Swirling is what a toilet does after it’s flushed!


Actress Garcelle Beauvais with husband and children.

Tim Duncan1...

NBA star Tim Duncan with wife and children.


Singer Seal with ex wife model Heidi Klum and children.

OJ Simpson...

OJ Simpson with ex wife Nicole and children.


NBA player Kobe Bryant with wife Vanessa and children.


Rapper Kanye West,Kim Kardashian and their daughter.

The 74th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Film legend Sidney Poitier with wife and daughters.

MJ Kids..

The three children of music legend Michael Jackson.

Alfre Woodard1..

Actress Alfre Woodard with her husband and children.

Sammy Davis..

Legendary singer/actor Sammy Davis Jr with wife and children.

Diana Ross...jpg

Famous singer/actress Diana Ross with daughter and granddaughter.


Actor Alfonso Ribeiro with wife Angela and children.

Taye Diggs..

Actor Taye Diggs with wife and son.

Omari Hardwick....png

Actor Omari Hardwick with wife Jennifer and their son.

Robert Griffin3..

NFL player Robert Griffin III kissing the pregnant belly of white wife.

I think this is the way to end the racism that black people have been dealing  with for centuries.  Instead of loving our blackness and embracing our culture we should just get rid of it!  Just procreate with other races until blackness is all GONE!   And problem is solved!  Any questions?

46 thoughts on “Swirling is what a toilet does after it’s flushed!

  1. I’m done talking about self hate with our people.

    If you wanna sex yourself outta existence, go right ahead.

    But when THEY come for us, don’t come running over to my house looking for sanctuary with your white spouse.

  2. I’m glad you’re back on this topic. If you ever pay attention to Hollywood especially black men & women who swirl they don’t never mention or rarely show their full black children with their black partners or black partners in general. This is being done by design by white racist Hollywood.
    Iman the popular African model late white spouse David Bowie is more mention then her first black husband & child.

    Sidney Poitier black daughters with black partner


    Garcelle Beauvais black son with black partner

    O.J Simpson black children with black partner

    Lou Rawls black daughter with black partner. (His daughter is the older lady far right next to the man with the curly hair) If you ever watch Tv-1 “Unsung” he left her in the hood struggling with her black mother while her biracial siblings live the good life.

  3. Let’s added the JACKSON FAMILY to the list. The grandchildren are marrying & procreating with non blacks or have a non black parent. The only Jackson son whose first wife was actually black was Jermaine Jackson the other brother’s first wives were mixed. ( Marlon Jackson wife might have been black or mixed)

    Jermaine Jackson & Hazel

    Jackie Jackson & Enid

    Toto Jackson & Dee Dee

    Marlon Jackson & Carol

    Randy Jackson

  4. First T.O. Now Omari done went and hopped the fence on me. Why all of my crushes got to be the ones chasing Becky? Why?

    • I’m sorry I had to be the one to break it to you Sunshine. But unfortunately many of your crushes and sellout coons. That’s why we have to be careful when we have a crush on celebrities.

      • Yeah I know KP. Trip thing about it is that I look waay better than both of their wives! I guess looks don’t have anything to do with it though.

      • I bet you do. But you know how some of these Hollywood types are. As long as the woman is white that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter if she’s overweight or unattractive. Her whiteness gives her more value.

  5. I will never lie down and married with cave men beast,for numerous reasons!
    Especially I will never forget that Cave Neanderthal beast man yelled after me “what f***k they are big that hair?”
    So,love is color blind? F***k their color blind love!

    • There’s no such thing as being color blind. Whites don’t even believe in it. It’s just something they tell us to get us to think they look beyond color. It’s all a myth. Interracial sex is used to confuse black people. We would be wise not to fall for that trap.

  6. Another disappointment is Rutina Wesley. She previously starred in True Blood but now stars on the OWN television drama Queen Sugar as Nova Bordelon, sister of Charlene “Charlie” Bordelon-Weste played by Dawn Lyen Gardner and Ralph Angel Bordelon played by Ghanaian American actor and model Kofi Siriboe.. Nova is the (seemingly) Afrocentric, black lives matter activist, reporter as well as Voodoo priestess. For all her pro-black banter she is secretly involved with a married white police officer named Calvin who is played by Greg Vaughn…. What is interesting also is that in real life she was previously married to a white man by the name of Jacob Fishel…

    Queen Sugar and True Blood star Rutina Wesley pictured with now ex-husband Jacob Fishel

    • Rutina was a big letdown for me. I think she is so beautiful. It really hurts to see her with a cave beast. I have seen a few clips of her on Queen Sugar. They love to have black characters who claim to be so pro-black in their speeches…but secretly love that white flesh. They do this in shows to discredit any type of black movement. It’s to show that black people are really not serious about black power since they still sleep with white folks. Oprah knows exactly what she’d doing by putting this mind pollution on television. It’s to destroy black minds and confuse us. I must admit that Rutina is perfect for that role though. Since she married a white guy in real life. Art imitates life right??

