Menticide: Conversations in Black Self Hatred


“The controllers of this society have made use of psychological warfare to erode and destroy the will and mind of Black people. This is menticide pure and simple. Once the victims discover the truth, we are forced to change our lives. But, the victim fears change because the victim doesn’t know where that change will take him or her. Indeed we fear the unknown. The victim seeks to deny but denial of this reality is problematic because the victim is reminded everyday. The victim is caught in an internal double bind, damned if they don’t, damned if they do.”- Olomenji, From an essay entitled Mentacide, Genocide and National Vision: The Crossroads for the Blacks of America.


A few weeks ago I was talking with a friend of mine about self hatred. She told me that she has heard anti-black comments from family and friends.  I  have also heard comments from family as well as co-workers that reek of self hatred.  So I decided I would share some cooments I’ve heard over the last ten years.   I’ve heard some really ignorant comments from black co-workers. These are just a few short conversations I’ve had.

Example #1

I was eating lunch in the break room with  a black male co-worker. There’s no one else in the room but us two.

Co-worker:  Hey man,you ever screw a white girl?

Kushite:  No I haven’t.  I don’t really like them.

Co-worker: What??  That’s crazy man! You got to try a white girl at least once. I get tired of black women. Change it up a bit. It feels good giving  it to these white girls! (laughing)

Kushite:  No I’m good.  They’re not my thing.  I’m more attracted to black women. White girls do nothing for me. But you do what you want.( He just looked at me and shook his head in disbelief)

Self Hatred1..


Example #2

During a break I was talking with an African(Nigerian) co-worker.  I noticed a magazine on the desk.  As I flip through the magazine I see a picture of actress Lupita Nyongo.

Kushite: Now this is a beautiful woman!  She is truly stunning…don’t you think?

African woman:  Yes she’s kind of cute…not bad.  But you know where there are beautiful woman?  Have you heard of the Hausa tribe?

Kushite:  Yes I believe so.  Aren’t they a tribe in West Africa?

African woman:  Yes they are.  Many of them are so beautiful.  Many are very light skinned with thin lips.

Kushite:  So you’re saying they look white? Come on now!

African woman:  (very defensive)  No No!  Not what I meant.  I just mean they are very beautiful.  Light skinned with pointy noses and thin lips,you know?  That is all I meant.

Dark Skin...


Example #3

Two  co-workers (black men) were by a cubicle and talking.  I was a few feet away behind them.  They couldn’t see me. An African woman co-worker walked by them.  She was a very dark skinned woman.

Black man #1- Did you see how dark she was?

Black man #2- Good Lord! She was dark as night! (laughing)

Black man #1- Yeah she was left in the toaster oven too long! That’s too black!(laughing)

Black man #2-  Burnt to a crisp! (both men laughing)

As a side note,Black man #1 has a biracial daughter with a white woman. And is currently dating a Mexican woman.  He doesn’t even look at black women.  Black man #2 as a daughter with a black woman although they have since broken up.  He told me he is currently engaged to a mixed woman.  Mixed with what??  He told me she mixed with white and Mexican.  He even showed me a picture of this below average looking woman.  She looks pretty white to me.  Both of these “men” are pathetic examples of the black race.



These are just a few examples that come to mind.  Can you name an instance of black self hatred?  Or maybe a comment that someone may have made that sounds anti-black? Something insulting about nappy hair?  Or something degrading about skin color?  I’m sure you’ve heard these comments before.   I’d love to read your examples.


