Taking a Winter Hiatus…



I need to take a little time off.  2016 has been a really rough year for me.  As I’m sure it’s been for many of you. I want to wish everyone a Happy Umoja Karamu,Happy Kwanzaa,Merry Christmas or whatever you may celebrate during this season. I’m going to be spending some time with family and friends I haven’t seen in awhile. I hope most of you have not become broke doing a lot of holiday shopping.  I didn’t do too much of that this year. But if you do go out and party and decide to drink….be safe out there.  Make sure you have a designated driver.  People drive like fools during the holidays. It’s time to mentally prepare for 2017 and the fact that Donald Trump will be our President.  I’m not sure what the future holds but I feel we may see some historic things happen.  I think 2017 will be a bumpy ride. We all need to be prepared for anything. So I want to wish all my black warriors and black queens a safe holiday season and great new year.  Black Love,Black Unity and Black Power.  Peace,KP.

33 thoughts on “Taking a Winter Hiatus…

  1. Happy holidays Kushite. I enjoy your blog. I’m going to chill with my kids,while pregnant paring to see siblings in Cleveland in April, I have to get home next year.Don’t get me wrong, I love LA,BUT CLEVELAND IS HOME. 2016 was bittersweet, the Cavaliers,but I lost a lot of friends this year,plus losing Vanity, Maurice White,Sharon Jones, Muhammad Ali and Prince cut like a knife.I have big plans for 2017,I will discuss them in the New Year.Be safe Kushite and GOD BLESS

  2. Enjoy your respite brother. This year was very wearying on the soul and the mind. I wish you many of Yah’s richest blessings and I pray you and your family will be safe

  3. Happy Holidays to you and yours! I’m taking a little break too, worn out from this past week. I want to be and am positive about 2017, I have another entrepreneurial goal I’m working on and will announce after New Year’s. Peace.

  4. @ Kushite Prince
    I want 2017 to be a bigger & stronger enlightenment year for you, as well as a awaken period for our people. Keep spreading the knowledge I enjoy your blog.

    • Thanks Shanequa. I hope you have a blessed season and great new year. Yes we have to be prepared for 2017. I believe it will be a bumpy ride for our people. I will do my best spread useful information to raise the consciousness of my people. Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

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