Umar Johnson: Pan African or Pro Black Pimp?


I have always supported Umar Johnson.  I always thought he was a dynamic speaker and spoke honestly.  I have told people many times that I met Umar back in 2011 at one of his lectures.  I agree with his ideas on being Pan- African,black unity and he’s also against interracial marriage.  So I can agree with at least 80% of what he says.  But he’s been trying to raise money for a school for black boys.  I think it’s a noble idea and it’s something black boys need.  However over the last few years there as been talk about him taking the donation money for himself.   Some say he’s not even a real doctor and that he has no credentials. And many black people in the conscious community are now saying he’s a fraud.  Many say he’s no different than the preacher pimps in the black church.  I was hoping that Umar would be different than the rest.  But no matter how much I may like a person they are not above being criticized.  There’s some things about his history that don’t seem to  add for me. But I want you to read this post that a subscriber sent me.  Check out the videos and read the article for yourself.  Then come to your own conclusion.  You be the judge. The article was written by Mukasa Afrika Ma’at and Chantell Beaty.


We are living in a new age where leaders are being made by social media. In this new age, Black leadership has degenerated from the pre-social media generation of great scholars such as Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. John G. Jackson, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, and others. Today, someone can take an idea of a school that never becomes a school and push that idea on social media and become more well-known than someone like Dr. Anyim Palmer who founded the Marcus Garvey School in Los Angeles in 1975 or more respected among sadly uninformed masses than someone like Marva Collins who founded the Westside Preparatory School in Chicago, also in 1975. A non-educator can become more respected as an educational leader than founders of the East in New York who founded their school in 1970 with a few thousand dollars and provided a national model of Afrikan-Centered excellence that helped guide a movement. Unfortunately, we live in these strange days of social media where the Council of Independent Black Institutions (CIBI) are becoming a fading memory due in part to a lack of financial support. Many of the CIBI schools began in the living rooms, basements, and front porches of great educators with little money and a lot of heart. The schools grew across the country before declining due to lack of support. A few still exists today but are under-funded. Dr. Uhuru Hotep of Duquesne University wrote a great analysis in his dissertation entitled Dedicated to excellence: An Afrocentric Oral History of the Council of Independent Black Institutions, 1970-2000. Another excellent work is that of Dr. Kefentse K. Chike entitled From Black Power to the New Millennium. Although he focuses on Detroit’s Afrikan-Centered school movement, Dr. Chike addresses the national movement. Dr. Hotep and Dr. Chike are the great scholars you never heard of in the non-cerebral social media world. They document a great history of real and some existing schools, many of which are closing due to funding, and they have been around for decades with some of the greatest educators and institution-builders we have produced as a people. Meanwhile while this is occurring, a charlatan calling himself the “Prince of Pan-Africanism” with only an idea that he is pawning off is given hundreds of thousands of dollars without any school while he makes a mockery and often profane caricature of a movement to which he defames. Let us consider some facts and evidence about Umar Johnson.



Fact 1. Umar Johnson has become a professional fundraiser. He had a deadline of August 21, 2014 to purchase St. Paul’s College without a clear operational plan, staff, potential students, and other necessities for a school. The projected fundraising goal was five million dollars. The goal was not achieved. What most fundraisers do is to either go to a plan B of using the funds for another projected goal, extending the deadline, or returning the money at the option of donors. Umar chose to switch projects and expand the deadline, at least this is what he told supporters. He has mentioned purchasing other properties but not with the urgency of the original project. Essentially, fundraising has become his means of income. Umar Johnson is not an employed professional or business owner. His means of income is fundraising. This is fraudulent behavior. Fundraising is not for personal income. It is for the fundraising goal. If a percentage of funds goes towards other expenses or not, there should be full transparency. Umar Johnson does not provide his supporters with full transparency. The entire project is questionable because Umar is an individual without any significant educational or organizational leadership. Perhaps if the project was sincere, he would start with a much smaller and manageable school to gain experience. However, if money is the goal, then he would begin where he is now which is fundraising and only fundraising.

Various members of the Black community have made requests and demands that Umar provide records from PayPal of his community donations and withdrawals allegedly for his school. He has also been requested to provide records accounting for the monies through his GoFundMe allegedly for the school. The community has asked that Umar cease to collect money in the name of building or opening a school until he provides adequate and reliable financial information which has to date not occurred.

Fact 2. A lack of financial transparency leads to suspicion of fraud. This is basic business knowledge which Umar’s supporters either don’t know or don’t care to know. Umar Johnson has been questioned and has not provided public financial accounts of expenditures of monies collected and monies spent. He has become angry when questioned around collections, plans, and expenditures such as what had taken place on a radio show with a female caller, “Dr.” Umar Johnson Panics When Asked to Show His Accounting, who was silenced by him and the radio host who quickly went to a break while Umar called the sister a “reactionary” for the questions about a clear plan, transparency, and accountability of funds.

Further, there is no financial plan of sustainability to run the school which he allegedly intends to open. A five million dollar school would have significant budgetary expenditures in salaries and facilities, not to mention the start-up costs alone. Depending on student population, a five million dollar school may very well need more than five million dollars annually to run. Tuition costs would be driven in part by the population of the student body. With 35 buildings at St. Paul’s College having over 700 students at one point, tuition may be expected to be approximately $5K-$10K dollars or more to cover expenditures and salaries if Umar actually opened a school. The problem with Umar is that there is no financial plan or blueprint developed for his fundraising supporters or the public?  A lack of financial transparency could mean a few different conclusions, as anyone with basic business awareness would know. 1. There was never serious intent to purchase and run a school in the first place, only to raise money and reputation build. 2. The money is being used for personal living expenses. 3. This phase of professional fundraising was not carefully thought out and maybe he thinks it’s ok to figure it out along the way which is unsound fiscally. I believe it’s a combination of these and it all adds up to fraud. Education leaders who are successful do not operate by chance or without a clear plan.

Fact 3. There is and never have been a board of trustees, consultants, or advisors. Umar Johnson does not have any experience as a school administrator or educational leader. He is a professional speaker who makes a living from speaking. He has never balanced a school budget, does not understand leadership dynamics, and with this obvious lack of experience, he would need consultants and advisors if he were serious about the project. He would further need a board of trustees which he does not have. The board would provide governance and checks and balances. A board would have a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and members with expertise in various areas. Consultants and advisors would provide guidance, questions, and insight based on years of experience and accomplishments. Why not have these important people in your corner with such a project? Unless: 1.Umar only wanted to raise funds for personal gain or 2. He wanted popularity instead of achieving a goal.

Fact 4. DISCLAIMER and APOLOGY from Mukasa Afrika Ma’at: An apology is extended to our global readers. It was previously cited as fact that Jermaine Shoemaker (aka Umar Johnson) had without doubt earned his doctoral degree from our research team’s investigation. However, that information is not factual. There is no undeniable information to date that Jermaine Shoemaker (also known as Umar Johnson) earned a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). There is evidence that an “Umar Johnson” earned this degree but evidence shows this was not Jermaine Shoemaker. The research team, led by the excellent Sister Chantell Beaty in this area, has turned up evidence that there is possibly two different people. There is verified evidence that someone named “Umar R. Abdullah-Johnson” earned a Doctor of Psychology in 2012. This individual is Arab and married, and Jermaine Shoemake is neither. To date, there is no evidence that Jermaine Shoemaker ( also known as Umar Johnson, the public speaker) earned this degree PsyD in 2012 or any other year. No degree or transcripts have been provided by him.
Umar Johnson (also known as Jermaine Shoemaker) has not provided proof to date that he is “Dr. Umar Johnson” or that he has a Doctor of Psychology. The only evidence of an Umar Johnson receiving the degree is from 2012, years after the Umar in question began calling himself “Dr. Umar Johnson”. As an important investigatory note, Jermaine Shoemaker had been calling himself “Dr.” Umar Johnson since at least 2006 which is evidenced in public records from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Also, it should be noted that PCOM removed the citation of the dissertation after this essay went public, the 2012 dissertation which Umar claims belongs to him but is not found online, anywhere as of this date. Yet still, the dissertation may be associated with another Umar. Either way, he lied to his followers up to 2012 or he never earned the degree at all. Both are fraudulent acts. If Umar Johnson is THE Dr. Umar Rashad Abdullah-Johnson who earned the degree in 20012, why did he say he had it 6 years before it was awarded? He can easily provide evidence by posting his transcripts, diploma, dissertation, and proof of ID to these documents. To date, he has not provided any of this information. This fact stands as proof of fraud by Umar.

