2017 Women’s March: Black Female Perspective


Following Trump’s inauguration a series of Women’s Marches occurred throughout North America. The protests erupted to preserve the female liberties seemingly threatened by a “conservative” president who boasted of sexually assaulting women. As a female, I empathize and even support the initiatives that foment this March. However, although a woman, I know that I am inevitably black first. Thus, I can’t help but feel that by supporting the women’s march is to support the very means of my oppression.

On my a tri-weekly journey to a previous job, I recall seeing a number of protestors outside of Planned Parenthood at the wee hours of the morning seeking to shame female patrons. One protestor stood out from the others—an elderly white man surely north of seventy-five. He stood hunched over, holding an oaktag with a message written in ballpoint pen. I did not bother to read the poster, but judging by the stoic expression on his face, he was there to cast the stones of white male privilege onto the female body. Standing at the intersectionality of race and gender, the black woman knows this gaze all to well. While the literal gaze casts itself onto the black female body countless places throughout North America, the figurative gaze consumes black femininity in its entirety. The women’s march solely speaks to the “woman” component of this gaze, eliminating the most defining characteristic of black female identity.

Reproductive rights in general proves controversial to  the black female trajectory. A quick glance at history reveals that the black female endured sheer deprivation in terms of reproductive rights—her body used as means for mayoral economic franchisement. White women too encompassed an existence that also regarded them as property, however their fair skin warranted privileges denied to the black female body. These exclusive liberties afforded to white women illustrate the concept of “woman” as a privilege solely applicable to non-male whites. Consider the phrasing “black” woman. The label “Black woman” illustrates that black female intersectionality separates black females from the term’s initial meaning. For any “woman” of another marginalized faction, their race or ethnicity always precedes the term woman—proving their genitals deem them female but their race and ethnicity is first and foremost. Femininity is also a privilege extended exclusively to non-male whites. This exclusivity persists as the black female body only earns femininity when adopting western aesthetics and behavior.

Given the exclusivity of the term “woman,” I find it quite disturbing that white women ( and other oppressed groups) call on the black women for support in their times of distress, yet alienate the black female body when their children, brothers and fathers lay slain on the streets or untagged in the morgue. How many white women “said her name” after Sandra Bland was murdered? How many white women were overtly outraged after the Trayvon Martin verdict was rendered?


To take a trip down memory lane, how many white female feminists supported Tawana Brawley in her 1988 trial? If autonomy over the female body is right every woman deserves- why was their no feminist congregation when this young, black girl was sexually assaulted by a number of white men? The answer is simple.  Issues that engage both blackness and femininity become “black” issues instantaneously. This fact reveals that feminism is simply not built to encompass intersectional identities and thereby is not equipped to extinguish black female disenfranchisement.

It seems that former President Barack Obama’s victory disgruntled feminists, who supported this victory as long as it was a symbol of the feminist victory to follow.  It seems feminists felt that history would repeat itself. Namely, black male voting privilege preceded white female voting liberties.  Thus, feminists deemed Clinton’s victory inevitable following Obama’s 2008 victory. Dr. Angela Davis expressed a similar sentiment in the following excerpt from her book Women, Race and Class,

“The representative women of the nation have done their uttermost for the last thirty years to secure freedom for the negro; and as long as he was lowest in the scale of being, we were willing to press his claims, but now, as the celestial gate to civil rights is sIowly moving on its hinges, it becomes a serious question whether we had better stand aside and see ‘Sambo’ walk into the kingdom first.” (Davis 70)

Now that it seems that the black collective has something that the white female collective does not, the bells of white privilege right loudly under the veil of feminism.

Feminism functions to afford white women the same liberties as white men. The main component of these liberties is racism—deeming black female participation in any feminist activity injurious. Thus, to participate in a woman’s march as a black woman is to   march along to the stagnant beat of white supremacy. For the black woman is a queen, but to the western world she will never truly be  a woman.

Article written by C.C. Saunders

75 thoughts on “2017 Women’s March: Black Female Perspective

  1. The 2017 women’s moment is only fighting for the rights of white womanhood. The “BLACK WOMB” is still being attack by the same people that have oppressed our people. I get so upset seeing pictures of black women at these marches that doesn’t benefit them as a race of women. What these white women are fighting for black women have experience the medical destruction to the black womb much worse. You will never see white or non black women marching or defending to protect “BLACK WOMANHOOD” because they don’t give a damn.

    P.S. I also notice in the video clip the celebrities that were attending this movement were mostly white & non black women. I only seen two biracial women Alicia Keys & Zendaya which is know surprise since whites are more comfortable with biracial’s

    • You are so right Shanequa. White women love to have black women join them under the banner of womanhood. But it’s all for their own self gain. And yes I noticed the biracial women in the video. You know they always do that. I’m glad you caught that also.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        You are welcome.
        P.S. I’m so tired of biracial flip flop fake conscious we are the world Alicia Keys she’s for everybody rights just to stay in the public eye.

