Moonlight-Gay Propaganda Film


The film Moonlight came out back in October.  I meant to do a post about it and never got around to it.  But I heard that it was getting rave reviews by white film critics.  Some were calling it “powerful” and “best film of the year”. When I heard it had a black cast it peaked my interest. But  I knew that if white critics loved it the film must have some type of black degradation in it.  It has to promote one of the following: black criminals, black whores,drug addiction,interracial sex,lesbians,homosexuality and black self destruction.  It’s always a pattern with black films promoted by the white media.  Just like the horrible film Precious that promoted nothing but black death and destruction.  So when I saw the trailer….I knew I was right. This is more black pathology. I saw this morning on the news that Moonlight got six Golden Globe nominations. This should not be surprising at all. The film is directed by Barry Jenkins.  I’m sure he will become the  “new Lee Daniels”.  Here is the synopsis from the website:

“A timeless story of human connection and self-discovery, MOONLIGHT chronicles the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami.At once a vital portrait of contemporary African American life and an intensely personal and poetic meditation on identity, family, friendship, and love, MOONLIGHT is a groundbreaking piece of cinema that reverberates with deep compassion and universal truths. Anchored by extraordinary performances from a tremendous ensemble cast, Jenkins’s staggering, singular vision is profoundly moving in its portrayal of the moments, people, and unknowable forces that shape our lives and make us who we are.”


The video(above) is with one of the actors in the film,Andre Holland. He plays a homosexual in the film.  In this interview he explains there are “different shades to masculinity and black manhood”.  And I think that’s the motive of films like this.  This film is nothing but a “black gay coming of age” film. The racist white media promotes these type of films and give them awards because it supports THEIR agenda.  They want to redefine black manhood and masculinity.  They want to reshape us from being warriors and protectors of our neighborhood…into being homosexuals,queers and cross dressers.  White actors play mostly heroes and saviors while black men are given awards for playing homosexuals????Hmmmmm…..something is wrong with that picture.  These type of films are an insult to our intelligence.  Also the films stars Mahershala Ali,Naomie Harris,Janelle Monae and Ashton Sanders.  And Naomie Harris plays the crack addicted mother.  You know the drug abuse always has to be there in a black film right?  This is just more Hollywood propaganda.  In the next few weeks you’ll be hearing a lot about this film.  But don’t fall for it.  I’m asking all my subscribers do NOT support this film.  Save your damn money. This is more anti-black,pro-gay,pro-black death and black self destruction.  Black actors will always be rewarded for this type of homophile filth.  Peace brothers and sisters and always stay vigilant!

67 thoughts on “Moonlight-Gay Propaganda Film

  1. I was taken on a date to see this so I saved my own coins hehe! But I enjoyed it from an artistic viewpoint. The cinematography was beautiful. I loved the wide shots of the landscapes. Great cast. But I wanted more. More meat, more substance. Something! It just seemed a bit unfinished, but that’s just me.

    I’ve heard people say it’s the Black Brokeback Mountain, which I didn’t see, but I’ve never seen a film like Moonlight. Buuuuuuut, like you + MM said, you HAVE to question anything that gets the green light from Hollywood. And we already know why it got the green light.

    • Black Brokeback Mountain! That’s a good one!lol But I know what you mean by films with great cinematography. I could see from the trailer that it was beautifully shot. You know what films had great cinematography? Butler,Red Tails and 12 Years a Slave. They all looked amazing on film. But what were they about? The Butler showed us how great it is to be servant to white folks. 12 Years a Slave showed us getting beaten and whipped. It kept us in a helpless slave mindset. And Red Tails showed black men as brave and courageous in World War 2. But they had NO love interests. Black women were non existence. And the brother who did fall in love..fell in love with a white girl. This is what Hollywood does. They know how to shoot a film with great landscapes and beautiful colors to give it the right “look”. I’ve seen this hundreds of times in films. And after the film I think ” Wow! That films looked great!”. Then I’m left wondering “But what was the message?”

  2. Good reporting Brother. I didn’t even know the film was pro-gay.

    Like kelley, I thought the cinematography looked great–but unlike kelley I ain’t going on no dates. So I don’t intend to see the film–whether paid or free. Good looks.

