European Antics: Episode 7(Transgender Child)


This little white boy is nine year old  Avery Jackson. He/she has made history. Avery is the first transgender child on the cover of National Geographic. He has lived as an openly transgender girl since age five. This is very unsettling to see.  This proves that European culture wants to permanently damage the minds of children.  This is not normal behavior.

This is sexual perversion at it’s finest.  This video(above) is proof. This is just more European antics.

28 thoughts on “European Antics: Episode 7(Transgender Child)

  1. His hand placement on the magazine cover is really disturbing to me!
    It’s only fitting that he be on a NatGeo cover. And who lets their nine-year-old color their hair? Ugh. This is just more confusion in a world of confusion.

    • Very true Kelley. The hand placement is very telling. These parents are mentally deranged. That have destroyed that boys mind. But of course in the current culture this is all about “self expression”. Give me a damn break!

      • Right! Now I’m hearing about gender assignment??! People saying that just because the doctor says “it’s a boy!” when the baby comes out doesn’t mean it’s a boy…….. W T F is it then? These people are deranged indeed!

      • Yes I’ve heard of it. It’s sometimes called Sex assignment as well. This culture is so damn backwards. They are doing everything to confuse the children. They will be so confused about gender identity. All of this stuff will be normal to them. God help them!!

  2. I am not surprised. Guess pederasty paedophilia’s end results are been advertised by Nat Geo. We can all see why whites are becoming anti-liberal nowadays liberals way too open with their deviant behaviour, they exposing too much of the behind closed doors stuff.

  3. I’m just thinking back to when I was a kid didn’t even know what a tranny was now it’s something children are picking willy nilly. I’m thinking even as a kid in the late 90’s/early 2000’s been called gay or a battyman was a mad cuss. Don’t remember transgender even been one, we didn’t know what it was.

    • I never really heard tranny either. Guys would call each other fag and homo but never tranny. Unfortunately the word tranny will be normal for this generation. They have destroyed the minds of so many youth.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        I just heard that Marvel Black Panther will be having a black lesbian couple the character is Dora Milaje. I’m sick of Hollywood”s media betraying black women in dysfunctional relationships, if she’s not single, then she’s in a interracial relationship with a non black men, or a lesbian in movies.

      • A lesbian??? You got to be kidding me!! I didn’t hear about that. If that’s true they’re going to ruin that film. I shouldn’t be surprised. The gay or interracial agenda is always prevalent in satanic Hollywood. smh

      • @ Kushite Prince
        We talk a lot about the media pushing a homosexual agenda on black males, but I’m starting to believe the biggest push is among black women but especially dark skin black women. The reason why I say this the media always push a black man with a non black woman, a dark skinned black woman being single trying to find a black man, dark skinned black women least desire, and dark skinned black women are the ridicule of everyone’s jokes. By doing this you break the black woman down psychologically which will lower her self-esteem, make her turn her hatred, angry & frustration against black men, then make her turn to a woman for companionship which will lead to lesbianism.

      • P.S. I forgot to mention their making the black woman feel unwanted to push her into lesbianism. If she can’t find a “BLACK” man or any man, she’ll either be single, or a lesbian. What the Europeans are really pushing for is black lesbianism to destroy the black family. Destroying the “BLACK FAMILY” has always been the Europeans goal because they do not want a black nation. That’s why they are constantly advertising relationships with black men with non black women to destroy the black family. Separate the black man from his black woman keep them from building a unified nation.

        One thing for sure it’s becoming more hard for mentally stable black men & women that are for building a strong black family & nation to find in building a relationship.

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