European Antics: Episode 6(Training Gay)

The video speaks for itself.  Is this how homosexuals workout at the gym?  Shout out to my brother Cynikal Afrikan. Thanks for the upload!

27 thoughts on “European Antics: Episode 6(Training Gay)

  1. I’m tired of these fucking gays. I do apologize for the language but they are forcing this sickness down our throats.

    P.S. The movie “Moonlight” you post about awhile back won a golden globe for best picture. The lead character Travante Rhodes is a LGBT supporter. It was a comment I just read that he stated in a interview said it all. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he end with a non black woman.

    • We need more sisters like you speak out like this. Thank you for remaining sane and not letting fags and dykes get into your head (or your pants, for that matter). They’re (homos) trying to use black/Afrikan women to get the race to submit to this. Question though, how do we get more black women (and men) to recognize the problem with this gay agenda? It seems like even some “conscious” women are going along with this too.

    • It’s okay Shanequa. A lot of people feel the same way. This gay agenda is getting way out of hand. Most people I talk to are sick to their stomach! And I can’t blame them. Of course Moonlight won awards. I predicted it because that’s hoe they want to represent black people. Hollywood is very predictable. Speaking of the Golden Globe actors Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissed each other! YUCK!! This is their idea of humor. Very sick indeed.

  2. And people said IG was going overboard with the homosexual issue. Now we see how serious this thing is. 5 years ago, everyone thought it was just about gay rights, and specifically, gay marriage. LOL no, they going for the jugular; they’re trying to destroy heteorsexuality altogether. I just came across a tranny who claimed that men who “discriminate” against trans “women” when selecting mate and sex partners were “transphobic”. Soon, it’s going to be a damn hate crime to heterosexual. We need to support movements and organizations that stand against the madness as much as possible (financially and otherwise) such as the SBPM and others.

    • Where you been man? Good to see you drop by TA. I agree with Genie and SBPM. WE need more movements to counter this sick gay/lesbian agenda. They are corrupted the minds of African people. This is normal stuff for Europeans. They been doing this since Greek/Rome. And all this transgender crap is the next movement. Then next will be legalizing pedophilia. I’m telling you brother it’s coming. These pedophile fags have NO limits. And they want us to see this sexual perversion as normal. I will not stand for this.

  3. The homosexual lifestyle was already expose in our community but it seems when Obama legalized gay marriages it has gotten out of control. As a black woman I very concern about how our community is being over-exposed with homosexuals. Also we have too many of our people that are over-sexualize that will lead them to more deviant sexual behavior. What is the biggest concern for me is that we have too many black men that are being emasculated. I remember when it was a time that you wouldn’t dare see a black man in the nail shop getting a pedicure but now its the norm. When our black men are effeminize they already been defeated by white supremacy. We have masculate black male athletes that play the most masculated sports dress like queers.

    Here is a link of rapper Souljah Boy responding to Chris Brown, but what I find most disturbing is the last post. A real heterosexual black man is not going to be in the same room with another black man having sex with females.

    Here’s a link of rapper Khia calling out rapper Plies out of being on the down low. I have to agree with her on this because he does act effeminize.

    • Yes I’ve seen those videos before. I remember rapper Pimp C exposed the homosexuality in the rap business. Many people didn’t believe him but now they see it was TRUE all long. The elites behind the scene are trying to brainwash our children to see being gay/lesbian as a normal option. Even though they try to hide the truth it always comes to light in the end. Thanks for the videos Shanequa.

  4. I won’t even look at it. It’s pathetic. There is an agenda by the elites to stop Black people from becoming the power they fear. One way is through the promotion of Gendercide. The LGBT has campaigned extensively to the Black community but its intent is beyond sinister. The greatest threat to White Supremacy is The Black Family. If you can convince Black men to have sex with men; and Black women to have intimacy with other women, that neutralizes the threat. We have a real enemy, Black People. And we better start over-standing that!

  5. I feel so sick inside my stomach, I am tired about these buffoonery!
    Really I don’t turn on and I don’t follow the TV and newspaper, because they are now everywhere!
    The last time there was news about in one American newspaper of a man who had adopted a boy when he was young, now old age he wants to marry him!
    Please shit,come on! Is so fucking lousy!

    • I understand what you’re going through Shanequa. It makes a lot of us sick. That’s why we have to keep speaking out on this sick perversion. The people in power are demented disgusting pedophiles. We must let our voices be heard.

  6. I’m only commenting on the title. Training Gay. I said it like Training Day out loud and can’t stop laughing. Kush got comedic timing y’all. LOL

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