    We need our people to start putting out more films for ourselves. But also our people need to start getting learned. I said it once and I’ll say it again–until you get learned you’ll get fooled. Our people getting fooled big time.

    Like–I ain’t never heard what this brother talking about ‘stop crying.’ WHO WOULD TELL ME TO STOP CRYING? WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I BE CRYING?

    And I get people think–‘that’s hyper masculinity’ or some crap–but real talk–WHY WOULD I, A GROWN ASS MAN, BE CRYING? I mean–if there is a reason for me to be crying–then no one is going to say ‘stop crying.’ But if I am crying for no reason–clearly there’s something emotionally wrong with me and that ish should be discouraged. FOH.

    They portraying what they learn in movies to say what we do as a people. To this day I ain’t never heard a man say “Stop crying” to me. Not only because I don’t cry–but it’s just not something I hear. Am I wrong?

    Like–I heard it said to a baby and I thought–why would someone say it to a baby? But to a grown man. Na.

    • Yeah I did my research on this film. Trust me,it’s nothing but homophile filth. Just more brainwashing for African people. The Europeans are already pushing homosexual sex,transgnder and lesbian sex in schools in Africa. They want this perversion to normal for African people. They want to promote self-genocide to the masses. That’s why it’s in so many drams,sitcoms nd films nowadays. They are pushing this stuff HARD. They want the entire planet to be full of homosexuals and pedophiles. That’s why I go so hard against this crap. And films like this are the worse. They want youngsters to see this at a young age. And by giving this cesspool of a film awards it makes up and coming actors think this is proper behavior.
      Yeah this guy in the interview is really something else. If someone had a death in the family I could understand a man crying. But why would someone tell you to STOP crying? It makes no sense to me. But I think he’s talking about men should be open and vulnerable. That’s why he’s talking about black men telling young boys they should “man up” and “toughen up”. That’s too masculine in their eyes. Hollywood doesn’t want black boys to have a warrior-like mentality. They want our boys to be soft little sissies. They want them to be little punks. When you want to destroy a group of people you don’t want warriors that will fight back. So the media is grooming black boys to be soft homosexuals that wont defend their community. This is the REAL reason you see so many black homosexuals and cross dressers in films. This is an assault on the black mind. This truly is a WAR. And don’t be fooled by how well they dress this crap up in films. If you give a person a plate of dog feces and put whipped cream and chocolate syrup on it…it will taste a little sweeter. But it’s still crap!! There’s a reason Hollywood is known as Fantasyland. It’s because they make films that create the reality they want to SEE. Their heaven is our Hell.

  3. I heard talks about the movie but haven’t seen it nor knew the details about the movie. When talk about the movie was going around what caught my attention was the movie clip of the attractive lead male actor Travante Rhodes. Once I found out more details about the movie it was turn off to find a attractive black male like Travente Rhodes playing a faggot.×594

    The only black movies white Hollywood give praises too is when it deals with a dysfunctional black families, homosexuality, violence, slavery or submissive oppress roles supporting non black people, physical, emotional, & sexual abuse.

    • @ Kushite Prince

      Another movie you need to added to the list even though it’s old “Mississippi Damned.” Its deals with “BLACK” homosexuality, incest, proverty, drug abuse, dysfunctional black families, violence, child molestation, mental illness, physical, emotional & sexual abuse. Also the director was a black female homosexual. I seen this movie a couple of years ago it was depressing.

      • Yes I remember Pariah. It was all the critics talked about a few years back. You’re right it’s the lesbian version of Moonlight. We have to be very mindful of the films racist Hollywood says are great. There is always a sick message behind it. I’m glad more people are catching on to their slick agenda.

      • I didn’t see Pariah but I did see this film. A friend of mine had the dvd and we watched it one night. Everything you said about it was true. Although the acting was very well done…it had too many horrible stereotypical scenes in it. I’m not saying there is no sexual abuse,crime or violence in our community. Many people say these films are truthful and realistic. The problem is they show this type of dysfunction as normal and the majority of our people. Which I disagree with. We do have serious problems for sure. But films like Mississippi Damned,Moonlight and Precious show us in the WORSE light possible. Precious is still at the top of the list for me. One of the worse films ever! And even though there are white films that have sex abuse,violence and drug use…..that is not the majority of white films. There is no balance with our films. The black films that get praised the most are the ones that showcase major death,violence,sexual abuse and all types of dysfunction. There is a huge double standard between black films and white films.