55 thoughts on “Menticide: Conversations in Black Self Hatred

  1. When I was younger, I was taught to hate kinky hair. Any girl that had kinky hair, we would make fun of and call her a slave. My mother taught me to hate my hair. She started straightening my hair when I was 2 with a hotcomb, mind you, my mother did not detangle or put any heat protectant in my hair so it was brutal. I would consistently get burned on my ears, she would rip my hair out and would even beat me when I tried to refuse. When I turned six, she started using relaxers in my head and the same would happen, I would get burned and if I refused, would get beaten. You are only supposed to relax when there is a good amount of new growth but with my mom, my hair has to be straight at all times. If I had a tiny curl, full head relaxer, hair was shedding, full head relaxer, hair was dry, full head relaxer. As long as its straight was her motto. If I dare looked too black, I would get slapped or humiliated. My mother when mad, would treat us like a random on the street, ready to throw us under the bus, fight, scream and argue like we were strangers. When I finally became old enough to be allowed to do my own hair which was 17 years of age, my hair fell out. Fast forward to 10 years later, you wont catch me without a weave because wearing my own hair, which is natural causes too much pain. I dont hate kinky hair in general, I just cant with my hair since it brings up my past trauma, i dont deal with it.

    I know your a guy but I hope you understand.

    One last thing thing, my mother is one of those west indians who hates, just absolutely hates African Americans. If an AA cable guy came to the house, we would here the N-ER the whole time he or she was there. She would try to get them fired all while berating them while they are trying to do their job. I remember going without cable for months since she would chase them out the house until a non black person came. Shes a vile human being.

    My partner is AA and I know when I have children, I will loc my sons hair or just leave my daughters hair alone and no, I will not allow my mother near them. I dont want any harm done since my kids will culturally be part AA and have kinky hair.

    Other than my mother, I havent really experienced any self hating tendencies from other Black people. Im from NY, black people are pretty proud here and very aware.

    • @ Cara Blu
      I do feel sorry for your experience. I’ve been natural going on 11 years coming this September, and I had my fair share of negative comments from my family members & other black people. My aunt constantly tell me I need to perm my hair or states that my braids are ugly. I remember her telling me men prefer straight hair, I told her some men don’t care if a woman’s hair is straight or natural as long as it is groom. She had the audacity to tell me men say anything for pussy but prefer straight hair. Yet one of her sons only date below average non black women who don’t look anything like his mother. I started looking up to other black women who were natural that gave me the inspiration to accept my hair the way it should be kinky.

      I’m glad more black women are going natural. One thing black women need to stop allowing other people to dictate to them what is or isn’t acceptable. BLACK AFRICAN WOMEN are the ONLY race of women that is constantly being told that they need to alter their appearance.

    • That’s rough! Especially with you having no control over the situation for years! I’m glad to hear the cycle of hate ended with you and will not be passed onto your partner or children.

    • @Cara
      I’m sorry you had to go through that. That is really horrible. It is a all too familiar story. I have heard many black women give the same story. We are taught to hate our natural hair from a young age. And black mothers pass it on to their children. It’s important that we instill self-love into our children. We have to stop the cycle of self hatred. That’s why I did this post. It’s an important part of waking up and self healing. Thank you for sharing that sad story. Hopefully others will read it and learn from it.

  2. Example #1 & #3
    When black men uplift non black women from other races, they are basically saying that non black men sperm can produce a more attractive & quality race of women then the black man.
    If you ever pay attention to color struck black men it’s always the brown to dark skinned black men that have fetishes for non black, biracial or light skinned black women. The women who date these self hating color struck black men are coons too.

    Example #2
    Black women need to stop using biracial women & light skinned women to represent them as the standard of beauty for black women, especially when the majority of black women physical appearance is range from brown to the darkest black skin color, kinky natural hair with varies facial features. Black women need to keep in mind when their black daughters look at images of black women they want them to look like them in the mirror.

    If you ever pay attention to black male celebrities or popular social media black male guru’s dress in drag, it’s always the brown to dark skinned black men that is being use. Let’s be real you rarely do see negative images of biracial or light skinned black men dress in drag only “BROWN TO DARK SKINNED” black men .You rarely see negative images of biracial or light skinned black women only ” BROWN TO DARK SKINNED” black women. BROWN TO DARK SKINNED black men & women are being attack by white supremacy at a all time high.

