Serena Williams: Swirling with the Enemy


There’s been a lot of controversy about tennis player Serena Williams getting engaged to a white man recently.  Her fiancée is Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. There’s been a lot of talk in black media about this. I didn’t think  it was that  big of a deal at first. At least to me. Serena had dated rapper Common for many years.  And most recently she dated biracial rapper Drake.  But I wasn’t really shocked   because she and her sister Venus have dated white men before.


Here’s Serena with ex boyfriend Brett Ratner. He’s a film director and not a very good one at that.


Serena also dated her French coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

Here’s an interesting video(above) by Rashida Strober.  She gives a good commentary on why Serena may have gotten with a white man.  This is has been a subject on the minds of many black people. Did Serena just give up on black love?  Is she just a bed wench?

In this video(above) this brother talks about Serena saying that white men have treated her better in relationships. Is that really true?  Or is she just saying that? Is this a good reason to date white folks?  Or is it just a cop out?  Check out the videos and let me know your thoughts. Also be sure to check out BlackMyStory’s post on this topic.  It’s a great read!

104 thoughts on “Serena Williams: Swirling with the Enemy

  1. First of all they all say that – “White men treat me better” … What does that even mean though? Notice how they never seem to elaborate on this. What is it exactly that black men are supposedly not doing? Sorry but I think black women believe that white men treat them better because they BEHAVE differently with a white man, as if they are sub-consciously trying to replace the white woman. OR the white man treats her the way he would treat a white woman. His treatment isn’t necessarily better but because IT’S WHITE, IT’S RIGHT INNIT… Second, we must almost remember that men should respect a woman but she has to give him SOMETHING for him to respect. Yes she and her sister are tennis champions but are they worthy of black seed though.. Third, she said she don’t see colour when she date… Then Serena is not about nation building for our people. She doesn’t recognise that we are a broken people who need healing – something we cannot do when we marry white people. My conclusion? She gave up and turned to the bed wrench life.. Such a shame I was fan. (E)

    • I completely agree with everything you’ve stated. You have to have a really really strong white partner if you’re allowing yourself to be 100%. That means he understands what the hair process is, loves you without it. Gets down in the trenches with you to fight the injustices against Black people… but I don’t see any of this happening. But how would we ever know?

      • This is one of the biggest concerns that I have with blacks dating outside of our race. I’ll copy what i said in another post reply – being black in America is not something that someone can just escape or coast through. It takes work along with many other things. Unfortunately, no other race can teach a black (wo)man how to survive, exist, and love self. No other race can teach a black (wo)man how to make sense of their experiences and emotions.

        This is the reason I feel that I can’t truly be with anyone other than a black man – whether I like it or not. I too hope that Serena’s fiance is fully equipped to love a black woman in her position. I hope he understands the importance of her existence in the black community because she is to be handled with care. You need different tools to care for a black woman in America. Period.

      • Honestly speaking I don’t see this happening. I will eat my shoes the day I hear a white man speak afro hair knowledge. Even if he did and he marched, that’s not enough because that’s just the practical element. To truly bond with the spirit and soul of a black person you need to understand their pain, their trauma, their history. No white person on this planet can do that because the only life they know is privilege. Only a black person can because we are living the eternal struggle. To be blunt, black women looking to date white men are trying to escape that struggle.

      • Again, I agree. Even if he’s “down”, there aren’t enough books to read or conversations to be had to make him feel what we feel. A white partner is a pacifier offering spurts of escape. One can possibly live vicariously through the privileges of biracial offspring as well, but there’s not much else to it.

    • I see your point Eunice. I have always been a fan of Serena. I love seeing her dominate in tennis. And I think she’s a beautiful woman. But I see what you’ saying about respect as well. I agree that she and Venus are not about nation building. She says he doesn’t see color. Isn’t funny how black people who say they are colorblind….can’t see the color black?lol It’s hard to take them seriously. But it seems that she and her sister have jumped the fence It really is a shame. If Serena has babies with this mutant she will be diluting he beautiful African genetics. All that good melanin going to waste.

    • Come to think of it, I can’t recall anyone ever elaborating on what white men are doing better than black men in relationships. I DO hear a lot of black men speak on the difference between black women and other races of women, however. I think you’re spot on with your observation of how our behaviors sometimes change when we are dating outside of our race. But what bothers me about that is how we can be the best version of ourselves when dating outside of our race but not when dating within. I understand the trials that we face internally…I do. But it just supports the fact that we COULD do better and BE better with each other, if we actually tried.

      I love what you said about not seeing color. I commented on someone else’s post recently about this. I want my spouse to see the color of my skin.” Don’t be color blind with me…my color is nothing to ignore. Rather you should revel in its history, present and future. And as you said, to heal – we have to rebuild from within.

