Ebony Obsidian


Here’s her biography from her website:

Obsidian was born in New Paltz, New York, a small town halfway between Albany and Manhattan. Raised by her Mother and Grandmother, who migrated to the states in the late 80’s after having been displaced refugees in Sudan for several years as a result of the Ethiopian civil war, Obsidian was taught to be resilient in the pursuit of reaching her goals. After graduating High School early, she dove into journalism at Ulster Community College in a nearby town called Stone Ridge.

However, it only took one semester to reveal she was not in fact following her true career goal. Not long after her withdrawal from Ulster she was accepted into The William Esper Studio, a New York based acting conservatory, where she was trained by Bruce McCarty and Suzanne Esper.


A string of indie projects followed including “Twelve Dollar Words,” which screened at the 2016 Rhode Island International Film Festival “Punkin Pie,” which won the Best Ensemble Cast Award at the Reel Heart Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, and “Where Hearts Lie,” which sold out two theaters at the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square for its premiere in June of 2016. The series “Tough Love,” in which Obsidian stars as Alicia Davis, made a huge splash online in Fall of 2015 averaging over 500,000 views in total from all over the world and a highly anticipated second season which will be released Fall of 2016. black footnotes, by award-winning Director rajendra ramoon maharaj, marked her introduction to the stage. she was cast as eliza one, after eliza ann grier, an emancipated slave who history often forgets as the first african american woman to become a doctor in the state of Georgia.She has always been driven by passion. the passion to cover a story as a journalist morphed into the passion to embody the story itself. with each role she grows, because, well, its personal.


9 thoughts on “Ebony Obsidian

  1. Feeling Obsidian.

    What U know bout Kamara Bacchus from How Did We Get Here or Scarlett Carter from A Lesson Learnt? With all that’s going in the world it’s always good to show love & respect to The Black Woman. It never gets old!

    • Yeah Ebony is a true beauty! She has the talent to be a really big star. I had to look up Kamara Bacchus. I need to do more research on Kamara and Scarlett Carter. I did find a trailer from the film. I will have to check that film out. Thanks for the heads up!

    • You’re very welcome Sunny. There are a lot of talented black actresses and models that many people don’t know. Many of the actresses I find do independent films. They’re talented but don’t get enough credit. Ebony is one of those types. She is a very underrated actress.

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