    • That is a great list Shanequa. I have covered the dressing in drag agenda many times. It can’t be brought up enough. I also will be touching on the issue of biracial women again. They has to be addressed again. And we have to stop uplifting non-black women as beautiful. You see them uplifted in films and music videos a lot. This makes little black girls feel they are not beautiful or good enough. Thanks for that great list!

    • BW are being replaced by biracial women all over the media. The 1 drop rule is extremely detrimental to black people in particular, young black girls. Also, BW gotta stop playing sidekicks to non black women. This is rampant in the workplace. I have witnessed black women get in formation with non black women just to try and get another bw fired. The reverse never happens. Non black women never go to Black people to get one of their own fired.

    Afros: A Celebration Of Natural Hair was a book I mention to my sister in which she purchase for me over the holidays as a gift. Well, I was happy that the book was celebrating AFRO HAIR TEXTURE, but had a problem when I seen several “NON BLACK AFRICANS”, biracial or black people who have hair textures that is consider good hair to society & the black community standards that doesn’t get discriminated against. I also felt “NON BLACK & BIRACIAL AFRICANS ” shouldn’t even be in a book that is suppose to be cater to BLACK AFRICANS. Furthermore I wasn’t interested in reading about someone that mention their mixed ancestry in the book. I wanted a book that was cater to ‘BLACK AFRICAN” people who look likes the image of me in the mirror.

    one of the pictures from the book below

    When I think of Afro’s I see images of black men & women with hair this texture that gets discriminated against.

    Hair like this is more acceptable then the link above to society.

    Carol Daughter was a black own product that was cater too & purchase by BLACK AFRICAN women has now sold out especially when they started using biracial & other non black women to advertise their product. Another product did the same thing Shea Moisture.
    Solange, Selita, & Cassie: Carol’s Daughter’s New Faces!

    • That first picture is hideous! That white boy looks ridiculous! You should throw that book in the trash! That is mind pollution! There shouldn’t be any non-blacks in a book about African textured hair. It’s like we can’t have anything of our own. We have to reject this bullcrap. You bring up very valid points Shanequa. I will be addressing the biracial issue again. I’m really getting fed up with this stuff. It’s nothing but brainwashing crap! It’s destroying the minds of black people.

  4. As always, KP, thank you for speaking on touchy subjects. I’m glad you included only comments from other Black people because in them is the root of our issue.

    I’ve been told I’m pretty for a dark girl, that dark AND pretty is rare. I don’t consider myself dark, but I have NO problem being referred to as such. Anyway, these comments were from an ex who dated a white woman before me. We were like 19 + 20 at the time so hopefully he’s grown up by now.

    I had a friend in high school who said she wanted her kids to have good hair, not nappy like hers. And who did she marry? Smokey Robinson.

    Another friend, who’s baby shower I went to a few years ago, married a a Sri Lankan and said she hoped the baby had hair more like his (which was loose curls).

    One of my college roommates (who was a Jesus Freak) used to ask why God made Black people’s hair nappy? Why couldn’t the Asians have nappy hair, she’d ask. She was always sewing in a tacky weave to have something to feel on her shoulders and down her back. She’s since had twins and dotes on the son but has admitted she doesn’t really like the baby girl. I believe it’s a projection of her self-loathing and the disdain she has for their father, who she said the baby girl is just like.

    Lastly, Toya, who I went to high school with as well, had a baby with a Mexican guy. I remember she had a lot of complications during the pregnancy and birth, so we all made sure to visit while she was hospitalized. And you know what she asked us? If the baby looked dark. Like, c’mon girl! That is not even on the list of worries right now!

    I am no longer in touch with any of these women, but I think they’re all in a dangerous position, giving so much of themselves as committed partners and mothers without truly loving themselves. And luckily the brothers I’ve encountered have been very respectful in regards to my skin tone and hair. Maybe it’s my resting broad face.