      • Yes I know what you mean. I did a post about her and other biracials before. I will be doing another post about them soon. It will be about the black beauty standard that leans towards biracial women.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        “It will be about the black beauty standard that leans towards biracial women.”

        thank you for doing another post about this topic. Its so sad that every other race of men can identify their own race of women beauty standards but black men. You can not compare biracial to black women period because we are two different type of women. Better yet you can’t compare the original black woman to non black women because she’s the original standard of beauty.

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        Here’s a little background of who this instagram thot Romina Garcia is. She past away last year of a drug overdose I also heard she was saying slick comments about black women.
        Here’ s a youtube video she made If Your Black You’re Not African?

        She was the same female who was on Dr Phil that states your boyfriend doesn’t love you if he’s not beating you.

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      • These women are gutter white trash! These black coons are getting way out of control. They are self hating color struck fools! Thanks for the eye opening videos Shanequa.

      • This is why I don’t feel sorry for White/Non-black Women who become single mothers at the rate of 92% fucking with these colorstruck niggas. They let these stupid negroes gas them up thinking they better than black women. Karma!

      • **********Correction the other part got cut off.
        @ kushite prince
        Can you do a post about how non black women, allow colorstruck coon black male negroes make them believe they are more attractive & better then black women, but still get treated like shit by them. Even though this story is old but its a good funny read. Here’s a good example Chicago rapper Lil Durk non black female mistress Romina Garcia dissed black female rapper DeJ Loaf on her social media instagram page.

        Romina took to IG to throw a bunch of subliminal jabs at the Detroit femcee.

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        Here’s a little background of who this instagram thot Romina Garcia is. She past away last year of a drug overdose I also heard she was saying slick comments about black women.
        Here’ s a youtube video she made If Your Black You’re Not African?

        She was the same female who was on Dr Phil that states your boyfriend doesn’t love you if he’s not beating you.

        Lil Durk white trash babymama that love using the n-word.

        When you actually look at this interracial sex relationship with Lil Durk & Romina Garcia it was nothing more then a con game for both sides. Lil Durk got a chance to have sex with a non black woman. Romina Garcia got a chance to have sex with a some what rich colorstruck black male coon sex object for a come up that didn’t get her nowhere.

      • Thanks for the links and videos. That is a good topic. I think I’ve covered similar subjects before. It kind of goes along with self hate and anti-blackness. I have done countless posts on self hating buffoons. I gues the subject never gets old because so many of us are still mentally dead. I try to counter it by posting videos and pics of black love. As well as showing pics of beautiful black women. It should instill a sense of pride in black men and make them not want to date other races. I’m just trying to do my part as best I can. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Kushite, Sharazad Ali has constantly warned black women about participating in these types of marches.You and Shanequa have not touched on the big problem, and that is despite their protests,white women voted for Trump at a 55% clip,so I hope Trump continues to disrespect ww,because ww have to remember, they voted for him under the disguise that he is going to uplift middle class white America. Black people have not learned that wp issues are not our issues. GOD BLESS

    • That’s what I keep telling people. White women helped put Trump in office. White women chose race OVER gender. Like they always do. They are race FIRST. Le this be a wake up call to black people.

  3. I do NOT stand in solidarity with white women! I never have and I never will! They are the enemy. Why would I stand shoulder to shoulder with my enemy? That would be the definition of insanity. And if I ever go that insane, I’ll lock my damn self up and throw away the damn key!

    • I know what you’re saying. That march was so damn silly. These rich pampered white women like Ashley Judd,Madonna,Chelsea Handler,Charlize Theron and others live a privileged life. They don’ now the pain and struggle that black women go through. Besides most white women voted for Trump over Clinton. That shows you they are race first. These white women are not about about black power or black advancement. They just want to use us for their own political gain. That march was filled with homosexuals,lesbians,transgenders, race mixers and black sellouts. It was a complete joke! It was a damn circus!

  4. Well Kushite, I’ll say this ,if Trump says something disrespectful to ww,that is good and black people should be their to remind ww ,you voted for Trump handidly.When it comes to Trump, I’m going to see what he does with who he nominates to the Supreme Court, how much money that the Federal Government allots to inner cities,and how many black contractors they hire once the money is received.Also since black people are traveling internationally more the rest of the races put together with black businesses growing globally, Chuck D says watch how Trump administration gives out passports to blacks if this trend of travel continue.GOD BLESS

  5. Everything concern white women I don’t give dam about them and their struggle and rights!
    I agreed with Shelpbycourtland we are natural enemies! When white Feminism was born after slavery black women weren’t allowed to participate!
    We were not allowed to talk,express our rights because how you said before black women were good only for housework and sexuality!
    If black women take to the streets to protest, we are immediately labeled as nasty angry black women,because we weren’t born in a position to rebel and express our rights in white supremacy!
    Where did it come from all this solidarity among women? Especially if we talk about the historical roles between WW and BW!
    Black women lost the most important point,white Feminism see female gender when it comes to procreation but when something they need to privileging, at here they see right women and all bullshit coming out of their mouths!
    I agreed everything you said and you’re right about we shouldn’t get involved in these white supremacy protests that don’t representing our rights!

