Alexandria Collins


Alexandria Collins is an actress and director.  This is her bio from her website:

Hi! I’m Alexandria, a creator in Brooklyn, NY.

I write, direct, act and take photos. Basically capturing emotion in every medium. I’ve written and directed several short films, and am writing two feature screenplays. I’ve acted in national commercials for brands such as Apple, Hilton Hotels, Northface, Marshalls, Verizon, Billboard and more.

My work’s been in film festivals (NYCIFF, San Antonio Film Fest, NewYork New Filmmakers, LifeTree Fest – Milk Run, 2015) and won awards with the Florida Associated Press (Love Plus Doc, 2013) and the Her Story Film Competition (Secrets, 2013).


I’ve acted in several award winning independent films and am searching for more invigorating projects to pull me from behind the lens.

It’s been an amazing journey full of unexpected and profoundly empowering turns. I feel more connected to my true self then ever before and I put that into all the work I do.

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