European Antics:Episode 5(Babies kissing Dogs)

This video is pretty disgusting to me.  I don’t know what the obsession is with dogs.  But white folks really love their dogs.  This video shows white people having their dogs kiss their babies in the mouth. YUCK!!! Who would do this to their child?  This is child abuse. Dogs have all types of diseases.  And they have all this fun music in the background like this is so cute. Making your own child tongue kiss a beast!!!    I couldn’t even watch the whole video. This is European antics at it’s worse!

23 thoughts on “European Antics:Episode 5(Babies kissing Dogs)

  1. Beyond disgusting. My breakfast nearly came back up! Apart from the sheer madness of allowing a dog to put its jaws and teeth anywhere near a baby’s head, think of the filthy bacteria and viruses! Yet, see how they condition their young from an early age to accept perversion as the norm. In truth, they see the beast as a family member and therefore an equal. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s a natural pack animal and needs to have a strong pack leader (the owner) to keep it in line. That line should be drawn at the front door and keep these animals outside in the yard where they belong.

    • I know what you mean Razor. All that bacteria in a babys mouth?? Really SICK!!! These people are beyond sick! And I agree that pets should be outside. They shouldn’t be running around the house at all.

  2. Black people and non-white people should be worry about when they engage relationship with these animals,because they don’t know where their white mouths have been before,maybe have kissed some nasty dog ass!

  3. Well, they’re virtually one and the same. And you know what they say, Dogs will be dogs and every dog has its babe lol lol

  4. Dogs have many parasites. Stupid muthaf**kas. Thats why white kids always getting ringworm, lice, croup, and all kinda of nasty shit that doesnt go around in the black community.
    There is theories in the conscious community about why whites are so close to dogs.

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