    • The Moonlight cast just won best cast at the Critics Choice Awards a few days ago. You will definitely see this film around Oscar time. It will probably get multiple nominations. This list you gave is on point. Racist Hollywood will always promote any black film that as submissive roles,violence,dysfuntion,slavery and interacial sex. They know this destroys our image worldwide and also destroys the black mind. Any film that promotes gender confusion is at the TOP of their list. These evil bastards know this is just social engineering on the people.

      • @Kushite Prince
        100% Agreed!!!
        Furthermore I forgot to mention interracial couples in black films which always ends in tragedy especially for black women. Prime example the movie “Cadillac Records” Etta James white lover/manager was leaving her in the end. Furthermore the movie made Etta James character a negro bedwench home wrecking drug addict whore who was sleeping with her Jewish married manager. In her autobiography that I have read she never had a relationship with non black men only black men. The movie mention all the negative behavior of Etta James not the positive behavior or changes she made about her life. Another movie “The Bodyguard” starting Whitney Houston played a bedwench who white male lover left her side.
        Tyler Perry movie “A Family that Preys” Sanaa Lathan cheated on her black husband for her white boss as well as had a child by him. Sanaa was more submissive to her white boss/ lover then her black husband. This here shows you white male still have more power in controlling &!oppressing the black female in a interracial relationship. At the end of the movie Sanaa Lathan marriage ended, her biracial son biological white father didn’t want nothing to do with her or him, and her white lover went back to his white wife & son to keep their family together. The same goes for the 2004 movie “Alfie” Nia Long one night stand with a white man left her & her biracial child by him that was now being the responsibility of a black man to take care of. In this situation white man still have power in control of a black woman can sleep with her anytime then give her back to the black man when he’s done with her.

      • That is so true Shanequa. You did a great breakdown of the white men/black women films. Hollywood loves to push their bedwench films on us. Whether it is interracial sex or homosexuality,Hollywood wants to kill our minds. They want us to hate our own reflection. And they use television and films as tool to do this. I covered this in a past post.
        Thanks for the comment and the video link.

    • Idk about you guys but Fences was alright. Only bullshit was that Denzel was a flawed character. But! It was still a really badass portrayal of what (does) happen in black families. Like he loved his wife for sure, but he was just a piece of shit husband. Idk. Give Fences a look. I liked it WAY more than Moonlight.

  4. Such degradation,how they were black men and black women in the past,all ancient KINGS and QUEENS now such SHAME!
    All these staff doesn’t belong to us,these ain’t African cultures!
    You are right,they want to teach everyone in the world if you are homosexual or pedophile you are welcome! Sickening

  5. White people want Black people to descend into depravity as they have. It’s called mirroring. Everything they are, they project onto us. WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM!!! They are NEANDERTHALS! Descended from caves. They are depraved by nature. What do we have in common? Homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, Coprophagia, Patricide, et al. These things originated in Europe. Beasts on two legs. The audacity to call us and Indians savages. WHEN ARE BLACK PEOPLE GOING TO RAGE?!

    • Yes this film is real sick propaganda. I have covered this subject many times. But I will keep bringing it up as long as Hollyweird keeps putting this filth out. This film will get Oscar nominations for sure. They want to brainwash black children into accepting this garbage! I will NOT stand for this!

  6. Kushite,I don’t even go to movies anymore.Birth of a Nation,I heard was 90% inaccurate.Remember all the black family shows,Hollywood insisted on single parent homes which is still prevalent to this day.I remember that Esther Roller (RIP) demanded a husband for Good Times,which John Amos says he was extremely grateful.I also remember John Amos telling Oprah about all the tension on the set of Roots,which the studios wanted sympathetic white people to escape their guilt.Like I told you before about Danny Glover Haitian Revolution movie,scrapped because white producers wanted a White hero in the movie.We have to get that movie made,it’s to inspiring.I still watch Pitch,even though Kylie Bunbury character is in love with 2 white guys.I really want to see the Hidden Treasures movie,because black women are the reason we have a space program.GOD BLESS

    • Yeah we can’t trust their films. We need our own studios that tell our version of history. And put out the images we want to see. Yes I heard about what Esther Rolle went through. The Jewish/white media always wants to distort our reality. Not surprised about the show Pitch. She was dating a black man in the beginning. But I knew at some point she would end up with white boys. You know how that You’re talking about Hidden Figures right? Yeah I saw the trailer,it looks kind of interesting.