      • Funny you pointed it out, cos I’ve seen a few videos black women made about dating white men and they actually elaborated. However, from this you see another reason why they say the ‘white man treats me better crap’. Listen carefully and you will hear them say white men took me here and there and we did this blah blah, but black men wana stay in and chill. And then it hit me – these black women think white men treat them better because white men can AFFOROD to wine and dine them 24/27. Meanwhile the same white man is keeping jobs from the black man hence his economic struggle and lack of funds to satisfy the black woman demanding the luxury lifestyle…. Notice how they don’t mention love. It’s always ‘treat me better’. Never mind ‘love me’, what they really mean is ‘spoil me’ with meaningless crap. No wonder why they act different!. What you said about ‘being the best version of ourselves with the white man’ – that bothers me too but now I’m thinking is that even the best though? Surely it’s not when that ‘change’ is influenced by the white man’s privilege which is able to feed her superficial needs? I definitely agree that we could do better – if we all conscious. Yes not every conscious black woman has found her man but it’s a start right? When you’re conscious you understand the struggle, and the importance of re-building the black family. You realise the power of black love… Just out of interest, that post you mentioned – so is the spouse a white person who refuses to see colour? -____-

      • When I find the links again I’ll send so you can see for yourself! I’ve just read the post. I see what you mean now. Well if a black woman wants her man to see her colour better marry black them init…. A black man will see more than colour. He will see the essence of it, the power and the divine beauty – well a conscious one anyway… Interesting how Ariel said – what if black men and women felt like they belonged to each other? Well we do – we’re both living the struggle. Who better to understand us than ourselves? It’s a shared experience yet, that experience continues to divide us…

      • I feel you on this! And the last thing you said was spot on. I think Ariel was referring to the black men and women who dont appreciate each other as we should. Not all of us feel that we belong together but if we did, our strength would be unmatchable!

  2. “In this video(above) this brother talks about Serena saying that white men have treated her better in relationships. Is that really true? ”

    I don’t see how this could be true. As many white women that complain about white men stomping a mud hole in their ass and white men treat women better? Donald Trump grabs them by the pussy, is that treating women better? Most white men are either gay as can be or bi-sexual and many white women just look the other way when that white man comes home smelling like ass.

    So, do not be put out by this swirl thing with Serena because when dude keeps coming home smelling like ass, she gone divorce his ass, IF it even gets that far.

    This is exactly why I don’t look up to any of that nasty shit; tennis players or Hollywood shit! As far as I am concerned, Serena Williams and sister is just as bad as Halle Berry and as much sex as Eric Benet gave to Halle Berry, she managed NOT to have a baby by a Black man and now is caught up in white baby daddy drama from Canada to France. Serves her ass right!

  3. I’m not a fan of white men but dang, couldn’t she find at least a five star? All the Black, afro-Latin and half Black guys were taken huh? These guys are just… yeck! Anyway, I think Serena may have some healing to do that she’s ignored. She can’t really like herself and/or be down to truly assist in the advancement of Blacks if she’s creating a future with a white man. Or, like I said to Shelby, it could all be part of the plan in Hollywood to perpetuate the lie that successful Black people cannot build together.

    • Yeah its’ a sad sight to see. Procreating with a cave man is the worst! Good Lord! She and Venus have been dating them for awhile now. She claims black men weren’t treating her has good as white men. There goes that White Knight complex We’ve seen it in films and dramas for years now. I guess some sistas are starting to believe the hype. This is what they want us to see as an option. But in the end it will not advance us as a people. All this race mixing/biracial craziness has reached an epic high! And more and more black people are falling for it. And so many people look up to celebs like Serena,Kanye/Kim K, etc…. That’s a big part of the problem. We have to think for ourselves and stop following what these celebs do.

      • Yes! They look at celebrity couples as the relationships bible. No! They are pawns in a game, used to control and influence the masses.

        How do we know what’s true? Why do certain celebrities get so much attention? Who tf is Kim K + why is she famous? We give too much attention to the wrong things. While I look at couples like Jay and Beyoncé and know hey had to be put together cuz I sense zero chemistry, the blind just hashtag #relationshipgoals

      • Yeah They’re noting to look up to. But they use celebs because they are the trendsetters and the mindless sheep worship them. If we don’t follow what they do…they have NO power. We give them power by following their every move. They need us,we don’t need them. We have to realize that fact. And black people should know by now anyway. The television nd film industry is not owned by us, so they will only promote black people that support their agendas most of the time.

    • I’m with Kelley on this one! Those white ‘men’ look like death warmed over! Is that the ‘best’ they can do when ‘swirling’ because if it is, they are selling themselves real short. Those ‘white’ men look like something out of a horror movie. If I woke up to faces like that every morning, I pray NOT to wake up! GEEZUS KRIST!!! Talk about hard up! Those two are that and then some!

    • Cliff brought up the divide and conquer tactic of the media in a previous post and I totally agree with you on that! I do care immensely about the advancement of blacks and about black love. But considering my own struggles as a black woman in finding love within my community, I struggle with challenging Serena’s decision to accept a love just because it isn’t black.

