Jamila Woods- VRY BLK

Happy New Year family!  I hope everyone has a prosperous 2017.  I thought some good music would be a great way to start off the new year.  I like this new artist Jamila Woods.  She’s been creating a lot of buzz since last year.  I love this song VRY BLK.  It’s very catchy and a great theme for this blog.  Here’s a little back story on Jamila.

Poet and vocalist Jamila Woods was raised in Chicago, IL and graduated from Brown University, where she earned a BA in Africana Studies and Theatre & Performance Studies. Influenced by Lucille Clifton and Gwendolyn Brooks, much of her writing explores blackness, womanhood & the city of Chicago. Her first chapbook, The Truth About Dolls (2012), was inspired by a Toni Morisson quote & features a Pushcart-nominated poem about Frida Kahlo. Her poetry is included in the anthologies The Breakbeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop (2015), Courage: Daring Poems for Gutsy Girls (2014), and The UnCommon Core: Contemporary Poems for Learning & Living (2013).


Jamila is also a vocalist & songwriter, focusing primarily on soul/hip-hop centered music. Her musical lineage includes Erykah Badu, Imogen Heap, Kirk Franklin, and Kendrick Lamar. Raised in her church choir, Jamila’s musical aesthetic involves choral layering in addition to the hip-hop tradition of sampling & allusions. Her work with her band, M&O (fka Milo & Otis) has been featured by Okayplayer, Spin, JET and Ebony Magazine.

Jamila is currently the Associate Artistic Director of non-profit youth organization Young Chicago Authors, where she helps organize Louder Than A Bomb (the largest poetry festival in the world), designs curriculum for Chicago Public Schools, and teaches poetry to young people throughout the city.

23 thoughts on “Jamila Woods- VRY BLK

  1. I really enjoyed this song! Very talented and beautiful sista. I’m going to have to check out more of her music.

    P.S. I have a special announcement to make either this evening, tonight, or tomorrow on my blog. Look out!

    • Yes it’s a great song! Jamila is one of my favorite new artist at the moment. She’s creating a lot of buzz right now. And yes she is beautiful as well. Announcement?? Must be big news then. I’ll be looking out for it. And Happy New Year OBW!

      • Happy New Year to you too. I hope that you and everyone else is getting off to a great start. I am. Yes I do have an announcement……I coined a new word and I will sell it along with other slogans I have in mind on t-shirts and other accessories. I’ve been working on this project since before Christmas and thought that I will have at least the shop and everything sat up earlier this week buuuut there is still much work to do. I’m not that great a decorating sites, lol. However, when everything is sat up & I test some things out (at least enough for you all to purchase something if you like) then I will announce more details on my site. It’s hard work.

      • Really??? This is great news! Looks like you have big plans for 2017. I can’t wait to see it. I better be the first person to see your shirts and accessories. If not I’m going to be really upset.lol

      • Lol. Of course you’ll be one of the first ones to know. I think you’ll like my new word and slogans. I hope to let you all know by the end of this week. I’m still getting to know my way around the site so that I can enhance the design my online shop and I’m looking into some legal matters/copyright as far as images go as well. Other than that I’m really ready and excited about opening up shop. I would also like for you all to tell your friends, neighbors, facebook & twitter friends, fellow bloggers and followers, etc.

  2. Pretty woman.I hope you had a good holiday. My holiday was Kushite. Even though I’m disappointed that Serena Williams is engaged to a white guy,I will still root for her to win as many majors as she can.GOD BLESS

    • Yes I had a nice break. I got a chance to relax a bit. I heard about Serena’s engagement to a cave man. I was very disappointed but we must remember that Venus dates white man too so we can’t be too shocked. Serena dated rapper Common for quite a while. I thought they might get married but I was wrong. My main issue is that Serena said that white men treat her better than black men. WTF??!! Now that was some coonish behavior right there! I had major issues with her when I heard that comment. I may have to put her in the bed wench category after that.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Serena Williams, is a talented sistah that has made a major impact world of tennis. Serena is the only female professional tennis player that I have seen that is physical in shape. Lets be real, out of all of those non black female professional tennis players , Serena’s body is the most beautiful in shape. One thing that hurts me the most is that the Williams sister’s have been criticize by their own people & by non black Africans for their physical appearance. I have seen on social media since Serena announce she’s engage to a white man, negative comments from black people especially black men. We have black men stating that they held Serena’s beauty up in mainstream media while white men call her degrading names. Lets be real I’m 32 years old, an I remember when the Williams sister’s were wearing braids & beads our own black people & non blacks were calling them ugly. The Williams sister’s are beautiful women and they represent “BLACK WOMANHOOD.” I’m tired of people in general disrespecting black womanhood stating black women are least desire & manly looking.
        Serena is not of black consciousness just like other black celebrities who are nothing more then entertainers. Also just because we seen her with Drake, Common and other men in the media that claim that she dated could be a publicity stunt. Black men & women really get entertain as well down one another about who non black people consider most or least attractive among black men or women. Serena being engage to a white man is just another distraction of what’s about to come among our people

        This is my first time I seen Dr. Umar Johnson getting gangsta on youtube with Sara Suten Seti. Every word that came out of Dr. Umar Johnson & Sara Suten Seti mouth was a curse word especially the use of the n word. The con-artist community is a joke.
        Dr Umar Johnson diss Sara Suten Seti

        Sara Suten Seti diss Dr. Umar Johnson

      • Yes there has been a lot of controversy of Serena’s engagement. I know a lot of people don’t like seeing her with a European. Although that’s not what this post is about so I don’t want to get sidetracked. I may do a post on it later.
        The Umar Johnson and Seti fiasco is plain silly. That’s why people are turned off my conscious information. Even though the information they have is important and insightful…black people don’t like the messengers. They see most of them as “hotep hustlers”. I thibk the conscious community as been infiltrated by government agents. That’s why it’s falling apart. All the fighting makes them look silly. Umar and Seti both looked really bad! All the name calling is plain stupid! They should’ve handled it like grown men. They both were acting like children. It was a bad look all around.