    • So true Nubian! White women love to cause everywhere they go. They don’t give a damn about black women and their struggles. This plea for solidarity is joke! I’m glad you’re smart enough not to fall for it.

  6. Firstly, black women and the word “feminist” do not and cannot go together under a system of white domination. We’ve never been afforded the protection and privilege that white females have to rebel against anything men do to us.

    Second, black men have no real power to oppress anyone so clinging to white issues is counterproductive.

    Third, the underlying reason why white females rebelled against white males is the white male’s preference for the young, prepubescent boy as his rightful partner and his willingness to slaughter the white woman.

    NONE of these issues pertain to the black race as we were never dysfunctional living under the laws of Nature until we came into contact with the european.

    I’ve found that black females who “rebel” against black males do it out of frustration because of his lack of initiative to protect his most valuable asset, the blatant disrespect he shows for his female mirror-twin and his willingness to sex, date, marry and spawn outside of his race.

    If all those things would stop, tomorrow morning black women would tell white females to leave them alone and go fight for themselves. This is why I don’t get caught up with this feminist crap. It’s all a farce to further divide us.

    • That is so true Negress. They have been doing this for so long. Back in the 60’s and 70’s they used the same tactics. They don’t black men and women to get on the same page. This is all designed to create more disunity. I don’t think white women really care about the plight of black women. During slavery they were right along side white men when they lynched black men and women. They are nothing but hypocrites! Like you said it’s just a farce.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        If black women stop running to these white feminist movement groups and let white women fight their own battles, we will see them self-destruct especially with their relationships with white men. White men & women will come together as a race to stay in “POWER” but deep down they both “HATE” each other.

    • “I’ve found that black females who “rebel” against black males do it out of frustration because of his lack of initiative to protect his most valuable asset, the blatant disrespect he shows for his female mirror-twin and his willingness to sex, date, marry and spawn outside of his race.

      If all those things would stop, tomorrow morning black women would tell white females to leave them alone and go fight for themselves. This is why I don’t get caught up with this feminist crap. It’s all a farce to further divide us.”


  7. “Standing at the intersectionality of race and gender:….sigh…the language of the oppressed. “For the black woman is a queen….” Even when feminist and non feminist talk about how white pathology views and assault the black women’s body, they still turn around and inevitably site access to their own bodies, include the right to abort a baby. “Queens” committing regicide or infanticide, has always been frowned upon, even by the barbarians from the Caucus mountains. Yet these females inevitably take the idea that they have the right to their own bodies and some how claim this includes the right to abort a baby. Of course a growing number will claim that health is always the reason. Such utter bullshit. Health is always a small percentage of the reasons why a female abort. It is usually convenience or economics. These females and the mangina that encourage them to be “feminist” would better serve themselves to teach young boys and girls how to be sexually mature, disciplined and responsible. These same “queens” know full well who gets access to the “throne” or lap pf royalty, yet always seem to allow peasants to enter there in. They are just whining and bitching because they still cant get the female savages to accept them as equals. Royalty does not seek acceptance from barbarians. Royalty MAKE them bow to their Royalty.

    • Great comment! Very well said. I have said before that white women love to use black women for their own personal gain. Their fights are not our fights. We have to stop falling for their mind games. White women have always supported murder,rape and genocide by white men for centuries. Where was all the talk of woman equality when white men were killing African and Native American women???

  8. This march was a hot mess! I’ve been talking to other black women about this and I agree black women should have NEVER participated. A lot of black women were upset because the black women who chose to go could have used it as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on misogynoir, but instead yapped about BLM, which EXCLUDES black women and girls. After all, since they attended this fuckery why not take the opportunity to shine the focus on yourself and your own interest some. Those Black Women REALLY fucked shit up. Black Women have been the mules and mammies of the world for so long we don’t know and don’t care to focus on our plight as BLACK WOMEN ONLY. Then there’s an article written by a black woman (I may post it later) who resigned from the Women’s March Committee because they were trying to co-opt the names of the March on Washington (1963) and The Million (Black) Women March (1997), calling it the Million Women’s March and the Women’s March on Washington, this sista and other black women weren’t haven’t it. So white women had to settle with the name women’s march. Despite Black People’s hatred of Black Women embracing feminism black women were the first/original feminist (that had nothing to do with bashing and disempowering men) Black Women have always been doing empowering things for ourselves and white women built their faulty form of feminism off of our backs. Lastly, I heard that White Women were upset with the Black Women who derailed the march talking about BLM. Tbh, I agree with the white women about that because that march was about women, not blm. Those black women should have taken that opportunity to shine the spotlight on misogynoir.