Fact 5. Umar is not as original as he claims. He states that he is the only Black Psychologist to conduct psychological research on Black children and racism. He claims that no leaders are doing what he does! He is in essence discrediting an entire movement for his own purpose of reputation building. Umar states that he is a certified school psychologist and certified school principal, and has a private practice in Philadelphia Pennsylvania where he evaluates children for special education disability determination. He allegedly works with charter schools, public schools, superintendents, principals, special education attorneys, and advocate groups. He states this although he was “canned” from speaking at a Philadelphia high school in 2016. He’s also been canned at universities and other events. Umar states that he has written the only book ever written by a black school psychologist. This claim is fraudulent. Black psychologist have produced a body of works for decades. Some are Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Bobby Wright, Dr. Nai’m Akbar, Dr. Wade Nobles, Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing, and many others, none of whom have ever cited or even mentioned Umar Johnson.


Fact 6. Umar has not proven that he is related to Frederick Douglass. Before Umar became popular throughout the country, he became well-known locally in the city of Philadelphia as a “descendant” of Frederick Douglass. This is how he began to attract audiences who I heard personally excited to “go hear a descendant of Frederick Douglass!” That would be great, except while building his reputation as a Douglass descendant, no proof was ever provided. He has provided some fictitious relationship verbally while speaking. However, like so many things with this “leader,” you must believe him and take his words without evidence and facts. However, facts are not established by words but with evidence.

Ken Morris and his mother Nettie Washington Douglass are true and established descendants of Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. Birth records, wedding certificates, family pictures, and a family tree in the Library of Congress exist that establishes their relationship to Frederick Douglass and to Booker T. Washington. The same types of records validate Tarence Bailey as a cousin of Ken Morris. Tarence is descendent from Perry Bailey, the elder brother of Frederick Douglass. No such records relate Umar to Ken and his mother Nettie, Tarence, or anyone else related to Frederick Douglass or Booker T. Washington. Ken and Nettie have co-founded the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives (FDFI) of which is supported by Tarence. Their family and supporters are advocates against modern slavery and human trafficking around the world. They are continuing the work of their great ancestor. Neither Ken Morris, Nettie Washington Douglass, Tarence Bailey, nor any other proven descendant have spoken of any relationship to Umar Johnson and he is not a member of FDFI. What has occurred is that Ken Morris issued the Official Public Statement on Umar Johnson and Tarence Bailey issued the Declaration from Elders of the Bailey Family: Disowning Umar Johnson, an Unverified Disgrace to the Family Name. The Douglass Family Initiative is an organization making a real difference in the world by real descendants of Frederick Douglass and his family. They should have your support instead of an idea for a school that doesn’t exist, pawned off by a charlatan. By the way, there was another fake descendant known as Fake Fred IV who has been more successful and prosperous at perpetrating as a Douglass descendant than Umar. For details read Role of a Lifetime.

Fact 7. There is suspicious activity around Paypal and Gofundme which indicates fraudulent activity. Paypal froze Umar’s account permanently and Gofundme closed his account down temporarily. There are only a few reasons that Paypal will freeze accounts and Gofundme would close temporarily and they all revolve around fraud protection. They protects the integrity of their service. They have accounts in much greater amounts than Umar. There is no conspiracy against him. If donors have complained about making contributions to a fraud, Paypal and Gofundme will freeze your account. Considering that so much of Umar’s reputation is highly questionable, Paypal could have had any number of fraudulent reasons to freeze his account. On the other hand, Umar also has a GoFundMe account which is different from Paypal. With GoFundMe, you are giving money to the person for whatever reason they wish. With Paypal, there are more restrictions to protect against fraud. Umar’s Paypal was frozen for all reasons that Paypal freeze accounts, suspicion of fraud or actual fraud.

Fact 8. Umar has poor character. The fact that Umar and Khym Ringgold were involved with each other is their business. They were two consenting adults. His character comes into question because he blamed her for the loss of a large donation from an un-named NBA star when the internet became active around their involvement with each other. He didn’t give the identity of this NBA star leading many to believe this was simply a diversion tactic because Khym Ringgold is a stripper. It should also be noted that he called Khym Ringgold several very disrespectful names not worth mentioning. Regardless of Khym Ringgold being a stripper, as brothers we should try to uplift our sisters instead of putting them down. His actions were not those of leadership or a man.

Umar is extremely disrespectful. When complaining about how much money was not raised, he stated, “Trifling ass Black people” didn’t give him enough and if anyone didn’t like what he said, it could be “handled outside”! Educators and leaders of our people do not speak like this about our people being “trifling” because he didn’t get enough money and taking it “outside” to fight if you don’t like what he said. On another occasion, he told a brother who disagreed with him in Texas to “knuckle up bitch”! He has had problems with paying his own child support. Mostly recently he had a video rant meltdown with a fake tough guy phone call that was a viral embarrassment. This is not how great leaders behave and talk. This is how irresponsible and insecure men conduct themselves.

Fact 9. Umar gives selective information to his donors. He was supposedly the principal of a charter school but suddenly resigned. He didn’t give the name of the school or why he resigned. Why? Khym Ringgold supposedly prevented him from receiving a large NBA donation, but he didn’t give the NBA player’s identity. Why? He states that he is related to Frederick Douglass but didn’t provide any records. Why? He states that he has a financial plan but it’s not made available. Why? He claims to have several degrees to which he can easily prove through posting the transcripts or posting the degrees, but he does not. Why? He claims to have principal and psychology certifications, but does not provide these to his followers. Why? Umar has not explained why his Paypal was frozen or his Gofundme temporarily shut down. Why? He can give documented reason from Paypal and Gofundme by posting for his followers. Why hasn’t he? Considering the pattern of selective information, the pattern of suspicion and deceit, a very reasonable conclusion can be drawn that Umar is extremely dishonest, perhaps even pathologically and chronically dishonest beyond his own control. If he is pathologically dishonest, which I deduce from all of the above evidence, he is driven by an insecurity to fulfill illusions of grandeur from his un-questioning, uncritical loyal followers willing to defend him even in the face of logic.

Fact 10. From all of the available facts above, a reasonable conclusion, the only logical conclusion that can be made is that Umar Johnson is a fraud who is deceptive or even pathologically dishonest and fueled by illusions of grandeur partially encouraged by non-critical followers. He seems to suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The fact that he is articulate and has followers is not to his advantage.  He would not defraud people of money and possibly create legal problems for himself if he didn’t have an audience.

He is a professional fundraiser who has been able to raise money based on the desire of Blacks to support an Afrikan-Centered school. The cultural school movement is important for the Black community. We need schools that teach the identity or children, the purpose of education, and the history of our people. Supporting a fraud campaign will only deter people and divert resources from meaningful causes such as CIBI or other independent Afrikan-Centered schools. With Umar being taken with any depth of seriousness will make any and all cultural movements for Blacks look comical.


Umar has been able to platform himself into the national lecture circuit with false claims around his ancestry, fake credentials, and a fundraising mission that has failed. Umar’s reputation will become a shadow in the near future. However, other fraudulent leaders, culture pimps, and religious shysters will continue to take advantage of people with good intentions willing to support a righteous cause, but desperate for leadership. We have schools and businesses that need support from our people. Such fraudulent campaigns can be disheartening to many and even turn people away from supporting needed causes. Community support is much needed. Unfortunately, insincere campaigns can become distracting and wasteful of potential and resources that could truly benefit our community.

There are any number of informative critiques on Umar Johnson by informative and insightful Black authors, scholars, and activists. I would recommend for an initial read Deborrah Cooper’s Unaswered Questions About a Five Million Dollar School forBlack Boys and Agyei Tyehimba’s Open Letter to Brother UmarJohnson Concerning Your Plans for a New Boys Academy. Also, those seeking honesty should read Inside the Conscious Stripper, Umar Johnson Scandal: Leadership Roles and the Black Man by Khym Ringgold. There are interesting video critiques but two I would recommend for initial views are:  1. The Advise Show Radio video entitled “Dr. UmarJohnson Exposed Himself as a Hotep Hustler” and another on Boyce Watkin’s YouTube channel entitled “What Happened to Dr. Umar Johnson’s School” by Maria Lloyd. To not question leadership, particularly fraudulent leadership, is ignorance and betrayal. Since originally publishing this essay, I’ve done two other works on Umar Johnson, 1. Who Taught Umar Johnson How to Pimp Culture? Hidden Color’s Tariq Nasheed and His Greatest Hustle along with 2. A Brief Note to the Black Community: Umar Johnson is Neither a Leader nor a Scholar.

