Natives Americans owned Black slaves!



I told you before….we never had any friends!  It’s all about love your own and protect your own.  We have NO friends in this world.  When will black people realize that fact.

36 thoughts on “Natives Americans owned Black slaves!

  1. Shocked but not surprised. If The popular opinion is that the Indians were here first then you automatically have to be skeptical of it. The Native American origin story always seemed fishy to me but I never could figure out why. Good post.

    • I’ve thought about that too. I remember my grandfather telling me about it as a child. It was really hard to believe at fist. I always thought Natives were our allies. But that’s why we have to do real research for the truth. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow. It can hurt at times but it’s a must if we want to have the proper perspective on history.

  2. Back in 2011 the Cherokee Indians nation ex-spell “BLACKS.” What’s even worst blacks love bragging about their Cherokee Indian bloodline but can’t find none of these so call non black Cherokee Indians in their family.

    P.S. When non black people of color are being bullied by whites they love running too Black Africans for protection. But when Black Africans are being bullied non black people turn a blind eye and team up with whites fight against Black Africans.

  3. One thing I do respect about non Black African people for is that if you’re not fully one of their own people they aren’t claiming you as one of their own especially when you don’t look nothing like them.

    • That’s very true. And we have to be more selective too. Anyone that is half-black is considered black because the other races don’t want them. Why are we the waste bucket for other races? Why do we have to accept what others reject? Asians don’t see Tiger Woods as Asian? So why is he in the black category?? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves.

  4. Well guys,I’m not confused at all,there is new evidence that the first Indians in the Americas were black.Archaeologists have already proven the first people in China were black.As of late,archaeology hasn’t been wp best friend, because the more they explore,the blacker this planet gets.Remember your history black people. Black people has helped or influence every race on this planet get to where they are.We have done more for other races than our own.Does that sound familiar?Jesus did more for Rome than his own people,and yet the Romans did not believe.Sound familiar?Simon of Cyrene,who carried Jesus and his cross to Golgotha was black.This is what run through your veins BLACK MEN. The so-called Jews left all of the southern section of Tel-Aviv to be damned,but when working class and homeless Ethiopian Jews cleaned up Tel Aviv, the so-called Jew invested his money in Tel Aviv and took credit for it’s revival.SOUND FAMILIAR. Read your Bible BLACK PEOPLE. The Antichrist will set up in Jerusalem with the so-called Jew worshipping him. GOD says he will build Synagogues of Satan,well Kushite, I believe in the Heavenly Father, I don’t worship him in a Synagogue. I don’t know our connection Aborigines in Australia, but I do know Michael Jackson and Prince left them a lot of money before their deaths.It’s time to do for ourselves,I think it’s about time black people. GOD BLESS

  5. I don’t say that we are all Indians,only one thing I believe that first human being were blacks and first civilizations were blacks!
    Black people have been all over the world before anyone came in this world!
    Is treu that first people lived in Americans were blacks! I don’t know if you know these people were Olmec,you can cleary see their African feauture!
    People say they weren’t black the same staff of black ancient Egyptians!
    /We blacks for what we are,we have been slaves from anyone,these anyone have used and they still use our credit,just because we don’t right to have it!
    When they need us for everything,from styles,music and so on they are ready to steal from us, but when us we need their help,they run way,just because our problems aren’t include in their damn business!
    I am not really surprise about Native Americans,they are just another low self-esteemed people who are so despared to have white credits! Is so disgusting that the same whites have killed, made genocide,beheaded whole tribes!

  6. Africa after colonialism wasn’t never free,African people still slaves of European countries who still abuse Africa land! African countries still continue to pay colonial tax to France since their independence till today!
    These French devils were so mad when Guinea asked for independence in 1958 that “Three thousand French left the country, taking all their property and destroying anything that which could not be moved: schools, nurseries, public administration buildings were crumbled; cars, books, medicine, research institute instruments, tractors were crushed and sabotaged; horses, cows in the farms were killed, and food in warehouses were burned or poisoned.
    The purpose of this outrageous act was to send a clear message to all other colonies that the consequences for rejecting France would be very high.
    Slowly fear spread trough the african elite, and none after the Guinea events ever found the courage to follow the example of Sékou Touré, whose slogan was “We prefer freedom in poverty to opulence in slavery.”
    We will never be free from these demons if the nature will not take action against them!
    These people are like parasites, to survive they need a host that keeps them alive!
    Here the link about 14 African Countries Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization!