      • I have more breaking down to do,lol. I could go on about this subject, but for now I want to say this.

        I and other black women are becoming extremely annoyed at black women who want to sista up with white/non-black women, but can’t be sistas with their fellow black woman, then tell us we are wrong when we tell them that non-black women SHOULD NOT be included in BW-centric/liberation groups or circles. I’ve learned a lot fighting misogynoir and one thing is and unfortunately, the first people who are in the way of black women’s liberation IS other black women. A few weeks ago I and other black women on Tumblr got into it with some mammified black women co-signing the erasure of black womanhood and femininity by white and non-black woc. A black woman hairdresser on instagram posted a pic of a white girl with box braids (she, the hairdress did them) then talkin about how they looked good on the white girl. Me and the sensible black women weren’t having it while these mammies co-signed this foolishness.

        We were sooo livid! And quiet as it is kept, a lot of these mammy black women who pander to white women/non black woc do it thinking it would somehow win them favor with the Tariq Nasheeds and Uncle Tommy Sotomeyors of the World. I mean the level of mammying many black women are doing as of late for self-hating black men and white/non-black women is making black women look thirsty and crazy as fuck. It’s making black women like me who see how mammying/muling does black women NO GOOD embarassed to be grouped with these fools.

      • Black woman putting braids on a white girl??? You got to be kidding me! LOL!! These mindless negroes kill me. I don’t think many of them can be saved. I think a lot of them are just lost causes. It’s the sad truth. We just have to work with black men and women who are willing to do the work and come to real solutions. Not kissing white folks ass! We have been doing that for far too long. Those days are over!

      • I co-sign 100%. I’ve made the decision a while ago that I CANNOT fight for the entire black collective because as painful as it is it looks like the majority are a lost cause. I now begun to see that many black people are accomplices to their own oppression, yet continue to cry about da white man this the white man that while not putting in any effort or sacrifice to change our collective situation. We’re helping them keep us in an inferior position and I can’t defend people who defend their oppression.

      • It seems some of us love being oppressed. Or we have been so dumbed down we can’t even identify when we are helping to oppress ourselves. They have really created black zombies in my opinion. I think some of them are just pretending they don’t know what’s going on so they don’t have to act against their oppression. I remember Trojan Pam saying…”It’s hard to wake up someone who’s pretending to be asleep.”

      • Absolutely. Black People have an EXTREME case of stockholm syndrome, especially, especially towards white/non-black women. I’ve even said that black people have stockholm syndrome towards white/non-black women ONLY. I’ve witnessed it myself on and offline, it’s off the chain! It would be nice if negroes defended black women and girls like they do white/non-black women.smdh

  9. continuing…..
    They were saying that this march was intersectional (i.e., includes ALL women all different shapes, sizes, colors, class, etc) but it was really yet once again centered around white womanhood. White Women are NEVER going to center ALL women in feminism or women’s movement because one, they would have to give up their beauty privilege (the mythical pedestal) and two they don’t want black women or woc to be the face of feminism, which is showing their own racism and misogynoir. Which is why Black Women (aka Alice Walker) created a form of black feminism (aka womanism) for Black Women ONLY. So for me, this movement was a joke.

    ***** When white women are upset with white men the deceitful devils get other races of people to fight their battles********

    I went to the women’s march movement instagram page its a hot shitty mess. This movement is straight disrespect toward real womanhood. What it really is a movement for all the we are the world people, and the freaks & perverts too all come out as one to discuss their struggles. What’s the real purpose for this movement because we have black lives matter, we the resilient (Chicano / Native) movement, lgbt movement, women’s movement & etc. trying to express their struggles. All of these groups at this movement is just targeting one target group benefits only which is white women. They even post pictures of black female black panthers members, civil right activist & etc.
    Also they had trangenders calling themselves women, giving speeches as if they have experience life as a woman but in actuality they were born as a man.

    The women’s march post a picture of Korryn Gaines and Sandra Bland but I didn’t seen no non black women protesting for justice for these sisters.