      Finding love today is hard; especially at Serena’s age. There are definitely some AMAZING black men out here who are ready and willing to love us black women. But who’s to say that those are the men that she’s encountered / encountering? If there were a shopping mall of eligible men that she could pick from, that would be one thing lol. But its not as if she’s got a lineup of compatible, eligible, single and monogamous men in front of her her and she deliberately chooses the white man from the lineup. You know what I’m saying? She accepted this love – she didn’t necessarily choose it. I don’t know…its so hard to be both a woman and black 😦

      • I see your points but you still have to open up your heart to these types of people to get as far as she’s gotten: a marriage proposal/promise of forever or whatever her may have offered her. I don’t know about her situation and who knows if it’s true, but I know for a fact that a woman like yourself who claims to care greatly for our advancement and perpetuates positive Blackness and unity could never have an open heart to a white person. If you did, everything you say will go out the window. It’s contradictory + counterproductive, in my opinion.

        Even if this man is “down with the brown”, I mean down there with you, in the trenches of despair that comes with Black skin and that oppressive white boot on your neck, what will your love say to other Blacks? What about your children and other youngsters you influence? What about the future of Black people? In my opinion, it doesn’t work and eventually Black love and Black people won’t exist if we keep intermixing.

      • You definitely raise some great points, as always. I’ll say that for me, I consider myself an individual above and before all else. And in that, I have an obligation to myself and my happiness first and foremost. Perpetuating positive Blackness and unity, for me doesn’t mean negating that. Nor does it mean making my decisions based solely on the color my skin.
        I think that we cross into very dangerous territory when we attempt to categorize, pigeonhole or box in what it means to be “a good/authentic black.” And to discredit someone’s contribution to the black community for not staying within the constraints of that box is not something that I personally condone. That in itself can be considered extremely divisive and destructive in nature. I feel that people maintain the right to be an individual in whatever situation they’re in.
        Me choosing not to open my heart to a white man is in knowing that he can’t meet my needs; not out of obgligation to my race. But I would never discredit Serena’s impact or “authenticity” in the black community for choosing to do otherwise. Race is a social construct – love isn’t. I don’t expect one to guide the other. But again, that’s just my personal feelings on that. I totally respect someone’s decision to operate differently.
        As for the children, if being honest…I’m more concerned about the message that we might be sending to our mixed babies when we challenge the authenticity of their blackness in suggesting that a mixed breed is the extinction of blackness. What are we saying about their existence as black children in doing so? Ugh Kelley, you always make me think. I hate it lol jk =P. I can’t ignore the points that you made though – because I agree with you on many of them. I just feel differently in certain areas.

      • I completely get it, believe me. It’s a tough subject that’s definitely subjective.

        I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to be divisive in our situation. Our greatness is being destroyed in every way imaginable, from chem trails blocking the sun rays that multiply our melanin supply to poisonous food making us fat and slow to the longest prison sentences ever. To survive is a revolutionary act, really. We have been made to feel guilty for loving ourselves and loving each other for decades. Sure, love is not a social construct, but who is loving us if we’re always told peace resides in other races, not within? We are always the ones bending for others while no one is bending for us. I used to have a ton of Mexican friends and never did they tell each other to date a Black guy or any other race, but always told me and only me, to give them a chance. And the men of other races that have approached me ALWAYS bring up race first, which rubs me the wrong way. I felt like a Black experience rather than someone they were genuinely interested, and that only increased my love and respect for Black love and Black unions.

        From what I’ve experienced, I’m done “giving chances” and bending for a world that hates me. I see no benefit for myself or the future of Black people. Of course there are great white people and great Asians and people of Latin descent, but they are mostly focused on their survival. Why aren’t we?

        As for the mixed kids, I’ve realized that they are their own separate race. Even my mixed cousins don’t claim to be Black; they make sure everyone knows what they’re mixed with, and there is nothing wrong with that. My problem lies in the line that is constantly blurred because this guy is 10% African or she’s 22% African, with blatant phenotypes showing that they are not solely Black. Nothing wrong with mixed babies, I love them, but why are we including them if 1. they are clearly not solely African and 2. do not claim to be solely African?

        I’m glad I make you think! You make me think to, thank you! I’m glad we can get along with differing views, as the world should be, right?

      • “To survive is a revolutionary act” – that line is so beautiful Kelley….and packed with truth! The absence of positive images of black love has played an ugly part in the guilt that you speak of. Along with the atmosphere we’ve created for applauding our own self-hatred. It’s heartbreaking, to say the least. Do you think that you would be more welcoming of us dating outside of our race if we weren’t doing so out of self-hatred? Or if there was a strong enough number of us dating within…posing little to no risk to our existence?

        I definitely agree with you – the message of ‘peace residing in other races’ is damaging. I just feel that it’s our responsibility to actively seek and practice self-love in a way that allows us to reject those messages without allowing them (or race) to control how or who we love. But do you feel it’s possible to truly love yourself as a black woman and still be capable of love outside of your race? (Sorry for asking you so many questions; I just love talking to you and hearing your thoughts on things lol).