      • Hahaha! I saw lovelyti2002’s commentary on this foolishness the other day and had to stop the video several times as to not choke on my dinner cause I was laughing sooo hard. Ain’t NEVER seen Umar Johnson go off like that, he went straight hood on Sara Seti (he wasn’t as riled up as Johnson). Again, I’m laughing at this shit right now as I type. Needless to say, this is why I no longer take these so-called problacks seriously or want to be part of the “conscious” I mean coon-scious community, lol. They’re so full of self-hatred, anti-blackness, colorism, misogynoir, respectability politics, etc. The very behavior they claimed to have left behind when they became “woke.”

      • Yeah this was too funny.lol I have always like the ideas that Umar had. I have featured hi many times on my blog. He was such a cool down to earth guy when I met him back in 2011. I met Seti at a lecture in 2009. Seti was a cool dude. But these guys have HUGE ego’s. Instead of working together to combat white supremacy they want to battle each other?? Why??? It makes no sense at all. Men have big egos and all want to be the “top dog” in the conscious community. That’s why they’re always fighting and debating one another. It’s the classic case of divide and conquer. I will ad t that Umar is more articulate and has more knowledge than Seti. Seti is more the gangster RBG type of guy. Umar is the more college educated pro-black. But Umar was so mad in that video he turned into an angry Philly gangster.lol And you have people in the conscious community that loved what Umar said. It shows that even though some of us get knowledge and read a few books..we can’t shake that “ghetto nigga” mentality. I hate to say that but it’s true. Black people love drama. That’s why they love Worldstar Hip hop videos. We love seeing people fight and argue. Many of us don’t want solutions to our problems. We just want to get high,get drunk and have sex. And you have so-called conscious speakers that act just as ignorant. That’s why they get labeled as Hotep hustlers even though some might be genuine. I have been too many pro-black lectures and many of the black men and women do have a genuine love for their people. I have talked to them and exchanged numbers with some. There are some very intelligent black people at these events. It’s just that we get mislead by fake hustlers that just want to pimp our people. And that pisses me off!! They make us all look back and makes people not want to be racially conscious when being conscious is a GOOD thing! It makes me not want to say I’m pro-black or a black nationalist. People will think I’m some fake hotep dude. It’s getting really frustrating to now who is real and who is not. The conscious community has turned into WWE wrestling. It’s a dang circus. The beef with Umar and Seti could be staged for all I know. It could be done on purpose to discredit pro-black people as whole. Which would benefit this racist society. I have a post on Umar coming up. Even though I’ve always liked him there’s some things about him that don’t add up. I will be addressing it soon.

      • I’ll be waiting on that post about Umar. I’m interested reading what is it about him that don’t add up,lol. I know he is supposed to be building a school, but where is it? That’s one thing that got some suspicious…..and don’t add up, lol. Yeah, It’s so hard to tell the real from the fake, so all are labeled that way. I know some sistas and brothas who are genuinely pro-black, I have no problem with them, but all of the fakeness and hypocrisy just gets on your damn nerves and is a turn-off. Then you have many black people( especially black women) who say that they have had bad experiences with “pro-black” men and women on and offline. I notice a lot of “pro-blacks:” ARE extremely sexist and misogynistic it’s starting to turn many black women away from any pro-black circles and or movements. When we call their “pro-black” asses out on it they get mad talkin about “you’re anti-black people” you’re anti-black man” “you’re a coon” “you a white man’s whore” and ” you’re a white supremacist apologist” and blah blah blah.” They think that black women are supposed to put up with thier mess for the sake of some non-existent black unity. I don’t know what the hell wrong with ’em This is why whenever a person says that their “pro-black” they have to prove it to me IN ACTION. Pro-blackness and misogynoir just don’t go together.

      • Yeah I think you’ll find the Umar post very interesting. It covers a lot of ground. Another issue I have with the black conscious community is not much balance. It’s mostly men on the platform. There are women like Jewel Pookrum,Queen Afua,Abandance Child and others we don’t hear from very much. I have featured a sista named Alkebulan Mind on my blog. She’s a very intelligent woman. If you understand African culture and MAAT then you know thee is always the balance of the Masculine and feminine principles. You can’t have an abundance of just masculine energy or it creates an imbalance. Black women have to have there voice heard as well. I do think black men need to step up and be leaders. I do believe in gender roles although European culture wants to get rid of gender identity. Something I am totally against. I have said it many times on this blog. It just causes more gender and sexual confusion..which is what they want. But I think men and women do have roles that benefit the family and community as a whole. I just think that many men want to shut down the women and wont let them speak. I don’t mind of some women disagree with me. People disagree with me all the time on my blog. As long as they are respectful it’s cool. But it’s important that men and women have their opinion expressed even if it offends some. I think a balance would do the conscious community some good. No one likes to be silenced. But I do realize that some people do have strong opinions. I’m one of them.lol But once you start yelling and name-calling it gets out of hand. We have to be more civil if we want real solutions.

      • I agree. There needs to be balance with the genders no liberation will be possible without that balance. And many people tend to start name-calling if they don’t agree with someone with is soooo immature. We can agree to disagree and everyone will not agree on everything.

  3. She is doing great things with her life! I love the song, I saved it in my tidal app. Its dope, plus uplifting (a rare combo).She is beautiful. Ive always loved the name Jamila too. It means beautiful or elegant.

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