PizzaGate: Pedophiles,politicians and propaganda


I’m not sure if many of you have been following the Pizzagate story.  It’s been all over social media.   To be honest I wasn’t even going to do a post about this.  But I had a few subscribers ask me to do a post about it.  I hadn’t really been following the story too much.  But apparently the mainstream media is saying this story about a secret child sex ring is “fake news”.  They say that anyone that believes this story is a crazy conspiracy nut.  I find it funny because the mainstream news is always putting out fake news stories that people believe are true.  Anyway the video(above) breaks the basic synopsis of Pizzagate. I personally believe that many powerful people are sick pedophiles whether they made up this story or not.  It’s just another way of confusing the masses.  They put out the TRUTH but then tell you it’s a LIE.  Just more mind manipulation and a way of controlling your consciousness.



Here’s a comment by Dr Phil Valentine.  He gives a little insight on the Pizzagate scandal.

“You may be wondering why I referred to these maggots earlier on as the “Pizzaphilia Elite”. Well, that’s based on Wikileaks outing and exposing the child-abuse/child-sacrificing/pederast/cannibal cult that John “Podesta-tha-Molesta”, his brother, the Clintons (i.e.; the video made by the Mossad of Bill allegedly raping a 13 yr old girl on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island”, flown there numerous times via his shuttle plane dubbed “The Lolita Express”), and a whole HOST of other sick-f**k “elites” belong to. The exposure of Podesta’s emails and their contents intimating his and others’ involvement in the cult has been dubbed “Pizza-Gate”.

Briefly…here’s why.

To overstanding the meaning of what follows, you have to overstand that there is an underground community of dyed-in-the-wool, “grade A”, EVIL mutha-fukkas who are so steeped in debauchery and the vilest of practice, that NOTHING you could HOPE to conjure up in your WILDEST most horrific nightmares would adequately define them. From the sacrifice and consumption of infants (while other children are forced to watch); the deflowering of girls as young as 4, 5 and 6 years, and the rape of boys the same age; to children being forced to eat their own feces, their own aborted fetuses; actual “Snuff film” rituals being conducted by children…where emptied swimming pools were used as “kill-stations” for human sacrifice because blood could more easily be hosed down and washed away…; and other inhuman atrocities too numerous to articulate here – THESE are the “underground entertainment” choices open to those “initiated” into their blood-and-gut eating cult.

And Podesta’s emails were said to have been the smoking gun that brought this filth to light. In them were written the coded language by which these demons clothed in human form communicated (“off the semantic grid”), their desires and “accomplishments” to one another. Since I am certain those of you reading this are NOT (I sincerely hope not) members of this fetid, bubbling morass of low-life vermin, we were never meant to know what certain “familiar” words meant when placed into contexts that appeared “strange” and even “ridiculous” to us. But that which seems “ridiculous” to us, exemplified what was all-too real to their victims…!

Here are the alleged “Pizza-Gate” code words now used by the “Pizzaphilia Elite” to communicate and brag about their blood and sacrificial exploits to one another. However, because they are being exposed on a daily basis, we can be sure they will be revising their “dictionary of debauchery” in no time. For now, with reference to their child-victims, the follow definitions are alleged to be true…;

1. Pizza = Girl
2. Hot Dog = Boy
3. Cheese = A very young girl
4. Pasta = A very young boy
5. Ice Cream = A Male Prostitute
6. Walnut = (a) Black Boy or Girl (b) Young girl’s genitals
7. Map = Semen
8. Handkerchief = (a) Black = Sado-Masochism
(b) White = Masturbation (?)
9. Pillow = Prostitute
10. Dominos (Domino’s “Pizza”) = Domination
11. Chicken = Young boy

There are many others, but I am not yet aware. Perhaps someone from the Family could add to this list.


Now; Concerning the symbol and number seen on Podesta’s hands, (above pic) there are a number of plausible theories floating around the web as to their meanings, all of them good, given the fact that these sickos may have their own perverted meanings, such as seen articulated above. Based on my “metaphysical upbringing”, I think these symbols may be best noted as follows.

Briefly, the number “14”, in Kabbalistic terms, represents “love” and “fear”…the 2 most prominent emotions we are supposed to feel while in the “presence” of “God”. However, in THIS sick fuck’s case, I interpret it to mean (in “Satanic”) the “love” OF “fear” … that perverted feeling of “love” he gets from listening to the blood-curdling screams of children suffering in absolute, crippling “fear”. At the point of his committing the blood-ritual, the fear he enlists in the child is the most potent energy he could release and feed on, because HE is “GOD”!

And since it’s all about sexual perversion with these maggots, the number “14” could also signify “Valentine’s Day” – a day used by Satanists to ritualize unbridled sexual lust – the “14th” actually celebrating the 13th day after the “Feast of Imbolg” (Feb. 1st) – 13 representing the Satanic number of “Extreme Rebellion”.

(Incidentally, The moon-th of February is said to have been named after the Roman goddess “Februa” and “St. Febroina” (from the word Febis = “the fever of love”). Or it could just mean that we’re in for some chaotic shit on or around the 14th of this month up to the 14th of next month.