        I will admit – one thing that I have admired about other races (and you mentioned this also) is how they see the beauty in dating within. And sometimes I do wonder whether or not it’s strategic or just a natural love for each other. It would be beautiful to want to date one another out of love and appreciation for each other rather than out of fear or for survival.

        And YES, I DEFINIELY notice how men of other races bring up race first when pursuing black women. Do you think it’s because blacks are so vocal in matters of race, that they feel compelled to do so? Or do you think it’s due to their subconscious / an inner conflict? Nearly every time I’ve been approached by a white man, I found myself questioning if he too was seeking a Black experience (or an even more dysfunctional experience of ownership or other perverse agendas).

        And YES, we should all be able to get along with differing views! And not even stop there – we can learn from each other. I’m considering lots of things as I talk with you!

      • It’s no problem; I love your responses, questions and talking with you as well.

        I do think it’s possible to date a non-Black and have plenty of self-love; there is just a thin line between fetishization and admiration/appreciation that must be never be crossed. Personally, at this point in my life, it could only be a person mixed with African. Not only is it a means for survival, but it’s what I like. It’s what I like to see. What I like to be seen with. What I like representing. Also, when I meet the family, they love me! Always! lol! I’m apprehensive of that meeting when I think of meeting the “other half” you know, which is my own insecurity. Plus dating and meeting the family can be tough anyway. Anywho, even in middle school and high school where I was surrounded by ALL types of kids, I was always attracted to Black guys or guys mixed with Black and a Latin guy sprinkled in here and there. I’ve only had Black boyfriends and went on two dates with one white guy ever lol. [That was enough for me.] I don’t have a skin color preference, but I love nappy hair that kisses the sky like mine, a voice with some bass AND thick lips! Someone that understands our history and is actively learning it. There is no way I could be with a white person. I just cannot see how it could work in the long run. I’ve also had white roommates and … it just wasn’t pretty.

        I remember the first time a white guy flirted with me; I was a hs senior working at Sizzler and his opening line: “how do you feel about white men?” The next guy: “Do I need to get a tan before I take you out?” Then [one of the two dates with the white guy]: “Are you embarrassed to be seen with a white man?” I know men can be awkward when approaching women they’re attracted to, but I have noticed this pattern even just with non-Blacks being “friendly”; race is often the opening topic when they’re trying to relate and sometimes I just need people to get it, you know? On my blog maybe, but in person, I don’t have much energy to be the Black spokesperson + stand on a soapbox to explain why I don’t call myself or my friends niggas or bitches or why we’re so angry or loud or which sport[s] I play or why I can’t dance or why I don’t know who this rapper is or why my bottom lip is bigger than my top one or if I wash my hair or why Black people do this or that. Maybe I’m the only approachable Black face they’ve seen for miles so they unleash their list of questions/guilts/curiosities/conflicts onto me, I don’t know. I will get an answer for you next time someone comes at me tho!

  4. “Black women shouldn’t complain about black men dating below average looking non black women when their out here dating below average looking non black men.”

    Serena Williams is a beautiful & talented sistah, but we do need to call her out on her dating choices. If white men treat her great as she stated, then why have she been in several fail relationships with them. She dated Common & Drake who are both playboys that have dated several female celebrities. Common dated Taraji P. Henson & Erykah badu. Drake been with so many video vixens & other celebrity women you lose track of who they are. The boxer Zab Judah wife or girlfriend during the time busted him with Serena Williams. Serena have also made poor choices of dating men and being in unstable relationships. All these men we have seen Serena dated make her come off as desperate for a man.

    I strongly believe black men were hurt the most by Serena’s choice of dating a white man which is understandable. Here you have a black woman that you love, respected and was your eye candy to be with a white man is a slap in the face. I also feel that Serena allow herself to be sexually exploited. Yes, she have a nice shape but I do have a problem of her dropping it like it hots, spreading it out, and half nake in her photo shots. Her accomplishment as a professional tennis player speak for itself but it seems like she’s getting the Sarah Baartman treatment.

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    • I see your point Shanequa. She did let her self be exploited in a way. But I think most female celebs do it in the sports/film/music world. Everything in European culture is sexualized. If you don’t show your body off in some way you can’t stay relevant. I wont lie,I don’t like seeing Serena with a cave man. It is truly a waste of beautiful melanin to procreate with a Neanderthal. And I understand why many brothers don’t like it. But I also know that Serena is a not a race conscious black woman who claims to be “colorblind”. And anytime that a black person says that you they are a very confused negro. Thanks for the pics as well. I do like the second and last picture. She has taken some tastefully done pics in the past though.