    • Great stories Kelley. Sadly I’ve heard these stories before. Pretty for a dark girl??? I am so sick of hearing that. They have brainwashed us to associate darkness with ugliness. That is SICK!! I see pretty dark skinned women all the time. I work with five dark skinned sistas at my job. Guys are always flirting with them. They just don’t promote dark skinned women as much. And that’s on purpose. Black women are the REAL standard of beauty. When black women stay in shape and eat healthy…they blow all races of women away! If you line up a pretty white woman,asian woman and Hispanic woman…there’s no comparison. That smooth dark skin,full lips,great hips and butt is pretty much untouchable. Others races know she is the true standard of beauty,that’s why they always try to degrade her image. The African woman was the standard for thousands of years. Deep down they all know the truth. I remember rapper Biggie Smalls said in a song..”Black and ugly as ever…however”. He was associating ugly with being dark. We have to stop doing this. But have you noticed in films they will describe a white woman as “a pretty little white girl”. Or a “pretty blonde woman”. I have heard this many times. It’s a way Hollywood uses word association. They are connecting “white” with the word pretty. This is all social conditioning. And black people are too obsessed with color.I know a lot of people have told me about family members that were concerned about the color of a newborn baby. That is so damn petty.This is self hatred at it’s finest. I have heard black people call each other tar baby,dark as night,midnight black etc… This is all the residue of slavery. And it’s up to us to teach black children they are beautiful. All the stuff in the media is anti-black propaganda and we internalize that anti-blackness. It’s time to end the cycle of self hatred. Anti-blackness is a mental illness.

      • You said it ALL, KP. Thank you! Who taught us to hate ourselves, those who share our complexion and those of a lighter or darker hue?? It wasn’t us originally but their agenda has panned out perfectly with us fighting amongst ourselves over SKIN TONES! It’s sad + disgusting, especially since we are the epitome of beauty in every facet, even beyond the surface.

      • So true Kelley! We are a beautiful people with a beautiful history. We have to stop believing these lies disguised as truth. The sooner we real-eyes that fact…the better off we will be. Self hatred is a death sentence for our people.

  5. Peace Brother,

    I enjoy reading your writing. I must admit reading the conversations you had with the different co-workers are funny (laughing at the ignorance), sad and dayem ridiculous. But, it shows that the colonization has not just happened in the west as we know, but in the beautiful Mother Land- Africa in such a harsh way that even the Africans dislike the beauty of true Melanin but rather a white woman. Sad. If they only understood the energetic happenings that occur when they enter a the womb of a white woman, in the sense of his life force being depleted and her robbing him of his melanin so that she gain strength and continue to thrive. Not cool! But the sad part is that Darkness- Melaninated beings are so discriminated against. I live in the South but orgins are of the West Coast. Being here in the South and seeing the struggles of my darker brothers and sisters is maddening and sad. I feel their sadness. It becomes mine. Now as for me, I LOVE ME SOME DARKNESS. My Pop was dark, my brother is dark, my nephew is dark, his mother is dark, All of my Dad’s brothers were dark (3). I love DARK MEN. I PREFER them. But… I love my BLACK MEN PERIOD. I Am a browner skinned-carmel shade if you will. I get tired of the classifications we place on each other. I AM a Melaninated being period who is very proud and comfortable in her being and existence. But, It’s straight distasteful and says a lot about the mindset of the individual and what they have been taught is beautiful and what is not. I have looked at and studied the Hausa women and they are not all light skinned and thin lipped or pointy nosed as this brother describes he likes. Those are considered Caucasian features. It is my hope that we one day will heal ourselves deeply enough so that we can recognize our beauty again on ALL Levels. :Love 2 thee, Peace- Royal Redd

    • Thanks Royal Reddpeace. I work with some mindless So many of our people are lost. The self hatred is deeper than most know. We are in a foreign land being oppressed by soulless beings. We have to get back to our true nature and detach from this beast system. They will never accept us as equals. This system is not built for us. They used us for slave labor then never paid us anything for our work. We are nothing but servants to these people. They taught us to hate ourselves and we pass it on to our children. I agree with you Royal. We should be embracing our melanin. It’s a gift from the Most High. We should have our own schools teaching African culture and history. We can’t rely on our open enemies to instill pride in our children. That’s our job. If we don’t then the mental illness(anti-blackness) will keep going on. And we can’t allow that to happen.