    View this post on Instagram

    Repost via @shishi.rose – My #WomensMarchWednesday is for them. And to remember that the fight for Women's liberation includes the fight against police brutality. Women of color are victims of our 'justice system' as well as men. And the brutality we can face, of all sorts, happens often. These women, Korryn Gaines and Sandra Bland, are two of many who's lives were cut short by a system set up against marginalized people. . These women were fighters. They used their voices to advocate for what is right, and they taught us to be fierce in the battle for justice even when everything, maybe even your own lives are on the line. These women are part of the soul of this country that Coretta Scott King told us about. . I March because the two of them and so many others should still be alive right now to March with us. I March because what happened to them could easily happen to any of us. I March because their lives deserve to be remembered. I March because racism and the criminal justice system need to be included in more conversations happening under the word "Women". I March because Korryn died with her baby in her arms, yet most people only cared that she wasn't docile when faced with the decision to stand and fight. I March so maybe my future children's, children won't have to. @WomensMarch on Washington, 10 days. #GatherYourPeople #WhyIMarch #WMW

    A post shared by Women's March (@womensmarch) on



    • What the hell??!! Nothing but a bunch of trannies,faggots and freaks!! Black women better stay the hell away from this madness!! They want us to fight a WAR for them. To hell with that crap! They want to link the lesbian/gay agenda with the black struggle. We are fighting for dignity,respect nd equal justice under the law. That is not the same as a man who wants to stick his penis in another mans butt!! Or a woman who wants go “downtown” on another woman! I’m getting really SICK of this crap!! All this LGTB/transgender/queer sickness is NOT our battle. Black people better wake up to this madness.

      • @Kushite Prince

        They need to change the name from women’s march to the rainbow coalition march movement because that what it really is.

  11. I love black women. I think its important that our agenda as African men should only BENEFIT and EMPOWER women in our OWN TRIBE first. Our sacred duty is to ADVANCE and GROW the African race. That won’t happen between the legs of European, Arab, Hispanic and other non-African women.

    However, this divisive ideology causes disunity, suspicion and trust issues between black people (i.e. Black men and women). Dr. Marimba Ani touched this subject. The problem with feminism, it only focus on one gender and “not the collective experience of the African family.”

    On other hand, it encourages black women to view their ONLY ALLAY — the black man as her enemy, “expand their horizons” — date and marry non-black males, especially white men, the same men who profit from the DEATH and DESTRUCTION of black women.

    This is the same reason I believe that diversity weakens our agenda as black people. We take the bullets, vicious dogs, water hoses and vicious police/Nazikaners(Afrikaners) terrorists in the streets, while non-blacks benefit from our political agenda as black people.

    Feminism only benefits white women from Black political achievements led by black women, and black women often benefit the least.

    • “On other hand, it encourages black women to view their ONLY ALLAY — the black man as her enemy, “expand their horizons” — date and marry non-black males, especially white men, the same men who profit from the DEATH and DESTRUCTION of black women.
      This is the same reason I believe that diversity weakens our agenda as black people. We take the bullets, vicious dogs, water hoses and vicious police/Nazikaners(Afrikaners) terrorists in the streets, while non-blacks benefit from our political agenda as black people.” That was on point brother! I have said the same thing many times! Thanks for that comment brother.

  12. This is the biggest piece of hypocrisy that I’ve seen. White women helped to put Trump in office yet they’re using Black women (who voted overwhelmingly for Clinton) to validate this mess? Here you have Black women being reported for the 3rd year in a row, as the most educated sector in the country by gender and race, yet, they keep allowing white liberals to use them to further their agenda–which by the way, has nothing to do with preserving Black life. Can anyone tell me what white woman in history ever tried to save a Black man from being lynched? How many marched when Black men were shot by cops? So, why are Black women marching alongside white women against a white man…WHITE WOMEN VOTED IN OFFICE? One of the greatest tricks of the slavemaster was to trick the slave into assisting in his own destruction. Still working.

  13. There’s some hypocrisy on black people’s part when it comes to white feminism vs. black feminism/womanism that is being called out as well. Many (if not most) black people are just fine with black women calling out white peoples’ and non-black poc’s misoggynoir (especially, especially the men), but as soon we call out misogynoir with in the BC (especially, especially coming from black men) the vicious name-calling, insults, hate comes out in full fucking force. In addition, many black people all of a sudden become feminist on the behalf of white women calling out white men’s misogyny towards white women and girls but then turn around and call black feminist bitches, sluts, hoes, bedwenches, agents of white supremacy . “anti-black man”everything but a child of God. For example, Tariq Nasheed said that white women are “victims” to white male extremist, but then turn around and call black women/black feminist everything but a child of God. This black woman explains this hypocrisy in the video below:

    I find it also disturbing that black feminist and black women (like me) who don’t call ourselves feminist, but agree with some feminist/womanist ideologies and understand that black women also suffer from extreme misogyny and sexism along with racism are accused of being an “enemy” to black men along with other foolishness like I mentioned above. While it may be true that some black women who just happen to be feminist hate black men, its not true for the majority. Most black women, feminist or not, hate the misogynoir that too many black men practice on black women. Black Women make this clear to the BC everyday, but whose listening. Black Women have remained silent about the BC’s misogynoir for 100+ years for the sake of solidarity. For example, there’s alot of articles in which black women are breaking their silence about about the rampant misogynoir in the BC coming from both men and women. for example, Just google sexism and misogyny in the civil rights movement.