    • Celeb photos are always there to tell those in the know what’s really going down. Staged nastiness going on in plain sight. Be wary of Twitter and other social media shite they supposedly put out.
      See the black and white checkerboard floor is a clear masonic symbol and Serena is wearing white to show initiation. Be sure that Queen Bey, a mind controlled occultist, has been involved in turning her. She is seated on a very regal throne so she is the royalty or the superior one. Her slutty bold pose shows that she knows exactly what she is doing. Serena, with her legs and arms crossed and averted gaze, is not on her level and therefore subserviant. All very dark.
      The first pic of Serena and her fiance is bizarre. There is zero chemistry between the couple and I would go so far as to say that I think it has been photoshopped. What, no hand around the waist of his bride to be? His right hand, on the left as we view, also looks fake and drawn in. Their eyes seem focused on different things rather than each other. I will try to find some more pics of the ‘happy couple’ but on this showing I’m not buying it. That would make Serena a bought and paid for agenda-shovelling sellout. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  5. I think you all are being a little too hard on Serena. Let’s be honest, how many black men on Serena’s level or above is honestly checking for her? Serena is a regal black queen, but let’s not fake the funk acting like black people (and black men in particular) are mentally ill due to white supremacy. A large percentage of black men at or above Serena’s level are checking for non-black men. Serena is 35. Should she wait on some black king to save her?

    Let’s be honest here.

    • You know we don’t pull any punches around here I think you made a mistake though. You said most black men are checking for non-black men. I think you meant to say they’re looking for non-black women right? I don’t believe that is true although many of them do like white/Hispanic women. Save Serena?? I don’t think she wants to be saved to be honest. But hey,she has her white knight now so she should happy.

      • lol @ her white knight. In my head I keep hearing the song “don’t save her…she don’t wanna be saved.” HAHA! Interesting thought (tell me your thoughts on this)…I know that with the amount of racism and discrimination that I face on a daily basis, that a white man would not be able to cater to my needs as a black man could. But I question if the same goes for celebrities seeing that they don’t encounter or face the same obstacles that we deal with on a daily basis. What do you think?

        I agree with RC in that we are definitely ignoring other factors that many black women face in dating “up”…

        Black men in Serena’s class do appear to prefer dating outside of their race. Within the past year, I have been pressed to find a strong number of black celebrity couples; most being black men with non-black women.

        I mentioned in one of my earlier responses that Serena’s age is something that I too consider as a single black woman in my 30’s. Finding love today is hard; especially at Serena’s age. There are definitely some AMAZING black men out here who are ready and willing to love us black women. But I can’t say with certainty that she’s been fortunate enough to find them. In my opinion, its one thing to choose love outside of your race…and its another to accept it.

      • I agree with Reality Check. I would have loved to see Serena married to a Black Man and I’m not surprised at this engagement, but what make me mad most of all is how many black people clowned her for years right along with white supremacist calling her “too masculine” “a monkey” and other most vile and ugly names and for some black men, her only asset was her ass cause other than that she was “ugly” and “looked like a man.” Some of these same black men (and there’s anti-serena mammy black women too) are now angry that she crossed over. I’ve seen some of the comments on social media regarding Serena’s engagement from black people (women too) that are very hypocritical and contradictory to say the least.

        We really need to have a conversation in the black “community” about how many of our own rampant anti-blackness and colorism contributes to our need to seek validation from non-blacks. Buuut I don’t think that will happen because I noticed a lot of black people deny, deny, deny colorism (especially, especially some black men’s colorism towards black women) like white people deny, deny,deny racism.

        I can’t help but wonder did Serena actually started swirling because she hate black men or she just succumbed to all the anti-blackness towards her from other black people cause nothing hurts worst than hatred from your own people. From what I seen it looks like a good amount of black people hate black women and girls with a blue AND purple passion especially the dark skin sistas. I can’t tell you how I many times have been floored at how much some black people hate black women and girls, via comments on social media and videos on youtube, that would put David Duke and the Klan to shame. We have a lot of Klans men and women in black race. We need a serious purge and I don’t feel bad about saying that anymore because so many of us have become soooo wretched and devilish.

        As far as Serena’s alleged comments, I don’t believe she said those things about black men I think that there were put out there to cause more confusion. I remember it was alleged about 10 years ago she was accused of saying, and I’m paraphrase “If a black woman want a life partner, she would have to date either other black women or white men.” It was later confirmed that she said no such thing. If black men were so bad why did she continue to date to date black men? I think Sarena is the type of black woman who is willing to date and or marry a man of any race, not necessarily because she hates black men. She did date both black and white men maybe in between for years. We all have ran into these types of black people who love to taste the rainbow just cause they can.

        Just callin it like I see it.

  6. Serena’s finacee’ Alexis Ohanian has a “FETISH” for black women so he’s treating her like a bedwench. He’s with her for a fetish and Serena is with him for self hating reasons.These non black people who date “BLACK AFRICANS” know when their dealing with a low self esteem safe hating black African. Interracial dating is nothing more then a white supremacy con-game in which non black people will benefit more.

  7. It’s not going to last. He’s in it for cash. There’s a well kept attitude among white men and women of lower classes that a quick way to get paid is to cash in on Self-hating rich Negroes too eager to be accepted by white people–no matter where they come from. Ask Tiger Woods. That dude is barely worth 5 million dollars. He cashed out to Google before Reddit got big. Serena has a fortune of almost 200 Million and growing. She better get her head out of the clouds and GET A PRENUP!

