. Who I really blame is our people because we don’t charge these clowns with treason. Screaming black power but sleeping non black. Images like these send bad messages to our people.

  9. I read your post and I felt a little bit uneasy. It feels like they couldn’t find the right person so they settle for less even thought their beliefs are contradicted. Now, here’s the thing, Black women and Black Men are distant. It’s like society, government, laws have set them apart and we’re paying the price for it either by marrying other races, or be single for the rest of their lives. I’m newly single and it’s hard and it’s infuriates me the whole dating scene. About being Pro-Black, if you don’t practice what you preach, you’re a liar, a flake. I understand that part. That’s why there’s good honest people, and there’s these…

    • These phonies make it hard for the truly conscious. They make it hard for the black people who really love their people and want to see us rise as a people. Saying you love Africa and love black people…..but then sleeping white??? That is an obvious contradiction in my mind. I’m sick of the fake ass negroes and I will continue to expose them.

  10. This post reminds me of the recent controversy around Ricky Smiley 15-year-old son revealing that he doesn’t like black girls. Then Rickey Smiley tried to cover his own ass talking about the producers told his son to say that. Now mind you Rickey Smiley IS one of the producers. He’s a mothafuckin’ lie. How can you produce a show and not know what is going to being said? And we know those reality shows are somewhat if not mostly scripted. It’s just like these sorry ass rappers talkin’ about how the white music execs made them call black women bitches and hoes in their raps. Sure the white execs will encourage it, but do those black men have to do it? No. Don’t they have control over themselves and know right from wrong? Yes. So Rickey Smiley can miss us with that bs. Check out Lovelyti2002’s commentary to get the whole scoop:

    A lot of black women are sooo fucking tired of black males who take public platforms to bash black women. Why make PSA’s on how much black women and girls discuss you? Why can’t these men and boys just move on with their lives without trying to make black women and girls’ lives a living hell. Tbh, when black women date or mate out they tend to just move on. Just my observations, But I blame the black “community” for this bullshit. Let’s be honest, We just don’t find other races of people allowing the men to bash their own race. SOMETHING IS ALL THE WAY WRONG! Let me say this again, SOMETHING IS ALL THE WAY WRONG! I’m seeing that the black collective don’t seem to give a fuck about the anti-black woman slander that permeates television, film, radio, social media, and Youtube why because I find that a lot of black people express disgusts and hatred for black women themselves.

    I see all this talk of pro-blackness, black love, black this, black that, but we can’t come together to repair the family and community to save our lives.

    I’ve lost hope that the black male collective and the black female collective can ever come together and form strong relationships and black families aaaaaaanytime soon cause there is too much colorism and self-hatred going on. I saw some black people say that there is a statistic that says black women and white men are becoming the fastest IR in the country. I’m noticing more black women talking about “expanding their options” to white and non-black men because sooo many black men express disgust for black women. I forsee more black women marrying out, the statistic show a spike in the last few years.

    ****sigh**** I just don’t know what to say anymore…………

    • Yeah I saw that video about his son. Smiley is so full of crap. I know he’s lying.lol Yeah we do need unity in a bad way. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. With all the ups and downs I’m glad I did. I know all the talk about gays,lesbians and interracial sex is designed to destroy us as a people. But so many of us are confused we can’t see it. Some just don’t care and have given up so they embrace all the self destruction the racists give us. They want us to hate each other so they created colorism,self hatred,sexism and everything else. Everyone sees what’s going on you just have to decide what route you’re going to take. Everyone makes their own decision.

    • @ theoriginalblackwoman & @ kushite Prince
      Black women can stop all this bashing by black men by demanding respect. What black women need to do is stop supporting these self hating colorstruck negroes. Stop following them on social media or other social media websites, don’t support anything that is sponsor by them & etc. Furthermore we need to stop making a public outcry when these black men do this just stop supporting them. I think it’s real sad that black women still support these coons just look how they still support P Diddy, Lil Wayne, Kyrie Irving, Lance Gross just to name a few who disrespect black women but black women still support these men. If black women dont respect themselves no one else will. These black men who bash black women know it will not be any repercussions done to them.

      • @Shanequa
        I agree with you. We can’t support these fools anymore. I have called the coons and Uncle Tom’s too many times to count on this blog. The cooonish behavior by these black boys is deplorable. Speak with your wallets and purses. Don’t support anything they do.

      • @Shanequa Yes! Many black women’s silence and continued support for these men is one of THE NUMBER ONE reasons why this anti-bw behavior continues to flourish. Some black women have been trying to get the black female collective too see this for the longest, but a lot of black women are hard headed. We keep trying to tell them if they want respect stop supporting men who disrespect you in front of the entire world. Cut them off financially, sexually, emotionally etc etc. We’ll never see becky, ming lee, maria and ’em allow men in their race to sit back and disrespect them like black women do. The Black Woman’s image is not even sacred to black women. In addition, The black community conditions black women to “support a brotha no matter what” and that is why black men like the ones you named above will (and are) and STILL thriving while still disrespecting black women. Then there’s this strangee notion among a lot of black women is that if they keep supporting anti-bw, disrespectful black men that these men will just suddenly stop and start respecting black women , that’s not going to happen. We gotta demand respect. Lastly, When we black women start doing that we will start to see major changes. But will black women ever understand this?

  11. Just like these brothers who get w/the lowliest snow-cone. Yeah, Kush, a snow-cone. A sister told me recently these the brothers they don’t want. They failed miserably at sex and the big dick stigma was not applicable to them… but a snow-cone get to (at least) tell her friends “she got her one.” I guess in some instances it work both ways.

  12. When I see images like these it makes me just want to reach through the screen an strangle these black buffoons. They are such a fucking waste.

  13. Dead at the first picture. I dont understand how Black people can pro create with white people since white people can never truly relate to their own half black kids. IR unions simply generate much more racism for Black people to deal with, not only that but if you truly want to see how detrimental IR can be to a community just read up on hispanics or better yet, read a HAPA board. HAPAs are truly the most fucked up people on earth. They are half asian/half white men who look to Asian to benefit from white privilege and are still rejected by Asian and white women for not looking white enough. The reason why half black biracials have yet to suffer the same fate is because they are put on a pedestal in the community, in particular the women but mixed men who look more white dont get praised. Generally, biracials who look more white tend to be homely.

    • You are so right Cara. Those half whit/Asians are really screwed up in the head. I know because I work with a lot of them at my job. Most I know try to fit in with white people. They love to brag that they are half white. That’s because many Asians are white worshippers just like Hispanics. Everything you said was on point!

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