      • Lurking your old stuff Prince Kushite.

        Recurring theme: they are attempting to “confuse us” I’m thinking a lot about this. I will admit to you that I for one am very confused. You’re telling me that they aren’t colorblind after all? Crazy!

        I have ONE friend who has always been nice to me, are you telling me I should be wary of this friend? (It’s a her btw) I’m having trouble following along only because it’s not like she has ever killed a brother or sister you know? So what are you to do in that situation??

      • It’s a white woman? Are you two dating? And also have you dated any white women before? I don’t trust them at all. Keep a social distance from whites. That’s the best advice I can give you right now.

      • We are just friends. Here is where SERIOUS cognitive dissonance hits me though. Big time because I hear you and understand you Prince, but…

        Also yes I have. Twice before. Once in high school for awhile and then once again in college….smh.

        What you’re saying makes sense. I recently read about Bakari Henderson and it sent me into a rage. I need to meditate on this some more. Just know that you’re reaching me. Peace out.

  7. My problem with these token-integrated flames, is that they weaken our agenda as African people nor do they dignify us.

    In South Africa, they hijacked the anti-colonial struggle in favour of inclusion (‘The Rainbow Nation’). Nelson Mandela and the ANC preached reconciliation without justice, and our people are without any land and dignity.

    In the ’60s, Dr. King (he awoke up too late) and other integration mad seekers, betray the struggle for human and civil rights in order to be accepted by white folks. This act in itself destroyed the previous gains.

    The complete liberation and total empowerment of Africans will never be achieved between the legs of white people.

    • That is very true Nkomo. Mandela sold out African people. You can’t just forgive people and not hold them accountable for their evil deeds.
      “The complete liberation and total empowerment of Africans will never be achieved between the legs of white people.”
      Wow! That comment is very on point! Best comment so far!

  8. Whites know what they are doing,they trick their black partner of self-hated to make them believe that black people have something wrong!
    I love what this Sista says

    I full agreed with her,about white women shouldn’t allowed to have black children!

    I am happy that Kanye West went to hospital for nervous breakdown because when you have a porn actress wife!
    I am not fan of Beyonce and Jay-z,but I respect that fact both them don’t want have nothing to do with these two scum!
    People say that K Kartrashan she is not white woman,not she is cleary a white woman with BBC issue,she hates Beyonce a black woman who doesn’t give a shit about her,because these are the classic attitudes of white women with very low self-esteem!

  9. Kushite,I have to clear up things.Garcelle Beauvais,Tim Duncan and RG3 are divorced,but RG3 went and got another WW,before his divorce was dry.Sarah Palin,Ann Coulter have had relationships with BM,well I just found out that Beyonce,Jesse Williams critic from the Blaze Tomi Lahren has too.Well I wonder how the White Nationalists at Storm front going to handle that one.Kush,what I find troubling is that I’m hearing this story a lot.I was listening to Steve Harvey the other day.He got a couple letters from bw married to wm.The bw said that their white husbands wanted them to play slave role play.The bw were apprehensive at first, but relented and gave in.In the slave role play,their white husbands get to call them the N-word and other derogatory names during sex.Now these women are mad,and when they try to bring the subject up to their husbands, the husbands in turn tell them they are over reacting.I don’t feel sorry for them at all.A lot of bm/bw married to wp are saying when it comes to BLM,they have to bite their tongues.Black people, this is what happens when you sell your soul and dignity to be with wp.My new favorite girl is Cynthia G.GOD BLESS

    • I did hear that Ann Coulter was dating actor Jimmie Walker a few years ago. JJ from Good Times??? That seems like an of pairing to me. But it seems they are very good friends. Coulter is ugly as sin though. That woman looks like a human giraffe.lol Walker must be out of his damn mind if he had sex with her. I didn’t hear anything about Tomi Lahren dating black men. I know her current boyfriend is a white dude. Maybe Tomi dated black men in the past. It wouldn’t surprise me. I know that Sarah Palin had sex with NBA star Glen Rice. But that was back in the late 80’s when they were both in college. Some of Palin’s friends said that she and her sister had a “black fetish” back in college. I have met white girls like this before. They have sex with black men when they’re 18-25 years old. They just want to sexually experiment with black men. They want to brag to their friends that they had the BIG Black Penis! That’s all it is. I’ve had white women flirt with me for the same reason. I don’t consider it a compliment. It’s actually an insult to be seen as a sex organ only. I tell these cave bitches to keep it moving!lol