  8. I am not really surprise about her choice,she gave more opportunity to white racist people mock her,who already hate her and her talent!
    Most white men,that she loves,maybe she doesn’t know or better she refuses to accept the reality,they insult her in any way, call her a man, disguised, masculine, aggressive, nasty,ugly ,monkey and all the stereotypes that black men have learned from white men!
    These black women who love white men,they think if the 1% or 2% of WM want BW,for them mean all the rest of 100% of white men want BW!
    Such silly thought!

  9. I think he was instructed to marry her with the end product being her money and legacy will end up in non black hands.

    That whole “white men treated me better” is the biggest crock of bullshit Ive ever heard. Only black people are encouraged to use that logic.

    Her coach was and is still married. How is that being treated better? The black men she dated were entertainers. I mean duh, what outcome do you expect from dating entertainers.

    I’ma watch thise vids later, Im interested to hear some poignant commentary on this.

    Serena and Alex look so unnatural together. Except for that one photo where she’s hanging off him, they dont look affectionate. Fans are speculating that she had some work done on her face recently. Her coach/lover recently had an out-of-wedlock child with some other black woman. And yes, white men and women hate her with a passion. She might view this union as something that will piss white people off, but she’s wrong.

    • So true KJ. They really do look unnatural together. I really don’t think this relationship will last very long. I think later on she will realize the mistake she made with this guy. They might stay married two years at the most.

  10. I get a little passionate about this topic. I don’t see anything revolutionary about a woman who jumps into bed with the enemy and collaborates with racism/white supremacy–a system that depends on the death and exploitation of her people :

    Secondly, non-african men can’t empower black women. White, Arab, Indian and Chinese men will never put the welfare of black women before their women. FORGET it!!!

    But most black women are asleep and refuse to see the political game played by the establishment.

    • black people as a whole are asleep. If you think the burden of confusion lies more with black women, youre just feeding into that white supremacist-instilled gender war bullshit.

    • Sorry Scejaman, black women are the only thing holding the black community together at this point. If you want to place blame, it probably needs to be elsewhere (if you want to go there).

      • @reality_check I don’t whether or not, I should include “Not all black women, but some black women” to drive the message home, that I’m talking about black women who date/marry out.

        I don’t buy into one-sided criticism. All Black people should be held accountable regardless of gender. No one should be off-hook.

        When I said “most black women are asleep and refuse to see the political game played by the establishment” , I was saying it along the lines of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing “Black women have been confused and less clear in fully understanding how they have been led to cooperate in this deadly power game of white supremacy. Further, Black women do not understand fully that they have nothing to gain and everything to lose if this deadly game continues.”
        -pg 285, “Black Women Moving Towards the 21st Century”

        Notice that Dr. Frances Cress Welsing didn’t say “not all black women” but said “black women”?

    • “non-african men can’t empower black women. White, Arab, Indian and Chinese men will never put the welfare of black women before their women.”

      — I agree wholeheartedly. Its impossible. But I think a lot of black women are doubting whether or not black men are willing to do the same. There is a huge disconnect in our community as it pertains to love and we need to fix it.

      • You know I’m an African brother with an accent. I can tell you that most African (black) men don’t have mixed loyalties when it comes to Black women. Africa is home to the most loyal brothers any Black woman could possibly imagine ever.

        False individualism is killing the Black community. That’s the process! Some brothers think that their actions don’t affect the Black community. There’s some sacred information concerning initiation rites, I can’t share online and because you’re a woman. It’s man stuff. But the goal of these rites are to train boys into manhood.

        But in Black America, there’s no one willing to hold these brothers accountable for their actions because “I’m an individual. I have a right to be happy all the time” “My happiness comes first” “I’m a human being.” That’s not MANHOOD, but boyhood!

        I don’t live as an individual but as part of the larger Black community. A real man steps to the plate. His family and community comes first over his lust (non-African women/ interracial sex) and even himself. Manhood is about self-sacrifice. We love those who belong to us (black women).

      • I appreciate your feedback and insight! And thank you for sharing what information that you can with me. I wasn’t aware that African men have such a strong(er) love for black women than African American men. That’s extremely encouraging and beautiful 🙂

        Its interesting what you shared about the lack of accountability for black men in America. I HAVE noticed that the accountability IS present in many other cultures except Black America. You’re right! Do you feel its possible to change that?

        We do share somewhat differing outlooks in the placement of individual happiness and responsibility to self. But I do respect and understand your position and commitment to the Black community.

        I completely agree with you that we have a large responsibility to love, protect and respect our race and community (especially over lust). And no (wo)man’s happiness should ever stem from a hatred or absence of love for their own people. Peace and Love King!

      • @ Nosyjosie

        I don’t know your experiences as a black woman, but you know I’m an African brother with an accent. I can tell you that most African (black) men don’t have mixed loyalties when it comes to Black women. Africa is home to the most loyal brothers any Black woman could possibly ever imagine.