I’m reminded of Pastor Creflo Dollar and Pastor Leroy Thompson on the plushy carpeted stairs of their church in expensive suits, nice shoes, Bible in hand, and shouting incoherently as they ran through waves of money given by the congregation. As a people, we must place insight before involvement, education before indoctrination, and never ever suspend critical thought and analysis. I’ll end with this saying: As long as there are fools with money, they will lose it or someone else will take it.


85 thoughts on “Umar Johnson: Pan African or Pro Black Pimp?

  1. Why is Umar popular and able to swindle us? Here are 7 reasons:

    1. He’s a man.

    2. He spoke on “fixing” black BOYS.

    3. He’s tall, handsome, hyper-masculine, sexually-driven, heterosexual, eloquent and commanding. Hungry black females ate him up like horses eat sugar cubes.

    4. He had an angle that no black “leader” had: The push for black boys to take Ritalin due to the falseness of ADD.

    5. He used Douglas and Garvey as his stepping stones.

    6. He made black females swoon simply by acting like how a man should act.

    **7.** He’s an agent and they helped push him into the spotlight.

    You notice a pattern here?

    If you wish to swindle the black populous, just :

    1. Be a good looking, heterosexual, clean, decent, educated MAN that women and men, gay and straight, can look up to and sexually fantasize about.

    2. Cater to hungry, sexually frustrated females as the woman is the real power holder in the black community.

    This is the real reason why Dr. Welsing became so popular. ‘Cause she catered to MALES and spoke of their genitalia ( a huge ego boost) being the reason behind white fear. If you are a woman, educated and speak about FEMALE power, like Nature-Maat, you will be discarded, disparaged, ignored and spat upon.

    Why does this keep on happening to us?

    Because we, until today, still do not WISH to understand how white supremacy works.

  2. I could tell he was a bullshitter from the first time I heard his voice. The way he pauses and holds his gaze at the audience straight away told me he’s only talking to impress, like he’s trying to convince rather than just inform/ educate.

    • This is a big problem among many of our so-called leaders. This is a big letdown for me. I really think Umar showed promise. But they are too many inconsistencies with him. Too many of these guys on the pro-black lecture circuit have proven to be just like the preacher pimps. This is a major problem for our people.

  3. I dont know. we’re the ones calling these guys “leaders”. Why do they have to be leaders?? Why are black people always searching for a fucking messiah????? And then when someone isnt the second coming of jesus christ (im just using that as a metaphor), we rip and claw them to shreds. It’s tired and counter-productive.

    I dont know what he did, or is doing with all that money. He wanted to open this huge boarding school, he shouldve just opened an african-centered school.

    Honestly, the most fishy thing to me is that he never ever does lectures in philly. Like, ever.

    He doesnt hold his tongue or tippy toe around white people, I do know that. Thats rare….

    • He doesn’t do lectures in Philly??? Really??? I didn’t know that. That is very strange since he’s from Philly. I’m sure he’s done some lectures there. Do you mean he rarely comes there anymore?

  4. This is what happen to a people who sit back & believe that these so call black leaders are a black messiah coming to save them. Dr. Umar Johnson con the hell out of our people. He talked about being a counselor but none of his patients

    1. He was very charismatic to caught the people attention.
    2. Him being a attractive man gave him a little bit of a push gain more female followers.
    3. He manipulated black women in believing he’s a alpha black male that is willing to die for his people. Too add a little bit of more to his manipulation he call black women queens.
    4. He preyed on the weak.

  5. I remember when he called us trifling. That’s when I had to shut him dooooooown lol! Saying not only should we donate to the school, but to give monthly recurring contributions. I was thinking, who does this guy think he is? I think, more than anything, yes he should have a concrete plan. But what I’ve learned being in business is you HAVE to create and maintain good relationships. If you fuck up, apologize and make it right. He has yet to do either.

    Great post 😉

    • I remember seeing that video calling black people That was really crazy. I understand that a person can get passionate when fighting racism. I do it myself. But we have to try our best to be respectful. Many times leaders get frustrated trying to get black people motivated. It can be a daunting task. But sometimes Umar gets real cocky and talk down to black people. I’ve noticed it in many of his lectures lately. When I met him back in 2011 he was a really down to earth guy. But his name has gotten bigger in the last six years. I feel his EGO may have gotten a bit inflated. And that is very bad for someone trying to be a role model for the people. You have to remain humble and people will respect you. But he’s really been slipping lately. I just wanted to do this post and let people draw their own conclusions.

      • Yes! You have to remain humble. And maintain some humility. He’s so smart and such an asset to our growth and it’s just disappointing to see it all go to waste cuz he wants to act an ass. Maybe he’s just showing his true colors.. or maybe his integrity has been threatened with money and promises of fame, like so many.

  6. I, too, was a Umar supporter until I realized something: he was spending more time lecturing and appearing on radio spots than he was actually trying to open this school. I realized that there is NO WAY you can make that many lecture and radio appearances and seriously open this school.

    Another thing that got me about him was the fact that he was always talking about what property he wanted to buy and what exactly he wanted to do in public. Anyone with a solid understanding of white supremacy knows that you don’t make these kinds of disclosures PUBLICLY.

    I came to the conclusion that Umar is a charlatan. Another one bites the dust.

    • I know what you mean RC. Those were some of my concerns too. I remember when he was on the New York radio show The Breakfast Club. I thought that was a pretty mainstream show to appear on. I thought Umar was more of an underground grass roots type of guy. I think he was beginning to enjoy the spotlight a bit too much. And he was claiming he was the biggest name in the conscious community. His ego was getting way to BIG. Like I said I do agree with his opinions on racism. But I can’t fully support him 100% at this point.

    • Not to say he isn’t a charlatan, but his lectures and radio appearances were the fundraising. If he spent more time on opening school than on fundraising, chances are he wouldn’t have a school.

      The same with public disclosure as now people are demanding transparency.

      It’s all calculus and there’s more than one way to go about a large project. His trouble was it was a large project, but I can understand it too.

      Either way, I can see an authentic person doing exactly what you criticize him over.

      Because I could design a curricula; but I know that a curricula isn’t a school.

      • What you’re saying is true- but he could start a school with a small number of children, establish a record of success, and get people to donate to his cause. In other words, he could BUILD. He doesn’t seem interested in building, he seems interested in celebrity. He calls himself “the most requested lecturer in the country.” Even if this is true, this doesn’t speak to someone who wants to open a school, it sounds more like someone who wants to be a professional lecturer.

        I’m sorry but I’m not convinced that his intentions are pure anymore.

        I do agree with his stances on homosexuality and racism though.

      • I do not disagree with you.

        But I can imagine that if I had his level of celebrity, someone may likely insist that I do something ‘big’ with it; and the rest would be history.

        And I say this mostly because Baruti has a school. So if Umar did a school like Baruti, people would say, well, “Baruti been there done that.” Or even “Why should we go to you if we could go to Baruti?”

        Or even separately, as the article points out, there are dozens of Black schools already in place.

        If anything Umar’s big claim was that there weren’t any Charter Schools–and who knows–maybe someone challenged him on that and therefore he went to address it.

        All I am saying is, he could just be a man who bit off more than he could chew or a man who overestimated his celebrity.

        Because I have been in many meetings–as just a regular person–and I’ve heard Black people talk about “We need to build our own schools.” And this was among run of the mill Black people. I imagine that if I had Umar’s celebrity, that conversation would be more in line with “We need to build our own Charter School.”

        I agree with you, however. The model for making a successful school was left by Booker T. Washington. I.e. start small and build up. BUT I can’t expect everyone to find Booker T.’s model as one worthy of emulation. As Marcus Garvey instructed, we can’t hold people accountable to that which we didn’t teach them.

        So I agree that he could have went about creating a school more intelligently–but I won’t necessarily say he’s a conman because he didn’t start small. Not everyone goes the same route and sometimes people overestimate themselves or their communities.

  7. Oh another thing: the fact that he had said that his school’s curriculum would include learning how to fly planes and navigate the seas…I was done with him. Not that these things can’t be done, but the sheer operating cost of engaging in such an activities. Not realistic.

    Besides, there is no sea anywhere near St. Paul, Minnesota.

  8. You already know my stance on this fellow, been calling out Johnson for a while now on various issues. The inconsistencies with the man at this stage are so blatant that only willful ignorance would prevent a person from seeing them.