  10. The full black children look better than the mixed ones. Its interesting that there is so much IR propaganda being pushed on Black people at the height of the social media era. Asian and White unions are the highest IR pairings but you barely see commercials or movies showcasing this. I think its because Asians have their own economic base and assimilate willingly. I also notice when Whites enter IRs with Blacks, they are well aware they are destroying that Black persons genes but will mask it by thinking they are improving the race. Euros are literally throwing their trash to Black people and so many are treasuring it. Nothing good ever comes from these unions. They use biracials to infiltrate and eventually whiten up social movements. Just take a look at the music biz. They pushed light skin blacks(bey, rihanna), then mixed blacks(tinashe natalie), and now have moved on to quarter blacks(tory, kehlani) and eventually white people will being doing soul completely. The same thing is happening in the workforce as well. With the exception of Jesse Williams, biracials will destroy movements because they make euros comfortable (trevor noah)

    • Wow! You said it all Cara! I like how you broke down the biracial deception. I have touched on that issue in past posts. I’m glad you see what’s going on. Thanks for that great comment!

  11. Asian women date outside of their race more than any other group.They are the only group of women that don’t fall apart when wm don’t want them.Christelyn Karazin is now getting questioned for her movement.She is getting questioned because despite telling bw to try swirling,white men have not improved bw marriage rates.As I said before wm run through a brickwork for Asian women, but unlike bw,asian women haven’t written a book,held meetings or seminars on how to get wm.Like Cynthia G told all the swirlers,if swirling is that great,how come there is still so much racism in a divided country.Notice when a unarmed black person is killed,you never hear these black swirlers demand justice for their people.GOD BLESS

    • I agree with you. Asian women love white guys though. It’s kind of mutual. I see a lot of Asian women/white men hookups in my area. Black swirlers are very confused though. We have to do better and have more pride. Swirling is not good for our people. And I agree with Cynthia G. I don’t always agree with her but I do in this instance.

  12. I am following the season Being Mary Jane and Omari Hardwick in this season he has a relationship with gorgeous Gabrielle Union! When I see in real life his white wife, oh my God, how ugly she is?
    She looks some kind of alien! I can’t believe in this season he is married with a beautiful black wife and he has an affair with Gabrielle who is Mary Jane! WOW two beautiful black women,I can’t believe in real life he doesn’t have an attraction for black women! Such shame cave beast Neanderthal female better than beautiful Nubian Queens!

    • Yes I’ve seen Omari’s wife. She is a hideous looking creature!lol Gabrielle is ten times better looking than his wife. His wife actually looks like a man to me. I definitely feel what you mean Nubian.

  13. Do you know Kushite his white wife of Omari,she has been insulted by his fans? They called her ugly and too masculine ahahah 😂😂😂😂
    I am happy because these black men who love white women,they think have Backy in their sides,they won lottery!

  14. Damn, these blogs are a gold mine.

    (Made a wordpress like 3 days ago Your Highness, so I’m catching up!)

    No reply necessary. This is an AGENDA! I have bounced it back and forth for awhile. You know, it would be spectacular if you could just love whoever you wanted but you can’t do that when you are programmed to worship the lighter races of people. Even in advertising they’ve got “mulatto” folks representing us! The real black folks! If your mom or dad is white then you cannot come to me and say you’re black. NO OTHER race on earth would accept such a thing. Neither should we. No doubt, shake a tree and maybe a white rapist or two MIGHT fall out. But! I look like a black sub Saharan African. So much to where the whites where I live always ask “where are you originally from? You’re the darkest black man I’ve ever seen!” So! All I can say is that you’re better off keeping it in the family. And if you’ve had your coffee integrated, better make sure your next pot is BLACK. No cream or sugar necessary. Peace out.

    • Glad you liked the post. I know it’s a bit controversial for some people. But I think this post got the message across pretty well. At least the title sure did.lol Well welcome to WordPress. There are a lot of intelligent black bloggers out there. I have over 700 posts so that should keep you busy.lol Quite a bit to go through. Thanks for the comment.

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