Happy Bornday Khalid Muhammad!


This past January 12th was the birthday of the great warrior  Khalid Muhammad.  He was born January 12,1948. I don’t know if there were any celebrations..but there should be.  Khalid never bit his tongue. He  always represented Black Power and Black Unity to the fullest.  And all who love freedom,justice and liberation should respect him for that.  He was an unflinching warrior in the face of white supremacy.  His speeches always moved me and gave me chills!  As far as Muslims go I like him much better than Louis Farrakhan.  Farrakhan tuned his back on him like a coward when he needed him the most.  That’s when I knew Farr-A -CON was a phony.  Since he passed away in 2001 I don’t hear black people mention him as much. But I don’t think he should be forgotten.  He loved black people,African culture and was not afraid to speak TRUTH to power!  I just wanted to pay some respect to a true African warrior.  May his spirit live on forever!


Khalid Abdul Muhammad, the former Nation of Islam official during the Million Youth March in Harlem in September, 1999.



17 thoughts on “Happy Bornday Khalid Muhammad!

  1. I love this brother! Maybe it’s because I’m naturally drawn to MILITANCY and REVOLUTION. He was a great strategist, organiser and REVOLUTIONARY. But he got into a fight Farrakhan and we have seen the end of those who dare to disagree with Farrakhan.

    • Yes that’s true. Farrakhan turned his back on Malcolm too. History repeated itself. And when the Zionist Jewish media attacked Khalid,Farrakhan turned on him. When Khalid needed him the most Farrakhan proved he was a sellout turncoat! That’s why I no longer respect Farrakhan. He showed the world he was the white man’s bitch! He’s a low life coward!

  2. His kean college speech was the single greatest speech I’ve ever heard in my entire life. I just love listening to it. I wish I had it on dvd. I have three of his speeches on dvd: who is that mystery god, khalid vs chuck singleton, and khalid vs chuck somebody (a white christian lawyer). I dont have wifi to watch him on youtube all the time.

    I wish he had written some books. He probably was when he died, he was so young.

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