  6. I dont have a great memory when it comes to telling anecdotes, but one conversation I cant forget.

    My aunt was over my house one day, and she has a tiny old beat up Kia (or something). This car was really a piece of shit. She had it parked on the street, and me, her, and my mom decided to goto lunch. She wanted to pull the car up in my driveway. Im like “why?” She’s like “Shoot girl this detroit!!”

    Okay, to put this into context: She lives out in warren, a poor white suburb. In a rundown poor white trash apartment complex, where they RENT. Its a shitty rundown townhouse with three tiny bedrooms and tiny downstairs. I live in a 3BR house, everyone on my street OWNS their homes (including me), has decent cars, and everyone works. In short, in the mind of the self hating negro, the poorest white trash area trumps a solid black middle class neighborhood anyday.

    That had to be the most self hating thing I’d heard in awhile. Especially to me, Ive always hated the suburbs, Im so glad
    I never had to live or goto school there growing up.

  7. Well Kushite, I go by what Malcolm X said.Blacks can’t worry about white racism until we fix ourselves first.I saw the list,and I love Full-figured Black women. Being with a Amber Riley lookalike wouldn’t bother me at all. Some of us will fix ourselves,some won’t, all you can do is put out the information. GOD BLESS

  8. @ Everyone
    I enjoy reading everyone’s comments to this great post. Black Africans are going to have too start looking at the mirror at themselves & accept who we are as a people. Conforming or altering our physical appearance to please other hasn’t help us but hurted us more in the end. Black Africans are a totally different race that looks different from all the other races. All the other non black Africans have animal hair that can get lice, they smell like wet dog when wet, get sunburn from the sun and etc.

  9. Great post, this subject can’t never be covered enough. I find some of your observations (especially the one regarding the 2 co-workers) to be very,very disturbing and disheartening as well as some of the followers experiences. I find that black people vehemently deny colorism like white people deny racism. Regarding the 2 co-workers, black men like them will NEVER give a dark-skin woman like them the time of day, but will get mad when these sistas end up with a white man. Like Serena Williams, we watched both black and white people, men and women alike call this woman “a monkey” “too masculine” “a man” and other dehumanizing and defeminizing names (which hurts more coming from black people), yet especially (some black men) are angry that she’s marrying a white man! (although we would have preferred to see her with a black man) I know that it had to get to her somewhat that her own people to be sooo ugly toward her (we expect this behavior from whites). I’m stop right there for now because this subject make me feel all type of way.

    • Yes it is very sick to witness anti-black comments among our own. The menticide runs very DEEP. Much deeper than people realize. Sometimes it makes us uncomfortable to talk about. But we have to address it head on. I’m glad people gave me some of their examples. Dealing with anti-blackness can help us heal the painful wounds. If we don’t address it…it just stays there. And we can’t have that if we wont to be mentally free.

      • I agree 100%. This anit-blackness amongst black people NEEDS to be addressed. Many Black People go all day long speaking about white people’s anti-blackness, but get mad when a black person says, “What About Our Own Anti-blackness?” It’s just as bad as white people’s antiblackness in my opinion. IMO, nothing is worse than a black person catching anti-blackness from other black people. ***sigh***