  7. Its still me, Nkomo78, I’ve just changed my email address. So I will be using this ID onwards.

    I was just taking a break from activism, attending to my cattle and sheep. lol My crush is a Zulu girl. She is lesbian though, I hope God changes her. lol 😂

    3 things I’ve discovered:

    1. The gay agenda is used to weaken and infiltrate our agenda as black people.

    2. It causes gender confusion among our people–sexual identity crisis.

    3. Un-African.

  8. @ Everybody:

    I posted this series on another blog earlier this year. It includes violence, language, and sexual situations, including a lesbian affair. This is based and filmed in Stockton, CA, and is an independent, non-Hollywood production.

    There are 17 videos in this series, so you will have to take some time to watch this. What do you think? I would like a response. Thanks.

      • You are welcome, Kushite. I first watched this series months ago. I believed that since it’s independently-made, it was “un-Hollywood”, but you are right — this series shows shows a lot of degeneracy, especially Black-on-Black crime. Thanks for watching and commenting.

    • At least this is us telling our own story. I do look forward to more Black historic and sci-fi movies and more positive hood shyt. I’ll check out more of this series tho..seems cool for an indy production….oh the intro’s rap music…kinda can lol ..check some dope shyt out

  9. When i saw the movie on landmark theatres website, I could tell from the images and the names of the producers that it was some bullshit.

    For instance, the image of the three characters above conveys very specific messages, imo.
    You have 1) a black man, with an expression of anguish, 2) an elderly black woman, who looks defeated by life, and 3) a younger black woman whose hairstyle and clothes convey poverty. White people love shit like this.

    And of course the coup de grace, the movie is about some gay shit.

    What else is new….

  10. Man I saw this film last night with a female friend of mine. I get emails of your post & had only read part of it just thinking the film had a Black gay charecter not that it was basically a gay coming of age film. I told her “i think its about some gay shyt but im not sure” She wanted to see it not knowing what it was either & had heard all the rave reviews also so we go see it. We both bugged out on the film. I’m not screaming on the film because it had a gay subject matter but because it wasn’t really a good movie so I dont get all of the rave reviews. Makes me really feel they pumped it because it was a Black homo erotic film. That movie was strange man. It had scenes in it that seemed just to be in it to show some gay shyt. The scenes did little to move the story or they just popped up with no explination like a scene where a group of boys at school go into a room & wip out there dicks. I’m like wtf? And the homo erotic nature of the film made scenes where a drug dealer who is a positive supportive man in the boys life teaches the boy to swim weird & pedophillic. Your like what does teaching this boy to swim have to do with the overall story? Just a strange film man. It really disturbed me on a level. Most definitely wouldn’t recommend it with out an ability to analyze it with a culturally critical eye. The cinematography adds to the weirdness because the cinematography is artistic & powerful. Overall I’m saying it’s not the great film critics are hyping it to be. Brave maybe but like I read in Kelly’s post the movie is lacking “something” & for me the movie was “queer” in every sence of the word.

    • I knew something was going on because Hollywood was hyping it up so much. They will give awards to anything that shows blacks involved in crime,murder,homosexuality,race mixing or cross dressing. This is the agenda at hand. I’m just glad black people are starting to see it for what it is. This madness is destroying the minds of black youth. Which is why I keep speaking out against it. I don’t care how many Oscars,Emmys ot Golden Globes awards these films get. I will NOT support this crap! We have to stand our ground and speak with our dollars. We can no longer give them our money for this garbage!