    I’ve said that misogynoir is a disease and a demon destroying the BC. Black Women are talking (online and offline) about how their OWN families are misogynistic towards them. A Black Woman told me the other day her own brothers and daddy hate black women (I hear and read this too much). Another black woman told me how the women in her family favor the boys/men over the girls/women (I hear this too much too). These stories are too commonplace. So many stories, so heartbreaking something is terribly wrong. Furthermore, Black People see absolutely nothing wrong with this behavior, it’s been normalized. Then have to audacity to get mad when black women or girls talk about dismissing the entire black collective (except close family or friends). This is nobody’s fault but the Black Community, sorry not sorry. It’s the BC’s job to protect black women and girls. We don’t expect for white people/non-black poc to do this, we expect them not to care.

    I and other black women, feminist or not, are being called out our names and accused of “colluding”with da white man when we call out the misogynoir in the BC, never mind we call out misogynoir from non-black peoples too. Black People think that black Women are supposed to take this extreme abuse from our own people (I notice this is the case with black people in general). We’re not gonna put up with misogynoir from non-black peoples nor black people.

    I know that this is unpopular opinion and it may upset some, but I’m not sorry in the least the truth has to start being told.

    • Tariq has proven himself to be a wannabe conscious pimp. he acts like he is fighting racism but in reality he’s just a con artist. He hates Tommy Sotomayor but they are not much different when you really look at it. I don’t think Tommy or Tariq represent black men very well. But we can’t deny that there are black men who feel like they do. Just like there are black feminists who are anti-men. But I don’t think most black women are that way. All these sellouts,coons,mammies and swirlers on Facebook,Youtube and Twitter is not ALL of black people. But they have a voice and the most mean-spirited and hateful people get the most attention. That’s why you have such a divide among black people now. We all generalize genders by what we see and hear on the internet. That’s why I don’t listen to the black women on YouTube who hate black men. Some of the videos are pretty vicious. If I did I would think most black women hate black men. But that’s not true. It’s human nature to look out for ones own best interest. That’s regardless of race or gender. White men want to maintain their power so they deny racism and sexism. Black men are marginalized in a racist society so for many black men racism is a BIG problem. Sexism is a big problem in my opinion. But since black men get oppression mostly for our race that is more of a concern for us. Black women face racism AND sexism in Amerikkka. So they get a double dose of oppression. Black men have to realize that sistas are getting it real bad out here. That’s why I don’t support interracial sex or coalitions with other races. We have to get our own house in order. We have to protect our women and children at all costs. We have to deal with drug dealers,pedophiles,pimps,child abuse and prostitutes in OUR neighborhoods first and foremost. We have to restore love and unity among our people. We have real trust issues right now. Brothers and sisats are in suffering and lashing out at each other. Black men blame black women for being so horrible so that’s why they date white girls. Then black women say black men are worthless dead beat dads,losers and thugs so they have to date white men. So the self destructive cycle continues. We have to do something to stop the cycle and repair trust no matter what. It’s not an easy task at all. I don’t get paid for doing this blog. I don’t make a penny. I do it for the love of my people. Even though black people piss me off a lot and make me want to quit sometimes. If I didn’t love them I would’ve given up a long time ago. This is a thankless job.

  14. Let’s talk about how black people have got to stop demonizing black feminist and or black women who subscribe to feminist/womanist ideology. I’m starting to see how outrageously ridiculous and craaaazy it is. Now I don’t agree with black feminist/womanist on everything they say or do, but these many of these sistas are not out to “help” the white man “destroy” black men and the black family. Many black people just don’t like black women being dead honest about the wretched state of the black “community”. That’s all it is. and many black feminist are correct in much of their assessments of the black community. So a lot of black people insult these sistas, whether feminist or not by calling them “bedwench” white supremacist apologist” ” craving white d*$#k” and other asinine accusations. I’ve been called these cause they didn’t like what is being said and btw black people in general tend to not know how to disagree with out descending into making outrageous accusations or name-calling. smfh. I’ve never been intimate with a white man and don’t plan on doing so, I don’t see white people as my allies, and I don’t hate black men. I’ve spoken with a lot of black women, feminist or who subscribe to feminist womanist ideology but don’t call themselves feminist that DO NOT want to align with white women or f*&^k white men! These sistas know white people’s history and don’t excuse white people nor are they excusing how black people are accomplices to our own MAAFA. Do Black People know that some of the most famous black women freedom fighters like Soujorner Truth and Ida B. Wells were feminists? These women fought against ALL oppressions against black people. Ida B. Wells fought for women’s rights for Black Women ONLY, called out white women’s racism and misogynoir towards black women, and hard down fought against the lychings of black men in the south. But many black people don’t know all of this, too busy labeling these sistas as the “enemy”. smfh.