  7. Not all native americans had slaves. Only 1% of them owned slaves. The Cherokee, Chickasaw and chocktaw all owned slaves for sure. They became slave holders due to the manipulation by the European. The European offered them rewards if they returned runaways and a lot of them gave up their identity and culture to be European which they called the civilized tribes. The natives were considered civilize by their standard of thinking. The European knew that if blacks and native americans were to form a bond and work together they would be get rid of them. This is how Native americans became slave holders divide and conquer

    • Yeah I see your point. I didn’t say that all Natives Americans owned slaves. But many did profit from it. And even today we get NO reparations. Where is our payment?? At least they got a few casinos….we have nothing to show for our centuries of enslavement. I did this post because I wanted to call out ALL enemies that made a profit from our pain,rape,slavery and murder.

      • That’s absolutely true. They participated in the rape and murder of our people, hell some of them fought for the confederate army during the civil war

      • Yeah it amazes me that many people don’t know thee facts. That’s why believe people should open their minds and do research on history. You can’t just trust what they teach you in public schools. They teach a lot of lies.

  8. Yet we got dumb negroes pampazetting themselves on the street corners with their parliament funk-a-delic, xena warrior princess, power rangers mystic force costumes wanting to claim these evil stringy haired half gook, half-cracka mongrel wetbacks as our people….

  9. Kushite as I told you,our repayment is coming one way or another. All these African countries are just doing what Haiti did,which is I’m going to pay wp,for what GOD gives you for free.Well even with what African countries are giving Europe, most of Europe is in financial ruin,so I will let wp greed for their GOD which is money,be my best weapon.GOD BLESS

    • I have always thought the Olmecs looked African to me. But many Mexicans say we are trying to steal their heritage. They say the Olmecs are not black. Check out this article from a pro-Mexican blog:

      “There is no need for African descent people to steal from us our pride so that they can lay claim to our pride and our lands, but that is what the racist Afrocentrics are doing when they promote the ignorant, unscientific, fabricated and delusional Olmec African origins of our people and our civilizations.

                  Olmec Civilization is the very heart of who we are as a people and as a civilization.  We will not allow white supremacists, Afrocentric racists, or anyone to debase, distort, or to steal from us our heritage.

                  This defense of our people is in response to the racist attacks on our heritage during the Olmec exhibit and lectures at LACMA November 5th and 6th of 2010.

                  More to the point:  Afrocentric racists, thinking that they are superior to us, are forcing a discussion on our rights to our heritage by claiming our Olmec civilization as an African civilization.  This is like the white supremacist discussion on our rights to our lands, to our continent, based on the fraudulent Kennewick Man that has been documented to have no basis of European origins.

                  These two racist concepts, fabricated from wishful thinking, are pretty much like the ignorant “debate” on whether evolution is real, or the debate which is the purely racist notion that questions whether all of the races of humanity are equal in intelligence.

                  Ignorant, racist, or stupid ideas like these that question proven facts are usually promoted by people who have not studied the subject and who INSIST on NOT letting facts, truth, logic, or evidence stop them from presenting their “opinions” against evolution or the equality of intelligence in the human race.

                  The evidence is all in on evolution and on the equality of intelligence in human beings, and on the issue of our Olmec civilization having its origins here and not coming from Africa. You would think that would be the end of that. But again, facts, science, evidence, logic, and common sense don’t stop the “Olmecs were African” promoters, not anymore than the “no evolution” and “whites are superior” people.

                  The problem has to do with the constant publishing of “They Came Before Columbus”, a book that has been debunked, like the “Mayans were people from outer space” nonsense that Von Daniken promoted in “Chariots of the Gods” in the 60’s and 70’s. And then there was further attacks on our people’s intelligence with “Aztecs were from Atlantis”, The Ten Tribes of Israel founded all the civilizations of “the Indians” (referring to us, they still haven’t figured out that Columbus never reached India). People still insist on calling us Indians. They will NOT let facts get in the way with what they have been told in the schools of white supremacy.  Indians are the people of India.

                  Another face of the many debasings of our heritage is the Carlos Castañeda books which were all proven a fraud. It was in Time Magazine, newspapers around the world. Castañeda made a public apology and confessed his frauds. He confessed after a book was printed showing in detail the fraud of all of the Castañeda books. You would think that that would be the end of that. The problems is that the book proving Castañeda a fraud is out of print, but the Castañeda books are still selling in the millions with people believing every lie to be the truth. New Age desecrations of our theology and culture have been the result of Castañeda’s fraud. He is now dead, but his lies live on as “New Age” because people are ignorant of the fraud he perpetrated.