  10. Any subscribers to combat jack’s podcast? He often asks his male guests what kinda women they like. His guests are 99.9% black men. At the mere mention of anyone smashing spanish chicks, Combat gets giddy like a five year finding an xbox under the xmas tree. Im not kidding, he loooves it when his brethren talk about smashing ricans, dominicans, and such. A couple episodes stick in my mind. 1) when Corey Pegues (who is married to a black woman) was talking about his supreme team days, combat asked him excitedly what kinda women he messed with? Spanish? Puerto rican? Corey was like “black chicks”. Combat was like “oh ok” with a hint of disappointment in his voice.
    2) Combat asked Peter shue (who is “blackinese”), if he dated black women since he was half black. Peter–who only dated black women in his kingpin days, and has a black mother–refused to admit he liked black women, for fear of offending his dominican fiance. The stupid thing is, his fiance is clearly a black woman. But he stuttered at the question, and would not say it.
    3) Combat informing wendy williams that he was was married to a “bad bitch” who is half korea/black. Now he”s been married for about 19 years, I remember b/c him and wendy have been married for the same amount of time. After twenty years, who is still gassed about having a mixed chick??? That sounded so f–king stupid to me. Like, of all the things you could say about your wife, thats what youre most proud of?? Wendy was like “okay”.

  11. Jeremiah 8:21 For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt; I am black; astonishment hath taken hold on me.

    Black men who engage in this type of misogynistic foolishness against the black woman have a serious judgment coming their way if they do not repent.

    Malachi 2:11

    Judah hath dealt treacherously, and an abomination is committed in Israel and in Jerusalem; for Judah hath profaned the holiness of the LORD which he loved, and hath married the daughter of a strange god.

    This is in response to those two scenarios where you describe you and your co-workers’ interactions. It is men like them who would always berate and put down the black woman and then turn around and blame her for all the ills in the black community. Smh, what the hell is wrong with our people.

    • Thanks Warrior. That was a great biblical breakdown right there. I hope everyone appreciates that. It’s obvious I work with black people who still suffer from this mental illness. This is an illness that is plaguing too many of our people. And it needs to end.
      By the way,I hope you had a nice new years day. I hope you and your family are doing well brother.

  12. Great post.

    From an African male perspective:

    Growing up I was steeped in white culture. There was a time when I valued “whiteness” over “Africaness. I blame religion (Christianity) and White culture. The British government through its missionaries completely killed PRIDE IN AFRICAN culture in the Xhosa people. And they also EXTERMINATED thousands of my people in the 100 years of Frontier Wars and stole our land.

    Anti-blackness (Africaness) is an issue here in the African continent. I noticed in my surroundings, anything that is white is associated with “superiority” and anything is seen as “inferior.” But overall, most African people still love their “black” skin because they marry other Africans. We don’t call ourselves “black people” (remember “blackness” was an European invention to justify slavery and colonialism. Blackness is a vague term that doesn’t describe our ancestry, bloodlines, history etc.), rather we use our clan names

    But it is a RESPONSIBILITY FOR every African to regain their HUMANITY by whatever means necessary! I have to be called a Xhosa because it is a declaration of my KhoiSan and BaNTU ancestry! Ndingumxhosa! Translation: I’m a Xhosa! A descendant of uPhalo, uRharhabe, uZanzalo!

    • That was beautiful ScejaMan. It’s obvious that white supremacy is a global disease. It’s in America,Africa,Jamaica,Brazil,etc.. It is killing the minds of our people. I know what you mean by the term “black”. On my blog black and African are interchangeable. I use them both to get my point across. But I do agree we must have self-love and pride in our culture and people. The self hatred is an internalized disease and we all have to do our part to end it. I also love your blog brother. I have checked it out. You have some great posts. Thanks for the comment.

      • Thanks for the compliment, brotha! This year, I want to focus more on economic revolution. My posts will reflect it. Africans must be in control of their money. I noticed that most bloggers don’t cover these topics. But I saw your posts, TrojanPam’s posts and that of Negress.

        I will start with Small businesses(SMMEs), and move on to blog about topics covered by Dr. Claud Anderson and Dr. Amos Wilson (my hero!) I believe that we have to give black people the information and leave them to their own devices).

        Lastly, brother, keep writing about the INTERRACIAL mind games, I need more information about interracial love/sex/marriage. Because I can see that black people are being politicised to support white domination.