    • You are really on a roll today! Lol You must have a lot on your mind at the moment. This could’ve been a post all by itself. You covered a lot ground. There’s so much to this topic. It’s all very complicated for many reasons but I get what you overall message.

  15. @ Kushite Prince

    I want to reiterate what Diary of a Negress said in her comment above. She said:

    “I’ve found that black females who “rebel” against black males do it out of frustration because of his lack of initiative to protect his most valuable asset, the blatant disrespect he shows for his female mirror-twin and his willingness to sex, date, marry and spawn outside of his race.

    If all those things would stop, tomorrow morning black women would tell white females to leave them alone and go fight for themselves. This is why I don’t get caught up with this feminist crap. It’s all a farce to further divide us.”

    This is VERY MUCH TRUE. Black Women didn’t join white feminist circles in the beginning Then created black only feminist/womanist circles because they hated black men it was because black women got tired of the sexism and misogynoir that too many black men perpetuated against black women and they didn’t know where to turn. If you study the civil rights movement and sexism/misogynoir coupled with white feminism, you will see a connection to the rise of black feminism/womanism. The misogynoir/sexism within the black power movement, such as not allowing women to be leaders, physical and verbal abuse, caused a few black women (the ones who weren’t scared to do so, the rest stayed silent out of fear) to run and join white feminist circles because when black women would ask about including issues specific to black women in black politics and liberation, the black male leaders would silence these sistas telling them they were being “divisive” and discussing such issues were a “distraction.” Then when these sistas joined white feminist circles, they come to find out the white feminist didn’t care about their issues either, that white women centered themselves women speaking out and fighting for women’s rights, so they formed black feminist circles, then later on aka alice walker created womanism in order to separate black feminist theory and thought, etc from white feminism. The black power movement nor white feminism addressed issues specific to black women. Again, while most black women in the movement stayed silent about the misogynoir from some black males and black male leaders, a few (aka Angela Davis) left out of frustration of the unchecked misogynoir only to find white women were racist and misogynoiristic to wards black women who tried to get their needs addressed in white feminist circles. Like DOAN said, if black women have gotten what they needed from black males (then and now) within black empowerment circles, then white feminism would have NEVER seen a black woman’s face nor there would be NO such thing as black feminism/womanism.

    • This is a sentiment that I’ve heard other black women say. This was a good comment. I may have to use it for a future post. I can se that whenever I bring up black men/women issues I get a lot of responses. It is still a very “hot button” topic. Which proves that black men and women may both struggle with oppression but see things very differently. Which is understandably when dealing with a male dominated society. I will address with issue again.

      • Oh yes sir, the gender issues are HUGE. I’ll be looking forward to that post. If I had the time I could write a pamphlet (or a book) about it, lol (which I plan on doing so in the future).

        The male dominated society and black people’s focus ONLY on race instead of ALL the intersecting oppressions that we endure (some to which some endure that others may not) have a lot to do with it. I’ve also heard black women discuss how many black men tell them to only focus on race, which is not possible given the fact that we face racism, sexism, and misogynoir all at once. Some black women say this to other black women too (which is even more frustrating), well because black women are not taught that we have to look out for our issues as women and as a black person that is also a women.

        I also would like to add that this issue of black people ignoring misoynoir didn’t start during the black empowerment and (white) women’s lib movements of the 1960s, from my research black women have beeeen trying to address this issue with black men for about 150 to 200 years (maybe longer) now.

        For example, in 1869 Sojourner Truth stated:

        “There is a great stir about colored men getting their rights, but not a word about the colored women; and if colored men get their rights, and not colored women theirs, you see the colored men will be masters over the women, and it will be just as bad as it was before. So I am for keeping the thing going while things are stirring; because if we wait till it is still, it will
        take a great while to get it going again.”

        Sojourner was basically saying that when speaking and seeking black liberation, many black men thought about black men only.

        Then many black women who were civil rights leaders AND feminist in the early 1900s complained about many black men’s refusal to allow black women to have a more active role in black liberation. For example, one of Marcus Garvey’s wives, Amy Jaques Garvey became upset about black male leaders (probably her husband too) refusal to allow women more active roles in black empowerment. This was in the early 1900s.