        We don’t complain about “black women’s weaves” or “black women’s attitudes”, instead the emphasis is on finding a woman who wants to build with you!

        False individualism is killing the Black community. That’s the process! Some brothers as well as black women think that their actions don’t affect the Black community. They live in a fantasy separatist island where they’re just “Individuals” and “Human beings.”

        There’s some sacred information concerning initiation rites, I can’t share online and because some of you are women and it’s a public forum. It’s man stuff. But the goal of these rites are to train boys into manhood.

        We African men rarely live our lives as individuals, instead, we see ourselves as part of the black community. It takes a black community to raise black boys into black men.

        I can’t place my happiness above that of the black woman and the black community. If the black community is in chaos, then my life will be chaotic, to a great extent. I was not trained like that when I was made a man by my ELDERS. Manhood is about self-sacrifice.

        Let’s start with our IDENTITY (Black love) and go for DEVELOPMENT.

      • Lol. I thought the first reply wasn’t sent. So I edit it. But you got the message.

        Overall, I’m open to all black women, whether African American or African women, it doesn’t matter. As long as she’s black! Race-mixing is useless at this time, when we lack economic and political power.

  11. @KJ, I know that. But the post was on a black woman who is sleeping/engaged to the ENEMY. So I didn’t want to be off the topic. I don’t have favourites. I’m straightforward. I’m against brothas dating out. I’m against sisthas dating out.

    However, my comments were directed at black women who think they have non-African allies (friends). I’ve been frequenting BLACK WOMEN EMPOWERMENT( BLACK FEMINISTS) blogs and they denigrate and blame us black males for every failure of the black community.

    We are told it’s just mere crime and poverty in the black community, that is driving these girls into the arms of white, Arab, Indian and Chinese men. The other truth is left out of black women being politicised to support white domination. Black feminists are “praised” by white supremacists as “honorary” white women for intermarrying with white and non-black males.

    • Hell yeah black women are the biggest pawns used against black men, and it makes me sick. And yeah, black women get tricked into that gender war b/s waayyy more than brothas do. I be checking their asses too!! They are quick as hell to condemn a brotha because of anything put out in mainstream media. I even started checking my own mama b/c of that. Enough is enough, though many of us are determined to remain sleep. Thanks for clarifying your stance, its all love (hehe).

      • It’s the hypocrisy that I find very disturbing! I’ve seen the arguments made by white supremacists and black women in favour of intermarriage.

        I see it everywhere — on blogs and social media. Yet, it is appalling to condemn black men with one breath and justify it with another. Black men have sacrificed so much for black women and laid down their lives to protect and make things possible for black women.

        To think that White and Asian males can create a system that DEPENDS on the HISTORIC ABUSE — DEGRADATION and SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION of our women, black women and “empower” them at the same time is a good example of Black stupidity.

        In African classical societies, a woman who runs away or abandons her struggle is not seen as revolutionary. But I think black women are smarter than this and that one day, they will demand all debts be paid in blood and help prepare the death of white supremacy. It’s vital that black women protect the image of us as black men because it also affects them as well.

  12. Well Kushite, I laugh at the Christelyn Karazin types.In the last few years,black men have out educated,out married,and been more responsible for their kids and families than white men.So as I always remember the old saying;You can’t do the same thing and expect different results. GOD BLESS

    • He’s dating Selena Gomez?? I didn’t know that. Not surprised he’s with a Mexican though. He’s from Toronto,Canada but his parents are from Ethiopia. He sounds like one of those self hating Africans to me. Probably never dated a black woman in his life. And Bella Hadid is hideous looking to

      • TMZ had pictures of The Weeknd and Selena Gomez liplocking,and yesterday the media was hounding Justin Bieber for a comment.Even worse ,Bella Hadid wants him back. All the little pop music Princesses are dating brothers,so they can expand their music to the black fan base.Ariana Grande,Katy Perry, if I see Taylor Swift go black, I’m going to throw up and faint.GOD BLESS

      • Yeah they do it to gain some tpe of street credibility by dating black men. Teena Marie dated Rick James. Jennifer Lopez dated Puff Daddy. And you’re right Ariana Grande dated rapper Big Sean. They date these black men for a few months then dump them once they are used up for more fame. Taylor??? You might be right. Who knows…maybe Kanye will dump Kim for

    • It’s been rumored that the weeknd doesn’t like black women. I heard that it’s been confirmed, his hatred for black women that is. Look at the women in his videos so I’m not surprised at his actions. It makes me cringe when black women continue to support black male celebrities (and get hot in the drawers for these negroes ) cause many of them have made it known publicly about how they feel about black women. I just want to yell THEY DON’T WANT WOMEN WHO LOOK LIKE YOU! I just don’t know why black women won’t catch the freaking memo.

      • Yeah the Weekend looks like one of those types. The hatred of blackness is a plague in that industry. If they don’t like black women it’s like hating oneself. I’ve said this countless times.