      • Thanks ScejaMan. I appreciate he kind words. I agree that economics is an important topic for empowering our people. I look forward to your pots about it. I have covered the interracial propaganda many times on this blog. There are probably my most popular posts. They seem to get the most comments. I did a three-part series on interracial relationships last year. I also did a three-part series on Black love. Not sure of you saw them. Here are the links if you want to check them out:

  13. I was fortunate to grow up in a place, a time and in an environment when Rasta as a social movement and was a lot stronger, than the current mixed up state it is in. I grow up around them and back then, the love for Afrika and blackness and black relationship was in tune with the black power movement of the US. At the same time there remained a self hating issue in a post slavery society, that today still worship light skinned, white or non Afrikan imagery. A society that worship skin bleaching and constantly elects white or near white politicians or politicians with a white mind set, to put the interests of non black entities over the interests of the majority black population. Black and ugly or being too black is still the insult in a nation of 90% Afrikans, Marcus Garvey and Reggae music. The hatred maximized when I emigrated to the great Ice Box, and saw fellow immigrants (not just Jamaicans) desiring to be as non black as possible. Shoot even today Jamaicans still don’t see patois as a language, calling it something derogatory and preferring to speak “good” English” or speak “proper”. Sounding like a bloody parrot. I have my share of battles with self hating and self regulating kneegrows and I have grown tired of cussing these people out. I prefer to give these people a wide a birth as possible.

    • Yeah I hear you. We have been taught to love everything that’s NOT us. We have been totally brainwashed to hate our hair,skin and features. It’s a global sickness that has gone on for far too long. That’s good you had that instilled in you when you were young. A lot of black children don’t get that anymore. They are taught from television and school to hate anything African. Our own culture looks ugly and foreign to us. African names sound strange to our ears. Even the English language has destroyed our tongues. That’s why I did this post. I wanted us to confront this head on. It’s important to teach our children early before their minds turn into mush. These Europeans know exactly what they are doing to us. It’s a social and political necessity to make black people hate themselves. The European can NOT be changed. Therefore we have to change our mentality and thinking process. Right now many of our brains are ass backwards. And that desperately needs to change brother. Thanks for the great comment.

      • One of the things that must be implemented, is separation from the kneegrows who practice gate keeping for the savages. They will fight to decimate us as much as or more than the enemy himself. If we keep reaching back to try and save everybody, it prevents us from preparing a path for the young ones and their future.

      • You ain’t lying brother! These buck dancing gatekeepers are always there to protect massa! They always look at for his best interest. We have to keep our minds on the young ones coming up. Sad to say but many of these sellout coons can’t be saved…and don’t want to be saved. So just let them go…and keep it moving! The will realize their mistake but it’ll be too late by then.

    • Yeah I know it’s hard to read some of this sis. But we can’t ignore it anymore. This mental illness(anti-blackness) is killing us. We have to make sure the next generation of children don’t suffer from this. But it starts with us as black adults to instill that self love and worship of anything white.

  14. Man I miss you,I am glad you are back!
    There are a lot things really that I regret of my life being raised by a white mother! If there are something I could have power to change is this thing!
    She is the living witness of all my personal problems!
    She behaves like classic white women who have kids with black men! She can tell me all racist staff about black people,at the same time has black daughter!
    She can’t miss the opportunity when she sees black women to insult their hairs,how African women are ugly,fat and rude,how they dress all these things in front of me!
    I told her so many times that I will never and never marry white men,I did that promise, she can hate me for all her life but I prefer to be safe!
    IR marriage,white brainwashing and white adoptions are the most deadly weapons of self hatred for black people!
    All these pictures really are horrible, unfortunate that none of them understand that we black people are only puppets in the hands of white people!
    Whites don’t give shit about blacks,if their are your partner, relative, parent, friend or acquaintance!

