30 thoughts on “Never trust a man who….

  1. I had an ex say that he didn’t feel that he should limit himself to just dating Black women. Nothing about dating Black women is limited except his narrow mind! We are the whole entire spectrum! Inside + out.

  2. Great Post!!! I remember a black male telling me he feels black women are the least desire women even though he finds them attractive.

  3. As an African man, I will never support brothers who treacherously uplift foreign women above the black women. What’s more, I will do everything in my power to extinguish these TOKEN-INTEGRATED flames.

  4. White women have sex with dogs. Asian women are absolutely so docile; they will do anything a man wants to do. Hispanic woman are raised to be dominated by men. The Black women hold the title as the FIRST MOTHERS and FIRST QUEENS of this earth. This is where the “Queen” nature comes from within many of us. It is not our nature to lay with the “unclean” or anything that is inferior to us genetically. It would serve Black men to know this when trying to diminish us in order justify their own self-loathing.

    • @TruthAngel

      Always MILITANT! I enjoy reading your blog. Black women are DEEPLY esteemed in African culture. Even in my nation, we had female rulers in the past.

      I don’t know about much African American males. But generally African men don’t fancy over these foreign women ( deeply cultured African men). Even in our conversations we rarely talk about dating/sleeping with non-black women — they don’t represent our cultural continuation.

      The African men I know want black women that will continue his genetic( lots of babies) and cultural legacy ( black consciousness, traditions, ancestral ties etc.)

      I think black males in general have been trained to not see value in black women, especially dark-skinned ladies.

      • This is true in America. It has been a brainwashing tactic to make Black people hate themselves. This is the battle we have to fight. Africa is the birthplace of civilization. White people know this. They fear our innate intelligence, creativity, and spirituality to advance ourselves.

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