  13. Has anyone mentioned the recent engagement of Condola Rashad?? She’s with a caveman. She’s a very beautiful and talented sista, and he’s so gross looking.

    I was dumbfounded at first, but then I remembered her father is now married to an OLD cave woman….some wealthy socialite. No doubt that damaged and hurt his daughter, and distorted her self-image. Fuck Ahmad for that.

    Idk how to post pics here

  14. It’s the hypocrisy that I find very disturbing! I’ve seen the arguments made by white supremacists and black women in favour of intermarriage.

    I see it everywhere — on blogs and social media. Yet, it is appalling to condemn black men with one breath and justify it with another. Black men have sacrificed so much for black women and laid down their lives to protect and make things possible for black women.

    To think that White and Asian males can create a system that DEPENDS on the HISTORIC ABUSE — DEGRADATION and SYSTEMATIC OPPRESSION of our women, black women and “empower” them at the same time is a good example of Black stupidity.

    In African classical societies, a woman who runs away or abandons her struggle is not seen as revolutionary. But I think black women are smarter than this and that one day, they will demand all debts be paid in blood and help prepare the death of white supremacy. It’s vital that black women protect the image of us as black men because it also affects them as well.

    Take strong, my Queen! Fear not!

  15. Kushite, let those women say what they want about black men. Again swirl nation still doesn’t realize that non black men have not raised their marriage rates.Bw marriage rates raised ,because black men married bw more often.As a matter of fact, bw marriage rates with wm declined by 5% last year. Black men in the last few years have out married,out educated wm and our more involved in their kids lives. 30% of Wm in Europe between the ages of 35 and 45 are not married or have kids,but I thought wm are raised to get married and create families.GOD BLESS

  16. Kushite, I laugh at Swirl nation, because they have no idea what’s going on. Christelyn Karazin put out a new video with her complaining about only black people treat her bad.Black men responded by telling her past,and that is she wanted black male babies aborted,she also got new videos saying that bw should give bi-sexual non black men a chance.Well I’ll say this when Trump raises our taxes to take care of white drug addicts,I’m going to send my bill to Swirl Nation, that’s what I tell Swirl Nation, save their money, that rehab is expensive.GOD BLESS

    • Yeah I hear you. Swirl nation is delusional. It’s just a bunch of black men and women who have given up on black power and liberation. They are useless to any type of revolution. They are no help to the rest of us. I say just let them fools go! They are a waste of energy.

  17. I think one major reason why many Blacks date down when it comes to white people because you marry what you value. Most attractive well off wm and ww DO NOT want biracial kids. Rejection rates go down the uglier the white person is. They dont have anything to lose, only to gain for example, CKs husband was unemployed when she married him and she got him a job and puts money into his community. You wil also notice this trend with these IR youtube couples. BW are literally taking care of bummy wm who dont want to work. There is a mad rush of BW/WM getting into relationships because many self hating BW will turn them into thousandaires via youtube. When I go to mixed clubs or lounges, I did notice that Black people who swirl would approach the least attractive white person in the room and try to befriend them or get their contact info. Thats not a coincidence.

    • “I think one major reason why many Blacks date down when it comes to white people because you marry what you value.”
      That statement says everything! That’s the problem right there. We love our oppressors too damn much. And I don’t understand black women that take care of these white men. They shouldn’t be taking care of black men either for that matter. But I see your point. And black people who swirl usually have low self esteem in many cases. I’ve seen black men date these awkward goofing looking white boys. Even when the black woman is decent looking. And I’ve seen these pitiful ass black men flirt with fat ugly looking white girls. On occasion I’ve seen handsome black men get nice looking white or Hispanic women. But that might be 12% of the time I see that. Most of the attractive Hispanic/Asian women aren’t checking for black men. Unless he makes a lot of money and can take them to a I
      higher tax bracket. Other than that….it’s not happening. Thanks for the honest comment.

  18. Oh Kushite, I can’t believe what I saw.On Slaying Evil’s blog he put up a new video from The Vegenator.In the video ,he says that he did not get paid by bm to tell Christelyn Karazin his views on interracial dating. Actually he says that he was put up to blaming bm by Christelyn Karazin, and if that is true ,then she is foul.After the total domination of the SAG Awards by black people &The New Edition story giving BET a ratings bonanza,white Nationalists groups are mad &angry. When these wp flake on the Swirl Nation, you will see Swirl Nation defend wp at all cost,and blame all their problems with wp on bm.Don’t worry,Trump will slow the process,but he won’t stop the inevitable. GOD BLESS

    • Karazin is a very delusional woman. She blames black men for everything wrong on the planet. Yet she married an unemployed white caveman. I guess she wears the pants in their tragic relationship. I really don’t pay attention to what she does. She is a self hating mammy and is useless to the black collective. She and I have two totally different agendas.

  19. Kushite, I hear you, that’s why I can’t wait for the Donald to raise taxes to keep white drug addicts in rehab centers,and out of jail.I’m going to send my raised taxes to her so she can take care of her God.GOD BLESS

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