    • Thanks Nubian. I appreciate that. I’m glad to be back. Yr white mother is truly evil. I’m glad you were a ware of her evil ways. I know it must’ve been hard for you to be around such a devious person. But you came out on top and that’s all that matters. The brainwashing is at an all time high at the moment. We have to fight for our sanity in this anti-black,anti-nature culture. This culture is not natural for black people. The pics I put up and stories people have given….prove that fact. We are clearly at WAR. I’m glad you’re on the battlefield with us. Thanks for the comment.

  15. Yeah man it has been hard and painful especially on an emotional side!
    These black adoption destroy the soul and identity of black kids,when you live with them inside you is born a crisis of IDENTITY, because you are always in the spotlight!
    I always thought that whites like see black people of suffer injustice and racism!
    When the white teachers scolded or insulted me at school or university, I always saw the faces of my white classmates a smile of satisfaction for my humiliation!
    You are victim of white racism and than you have to face every damn days your white parents,you start to think that not all whites are racist or bad because you have white parents!
    The same mentality of blacks who engage in IR with whites,you start to think in the same way!
    I have a friend she has my the same personal history,but fortunately she has given up,she loves her white parents and she has a daughter with white Italian man!
    She doesn’t have my same mentality,I think that whites shouldn’t be allowed to adopt black kids for different reason!
    They are not our biological parents,we have no emotional connection in common with them, they are the cause of our daily and past problems!
    I told her honestly that I have never felt proud but in fact I have always felt embarrassed of them, I didn’t accept them as my parents can’t help it!
    She said probably I never accept myself, because I’m ashamed be black woman! I am not color blind, I can see clearly the different skin color between us,I am not hypocritical, I am simply a black woman who can see the reality just as it is!
    I refused to be self hatred just to make happy my white parents and bring home a white husband as she did!
    She said,we should say thanks to them,because they saved us! I don’t understand why should be always a white person to save us and always say thank you to them?
    The adoptions are just another mechanism that they have invented to destroy the black kids life!
    She doesn’t understand that we have been programmed to hate ourselves not accept our blackness but love whiteness!

  16. I noticed. These low level, trash type black men who are forever dating these other races of woman. Their ratio of marriage to dating of non-black woman is so low it’s a joke. Another thing I’ve realised is mulatto daughters that these men have often times have the lowest marriage rates in most countries they live in. Why???

    What I am waiting for is for these idiots mandingo crap to get tossed out by the white media/Jewish porn industry they worship. I can already envision the identity meltdown most of these clowns are going to have. There is more than enough evidence these people wasn’t about shit to begin with.

  17. Some times listening to other folks makes you realize how far gone we are as a people. There have been times where I wanted to fight someone (black) for talking out their mouth about our queens. I have boys who have switched to the other side and are facing all of the problems that come with it. SMH

      • “WE MUST REVERSE THIS MENTAL ILLNESS!” So real and yet so hard to do when our people our theeeee most stubborn bunch of people walking the planet right now. I know you and others that drop knowledge all day but at times it falls on deaf ears. I could heal the whole hood if they chose to read and listen. I talk and walk these truths as well. But I get the dumb or the I’m too scared to say anything look from a lot of people.

  18. Love this post! One thing that I noticed in 2016 (I hate saying that, by the way lol) was “black” becoming “cool” again within our own community. Maybe it was due to so many public figures openly setting the trend for self-love (because this is definitely a band-wagon generation)…

    But I definitely felt an overwhelming since of camaraderie among my people. I felt the most united front, support and encouragement from each other than I have in years. It almost seemed “uncool” to NOT embrace and encourage each other. Maybe it was just what I was feeding my spirit through blogs and uplifting social media posts but I definitely felt more loved by my community toward the end of 2016 than I have in years. I hope that this wasn’t just another trend because I can see us evolving. Did you (or anyone else) feel or notice something similar?

    • No it’s not your imagination Josie. More black people are sharing important information online. The consciousness of black people is rising. And that’s a good thing. We need to destroy self hatred and anti-blackness. We have to replace it with self respect and self love. We have to do it for the next generation. The cycle of self hate must STOP.

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