                  With Ivan Van Sertima’s book “They Came Before Columbus” we have a similar problem.  This “debate” as it is being called, has an endless list of nonsensical and pseudoscience lies and frauds behind it. But let’s just cut to the chase without taking on the lies one by one. Let’s just use logic.

                  If West Africans were so great to have taught us civilization, where in west or central or south Africa did they do such great things as our civilizations in B.C. times? There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in B.C. times of any civilization in those areas. For us on our continent we had Supe/Caral (3500 B.C.), Olmec (2300-1800 B.C. beginnings), Zapotec (600 B.C.), Maya (600 B.C.), Teotihuacan (100 B.C). There is ZERO evidence of anything even remotely resembling our civilizations in Africa in B.C times, there were NO CIVILIZATIONS in west-central-south Africa in B.C times.

                  So let’s move on to the Egyptians, who Afroncentrics claim as part of their heritage. If Egyptians did come to civilize us (for which there is zero proof) why didn’t they think West Africans were intelligent enough to bestow their Egyptian influence there in B.C. times on that part of Africa? Why would they come all the way to us when they had all these other people much closer to them? Was there nothing to interest them in the much closer West Africa, South Africa, or Central Africa? But they came all the way to us, to share with us, knowing that we were intelligent enough to start civilizations, with the startup kits they gave us (they must have brought us corn, calendar systems, writing, mathematics, concept zero, theology, and other things that didn’t exist anywhere in Africa, but they brought it to us anyway, somehow, but didn’t share it even with fellow Egyptians or with the rest of Africa).

                  Must be true that Egyptians didn’t think much of the intelligence of West-Central-South Africans, since not one civilization before B.C. came out of West, Central, or South Africa, and nothing related to Egyptians, not in B.C. times. This is where the ancestors of the people who are trying to steal our Olmec Heritage came from. You can not give what you do not have!

                  Too bad they can’t point to ANYTHING B.C. in their ancestor’s lands, that’s why they are trying to steal our lands, our heritage, our pride, our humanity, with their Van Sertima trash. They want our civilization as their claim to some civilization in B.C. times. They want to claim our land, just like the white supremacists want to claim our lands with the proven fake of Kennewick man.

                  You can look at Moche paintings and assume people from outer space came, by the strange figures on the vases. You can look at Nasca earth drawings in the desert and also assume outer space because you can only see those images from the sky.

      The following is a list of racist thinking theories” that REFUSES to give our people credit for having created our civilizations out of our own genius. This is a list of the attacks on our intelligence, saying that we were too stupid to invent our own civilizations and to achieve what we achieved: Atlantis theory, that we are refugees from the continent of Atlantis; UFO’s theory, that people from outer space started our civilizations; Kennewick Man, that white people were here first and that this is white people’s land; Phoenicians theory; Lost Tribes of Israel theory; Book of Mormon where white people came here first; and that the Chinese were also here; and of course that the Africans brought their great civilizations to us.

                  All of the Chicano studies professors present at this lecture refused to defend our people. The Mexica Movement was the only organization at the LACMA Olmec exhibition to defend our people and to confront this racist attack by Afrocentrics.  Let study of the truth be the only truth, not fantasies or fraud or racism.”

      • Deniers always trying to perpetuate the myth that Africa was ‘discovered’ and therefore black history began with slavery! I only wish the rant above had been coposed by a black historian with reference to our own situation. Time to bring down the Staff of Truth.
        “The 22 or more collosal stone heads carved out of solid basalt rock has identifiable Black African in racial features as well as cultural traits like cornrow hairstyle, braids with beads and kinky hair as well as a type of war helmet identified as Nubian have been found carved in Colosal Olmec sculpture connecting them to West Africa and the Egypt/Sudan region”

        F**k you ‘Mexicans’

  10. Kushite I agree with you everything you said! Non-white people and white people can admit that we were the first people,but when it comes to claim that old civilisations were blacks it’s here they have problems! Problem admit that black are smarter and they did something so great!
    How want these people tell me who were living in BC?
    Why all over the world there are so many pyramids outside of Egypt?
    They found also pyramids underwater in Japan

    They found also in Cuba underwater,they believed maybe it was Atlantic!
    Mexican people are racist twisted ass, they are like Indian people! Most of them have African origin but they reject like they have cancer! They can say that the first civilisations didn’t borne in Africa,but without black people no anyone their racist twisted ass were here! Hope the world returns how it was in beginning!

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