    It’s typically foolish black women namely single black mothers who are the ones freely sponsoring Johnson and people like him. The same scams are occurring right now in black churches and who are the main ones throwing their money at these corrupt church leaders, yep black women yet again.

    Black people are too busy looking for somebody else to lead them by the hand when they ought to be leading themselves as individuals.

    • We do suffer from the “messiah complex”. That’s why we are duped so easily. Just like the preacher pimps use black people and take their money. Many of these guys on the conscious circuit are doing the same thing. Some people have become turned off by the Moors,Hebrew Isrealites,Pan Africans and Black nationalists because of these guys. You and I discussed before that many of them have good ideas. Some of these ideas can actually help black people. But now it’s become a circus with all the debates instead of working together to find REAL solutions. I have also noticed that the conscious community is very ego-driven and mostly male. There’s not too many black women on that circuit. There’s no type of balance at all.So it’s turned into a competition of who is the best at lectures. Now it’s basically like a rap battle on a street corner. One of the reasons I liked Umar was because he ditched Sa Neter and said there were a bunch of in fighting clowns. He was right about that. I will give him that much. Even though I like his message on white racism,black unity and black love…he’s had too many scandals and slip ups. This is what is killing his image. Now he has to do damage control after his 40 minute rant on Sara Suten Seti. Umar came off looking like a common street thug! I thought he was more intelligent than that. That was a bad look on his part.

    • But should Black people abandon the idea of outside leadership.

      E.g. the Democrats are scrambling for new leadership after hillary was defeated. So to say, without a head, no body, no power. If we lead as individuals, where’s the big charter school?

      • Onitaset,

        Leading as individuals doesn’t mean that we don’t work together. Several heads working in unison are better than one. Black society is too discombobulated to work as one whole unit once again, therefore I believe we instead should aim for working in smaller groups with other like minded individuals where and when we can.

      • I understand that and have practiced that; but if we are talking about the organization that Black people need, the reality is that small groups ain’t doing much against white people.

        And it’s even worse if your small group is situationally in unison and on a ‘where and when we can’ basis. Oftentimes that means it’s a ‘social club’ as opposed to a 24-7-365 operation.

        white people have a 24-7-365 operation. And white people impact 40 million Blacks in america and a billion in Africa with that 24-7-365 operation. But we want to get 7 people together to fight that–and the 7 people are each ‘leaders’ without any ‘obligation’ to follow any other person.

        Not to quote an unlikely source, but we need to get information then “get in formation.” Formation implying that there’s some structure and some accountability and some sense of organization. Working together is great–but in practice, at least in my experience, it ain’t much.

      • Onitaset,

        Until white folks lose their ability to access advanced weapon systems, going against them as you put it must be put on the shelf. This is how they were able to subdue Africa and blacks worldwide, through advanced weaponry.

        Now their times is coming to a close, they are indeed losing power which is why I believe that our focus as black folks should be more based upon building ourselves up as opposed to looking for ways to take others down.

        In order to get some kind of structure in place the first thing that needs to be done is to completely remove black women from the building equation. They work for the state and have been sabotaging all efforts to build in black society for the past 50 years.

        You cannot build with a government sponsored saboteur in your midst.

      • Well, I don’t share that sentiment on Black women. The government sponsored saboteur is in both genders and the government sponsorship is in the education, mis-education and lack of education of Black people.

        The opinion, for instance, that Black folk shouldn’t fight because white people have better weapons is a government sponsored saboteuring idea–ala “Fear tactics.”

        Nevertheless, what will you build in another man’s land if you won’t fight to defend that building? I understand the need to be selective in the building equation; but certainly you must know men and women are very diverse and some women are better than most men; and vise-versa. I.e. in the hood I organize in, some brothers go on nightly raids against other brothers–i.e. they shoot the next man for living in the building beside his. There are many women much better than that for ‘building.’

        Obviously, one wants Black men and Black women to have their own roles; but you should maybe clarify what you mean by ‘building equation’ sans Black women, lest people misread you as hating your better half.

      • Onitaset,

        I’ll refer you to the famous African proverb which states that a nation can rise no higher than the moral position of its women, as she goes so goes the race because she is the first transmitter of culture. So the black woman is going down the toilet and its no surprise that the black nation is going the same way, this is evident beyond any doubt and does not need to be expanded on.

        Ok, I would like to see how you fare against lasers, ray guns, nano tech, sound weapons etc, deny all you want but black folks are not on the same level as whites when it comes down to weaponry. Again, everybody can see this, this is one of the main reasons why black folks do not rise up and “fight the power” head on.

        You cannot build anything in black society until order is established, modern day black women are responsible for the disorder of black society, this is why that African proverb still stands strong to this day. I have no problems with feminine, functional black women who know their role and their place, however the problem is those type of women are very few and far between.

        Women are not builders, they are always the automatic benefactors of a kingdom, therefore they should not be brought to the table when discussing how to build a better society. Sorry, black men aren’t going out of their way to destroy black society, they are not the ones being given the money to do so by the state.

        This modern day black female is not the friend of black men, the evidence to supports that statement is overwhelming. For example, black women are assassinating over 50000 unborn black children per month in abortion clinics, that is black women committing open genocide against their own people. In light of this and other factors black women as a collective cannot be considered as the ‘better half’ of black men. There is nothing to like about dysfunctional black women since they are the ones responsible for the continued destruction of black society.

        I continually hear pro blacks talking about good black women yet they always fail to illustrate examples of them.

      • Peace Brother,

        I’m doubtful anyone wishes for a debate between the two of us; many people will either accept or dismiss what we say before we even say it. However, it’s very easy to see that you are very selective in your data/evidence and therefore your conclusions are a narrow sliver of the truth. As to say, you use ‘logic’ but in a vacuum; ergo you’re bound to be logical yet incorrect.

        For instance, you use the proverb correctly; yet only half of it. The proverb states that the nation can go no higher than its women, therefore you can draw two conclusions. But you only draw one: the nation is low so women are low. However, the other conclusion, the one that more suits our African point of view, is “raise the woman and you raise the nation.”

        Separately, you say, “black folks are not on the same level as whites when it comes down to weaponry,” so you pretty much give in to fear and surrender before the fight begins. Nevermind that whites have the most advanced weaponry on the planet, but only we as a people have ‘men’ who blame women for our destruction and call women saboteurs in spite of openly admitting they would not ‘fight the power’–as in, other people fight whites notwithstanding the threat they pose. Still ‘fight the power’ is a peculiar reference given that you admit white people are the ‘power’ in the situation but blame ‘black women’ who aren’t ‘the power.’ Maybe you should focus on what ‘fight the power’ means. I.e. pick a fight with the ‘power’ and not the ‘powerless.’

        Regarding ‘feminine, functional Black women who know their role and place,’ you must understand that the corralary of “masculine, functional Black men who know their role and place” is necessary. And when you promote among Black men the idea of NOT fighting the Power but instead fighting the Powerless, you must question if you either understand “masculine, functional Black manhood” or whether you, yourself are an example thereof. Also, it’s very curious that you claim the Black woman is responsible for disorder in Black society, YET, she’s not the POWER. It’s like going to a war torn village and seeing the dictator take the children and set them to battle, but blaming the Mothers who were forced at gunpoint to surrender their children or continue to be abused and raped. Sure, you can blame our Mothers; but clearly there is a societal impediment to Black success above and beyond what our Mothers alone can counter.

        As to women not being builders, I do not know what you mean or what constitutes building to you. If you mean architecturally, then I still do not know what you mean. Unless you mean ‘heavy labor’ in which case I can see how you wouldn’t want a woman to do heavy labor; but some how I do not suppose you mean this. If you mean that women shouldn’t have any say in how society is organized, it’s a rather archaic sentiment and it’s not within the purview of African thought as I understand it. Maybe it’s consistent with abrahamic thought or the wazungu lens, but far be it for me to cosign that in spite of how many women administrators Africa has had. What’s more, it’s absolutely selective to say ‘black men aren’t going out of their way to destroy black society’ given the plethora of ‘entertainers,’ ‘crack dealers,’ and ‘gangbangers’ in the Black community.

        As to the evidence of abortion, you must realize that, that decision is not without the man’s input. I’ve personally overheard a man cursing at a woman over the phone for getting pregnant–as if he didn’t impregnate her!

        Regarding ‘good Black women’ the illustration is going outside and engaging with them. Certainly, depending on where you look, where you go, your chances are slimmer–or the good isn’t as ‘great.’ But there are diamonds in the rough. The same can be said of ‘good Black men.’ Not only that, but there are countless online and even in the comment section here. I’ve met an innumerable amount. If you haven’t met a good Black person of any gender then you haven’t looked.