  11. Kushite, I might like to see Denzel Washington new movie Fences.I heard it’s a August Wilson project.It’s shot entirely on location of the black neighborhood “The Hill” in Pittsburgh. I want us to tell our own stories in our own neighborhoods. GOD BLESS

  12. Something you didn’t mention is this tired “miserable dark skin Negro” trope. These crackers always use authentic Afrikans to depict us at our worst, and mixed breeds to show us at our so-called best. Honestly, I can’t even lay the blame totally on whites on this one since it is really a lot of these self-loathing Negro producers and casting directors who make it a point to typecast Afrikans and multiracials this way. Remember Ebony’s “Are Negro Girls Becoming Prettier?” cover/issue? Well, it’s that type of bourgeoisie black, self-hating, Imbuka mentality — responsible for that cover/issue — that is principally responsible for the continuance of racist, light skin and white supremacist propaganda. We really need to deal with this and call it out more. ACBN for the win!

    • Great point TA. I have mentioned it before on tv shows like Empire. I remember that Ebony article as well. It really is sick isn’t it? Those self-hating negroes love to push it subliminally in our minds. Magazines like Ebony,Jet nd Essence love to brainwash the masses for their white masters.

  13. When it comes to the UnHolyweird promosexuals and their MSM weapons of mass distraction peddling this paedophile propaganda “Jewvie” to the Pan-Afrikan diaspora in another attempt to brainwash and bamboozle us, I will graciously and respectfully defer to my blessed elders wise words..

    “He got the peace prize, we got the problem…. If I’m following a general, and he’s leading me into a battle, and the enemy tends to give him rewards, or awards, I get suspicious of him. Especially if he gets a peace award before the war is over.”
    ― Malcolm X

    “Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of people who oppressing them.”
    ― Assata Shakur

    “We cannot have the oppressors telling the oppressed how to rid themselves of the oppressor.”
    ― Kwame Ture

    “When white folks can’t defeat you they’ll always find some Negro—some boot-licking, butt-licking, buck-dancing, bamboozled, half-baked, half-fried, sissified, punkified, pasteurized, homogenized nigger—that they can trot out in front of you.”
    ―Khalid Abdul Muhammad

    “As a matter of fact, this society is going to become more supremely racist when it is apparently non-racist…you can have a society that removes all public expression of racism, you can have a society where people no longer overtly express racial hatred and race statement and behavior is outlawed, but you can still have a system that destroys millions and millions of Black people…You must recognize that racism is not an attitude; it is not a feeling of hatred toward another people…you must understand that racism and white supremacy is in the very structures and values of the institutions of the society itself! And until you revolve and change those structures and attitudes and values, you will always be under the bottom I don’t give a damn if white people expressed no hatred toward you.”
    — Dr. Amos Wilson

    “If you do not understand white supremacy(racism) — what it is and how it works — everything else that you think you understand will only confuse you.”
    — Neely Fuller, Jr.


    NEELY FULLER JR – How The Black Family’s Being Infiltrated (cartoon)

    • @ Kushite Prince
      I find it quit suspect that the Academy Awards made a mistake about the best picture category. I strongly believe they intendedly made the mistake to promote the movie “Moonlight.” White Hollywood gave so many praises about the “Moonlight” then “Hidden Figures.” The movie “Moonlight” had too many stereotypes black poverty, black drug addict neglectful mother, black male drug dealer as a mentor/ father figure, black male homosexuality/ brothers on the down low ( Chiron male lover went both ways even had a child by a woman) and etc.

  14. The effiminization of black men continues. Now the so-called (white) critics of all things black in Hollywood have determined that a movie about a herd of black faggots is more positive and uplifting than say, “Loving” or “Hidden Figures”- both based on true stories. But, the fantasy of negroes that like to fuck each other up the asshole is a supposedly more positive and enlightening movie than one that ACTUALLY shows a true story of life in America.
    I know this, no one in my family especially my nephews and grandsons will be seeing the movie.
    The homosexual agenda is forging ahead. Now, Disney has a movie-targeting children-that has a main character that is a faggot.

    • I feel you Ron. The gay agenda is at full force right now. Positive black images are not important to Hollywood. They rather show black people engaging in sexual perversion,murder or dealing drugs. Those are the kind of images the Hollywood is more than happy to reward. Nothing about Disney surprises me. They are a very sick company. They will stoop to anything to brainwash the minds of children. Thanks for the comment.

  15. I agree wholeheartedly with you assessment of this destructive piece of social engineering garbage. But, how black folks are woke to the extent that they can recognize this for what it is. WAKEUP BLACK AMERICANS. Thank you for you enlightening blog.

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