European Antics: Episode 4(Dog Steps)

Staircases for dogs??  You got to be kidding me!  Why is this necessary?  When you’re making love to your spouse…do you want Fido hopping into bed with you??  Fur under the sheets is sick!  This is a stupid invention in my opinion.  Just more proof of the unsettling closeness Europeans have with canines and animals in general.  Just more European antics….smh


26 thoughts on “European Antics: Episode 4(Dog Steps)

  1. My grandmomma said the white women who she was a domestic worker for used to have little dogs sleep under their covers just to lick on them. I know it’s disgusting but that’s what she said.

  2. Even more stupid, considering the fact that most dogs are capable of leaping to and from considerable heights. So unless they sleeping on the top of mount Vesuvius I really don’t see the need for that. It would be more fit for a toddler..

  3. Lmfao dogs have more rights than us here in San Francisco Ca. Except for pitbulls. Pit Bulls and Blackmen we mesh well together because we are feared for a small percentage of our population. Give a pit bull a nurturing home, good owners, healthy diet, and they are amazing dogs. Just like us black men. You give us opportunity, a sense of community etc and sky is the limit.

  4. People all over the world are breeding with these scum,unbelievable
    some people believe being part white is something good!

  5. Whites have a sick, perverted attachment to animals.

    Sad thing is that Blacks have adopted that sickness via domestic pets. You know having animals in the house (i.e., cats, dogs, ferrets, skunks, hamsters, rabbits, etc.) is expressly un-African and is a European perversion. Civilized Africans know that having animals in the house is uncivilized and dirty.

    Blacks aren’t even aware that something as simple as having a family dog is a european perversion.

    When I was growing up my parents didn’t allow animals in the house and I still don’t allow them in mine.

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