      • Onitaset,

        Your attempts to micro argue and micro examine instead of dealing with the points raised as a whole doesn’t invalid what I’m saying, the black woman has chosen to be raised by the state instead of the black man because she despises black men and would rather submit to white supremacy over rebuilding black society. I have documented this, here is just one example:

        Attempting to run the ‘blame game’ Kansas City shuffle won’t work with me, the blame is always laid at the feet of those responsible regardless of gender. This happens with every other race except black folks. Black women never take the blame for anything they do wrong, they believe that they are exempt from scrutiny and examination and black men such as yourself facilitate these imbalances by supporting such dysfunctional positions.

        The black woman is the local enforcer of white supremacy within black society, she is the one receiving money from the state to keep black society fragmented and broken, she is the one using the system against black men, she is the one who is practising open genocide upon her own people. Taking control of black society starts at the local level first, buffering blacks against white supremacy also begins at the local level, therefore the local agents enforcing the tyranny must be focused upon. So yes, black women are the local representation of the white supremacist infrastructure, thus through backing and sponsorship of the state they have power.

        The difference between yourself and I is you attempt to excuse black women for their sins at every turn whereas I have no problems reprimanding them whenever warranted. You attempt to introduce fluff into the conversation in order to muddy the waters, I simply deal with the issues directly. On the issue of weaponry and who has the greater, when you show me advanced weapons in your possession then I will withdraw my statement concerning white folks having more of an advantage in that department.

        Femininity is not contingent upon masculinity being in its presence, it just is regardless(well at least among non black women as a collective). Black women as a whole hate femininity, they would much prefer to behave and strut around like men, this is an observable fact. A common complaint that many black men raise concerning black women as a group is that they are masculine and lack femininity, this is due to the mutant form of feminism that most black women have embraced and subscribe to. By the way black manhood calls out black women whenever they get out of pocket, true black manhood doesn’t seek to erect a defence for negative behaviour.

        You continually attempt to skirt around the fact that black women through the state do indeed have power, black woman claim that they are the backbone of the community, your ex President Barack Obama said the same thing, your attempts to convert black women into benign individuals in light of the facts and the obvious is futile.

        Women are not builders means exactly that, women are not builders. They don’t build under any capacity. Citing women administrators in Africa does not assist your case at all because who built the system to begin with whereby women could inserted in as administrators, black men. As for entertainers, drug dealers and gang-bangers, the overwhelming majority of them have and are being raised in single mother households, black women are the ones putting these agents of destruction into the community. Unlike yourself I deal with the source of the problem as this is the permanent solution to fixing it.

        Lastly in relation to abortion women have 100% control in terms of whether or not they choose to bring a child to term, the man has 0% input. The man cannot force a woman to have an abortion, neither can he force her to bring a child to term, both are completely in her hands alone. Regardless, abortion is part of the Eugenics white supremacist agenda and black women are facilitating the protocol.

        In 2017 there are a miniscule amount of decent black women who are immensely outnumbered by dysfunctional scum bag black females, that is the reality of the matter. The fact that most pro black male proponents of black love still remain single speaks volumes. You cannot use your exceptions to override the general rule. The so called good black women you have run into are still a drop in the bucket when compared to the vast numbers of defective beyond repair black women roaming about.

      • Peace Brother,

        The article you linked was–disappointing, to be sure. But as you say, it’s upon us to “deal with the source of the problem as this is the permanent solution to fixing it.”

        I would like to link you to an article I wrote:

        The crux of it is summarized here:

        In the 1950s, a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health studied the effects of population density by creating an artificial environment for rats and mice where he observed numerous social pathologies from street gangs and homosexuality to neglectful mothers and psychologically withdrawn individuals. The study was repeated in the 1960s and continue to this day on Africans inside and out of america. The place of this identical study was appropriately named “The Projects.” There street gangs, rampant homosexuality, neglectful mothers and psychologically withdrawn individuals are numerous. It’s almost comical. But then again it isn’t. Many are awakened in the hood by gun shots from Black men against Black men. The reasoning? “Territorialism” created by white people–the researchers–who have all the data and all the studies on Black people easily accessible to them and control all of the drugs, guns, and people in the projects–their experiments. Black people all over are in an experiment.

        And here is a review of the research, on mice, in question:

        [Observations made of rats which were supplied with unlimited food but limited space {in high-rises no less} showed that:] Dominant males became aggressive, some moving in groups, attacking females and the young. Mating behaviors were disrupted. Some became exclusively homosexual. Others became pansexual and hypersexual, attempting to mount any rat they encountered. Mothers neglected their infants, first failing to construct proper nests, and then carelessly abandoning and even attacking their pups. In certain sections of the pens, infant mortality rose as high as 96%, the dead cannibalized by adults. Subordinate animals withdrew psychologically, surviving in a physical sense but at an immense psychological cost. They were the majority in the late phases of growth, existing as a vacant, huddled mass in the centre of the pens. Unable to breed, the population plummeted and did not recover. The crowded rodents had lost the ability to co-exist harmoniously, even after the population numbers once again fell to low levels. At a certain density, they had ceased to act like rats and mice, and the change was permanent.

        A long time ago, a principal in New York gave a lecture where he referenced the similarity of us as a people to the mob in the movie Frankenstein. The mob attacked the monster instead of the scientist. And this gave the scientist full permission to create another Frankenstein–for a sequel I suppose. The meaning I want to communicate to you is that you are in the white man’s deliberate experiment to turn you against your women and you are falling hook line and sinker to the conclusions that the white man wants you to draw.

        Like you, I would LOVE for Black women to be ‘better examples of themselves.’ And I would LOVE for Black men to be ‘better examples of themselves.’ But if you really and truly analyze Black people on a sociological level, you couldn’t really expect those great examples en masse. For crying out loud, most Black people don’t even READ. I once sent someone a 30 page article and I told them it was ‘short’ and they thought I was sarcastic. I once heard a person say they read an article on a subject and, lo and behold, it was 5 paragraphs. An article that was 5 paragraphs!!! We’re not only illiterate, we’re also highly miseducated and SO ENGROSSED in Tell-lie-vision (television.) That people get out of that situation well-adjusted and stable is AMAZING.

        So, yes, I can see your point, but it’s predictable and well within the white power structure. You’re just another wing of Black self-hatred. You’re not fighting the system anymore than the mice in the experiment who refuse to mate are fighting the system. If the mice fight the system it means they forge away to escape it with their women back into the communities that their women and they lived in Harmony. You’re promoting cacophony just like the white man and the manipulated Black men and women do. Rise above it Brother.

      • Onitaset,

        On the contrary, the black woman is the one who has turned against her fellow black man, she is the one who despises black males, she is the one at this very moment who is tirelessly working on behalf of the government to destroy black society. One thing that has to be made clear, this modern day black female is not “your” woman, she belongs to the state, this has been the case for at least the last 50 years.

        When black women decided to accept fatherless home welfare policies coupled with feminism in the 1960s, immediately a transfer of ownership occurred. Black women abandoned black men and the black family years ago. Black women as a collective simply do not like black men, here is yet more proof of this:

        Your issue is you still believe that black women like you, even after reading the comments littered throughout those articles you will still walk away believing that black women are your friends, that is not logical behaviour. You can fight white folks all you want, however black women will not be following you at all, they are sitting quite comfortably underneath the white man’s wing and they have no intentions of changing that position for anybody yet alone black men.

        I’m a self hater? So now you are resorting to using the black woman’s logic, I’m disappointed. Self hatred means that you hate your personal self, it has nothing to do with other people. As I stated before I don’t like black female scum, I don’t accept them because they are a bad influence and a terrible representation.

        Only in black society will you be called a self hater for not liking the dregs, the trash and the unproductive individuals of the community. Every other race rejects the scum of its people which is why they remain strong, however in black society we are told to accept them even though they are wreaking havoc and destroying everything they come into contact with including their own people. This is the main reason why we remain in the same position, no societies in history have ever prospered uplifting the scum and the dregs of their people.

        Amazon is littered with interracial novels written by black women fantasising about either being sex slaves or secret pieces on the side to white men, here are some search results for you to peruse at your own leisure:

        Your mentality I must say is an enigma, you wish to fight white folks ie the system yet at the same time you refuse to acknowledge that black women have joined forces with the same system and are working against you even harder than the system is. Black women are aborting black children at astronomical rates yet you refuse to label them as self haters. Black women are the ones who began the trend of calling their own type of hair nappy, yet you will never label them as self haters. Black women are the first ones to address dark skinned black males as crispy, smoke, night, charcoal, soot, blackie, blackula, black as hell, turd, darkie etc, yet you will never label them as self haters. You seriously need to re-examine your ethics.