The “Fish” in his other hand could simply be a fish…or more likely, a penis head, the sun, the full moon, with the waning moon as its “tail”.

However, it could also represent the “HAND OF GLORY”…!! (see pic)

In ritual magic, the “Hand of Glory” was actually the hand of a convicted murderer that was severed after his execution, and turned into a talisman of protection that allegedly “froze” or incapacitated anyone, and placed them under your complete control. The hand severed was actually “the hand that committed the murder”, or, “did the deed”.

Judging by Podesta’s hands, he’s been doing the “Spirit Cooking” and “Pain-Eating” ritual (cutting his fingers and or palms to “eat” the pain that ensues, as professed by witch-queen Marina Abramović – see her pic with Jay-Z), while his fish-hand (Hand of Glory) “selfie” is symbolic of him having murdered many (most likely children; perhaps young boys, being that the “fish” is also symbolic of sperm – and the “14” on his other hand being the number of boys killed) and communicating (bragging) which hand he used to “do the deeds”.

There are other hypotheses that I have contemplated, but I will leave it here for now. I’ve worn your eyes out enough. Needless to say, we are witnessing the emergence of a foul, noxious, malodorous stench emanating from the leporic ooze that is the substance of this Parasite’s politics, and we’d better be prepared for what’s coming down the pike. ‘Cause if these demons can achieve orgasms from the screams of terrified children as they torture, murder, and consume these innocents, there is no humanity in them since they are not human. They are the wretched filth regurgitated from some white man’s twisted interpretation of Hell visiting their truest nature upon us; and in time, we too may have to “become as death” to send these bastards back into that hyper-dimensional abyss from whence they emerged…!

Guard well your children beloved family. The “BCW” and other such agencies AROUND THE WORLD were primarily created to supply a steady flow of innocent blood to their sacrificial altars. This they do by manipulation legislation for the sole purpose of destroying families, separating children from their parents, and placing them into the hands of these wretched creatures.”

So is this real?  Are there powerful elites raping children?  Is the story designed to mislead us? The media says it’s fake news.  Keep in mind that the media tells us stories they know are fabricated  and present them as REAL,but also tell us real news and tell us it’s FAKE. Use critical thinking,do your research and come to your own conclusion. Peace.

19 thoughts on “PizzaGate: Pedophiles,politicians and propaganda

  1. This is beyond disgusting! People are worshiping a pedophile,satanic,homosexual,bestiality and pagan religion!
    Christianity doesn’t love God but Satan!
    Christianity has made insane black people,I don’t know if you never listen how black people speak and talk?
    They behave an insane way,claiming we are all brothers and sisters also with whites? We should respect and forgive?Really?
    Negress said that white Jesus is the transfiguration of effeminate homosexual white man!
    Most Christian people have his image in their houses,it’s look likes if you are worshiping and you are obeying to a white man not to God!

    • That is so true Nubian. This Pizzagate scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. Having sex with children is the lowest of the LOW! But this is what a lot of these rich powerful people do. Many exist in the shadows and keep their crimes hidden. But they all need to be exposed. I don’t know all the facts in this scandal but I know this does really happen. Abusing children is something that is well documented by rich elite people and politicians. This is nothing new. And next will be sex with animals. They want ALL this disgusting sexual perversion to be normal.

  2. I always wonder how these stories get “leaked”.. I believe the “elite” practice cannibalism and rape children and perform other sick rituals because I have heard about it too many times for it to just be fake news. AND I heard someone refer to it as fake news on the “real news” which gives me even more reason to believe it holds weight.

    At the same time, it could just be a distraction. It could just be that they “leaked” the story to cause confusion, making the sane look insane and vice versa.

    • Yeah Kelley you have to really wonder how these emails mysteriously get “hacked” and stories get “leaked”. They do a lot of this on purpose. It’s all mind manipulation on people. Sex cults and raping of children is all well documented in these elite groups. These secret societies have been doing it for decades. They put this story out on purpose knowing that even if it’s not 100% true…it’s still based in FACT. So they are calling it fake news to throw people off. Just last week a gunman went to the pizza place Comet Ping Pong and was arrested. The pizza place where they said child abuse was going on. He said he wanted to do his own investigation. I think it’s all a set up by the government. I honestly think the whole thing is staged. It’s staged to make anyone that questions what the media says look like a crazy conspiracy theorist. I don’t think most people realized how much they are being manipulated. It’s really sad to watch all this play out. Check out this video. Things just get stranger by the day. You can’t even tell fact from fiction nowadays. No wonder so many people feel like they’re losing their minds.

      • I agree. And people just take it at face value because it’s on the news so hey, it’s gotta be true. Too many enjoy living with their head in the clouds!

        And thanks for sharing that video. There are obviously too many coincidences for it to be real shooting.

      • Yeah people need to take the blinders off. The truth is right there if you choose to see it. But too many people love the comfortable lie. They don’t realize that a system based on lies will eventually crumble. A society based on lies can NOT stand very long. Unfortunately many will realize it when it’s too late.