        Lastly, I want to note there were quite a few black women who took part in women’s suffrage in the early 1900s, perhaps because of the same reason black women in 2017 and during the civil rights era took part in women’s lib. History keep repeating itself.

      • Thanks for the well thought out comment. This issue is complicated on so many levels. It’s very touchy for a lot of black people because many of us have our own perspectives and agendas. So people are quick to get offended and get in their feelings. That’s why we argue about it so much. We all know that white supremacy is at the root of it all. But it’s how we deal with WS is what screws us up. Black men are mainly concerned with race because that’s what directly affects us. And black women are faced with being black and a woman. So that creates the dilemma of what is most important to the group as a whole. Also many black women don’t feel their voice is being heard in many black groups. So they get frustrated in the process. And many leave those groups and join white women as you stated earlier. I guess the real question is if black women were heard in black liberation groups…would they stay? Should black men be the leaders? Should their be equal leadership? What is the man’s role? What is the women’s role? More white women voted for Trump which means they are race first? They would lose their privileges if white men lost power. So should black women be race first as well? These are the questions we need to address. And I’ll try to come up with a decent post that addresses these issues. Once again,thanks for the comment.

      • Great comment! I would like to add that when I read Bell Hooks’ Ain’t I A Woman, she mentioned that it was white people who started the black men have it harder ideology, which you’ve heard black men and women argue back and forth with each other through the years. In slavery black men were given the upper hand over black people. It was white people maintain the patriarchal order of things even among slaves. I didn’t know this little tidbits of info, but of course they (white people) always got their hand in the pot stirring trouble, lol. I’ve got more to say, but I’m gonna have to go now. I’ll catch you later.

      • I wouldn’t doubt it. I put nothing past white people. Kind of like when they had the mulatto slaves in masters house and the dark skinned slaves working hard in the fields. So it made a lot of slaves resent light skinned blacks over the years. They also did it with younger blacks and older blacks. Now its’ a gender battle. It just goes on and on about who has it the worse. I get so tired of it. Meanwhile we’re all getting our collective asses kicked! But we busy arguing over who has it the worst. Even if we all agree that one group of blacks had it the worst…what then? Are we all going to rally behind that cause?? It’s all just divide and conquer tactics to me. It’s a merry go-round that gets none of us anywhere.

      • With the way things are going in Donald Trump’s White House, if black people are to survived what’s coming we better stop the infighting and unify…..fast! However I’m not seeing an urgency, which is both sad and scary!

      • I work with a few black people that voted for Trump. They say he might actually do something for black people. Hmmmmmm…we shall see about that. I wont hold my breath.

      • Haha😂Yep we shall see. But I have to admit THE ONLY good thing Donald done so far is to rid us of the TPP. I was relieved.This was the one of the top reasons why I didn’t want Hillary either;both were terrible candidates.

      • White Women rant and rail against patriarchy, but when its all said and done it that (white) patriarchy that will protect and provide for them and their children NOT women’s lib. Black people have been writing articles and opinion pieces about this fact, but act as if your aware black women, feminist or not understand. Black Women beeeen calling out white women’s hypocrisy when it comes to race, sisterhood, and patriarchy.

        As quiet as it is kept many Black Women, young and old are afraid. WE ARE NOT afforded the same protections and privileges as White Women OR women of other races. Many of us are worried about is how the Trump Era will place and already most unprotected and dis-respected group of women and girls on the planet….black women and girls.

        Unfortunately, many of us see things getting worse for the black female collective because the black collective (especially men since its men’s job to provide, protect, and produce) have provided NO strong benevolent patriarchy and infrastructure that will ensure the safety of black women and children.

        I know some black men have tried (aka Marcus Garvey and others) and are still trying but more often than not their efforts are thwarted (many times by other black men in collusion with white men). I heard some black men express this sentiment.

        Patriarchy is good for women and children when its benevolent, I and other black women, hell women in general have no problems with patriarchy in that sense. This is why I think back to the last few years when counter-racist bloggers such as yourself, diary of a negress, and Trojan Pam have pleaded with the black collective to get it together because things will not get better, especially for us Africans, time is running out.

      • I don’t think Trump will make things any better. Although I have seen a rise in consciousness with people over the last few years. Many people in my personal life woke up when Trump was elected. Hopefully this trend continues. Like you said I don’t think we have much time left. They are passing laws and bills left and right. Obama signed bulls that many don’t even know about. Trump will do the same to take more of our civil liberties. It will get ugly. We really do need to get prepared.

  16. Lastly, if black people would take the time to understand what I’ve stated above couple with what DOAN said then there would be less of this unnecessary and unfounded demonizing of black feminist/womanist. There was a reason behind all of this.

  17. I listened to a conversation the other day some of my folks were having, these protests going on across the United Snakes is white folks business and our people would do well to stay the hell out of it.

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