      • Peace Brother,

        I would readily admit that your examples are examples of self-hatred; but so is your interpretation of these examples.

        Truly, I find it’d be more appropriate for you to condemn the particular women you are referencing, as opposed to “Black women” or “Black women as a collective.” Because it’s a leap of logic to say “I read a handful of comments therefore I’ve a grasp of the majority of thoughts from that demographic.” Particularly as you appear to be going to the cesspools where these opinions and comments are more frequent. Said differently, one can go in the comment section of your articles and see a lot of vitriol aimed against Black women. Then by posting those comments, they can create a collage that looks similar to the one which you condemn. However, it’d be a stretch of logic to say that, that collage represents all Black men or even a majority of Black men.

        Really, the science of surveys is lost on your hypothesis. In other words, your data isn’t numerically significant. Or said differently, if you had a population of 100,000; and you gave them a survey. You’d want to survey at least 1000 people to say your results were within a margin of 3% error. Or at least 100 people to say your result was in a 10% margin of error. You seem to have at best 100 commenters. BUT, the population of Black women adults is closer to 10 million. So just statistically speaking, your conclusions aren’t significant.

        HOWEVER, I would readily admit that MOST Black women are Self-Hating. Maybe not as self-hating as the article suggests, but Self-Hating certainly. HOWEVER, the same can be said of MOST Black men.

        BUT Black Self-Hatred isn’t a reason to Hate another Black person and YES hating someone for Black Self-Hatred is an act of Black Self-Hatred that plays into white interests.

        But NO Brother, Black folk don’t/can’t join the system. The Black woman is being used by the white man but so are Black men. The white man is crafty in this way.

        I understand everything that you write and I’m surprised you can find so much ‘data’ to back up your hypotheses. But at the end of the day, it’s a distraction. A Black woman can wish me all the harm in the world–but it’s the white man who would/could harm me. I read through the comments–the women were vile and vitriolic to be sure. But the worst thing they could do to Black men was either demand child support, sleep with white men, cheat on the Black men or wish the Black man were killed. If you notice–aside from cheating on the Black man (with another Black man)–all of these involve white men. It’s the white man that makes you pay child support and it’s the white man who kills Black men.

        The whole “Black man Black woman gender warfare” is a distraction. You’re a smart Brother. But you’re dallying in distractions.

      • Onitaset,

        Before the internet and social media your contention about not knowing the thoughts of black women as a whole may have held some ground, however the comments are only part of the evidence. Black men have been exchanging and comparing notes and the conclusions are the same. There is also the case of most pro black men being single, if there isn’t a problem with black women then why don’t these same pro black men who sing the praises of black women more time have a black woman by their side?

        The comments you read come from the mindset of most black women today, this is the standard mentality however most of them choose to keep this quiet and instead pretend that there is some form of comradeship in place between them and black men. Black women don’t like black men, they simply tolerate us, we are a fall back option to them white men and other non black men being their first choice of mate.

        The anger you see in the comment sections of my posts is a result of what black women have done to black men and black society over the past 50 years on behalf of government. Unlike black women black men aren’t going out of their way to spite and hate on them for nothing, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In light of discovering what black women have been doing on behalf of the state, I really cannot see how else black men should react, the vitriol is fully justified because there are valid reasons behind it.

        Your comparison of black male/black female comments is nonsense because as I’ve stated before black men have many valid reasons to be angry at black women and can easily expand on and explain their issues and concerns if questioned on them. I don’t deal with hypotheses, I deal with the facts. In 1989 Shahrazad Ali released a book talking black women and how they had become problematic individuals, that was 28 years ago and the same problems persist today only worse. Facts are facts, however what we have today are certain individuals like yourself who refuse to acknowledge the facts concerning black women because they choose instead to blindly worship them. You continue to embarrass yourself pretending that there isn’t a problem with the majority of black women:

        The definition of self hatred you use is a joke, this is one of the reasons why the world does not take black men as a collective seriously, many of them follow the disjointed and illogical reasoning of dysfunctional black women instead of using logic and common sense. Self hate is hatred against YOURSELF PERSONALLY, it has nothing to do with other people. For example, most black women suffer from self hatred issues which is why they wear weaves and in many cases different colour contact lenses, that is the correct definition of self hatred.

        Myself not liking scum black women does not make me a self hater and they have nothing to do with me. We may share the same skin colour however that is where the commonality stops. You simply lack the ability to hold black women accountable for anything by themselves, this is typical of RGB squad members.

        The white man cannot do anything against black men without black women being the catalyst, black men get put in jail for child support because black women are the ones who report them to the white man in the first place. Police are able to run so many black men through the system and place them in jail because of the way black women raise and train them as youths in addition to black women calling the police on black men themselves.

        At the end of the day black women don’t respect you bro, they may not like what I am saying and may not like me personally however they respect me for telling the truth. They look upon you as weak because they themselves know that the sisterhood is messed up and all they see is you attempting to drum up excuses on their behalf time after time. This is my point, you are the last person a black woman would follow because she knows that you would preferably excuse her misconduct rather than putting her straight whenever required(which is what a man is supposed to do).

      • I do not know what to tell you, Brother.

        You have a slew of logical fallacies and you rely too heavily on statistically insignificant data. Black people have self-hatred, by the definition you use and the definition I do. Some Black women are subjectively better than others. Some Black men are subjectively better than others. But your ‘white man need Black women as a catalyst’ is perhaps the strangest idea I’ve read all day. Do you honestly think the white man answers to the Black woman?

        Come on. Also, to wit, it’s RBG.

        But Brother, I understand your conviction. But it’s swarmed with logical fallacies and unreliable statistics. I get that some Black women are subjectively worse than others. But it’s something you expect from a sociological perspective. I honestly don’t know how you expect a colonize people to be. But it’s whatever.

        In the words of our ancestors, “Judge by cause not by effect.”

      • Onitaset,

        You simply don’t want to get it, your mission is to respect and protect black women across the board at all costs and to never hold them accountable for anything, this behaviour is highly irresponsible and totally dishonest. Thus clear information you attempt to alter to deficit in order to feel comfortable and more at ease with yourself. Facts are facts no matter what snazzy buzz labels and terms you decide to place upon them.

        Again, you are incapable of holding black women to account by themselves, you always must bring black men into the equation even though they are the end product of the black woman’s handiwork. Defective goods are blamed on the manufacturer who made them that way, that is basic logic and common sense 101.

        How you concluded that being a catalyst now equates to being in a position of authority has me scratching my head, I suggest you look up the definition of the word “catalyst”. Again, labelling information brought forward as logical fallacies doesn’t make it so without first bringing forward the proof that clearly demonstrates the flaws.

        There is serious problem with black women as a whole, this isn’t just a few black women behaving badly in a corner, this is now the overwhelming majority of black women who have gone astray and the proof of this is brimming over. Like I stated, black women will not respect you for dishonestly defending them when they themselves know that there are serious problems amongst the sisterhood.

      • “Bwoy pickade, check out your history
        Brown man is a God in any city
        White, man knew dat, and dat was a shock
        So dem whip up your back, and dem whippin not stop
        But dem NAH can’t stop us wit de whip and de chain
        So dem take away your history, erase your name
        STILL, with no name, with no fight, with no fuss
        We just, take on the name, that MASSA give us
        That name is NIGGA, the correct is NEGRO
        It’s spanish for BLACK, white mahn call us DAT
        There is also NEGROID, also NEGRO
        Now, all nigga pon the corner playin ceelo
        Man you’re not a negro, cause you’re skin is not black
        Take a look at yourself, you’re brown and that’s a fact
        You not jump from no tree, you not live in no cave
        That’s some GARBAGE dem print, dem want you to behave!
        You a African man, some say Asian
        You must respect your love, all brown skin ‘oman!
        If you diss your ‘oman, you not come wit no plan
        So shut up your mowf, til you must understand!

        — KRS-One, Brown Skin Woman

      • If you diss your own ‘oman, you nuh come wit no plan
        So shut up your mowf, til you must understand!“


        If you diss your own woman, then you don’t have a plan
        So shut up your mouth until you understand.


        If you are a Black man and your MO is to disrespect Black women then just shut up because you really don’t have a plan.