  3. This hell is real. If it isn’t happening at this actual venue it sure is going on elsewhere. We had a case in UK a coiuple of years ago in Hampstead where two children alleged that their father was the leader of a cult who raped them and other children and murdered babies in ceremonies at places that included A MCDONALDS. The satanic cult members included their teachers, the priest, social workers, police, parents of other children and on and on with the sickest, most vile details. The story came out because the children eventually told the mother what was going on and she and her boyfriend videod them and the films were leaked online. (These were blond, blue-eyed kids from an area of London that is really exclusive). When the story reached the msm it was distorted and the mother was made to look like a crazy woman who coached her children to make up stories against her former husband. I saw the original videos and there is no way that those children, aged 8 and 7, could have been forced to remember so much detail of what people wore and the tatooes and moles on intimate body parts.
    Lucifer is among us and his minions are hiding under the cloak of power and respectability. Black people have never been ones to send their kids off to playdates and sleepovers when we don’t know the parents. (i wouldn’t have even ASKED my mother!). We can’t be complacent because many of our own have become corrupted by interacial marriage or have sold their souls and humanity for pieces of silver. TRUST NO-ONE WITH YOUR CHILDREN. Empower them to be able to tell you if ANYONE says or does something that makes them feel uncomfortable. The agenda is already written to sexualise our children from a very early age so that they will accept sexual advances as normal and become prey for rapists. They can then fabricate that the CHILDREN are the ones initiating this and that they are sexual beings who have a right to experience and explore their sexuality.(WTF!) Thousands of children go ‘missing’ every month and their fate can’t even be imagined. I think Pizzagate has been deliberately leaked so that it can be ridiculed and branded false. This will allow more stringent internet laws to be put in place and prevent others from making seemingly outlandish claims against the so-called elite. They are locking down alternative media, communities are fragmented, safe social venues are in decline and it’s psychops creating fear, fear fear every day. . Our health is under threat from, food, pharmaceuticals, chemtrails, WIFI etc. Black people gotta wake up and try to reverse some of this shit. We are many and that is our main advantage because when we have the knowledge we will rise up and stomp these demons under the cess and fires of eternal hell where they belong.
    PS links to the above mentioned case have been largely removed online but some of these may still be working.

    • “I think Pizzagate has been deliberately leaked so that it can be ridiculed and branded false. This will allow more stringent internet laws to be put in place and prevent others from making seemingly outlandish claims against the so-called elite. They are locking down alternative media, communities are fragmented, safe social venues are in decline and it’s psychops creating fear, fear fear every day”
      Wow! Great comment Razor! You said it all! That’s what I think as well. This story was put out purposely. That’s the agenda behind all this “fake news” talk. They want to crack down on those that are exposing the corruption of the powers that be. They are already censoring many YouTube videos that are exposing false flags and terrorist hoaxes. The consciousness of people is starting to rise. Their waking up to the deception of the matrix. And that scares the hell out of the racist pedophiles in power.
      You also said:
      “TRUST NO-ONE WITH YOUR CHILDREN. Empower them to be able to tell you if ANYONE says or does something that makes them feel uncomfortable. The agenda is already written to sexualise our children from a very early age so that they will accept sexual advances as normal and become prey for rapists. They can then fabricate that the CHILDREN are the ones initiating this and that they are sexual beings who have a right to experience and explore their sexuality.”
      This is very true. I have covered this in past posts. I will cover it again. They definitely want pedophilia to be seen as normal. They want everyone to be like them. Sex with babies,teenagers and eventually animals. I can see the writing on the wall. These creatures are sexual deviants! That’s why many cartoons,Disney and others have subliminal sexual messages in them. They are brainwashing the minds of children with sex. It’s a real sad situation. That’s why most children shouldn’t even watch television anymore. It’s nothing but mind pollution on their young minds. Thanks for the comment. And I will check out the link as well. Thank you.

  4. Who in the hell want have sex with kids? Only them and I am not really surprise about that! They want have sex with children,with animals,with people opposite sex,they just want to violate the laws of nature and put their laws as normal!
    It’s funny they invented legends like “The Boogeyman fear”, to terrorize children,they want make the black men image as savage,monster that rape and kill innocent white kids and white women! Because they are naturally cowards and they do not want to be responsible for their actions,they just want to remove any negative traces on them, although they are mentally disturbed and transfer upon to us! This how whites behave!

    • It really is gross! But I’m glad people are now talking about what the elite do behind closed doors. They have ben raping children for decades. And their corruption and evil deeds need to be exposed. And I agree that we as black people are nothing like them. I feel you on that Nubian.

  5. Kushite,I heard about your family woes on Truth’s blog.I’m sorry to hear that.What you’re doing is how black people going to make it.Black families are sticking together to take care of each other,and with GOD’S help,that is how we’re going to make it.I’m not looking for a miracle from GOD,we as a people have to do the work.Kush,we’re both here in LA,so if you need help,let me know I don’t have a lot,but I like to help when I can.I almost lost my father,so I won’t be doing anything major until I get home to Cleveland.Stay strong Kushite. GOD BLESS

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