  9. I don’t need a Messiah, I already have one in Jesus Christ.And I’m not waiting on Jesus to perform miracles for me . The things he says about white supremacy is true. I have a guarded sense when it comes to these so-called leaders,for all we know wp might be paying them.If you look at black community leaders like Marcus Duke of Milwaukee and Geoffrey Canada of Harlem, you never see them in front of the camera. GOD BLESS

    • Thanks SevenKing. I agree with Umar about racism . He is a very passionate speaker and tells a lot of truth. That’s why so many people follow him. But he like everyone…he has his flaws. And when you put yourself in the limelight you have to be willing to take criticism…whether positive or negative. Thanks for the comment.

  10. My one issue around the concerns with Umar Johnson, lies in what people think about his worthiness in starting a school. Are we upset that he claims to be a Dr. but no clear evidence can be found to verify this? Or are we saying that you only can start a school IF you have some degree? Because it has been proven time and time again, that some of the best we have are not institutionally trained and many of the worse comes out of those conditioning centers. I believe that some one like Umar gets away with the Dr. attached to his name because we are overly impressed by image, degrees, titles, suit and ties and a nice clean fade and “line up”. I believe that if Marcus Garvey came to us today he would be rejected, because he had no degree and while passionate in his speech, had a heavy accent that many pretentious people today would reject. All in all, Umar is not the only one like this, but he has tapped into the things that make us easy marks. Yes the Charisma, the image and the message works, but what tips the scale is our constant need to find a Jesus figure. Not just any Jesus figure but one that comes socially acceptable. And don’t think the jacket and tie are the only suit that the Euro savage made popular, is the only suit out there. Many charlatans also come in dashiki, locks, head wraps, Afrikan medallion and RBG colors. Check Polight and that street corner circus.

    I believe if we didn’t yearn for a hero outside our selves, pimps like Umar wouldn’t run game on us. We can talk and complain, bitch and moan till the cows come home. If we constantly look to others to “lead us”, we will be lead down a path of no return. At the end of the day Umar is a pathetic pimp like many before him. A pimp with a good game initially, but like all good games, that never changes, we now see the holes in that game. Every pimp in business, has a stable of prostitutes…or even one mangy hag, that is wiling to work for and support him. And many a kneegrows are still keeping that pimp in business

    • So true BMS. I think you maybe right about Garvey analogy. To be a black leader you have to have certain look and sound. It doesn’t matter to me who the man or woman sounds like as long as they speak the TRUTH. And as long as they’re not agents of white supremacy. The problem is we have beaten down for so long we are longing for some to “lead us” as you say. This is why we are so easily pimped by Umar, Reverend Pork Chop and Preacher Chicken Wing. We have to be able to this pattern by now right? These phonies may have a suit and tie,black medallion,dread locks or wear a kufi. The charisma and smooth talking lures us in every time. We are so desperate to hear TRUTH to power. And these phonies know this and use it against us. Last year Umar was on the New York radio program The Breakfast Club. I was like what the f**k??! That is a very mainstream radio program. Brother Polight and Tariq Nasheed have also been on that show. That is a very mainstream white-owned show. I just can’t see a true revolutionary being on that show. The BEAST will not allow his system to be infiltrated by true pro-black talk. I just can’t see that. I think we are being manipulated in so many ways. Or maybe I’m thinking too deeply on it. But thanks for the comment. I feel what you’re saying.

    • See, my contention is that leadership outside of the individual is rejected among us; but every other people has leadership outside of the individual. I.e. trump is the leader of america or the republican party at least. The democrats are scrambling for a DNC chair. Russia has its President. China has its. But Black america has no one and our best and brightest reject everyone.

      If Garvey were here today, what would we say? He’s trying to lead so forget him?

  11. @Kushite

    I’m disappointed! I wasn’t exposed much to his ideas. But I did like some concepts which he talked about.

    However, there were signs prior to an exposè, as the article suggested “Umar has been able to platform himself into the national lecture circuit with false claims around his ancestry, fake credentials, and a fundraising mission that has failed.”

    The problem with our people is that they are in the Black Power Movements for money, power and fame.

    I’m deeply sad that black people lack good leaders the world over. As a result, we keep fighting the same fight.

    But I will focus over what I have power to change. I will promote love and marriage, entrepreneurial spirit ( i.e. group economics) between my people etc. We have to make it work or else we are all going to PERISH.

    • Wanting fame and fortune is always a problem. We have a lot of people that take advantage of our people. They need to be exposed as frauds! That’ why we must do our own investigation on these so-called leaders. I don’t think Cointelpro ever went away either. Thanks for the comment.

    • Do you figure the BPM should involve money, power and/or fame? Why so if so? Why not if not?

      I.e. should the BPM have part timers? Part timers beholden to white money, I might add.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. I just want to get the information out there. I’m not trying to be over critical. I just want to see genuine people that really love our people do right by us. I just can’t stand frauds and people who want to manipulate us for personal gain. I’m really getting tired of it. These frauds must be called out.

  12. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Tariq Nashees, Umar Johnson, Sara Suten Seti, Brother Polight, and countless others use our people weakness to sell them fake liberation dreams to benefit their agendas. Real revolutionaries put in work & show effective results on how their plan has benefit their own people.These cowards are nowhere near being the next Malcolm X or Marcus Garvey. White people like the con-artist like these I name because they are working for white supremacy & have no plan on freeing their people.

    • This is why this post was important. I anted to lay it all out on the table. We have been used and abused by so many frauds over the years. This madness has to STOP! We want real freedom and liberation from this racist and corrupt system. We can no longer waste time on weak politicians,fake revolutionaries and preacher pimps.

  13. The man has charisma and can definitely work up a crowd. He has put forward alot of ideas in the past, but lately I find I just can’t take him serious.

    • As I said,I agree with his points about inequality,police brutality and white racism. But his latest actions have caused quite a few people to doubt his sincerity and dedication to the cause.

  14. I stopped fucking with Umar and the hotep crowd after the Prof. Griff and Zaza Ali debacle and watching how these other ashy hoteps (aka Tariq Nasheed) would talk black empowerment and the devil white man while fucking and marrying white women then saying some of the vile, misogynistic thing about black women. Now how can I take these fools seriously?!?! Then that foolishness between Umar and Sara Seti reinforced why I stopped and got off the hotep train. But the amazing thing is that you have silly black people who will still call on these fools to “lead” and donate more money to them. smdh. Even black people know they pimp money out of silly black people, lol. This list was excellent so I learned he cursed black people for not helping him raise enough to build that school and he’s an undercover (now outted) misogynist. Great post,lol!

    • Yeah Griff and Zaza had a lovers spat and fell out. Umar and Seti went back and forth like little children. And Tariq and Tommy Sotomayor still have their beef going. All this drams makes the conscious community look foolish to me. Like I always say, much of their information is good and truthful but it gets lost with all the infighting. So it turns people off to the information. That’s why you have to do your own research and read the right books. You can’t just have blind faith in some of these men and women. It gets hard to pick out the genuine from the fakes. It starts to get very complicated and gives you a headache. But we will get through this as a people. But we can’t let this stop us from learning about our culture,history and learning about our enemies. But they’ve turned into a damn circus.smh

      • I no longer have any interest of joining any “pro-black empowerment” groups or organizations because of the EXTREME misogynoir within these circle. I remember Prof. Griff and other “pro-black” men were calling Zaza a closet lesbian and feminazi just because she started calling out the black community’s misogynoir. This is one reason why Prof- Griff with his also colorstruck ass was mad with Zaza. This is one of the reasons I lost interest in his message also, he outted himself as not caring that misogynoir toward bw and bgs is a MAJOR problem within and outside of the BC. You’re so problack show me that you are willing to tackle anti-blackness in all forms. I find it sad how black people think throwing the word “feminist” at black women, even though some of us don’t necessarily call ourselves feminist is supposed to be an insult, lol.And blaming (and demonizing) black feminists of all the ills of the black community instead of the real culprit white supremacy. That’s a problem and I’m gonna talk about that, lol.

      • Yes I’ve seen this too. I have noticed that many people are very selective when it comes to fighting anti-blackness. Griff is just one of many. He’s not the only one.

      • It’s extremely frustrating. Many times I just feel like screaming. Black people focus on racism ONLY. I remember reading Bell Hooks’ Ain’t I A Woman and she said that Black People think that racism is the only oppression that ails us. Then to add to that many of us are selective on which black people we fight against racism for and who we call out for racism. For example, many of us (mostly black women) notice that many black people act as if racism only affect black men and boys, they only call out white men for their racism but let white women’s racism slide despite the historical and modern documented racism of white women. Then when white women are racist against black women they brush it off and paint the black woman as the villain no matter what. Like a one sista said black people look at racism through a patriarchal lens “only white men are racist.” This type of thinking that black women and girls “don’t have it as hard” under the SOR is dangerous and helps to perpetuate racism, sexism and misogynoir against black women and girls without repercussions. This why black women’s struggle againsts racism coupled with misogynoir and sexism is sooo ignored by basically everyone, even black women. It looks as if this is not going to change, either. ***sigh***

  15. It’s 2017. Seriously. He could have gotten that money in 2 years. However, Umar has made a living “promising to buy a school” and many have bought into it. He speaks well but I’ll just say this: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, IT’S A DUCK! You are only as good as your word. Integrity does not need an alibi.

  16. I can’t honestly blame him. Black folk are in shambles. I’m no sell-out and I wouldn’t sell-out; but getting dollars from Black people is a goal. Of course, you’d want to provide a program or a service and definitely a return on investment; so while it may be he’s a fraud or had become corrupted into fraudulent practices; I can’t blame him.

    The article itself points out that excellent Black educators aren’t getting their money; and even if we look at the countless excellent authors you know Kushite Prince, yourself included; how paid are we by our people over our genius? I hope I’m not the only underpaid person LOL.

    C.C.Saunders wrote something which resonated with me in her article on Hidden Colors: Black genius is rewarded by white people. Truly, if a Black person can find a way to be rewarded by Black people in a Black conscious context (i.e. without religion.) That’s a good sign.

    I can’t say for certain he’s inauthentic or always been inauthentic. Yes, the evidence suggests he touted a false ancestry and a false degree; but who knows why? Is it possible that he had a passion for his people and they said “Yeah but Amos Wilson did all that and at least he had a degree.”

    Like you, I met the Brother. And while I’m no great judge of character, he was very respectful to me–and I’m no national figure. Sure, a lot of conmen are respectful to people on their good side see the new president of the ameriklan. But honestly, Umar reminds me of trump. And while I’d readily admit trump is a con–I think the more telling feature is that white people would literally give trump billions of dollars and all the power he can handle despite his non-experience; but we as Black people wouldn’t give Umar a million or even the power to educate a child DESPITE that most of us know he has some merit to him.

    Do I think he should start with a 5 million dollar school? NO. Is he a con? Possibly. But are we being constructive in just destroying one man? Not even a little bit. This article did go in on better examples of school administrators to support–sort of. But in all honesty, we NEED national/international leadership and need national/international organization. Some people are taking away the opposite. Guess which people suffer?

    Sorry to rant, but we are unwittingly destroying ourselves. Just look at trump. He’s a first-rate fool, a two-bit con and a waste of breath; but white folk made him their leader. Umar isn’t really a bad guy but who does he lead?

    Black folk got no leadership. But we can’t seem to connect that our lack of leadership precludes our lack of Power.

    • Lord knows I’m not a rich But I don’t do this for the money. I do it to educate my people on issues I feel is important. Times are really bad for us right now. We are in a zombie-like minds state. We trust our open enemy more than our own people. The self hatred runs really DEEP in us. We have been taught to mistrust one another. Your response is probably one of the best on tis issue. We do need funding for things. I have donated money to plenty of causes over the years. I just think people want to know the person is authentic. There are way too many frauds running around. So the people don’t know what to believe. Umar has brought a lot of this on himself. He has to man up and accept the mistakes he has made. We all have to be held accountable for our misdeeds. No one is above criticism…..not even me. WE have a real problem with a lack of leadership. We seem to be searching for another Garvey or Malcolm X. We still have that messiah complex. We are waiting for someone to come save us. But we will have to save ourselves. That is the harsh reality many of us don’t want to face. I have said this countless times on this blog. Now that Trump is in office black people will be getting a big WAKE up call very soon. We will have to find a way to unite and be a cohesive unit against our oppressors….or get ready for a very unstable future. Trust me brother,it’s going to get ugly if we don’t get our act together.

      • It’s been ugly. Like you, I’m not in it for the money. But I also can’t stand crackers not even a little bit.

        As it stands, we would expect Marcus Garvey to have a 9-5 with the white man. That’s horrible. The article talks about how great our leadership was once upon a time. But how much were they financed? I met Dr. Ben after his heyday, but before he died, people knew the ‘community’ was doing him dirty.

        I agree, I’d wish Umar were authentic. And I don’t necessarily know that he wasn’t. But I’ve been organizing for years–people ain’t trying to finance their liberation. If this man somehow found out a way to make some people finance their liberation–that’s something to study IMO. Some can say I’m well-read, plus I’m young, plus I’ve been active for years, but HA. I’d be lucky if I got a penny doing this.

        I don’t do it for the money-because if I did, I wouldn’t do it. LOL. Now back to my Ramen Noodles [not literally, can’t afford that ish :P]

      • Yeah I hear One thing I will give white people though..they will spend money on their own. They have raised thousands of dollars for white cops that killed blacks and were fired. They don’t mind donating money to keep racist oppression alive and well. Also I remember Amos Wilson saying that black people have been taught to distrust each other when it comes to money. We think all blacks are fake and trying to pull a fast one on us. Many of us are also barely getting by in this corrupt system. I know people that can barely pay their rent,water bill,light bill etc. Since so many of us are struggling we don’t feel that giving money for a cause is worth it. I think we have to look at the bigger picture though. There is no freedom without sacrifice. We tend to forget that.

      • Martin Delany wrote, “Whatever liberty is worth to the whites, it is worth to the blacks; therefore, whatever it cost the whites to obtain it, the blacks would be willing and ready to pay, if they desire it.”

        I’m not saying white people don’t criticize or talk bad about other white people. I mean they went in on bush and they’ll probably go in on trump. But like you note, ‘liberty’ comes at a cost. It comes with a down payment. There are smarter people than us who are slaving away for the white man, wittingly and unwittingly destroying our people, but what else can they do when the white man will pay him when we won’t–and this Black person needs money to live–by the system.

        I don’t like a conman–but at least it gives people hope to the possibility of an authentic man/woman being provided for by his/her people and for his/her intelligence.

        I’d rather hear of that–then–say the countless young people being celebrated for white advancement.

  17. @verbs2015 – dude, you really need to stop blaming black women for black society’s failures. Are you serious? As others have pointed out- what man blames women for their failures? Surely not a real one.

  18. Black people hating other Black people is what the White Supremacists WANT us to do! Dr. Johnson didn’t do nothing wrong! He did NOT falsely claim to be a direct descendant of Fredrick Douglas (he only acknowledged Fredrick Douglas as his ancestor…Fredrick Douglas & Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner and Dr. Amos Wilson ARE our ancestors) and this is something that he cleared up on Roland Martins show! Instead of the So-Called Whiteman crucifying our heroes…instead, they’ve got bamboozled Negros doing it for them! And none of the people criticizing the Brother ever even attempted to do what he tried to do! You think that the So-called Whiteman WANTS us to have a Afrikan centered school for boys?? You don’t think that theres even a possibility that…they set-up all kinds of obstacles to..STOP him? (Everybody that tried to help their people …got STOPPED! They arrested Elijah Muhammed, They stopped the The Hon. Marcus Garvey, they stopped Black Panther Party, they stopped El Hajj El Malik El Shabazz ,they stopped the KOY Israelites & the Geeche-Gullah community is underseige …right now at this Very moment!) And regarding that Stripper Hoe: A woman who takes off her clothes in front of salivating men whom she doesn’t even know…is not worthy of being treated nor addressed with Respect! The Hoe has no respect for herself! Dr. Johnson tried to get a school for Our boys opened….and now all of a sudden…..there’s suddenly a “problem” with his credentials (and people don’t seem to think that that’s strange in any kind of way) The only thing that Dr. Johnson did wrong was : he didn’t operate in secret..he came out openly in Public and his other mistake was: He went to the So-called Whiteman’s institution to gain a Doctor title, he didn’t even need to do that….a Latin “dr.” title is unnecessary(unless you’re practicing medicine)…you don’t go to the whiteman nor any other people for credentials nor prestige. You think that the So-called Whiteman WANTS us to get back up on our feet?NO! He went up against the system and now they crushing him (and you COONS is helping them!) If he did something wrong….then, PROVE It! “If you can prove it, then i will believe it…” Bash White Supremacy not Bash the Blackman!

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